Do I have a right to be upset?

My husband and I have been together 5 years married 3. About 3 months after our wedding I came across a collection of flash drives that contain pictures of past girlfriends. No big deal except some of them were naked. When I asked him to get rid of the naked pictures he became defensive saying it was in his past. I accepted that he was not going to delete these pictures and we moved forward even though my heart was hurting that he would want to hold onto these. Today we were in my sons room under the suspicion that he may be hiding pot from us. (Another conversation for another day.) My husband says to me, is this what you do when I’m not home? I jokingly reply yeah. He then says that this is why he keeps his secret things somewhere outside our home. Am I right to be upset that he is still hiding things from me 3, almost 4 years into our marriage. Like what could he possibly have that I haven’t already seen? He wants me to ignore this all together but I know in my heart it will always be in the front of mind.