Do I Have A Right To Be Upset That My Husband Never Brings Me Food?

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“So maybe I am being emotional from being nearly 36 weeks pregnant, but my husband works nights and will sometimes pick up fast food on the way home; HE NEVER OFFERS TO BRING ME OR OUR SON ANYTHING. Like he doesn’t even think of us when he is ordering food. He will just come home and sit down and eat it in front of us. Like, this literally bothers me, and I don’t know if I am extra due to pregnancy hormones or if he’s rude by not bringing us anything. I’m just hungry, okay.”

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“it’s just inconsiderate, even when I and my kids dad broke up we still offer each other fast food! and we always get for the babies. it’s not about being hormonal or you not expressing yourself it’s the principle of he isn’t even thinking about you guys.”

“As a fellow prego mama with 2 kids at home, I would be irritated. I get irritated over this stuff when not pregnant, even more so when I’m pregnant and starving. It’s thoughtless on his end. If you haven’t already voiced this to him, I certainly would now.”

“I think it’s a guy thing honestly. Not all but I think they’re less likely to even think about it. Just tell him you’d appreciate it if he asked if you’d like anything when he’s stopping somewhere and he probably will.”

“Talk to him about it. In fact ask him to bring this and That home from this fast food place. If you are not talking to him about this issue no point in being mad cause you are choosing not to communicate to him you would like food.”

“I wouldn’t make a big argument over it. Just politely ask him if he can check to see if you want anything when he stops. He may just not think about it.”

“My husband ALWAYS brings me and my kid’s food no matter what time it is. He always feels guilty eating without us. Especially if I was pregnant he would always ask me what I am craving when he would get late-night food runs. You aren’t overreacting. He is being inconsiderate.”

“Have you asked him?? He just worked an overnight shift and is likely hungry and tired. Maybe he just hasn’t considered it.”

“He probably assumes you already ate. Make it known that you want some food too woman lol.”

“Send him a text before he leaves work asking if he stops to get himself some food will he get some for you and your son too. If he doesn’t, selfish and inconsiderate. But he also can’t read your mind. So if you make it known you’re hungry too and he still only gets for himself, go crazy pregnant lady on him. I’d take my husband’s food if he tried that with me.”

“No you’re not over reacting if he gets food he should offer to get you and your son food.”

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