Do I have a right to be upset with my sons teacher?

What would you do if your kids teacher of 5 days already sent a negative/frustrated email? My son started a new school with a new teacher. Hes always been a bit behind on certain subjects. He is an average student. He is the type of kid that needs to be in the front row to focus. He received extra help in reading and writing since kindergarten. His behavior has always been good. Before school started, I let the teacher know he may struggle a bit getting back in the swing of things, especially at a new school. She emailed me after the first day of school, and she had a bit of trouble keeping up. I told her I would talk to him. 4 days later (today), I asked the teacher about the homework because he forgot to bring home his one English worksheet. She went off. She basically said she’s having a very difficult time getting him to pay attention and complete his work. She said he’s missing an assignment, and she also told me his desk is a mess, and the worksheet is probably shoved somewhere in there. She also said she needs to keep walking over to his desk to help him when she’s trying to teach. I was kind of speechless. I told her I would talk to him about keeping his desk clean and how he needs to pay attention to. Honestly, I am pissed. She seems frustrated after five days of teaching my kid. She already seems ready to give up on him. Am I being dramatic? I want to call the principal and ask for a different teacher before things get worse. My kid is not an angel, but he is a good kid who just needs extra help. Help? He is eight years old.

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Time for a new teacher

Not sure if your school has coteaching rooms or not, but that is definitely not the teacher for him. She is one of those teachers that is in it to show how perfect she is, not to help the students.

Has your son ever been tested to see if he has any learning disability’s? I would start there and then try to work with him on keeping his desk neat and tidy. Offer him an insensitive. You might want to ask the teacher to do daily sheets, to keep track of how he is doing in school. I know they were a big help for me and my son. I hope you can find a way to communicate positively with his teacher. Best of luck!!

as a mom of a son that was diagnosed ADHD, I feel your frustration. It could simply be the teacher was having an off day, but I would voice your concerns with both his teacher and his principle. Be sure to bring up any Individual Education Plan (IEP) that may have been in place from his old school. Make sure to let them know that you intend to keep in contact with them, and if things don’t improve in a month, request he be moved to a class where he is better suited.

I would absolutely request a new teacher, and you are completely justified in your feelings. After 3 kids I have learned the type of teacher your child has makes a big difference in how well they do in school. A bad teacher makes for a very hard year for you and your child. A good teacher always get better results. How can she expect better behavior when her own is atrocious? Her JOB is to teach, to show patience, kindness, and willingness to help…she has proven she is incapable of fulfilling her role.

Considering you talked to her about your son I can understand your frustration. Perhaps another one on one conversation with her might help. I would ask her directly why she seems so upset with your son before switching teachers. Also ask what you can do specifically to help her. By doing that she may truly understand that you are trying to help.

My son had these issues last year with scattering his papers and materials everywhere they have a rti classes they have him in this year for extra help in math and reading. I’d see if they have special classes like this in your sons school.

As a teacher, I can tell you this is not the teacher for your son. There are teachers who will have compassion, and joyfully and lovingly rise to the challenge of coming alongside your son to help him succeed. Being criticized after 5 days in is a red flag for what she will do for his self esteem.