Do I have a right to be upset?

I’m so disappointed. I’ve been seeing a guy off and on for years. We are not exclusively (his choice not mine) but lately it been great. He kept mentioning getting out of town together so I hunted and hunted and finally founts place that was somewhat romantic and had everything I wanted but it’s a little big for 2 people. It’s got 3 bedrooms. But who cares right?! . It’s got an outdoor jacuzzi in the middle of the woods. I bought steaks and crab legs to cook. He seemed excited, I was excited. We’re supposed to leave tomorrow and he texts me this afternoon and says he’s been talking to his friend Nikki (she claims to like me but does her best to make me feel like an outsider) and would I care if he invited her? It’s a big house after all. It literally all came crashing down. I’d spent my day buying food, candles, a throw blanket for by the fire, and he wants Nikki to come. I lost it. He finally explained that she was bringing her bf and that they’d rent a room near us. (Why comment how big the house was then?) but still, she will be there. I know her and she’ll be there. So I’ve pretty much lost all interest in going. Wondering now if I’m being too sensitive? Or maybe (since he hasn’t paid his half of the room, should I tell him kiss off and invite my daughter and grandson.

Tell him adios! He should of talked with you before inviting someone! If you’re not comfortable & dislike her, then it’s a total No! Bring your family. Y’all aren’t together so he shouting be offended.