Do I have to give my daughter her child back?

My daughter left her child with me 6 months ago…we never had anythign in writing but she said she didn’t want anything to do with baby and just left…well now she is back with a new manin her life and she said shes coming to get baby from me…do i have to give her baby? What can I do?


Honestly I would call a lawyer. She doesn’t get to abandon her child like that then come back when she has a new man and expect to have the baby back like nothing ever happened. Who knows what that new man is capable of.


If you have proof that she left and you had the child for that long that would be considered abandonment. Get a lawyer and fight for your grandbaby


Child abandonment laws. I would look them up. If you can prove you’ve been caring for the baby that long, she will likely lose rights


I would talk to a lawyer to be honest. She doesn’t get to pick and choose when she is a parent. I would maybe seek temporary custody with visitation while she decides exactly what she wants to do. If she truly wants to be there for her child. If not you more than likely will end up with them anyway. She knows you’ll take her.


File for emergency custody if she’s not fit.


Go with your own intuition. I feel it’s a No. Because she may possibly do it again as soon that man leaves her. Baby should stay with you as you have taken full responsibility and given baby stability. Your daughter and granddaughter are blessed with the love you have within you :heart::heart:


Just tell her you didn’t want the baby anymore and you gave her to a friend?! Just like she did to you!


I agree. Protect your grandchild. She can’t just abandon her child for that long then expect to get child back. She sounds unfit and unstable


I have no idea what to do about this but my heart goes out to you and the baby


Maybe she had postpartum depression, some parents go through not wanting nothing to do with their kids as crazy as that sound because of postpartum depression… Maybe she’s in a good place now ( mindset wise) I would ask a professional what you should do!


By law they will say the mother left baby somewhere with someone and she knew babywas safe so the mother will get baby back. I literally just had this happen with a friend and that is what the lawyer told her


Yes you do. You have no legal rights nor custody because you didn’t file for it. The only thing you can attempt to do is file for emergency custody based on the grounds of abandonment, but she told you she’s taking her child. If you don’t let her, it’s kidnapping.


Go and see about adopting your grandchild. I was adopted by my Maternal Grandparents at age 3.
Your daughter will have to sign paperwork, making it binding.


I’m over here thinking, why does the mom all of a sudden want to be with the baby? What is this guy telling her? Maybe he’s bad and will hurt the baby. I don’t know I just think, The world we live in I wouldn’t trust it and definitely talk to a lawyer. Praying for you and your grand baby :heart::pray:t2:


You know she will get the baby back. If you give her hard time now, when her life falls apart again, that she will definitely not bring baby back to you.
Give baby back, be supportive and be available to babysit when she needs a break. Be grandma.
Maybe things will work out with this man and they will be happy family. That would be the best outcome for daughter and baby.


Sounds to me she is immature that baby doesn’t know her she knows you do what’s best for your grand baby take her to court and maybe she can have weekends! What does she think she now has a man to take care of her and the baby like it’s that easy


Can she take care of the child? Either way, you are a great grandma to have stepped in. I personally have seen the mom get her child back in several instances. I hope it works out for the child regardless of who they are with.


Well just ask her what make her change mind for reason? If she will ready to be mother to take responsibility for her child?.


Give the baby back, she will call the cop’s and they will give her the child, sad but true been there


You need a laywer. She is the biolgical mother of which she abandoned her daughter with you. There was no legal paperwork giving you guardianship, or managing conservatorship or adoption. Either you see a laywer get one of the these , can go to cort for temporary custody related to abandonment, or legally she can take the baby. I have had my sons daughter since she was 8 mo old. I made sure i had it legal so he couldnt grab her up just because, she is 9 now.


She still has parental custody. If there is nothing in writing that you are a co-guardian and she has a stable home for your grandchild she legally has the right to have her child. You can go to court, spend thousands of dollars but unfortunately you will more than likely loose

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She is just trying to show out and no you don’t. Go to the courthouse and file for emergency custody. Then ya’ll will go to court and she’ll have to have a dang good reason why she abandoned her child for 6 months. You’ll get custody I’m sure. Your state will have a time on abandonment as well.

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Give her back. Make arrangements to see the baby or babysit for her regularly. Be understanding if her mental state when she left the baby. Get counselling for yourself and let them decide during the whole situation. Don’t fight about it. The baby could be the only victim otherwise and you may also lose your privileges

Depends on the state but I had my niece and nephews for 5 years with no contact with mom and because she never signed anything she was able to get them back without even having to go to court

Get a lawyer asap!! Get full custody of your grandbaby. She can’t go abandoning her child and then all of a sudden want child back. Tell her no but she can visit baby.


Possession is 9/10 of the law…
She’s in your possession don’t give her up!!! You have all rights now at this point… You need to go to the courthouse and get abandonment paperwork… Nothing to it go tomorrow. :v:

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My husband’s ex wife did this. Mom got the kids back. She left for 90 days in Texas.

I think that’s a hard one. Do you trust her. Do you know the new man. I’d be very concerned and be getting advice

Ugh, that’s hard… no I wouldn’t actually. If she just came over, dropped baby off and left for 6 months like no… I don’t think I could do that with a clean conscious. I don’t know what I would do. I think I would probably call the cops honestly and yea, that’s messed up, but who knows what this dude would do.

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File for emergency custody. Don’t willingly hand the baby over. Only hand the baby over if instructed by law enforcement or the court system. Hire a family lawyer. It really all depends on the laws of the state you reside in. Knowledge is power.

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I’d file for custody and prove she abandoned the child. Unless she’s gotten her shit together in the last 6 months, they may sign custody over to you. It might take awhile and I guess it would depend on if she has a stable and dependable life now

Some states would say that it is child abandonment if she had had no contact for 6 months or more.

Phallon Christina No she has better D now & wants to play house. You’d not just leave your kid for 6months & show back up with a new man. If she was improving herself & her life there wouldn’t be a man involved b/c she would have been getting help & focusing on her life for her & her child.

6 months… Oh hell. No she can have the baby back. He could be a kiddy fiddler. She didn’t want bub 6 months ago. Why the hell does she now. Take it too court. Ya hear on the news about kids like this and they end up been murdered raped or tortured! No no do not give baby up. 6 months is alot of time away from ya baby. Its not a few days it’s 6months. So tell her absolutely not.

Unfortunately yes you are gonna have to give her the baby especially if she gets the cops involved… you had nothing in writing… go to the courthouse and file for emergency custody…

You need a lawyer. But without any legal documentation giving you rights to the child then yes you have to give he baby back to its legal parent/s. Seriously get a lawyer asap!

Maybe she was suffering with ppd when she originally dropped baby off. I’m getting weird vibes from this new dude. Is there more to the story? Any history of drug use or alcohol abuse? How old was baby when dropped off?

I would get an attorney and fight for custody, kids need stability


Yes…that’s the situation you create when you do things half assed.

Honestly depends on the state your in, if your in a mother state you can goto court but the baby will most like go back to mom.

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Yes, you do have to give the child back unless you have legal custody. If you feel she is unfit call CPS and file a grandparent’s petition for at least temporary custody otherwise you just babysat for 6 months. She can be charged with willful neglect and abandonment if she leaves her child and has no contact for a certain amount of time (determined by the state you live in) but this same thing happened to me with my daughter in California and I reported her for abandonment of her child and I ended up with custody. Do what’s right for the child :woman_shrugging:t3:

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U need to file emergency custody and call a lawyer

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If there’s nothing on paper, you will be obligated to give the baby back by law. If you want to get guardianship of the baby, I would suggest getting a lawyer

You should of filed abandonment on her when she did it…

Do not give her the baby and get a lawyer ASAP.

Get in touch with a lawyer it varys in each stat the amount of time that is considered abandonment in my state its no contact for 1 year. Unfortunately if ahe shows up today and trys to take the child even if u call the cops they will say with out court order you have to give the child to her. U can go to family court house and file for immediate emergency custody which would grant u custody til an actual court date. Through out the whole process keep in mind to do whats in the best interest of the child. But definitely get courts involved sooner ratherthan later

Go file for custody immediately! I’m not sure if all state laws are the same but in my state the child remains with the person who has it until a decision is made in court unless there’s a good reason the child shouldn’t be in the home.

Look up abandonment laws for your state. If they’ve left the child for a certain amount of time (depending on the state) then they relinquish rights to the child… I would contact a lawyer

I would have filed after a few months of her not retuning. You need a lawyer asap.

You have no CHOICE but to give her back :pleading_face:

File for a emergency custody in court. Submit evidence if you have it like text messages, etc. Also if you can afford it, get a family lawyer.
Things like this are best to go through the courts. Feeling are of course involved but atleast start a legal trail.

You probably should have reported her abandoned before your daughter showed back up. Now there’s no paper trail to show she did this to you and her child and you’ll probably have to give her back

Go down to the court house asap get emergency custody and get a lawyer if you can

Call a lawyer, get everything on record. I guess, depending on state, she can bring the law to get her child…IF she’s there…

Apply for emergency custody for child abandonment

Please get a lawyer and go to court. Do this the legal way. They will decide what’s best for baby and get all the facts. We don’t know the whole story (nor do we need to know) but this is a case of what’s in the best interest of baby.


Call cps on her she abandoned the baby

Don’t do it protect that baby!!!

Tell her no. Get an attorney asap. She’s been gone for 6 months so that’s abandonment.

Did you go to court and file for emergency custody?

If you haven’t been, keep a journal of the mums relationship with baby, and said abandonment of baby. Given her history, I’d give protective services a call and see where you stand, especially if you are worried that she may leave again and baby may end up abandoned somewhere else. But if the Mum is putting in the work, and she is stable and wants a relationship, you may have to give baby back in the future so it’s probably in everyone’s best interest if you can rebuild your relationship with your daughter. Good luck :two_hearts:


Legally, yes. This happened to my grandmother with me when I was about 2.5. She said the officer cried with her and told her how sorry he was that he couldn’t stop my mom from taking me.

Til the day she died, that was one of the most traumatic memories by grandmother had. I highly suggest calling an attorney first thing. If you cannot afford an attorney, reach out to CPS/DCFS in your area for assistance.

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Uhh… definitely get a lawyer and quickly. Document everything, hopefully you have texts from her as proof or something. I’m also wondering because you didn’t State how old the baby is he said baby has been with you for 6 months and has the baby needed medical Care during this time that you haven’t been able to get? I want to make sure that that is documented also just anything you possibly can. Unfortunately though if she comes back like she says you are very likely going to have to give the baby to her, I don’t know much about it but I don’t know if you can file for emergency temporary custody

I’d contact a lawyer but I’m pretty sure you can file for abandonment.

Call a lawyer… in NY that would have been abandonment on her part. If she has truly turned a new leaf maybe you can set up a slow transition to her getting ber baby back.

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If nothings in writing then you probably have to give back but if you can prove( did she sign anything giving you permission to seek medical care for child) that you have been caring for child get a lawyer asap.

Did you apply for the babies child tax? Or have any medical bills or anything? She is the mother and can go on about a lie but if you have evidence that you’ve had the baby for that long you can go to court and get custody

Better go file for emergency custody. Youll need a lawyer and take her to court. Let the judge and lawyer know how long youve had her what all happened youll need proof. Keep all reciepts and voice recordings.

If she’s still not stable and you don’t feel comfortable with it…tell her no, then immediately start court proceedings to at least get guardianship. You’ll need proof of her history, etc.

Get legal advice as soon as possible.Hope all works out well for you.:heart: X

file exparte custody paperwork at the courts (its emergency custody) and reach out to a lawyer


Call a lawyer and child protective services too

YES you legally have no claim to that poor baby and the police if called will make you give it back to her
You had 6 MONTHS to file for custody and didn’t and now you’ll have to fight to get the baby back

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Since there is nothing in writing, so yes you will have to give her back her child.


She left her baby with you for 6 months?! Now all the sudden wants her back cause she has a new man and wants to play house? Uhhhh no. she doesn’t get to pick and choose when to be a mom. I’d try to get temporary custody and let her have supervised visits at your house. That’s messed up. Baby is much better off with you obviously.

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Unfortunately yes you have to give her her child. I had this happen. I did go to court and get grandparents rights. But dad has primary mom has visits and I get visits.

File for emergency custody immediately sitting abandonment. If she’ll leave a baby one time she’ll do it again.

What state some states say you are babysitting.Others will say she had all the rights

If you don’t get a lawyer asap you will have to because she is the legal guardian.

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Ya give the lady her baby. You stepped up now step down. Know your place.

Go to court and file for emergency custody

Get a Lawyer file for guardianship

I know what I’d be doing if she walked through my door after 6mths shes be crawling out on her hands and knees

It’s legally considered abandonment if the parent leaves the child and doesn’t return for 6 months, in Ohio at least. 6 months is the abandonment mark. You would win in court for custody with valid proof of how long it’s been or even witnesses of you taking care of the child with no assistance from the parent

Legally? If you didn’t press charges or seek emergency custody when she initially abandoned the baby… little to nothing you can do. It’s her kid and you have no legal documentation to support your claims. Unfortunately you have to surrender the baby and seek grandparents rights to say you are the closest parental figure to baby otherwise she could claim kidnapping if you don’t give baby back.

I say have her take classes ,drug test , all the stuff she needs to do to show she’s responsible enough to get baby back…
It’s not right her doing that to her baby but sometimes we mess up and realize wth did I do…I don’t agree on keeping your grand baby unless of course you think the baby would be hurt or something…This is your daughter and grand baby and sometimes even as adults we mess up and make stupid decisions…

Give the baby to the mom. If the cops are called they are going to say it’s a family court matter by law you can’t keep her baby if nothing was established in court. It’s sad but the truth. You should have gone to court about it as soon as she left the baby that way you’d have legal right to the baby

Unfortunately , if she is well then yes . If she’s on drugs absolutely not .

Go file abandonment papers with the courts

Anything after 30 days is abandonment. Go to a lawyer

First of all who leaves their child for 6 months and doesn’t bat an eye?

Contact a lawyer and file for an interim parenting order without notice, considering the circumstances it should be granted. She’ll then have to work and fight to have her baby. I don’t know the full story but if you’ve got concerns for the baby’s welfare in your daughters care I would definitely start there and start now.

Depends on where you’re at but I would go to the courts and file for granparent rights. Also look up abandonment laws for wherever you’re at.

File for emergency custody

File for emergency custody

File for emergency custody asap

Go file for emergency custody asap.

File for abandonment… Then custody. Anything over 90 days is both!

Sounds unstable. You should of filed for custody months ago.