Do I have a right to be upset that my husband never brings me food?

So maybe I am being emotional from being nearly 36 weeks pregnant, but my husband works nights and will sometimes pick up fast food on the way home; HE NEVER OFFERS TO BRING ME OR OUR SON ANYTHING. Like he doesn’t even think of us when he is ordering food. He will just come home and sit down and eat it in front of us. Like, this literally bothers me, and I don’t know if I am extra due to pregnancy hormones or if he’s rude by not bringing us anything. I’m just hungry, okay.


I think your feelings are absolutely valid because when my husband buys food for him he always calls me if i want something or our son wants something. To me its not about him buying us but him thinking about us, even if i already ate, also when he is at work and buys lunch he sometimes brings us whatever he doesnt eat and to me that is him thinking about us. So you absolutely have the right to be upset and im not even pregnant, like you being pregnant would be more of a reason to buy you something.

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You have every right to be upset! Don’t give him a “pass” that you’re pregnant and have hormones. He is rude and inconsiderate. Trying to make things better with someone like that is a losing battle. I’ve been there, I hate to be so negative. Stand up for yourself and your children. Hold your head high. Don’t accept disrespectful treatment. You aren’t causing this to happen. Don’t question yourself.

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Why are you asking us instead of telling him how you feel?? Talk to him about it.


That’s rude, you have the right to be upset.


I know exactly how this feels…. That’s called a selfish prick


Buy food next time without telling him period see how he likes it

Talk to the man. If he doesnt care, he wont offer after the conversation. If he does offer then he does care. It’s that simple. I’d be upset too, so I get it… and maybe it’s the Mexican in me, but I’d be saying something to him not randoms on fb.

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Does he think you guys are going to be asleep?


Knock dat shit out his hand… bet he’ll learn real quick! :rofl: but seriously you should tell him how you feel.

That is so RUDE! You always should bring food for everyone especially you and your son! You should definitely be telling him something.


I think it’s rude, shit I even bring food home for my mom when we bring fast food home,

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Lmao, that’s just a human decency thing. Sounds like a prick in general to me - although, I would never eat fast food while pregnant; so maybe he’s doing you and the baby a favor (albeit unwittingly).

Rude and selfish, specially in front of the kiddo! I would start eating his and when he questions it be like oh well since you didn’t bother asking if we wanted anything

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He’s rude as hell, but you should be telling him how you feel. Let him know that it bothers you

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Very rude of him. Tell him

You have every right to be mad. You also should probably say something to him…men are slllllllow


Cook yourself & son something nice and leave him out !! See how he likes it & tell him now you know how we feel when you do it to US :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Extremely rude of him!

It is rude keep in mind Men do not think like women. Tell him. Maybe he is not realizing that he is being selfish. Not defending him just saying.

Sounds pretty selfish to me. If his pregnant wife doesn’t cross his mind when he is ordering food then he doesn’t deserve a wife or child. :woman_shrugging:

No u r right that absolutely rude of him to not offer to get his family food

My husband does the same thing.I think it is very selfish.


I have a rule in my house. If you can’t afford to buy us all something or you just want something to your self, then don’t bring home. Take a drive or walk or whatever.

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It’s rude but have you ever brought it up to him?

That is sooooo rude!! Say something to him. He should know better.

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I agree with everyone he’s being rude. My husband always asks me if I want anything after he works before getting home. I think you should tell him something so he knows at least.

My boyfriend works nights and always asks if I want Starbucks or coffee in the morning. Sometimes without me even asking. He should at least be offering especially if you’re pregnant and have a child already.

Rude! Say something to him maybe he is unaware that it is rude

Nope i be mad as hell especially being pregnant. Talk to to him let him know it bothers u

How about just talk to him about it.

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Guess I’m rude too in a way. I don’t like buying food for the family but I do do it. I just hate to but there are times I will buy it for me and I just go in my room and eat it. Sometimes if I don’t want hear nobody mouth I just eat it before I come home.

You don’t have a man honey. A real man would bring you food without asking


Yes, you have every right to be upset. He should at least call you when he is on his way home from work and ask you if you want anything. (“Or before he leaves for work, say, hey, if you stop for something to eat or something, would you mind grabbing us something too??”):+1:t2::heart:

I would sit down with him and ask him why he doesn’t think of you and your son.
And yes it rude to do that unless the person has asked you and you say no thank you and sometimes the person might say well I really don’t like to eat in front of people unless they are eating to.
That’s when you say sorry but I just ate or no I am on a diet or something .
But otherwise I would sit down while he is eating and talk to him.
Maybe he might not know how you feel .
And sometimes men can be a ass too.
But that’s what I would do at least so you know where you stand.

If I go get food from anywhere I usually ask someone else if they want something. Whether it’s my kids off, husband, mom, friend etc. I think it’s just courteous. I would make sure he never forgot again.

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I had a husband that used to do that… been happily divorced for 8 years now🥰


It’s rude !! He should call and ask if anyone wants anything

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I can’t even comfortably eat in front someone without at least offering . Let alone my pregnant wife and child . That’s just flat out selfish. I say mention something to him

I’d be mad as hell. Lol. My husband knew better. Lol

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Oh wow

Similar with me and my husband.

However I work nights… when I buy food to bring home… I buy for all the children and my husband…

So sorry he should be more thoughtful…

Call him and tell him to bring you food of your choice.


Let him Know he is disrespectful.

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He’s a sefish bastard. Which man does this kinda crap ?


It’s ride IMO, I think if he’s bringing it home to eat then he should always ask if anyone wants anything.

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He is insensitive and rude

That has nothing to do with being pregnant. He is rude as hell. When a spouse gets fast food he should be considerate enough to ask if you or your child would like something as well. My husband will call or text me if I want something…even if he is going to a gas station and gonna grab some munchy snacks he will ask or just automatically bring back what he knows the kids and I like.

Thats rude… I’d be pissed… talk about selfish

Can you get money and take the car and say I am going to get me and the kids some food. Since you didn’t think of us…

“We are hungry too”!

It’s very rude of him shsme on him

Say something if it’s bothering you

That’s weird… why wouldn’t he ask yall if you guys want something smh…

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100% Rude, especially that your pregnant!! Sorry

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That’s extremely rude. When you cook at home, just make for you and your son. See how he feels.


That’s rude and I could never do that to my other let alone my kid too

Rude and disrespectful

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You have every right to be upset. He is being an extremely rude inconsiderate shallow jerk! How can you buy food for yourself and not for you pregnant significant other and your own child on top of that, then have the nerve to eat it in front of you all. Nope nah I would be all kinds of mad, upset and telling mines as is… coming from a wife, mom of 3 and one more due in 4 months…

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Sounds selfish to me thats just straight up disrepectful not rude

It’s rude but have you told him it upsets up coz he may just not think of it


It’s rude but next time walk by and say oow what you’re eating, then grab his fork and eat it ALL. I bet you he will bring you something next time.

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If it’s late at night then he probably thinks u and ur son have already eaten. Do u not cook him dinner as well so he can heat it up once he gets home instead of having to buy take out every night?!

No. Tell him. Men can be so blind. He is possibly thinking “I don’t want to bother her or tempt her. If she wants it she’ll ask.”

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No, if he hasnt thought of being thoughtful he is being selfish, and cruel to be eating it in front of you both. Hopefully that changes before your second child. Or it will be three of you watching him eat.

Most husbands I know call home and offer !!
Damn I would take his shit and eat it

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That’s not rude buts is freaking selfish

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Tell him straight up…YOU DON’T COME HOME WITHOUT BRINGING US FOOD TOO! :triumph:


Your definitely not being emotional I’m like this even when I’m not pregnant because you can at least ask me to see if I want anything.

It’s rude. Stop having babies with him.

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Oh hell no! I’m not even pregnant and would be pissed. Mine knows better.

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But you been home all day able to eat when ever I think your overreacting a little bit. And if he works night why is your son still up. I think you should just go to bed


If he works nights maybe he thinks you’re sleeping. Maybe he thinks he’s doing you a favor by not having to cook for HIM because you’re pregnant. Maybe he’s concerned about your health. Could be any number of reasons. But you’ll only find out by talking to HIM, not strangers on the internet telling you what you WANT to hear

That’s a huge problem

Extremely selfish of him…

Um he’s selfish , haven’t heard one of these stories in a while

My husband said as a man that’s fucked up


No he’s rude and selfish. But don’t worry he’s not the only one.


Rude, my husband’s ex used to do that and on his dime! Never asked if he wanted anything. One of the reasons he left her money hungry ass

That’s grounds for a swift kick to the jewels then just take his food and eat it in front of him while he’s crying


So next time he asks you to make him something put exlax in it and hide the toilet paper.

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That’s not cool at all.

I’d be like I’m pregnant and you’re eating in front of me so that’s mine!

Kick his ass outside , don’t let his ass back inside till he learns to get his family a feed!!

If mine came home without two meals, guess we sharing his :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’d bitch my man out if he ever went somewhere and didn’t offer me and the kids anything. Especially being pregnant!!!

My man knows better because if he did that I would just eat all his food and he wouldn’t get any, so he will ALWAYS bring me something even if I say I don’t want anything.

I would be so mad especially if it happens often. My man always calls and asks if I want something if he doesn’t just get me something he knows I’ll like.

That was something you had to address the first time it happened and let him know that from now on you want something

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He could just buy you guys food and bring it home. Selfishness!

I also think closed mouths don’t get fed. Tell him you want some too. Why would you not speak up if you really are hungry? I can almost guarantee he thinks you don’t want any bcuz you’re not saying anything. My dude will know I want something to eat bcuz I will text him right before it’s time for him to get off what to bring me back. Speak up

It’s rude when you cook just cook enough for you and your son and eat it right in front of him without offering him any and see what his reaction will be


I’m not even pregnant and I’d be pissed!!! He wouldn’t have too much food left bc I’d split it between all of us. We all have food or none of us has food!


Wrong just wrong. He could at least ask if u want something…

It’s selfish and no excuse. Your pregnant and you n your child should always be included. I’d go off on him. No way is that acceptable n no excuse for his behavior. Does he interact with your child?

He should at least ask if you guys want something… Common courtesy…

If my baby Daddy gets food he always brings me something even if I’ve already told him I dont want anything

Tell him to bring you food home.

We would also be sharing

Rude, but not everyone was raised the same. Maybe he doesn’t know not to eat in front of people unless you are eating with them. I’m pretty petty myself (toxic trait I own up to) so I say things like “oh I like breakfast too” :relaxed: or “oh doesn’t that smell delicious, what are WE having”

Rude as fuck. What a dick

so darn rude and selfish