Do i have to tell my kpb that I am pregnant?

So I didn’t tell my new job I’m pregnant… and I’m scared to. I started a week ago and I’m definitely gonna be noticeable because I’m running out of baggy shirts that hide it lol… I don’t know what to do. Can I get in trouble for NOT telling them? Or should I tell them? The job is only seasonal and ends in August… I’m due in September. I was told if I want to stay on after the season I probably could… I don’t know if it’s better to tell them or not… all my friends are giving me different opinions.


Tell them. They can’t fire you for being pregnant


They cant fire you for being pregnant. But theyll notice eventually so might as well start talking about it

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U can’t be fired for being pregnant but also u don’t need to tell them

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I did the same thing, im due in October so its still early. I think you should tell them, if anything ever happens or you need to call in…etc, it would be nice for your boss to know why. that’s my opinion and that’s what I ended up doing after about a month working here. don’t be scared, I don’t think they will be mad

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You technically only have to tell them 6 weeks before you’re due… but I would tell them now." Hey I’m pregnant, I am able to finish my seasonal part of the job and would love to return for next years :slight_smile: " they can’t fire you.


I started a new job at 6 months pregnant. I didn’t tell them during the interview because honestly it’s none of their business. I was able to wear a loose shirt and I wear scrubs at work so it wasn’t extremely obvious. I told them after about 2 weeks and they were perfectly fine with it. I ended up getting put on bedrest 6 weeks after starting and they were more than understanding.

When your ready to tell them than do it. They can’t fire you. I told my work over a month ago. I’m due in September to. Good luck! :grin:

Obviously they are going to find out eventually. And if you end up hurt (praying that you don’t) then they might be very upset that you never said anything about being preg. Why are you scared to tell them?!! They can’t fire you simply bc you are preg.
Just tell them.

Need to tell them as they’ll need to ensure your working in a safe environment. Xx

Honestly you need to tell them. Because at some point you’re probabaly gonna need to miss a day and they’re gonna want a doctors mote anyways :woman_shrugging:
PLUS they csnt fire you or punish you in any way because you are pregnant.

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Tell them in case of a emergency with which i hope to god does happen but they will know you are pregnant

You don’t need to tell them at all. It’s your business. They can’t fire you and it’s seasonal. If something happens then yeah I’d mention it and there is no reason for them to get mad


Tell them when you’re ready !

If they fire you for being pregnant that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Tell them when you’re no longer able to hide it.

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Come in all excited and be like “OMG YALL IM PREGNANT!” like you just found out lol With my youngest I was scared to tell my stepdad because it happened so quick after I had my son (he was 6 months old) so me and my mom waited to say anything until I couldn’t hide it anymore and all he said was “Good. I just thought you were getting fat.” :joy::sob::joy:


All you ladies that are saying they can’t fire you for being pregnant, you’re right. But there’s another angle a lot of jobs take, that ensures you can’t sue them or get them in any other trouble. They can simply let you go. As long as they don’t give s direct reason in writing as to why they fired you, I know in the state of Maryland a company can choose to let you go, without giving reason.


They cant fire you for it. Just tell them. You’re going to have doc appointments and what not

You can tell them but it doesn’t mean they won’t find another reason to fire you. Believe me I went through it, there was nothing I could do at that point.


You don’t have to tell them until you hit the second trimester.

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it is always best to be honest.

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A) they cannot fire you nor can you get in trouble, by law you don’t have to tell them you’re pregnant at all. however, b) I would tell them just so if you get hurt, fall, or anything goes wrong with the pregnancy (praying it doesn’t but it happens everyday) they are aware and can ensure you the best possible safety and environment for you and baby in case of an emergency, or if you take maternity leave or have to leave because of possibly going into labor early they’re fully aware that yes you’re pregnant and in labor. Basically tell them just for yours and baby’s best interest.


I hid mine from a previous job and the passed out at work one day… the cat was out of the bag and standing for 8 hours was out also

My job dad really cool about it… I got hired and immediately found out I was pregnant and I told them not too long after but I read such a good worke they wanted to keep me and did whatever they could to keep me and I worked through my evolve pregnancy and left, they still want me back. She’s 5 months old.

Depending on where you live, they can fire you for no reason. For example, Texas is a right to hire right to fire state. You can tell them, and the next week they can fire you for no reason making it hard to prove you were fired for being pregnant. But I must say, I did the same. Found out I was pregnant, got a job, and told them a month later. They didn’t fire me, they actually threw me a baby shower :joy:


Just be careful. I was hired at a job not knowing I was pregnant and as soon as they found out they fired me. The general manager told me “you know the boss will fire you as soon as he finds out right?!”… I was fired a week later. A shift was magically assigned to me without my knowledge and they said I no called no showed after working there 2 months and never missing or doing anything wrong.

How far are you? Won’t you need risk assessing?

Tell them
It’s illegal to fire you for being pregnant

You can’t get in trouble for not telling them, but you should tell them. Especially if you plan to stay.

You need to tell them. They can not discriminate against you for being pregnant…and you will feel better yourself if you just tell them.

I was fired when I was pregnant, the dr put me on restriction and I didnt qualify for medical leave.

Best to be honest that way you can be safe if any accidents happen at work.

You want to make them aware just in case something happens to you. They can’t fire you for being pregnant.

You should tell them otherwise it just makes you look like your lying. There is alway risk. In Indiana it’s a right to work state so you can get fired without giving reason within 90 days. Or they could keep you on but not keep you after the seasonal.

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While they cant fire you for being pregnant, they can fire you and not give you a reason, (this is the case in many US states) especially if you did not divulge pertinent medical information which may affect your ability to perform job tasks or be as punctual as they would prefer. I’ve never been in this situation but I can imagine it would be difficult, especially when very new to a job. Most bosses will be much more understanding if you tell them rather than them finding out through the grapevine or social media.

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Say you thought they already knew lol that’s what I did and thankfully my boss was cool

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You dont have to tell them and its illegal for them to fire you for being pregnant.


You do not have to tell them

There is no reason you have to disclose personal health matters with your employer! You don’t have to tell them anything. When they notice just tell them you didn’t think that you had to disclose that information


You can’t hide it forever just tell them you will feel so much better plus you don’t need the added stress right now and this you can control


It’s illegal to fire someone due to a medical condition. The problem is it can very difficult to prove. I would say just bite the bullet and tell them. The longer you wait the worse it will be.


They may fire u using a different reason

Congrats!! Of course you don’t HAVE to tell your work you’re pregnant. However, I don’t like how everyone is saying “oh they can’t fire you.” Yes that is true, but coming from a managers standpoint, it just seems incredibly rude to start a job knowing that pretty soon you will have to take a few months or possibly more off work and not let the company know about it. That is a lot of time and money spent on orientation and such just to have you work for a few months, be off for few months, and have to find a replacement. I know your work is seasonal, but if this is a good company, just go ahead and tell them so they can make plans if need be for back up workers if you happen to go into labor early or anything happens! They will understand.

“I thought i was already showing enough to make it obvious”


What state you in most states can fire you for no reason at all as long as they don’t specify the reason they can let you go.

I think I would tell them

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You cannot get in trouble for not telling them, it is your right to medical privacy. However, that does not mean that they have to be happy about your secret. I personally told my boss at my interview I was pregnant and hoped he would hire me anyway, which he did. If it is seasonal and you’re due after the season is over then it’s not a big deal at all and they shouldn’t care too much. Just be honest so they can accommodate you where needed.

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Saying she can’t be fired for being pregnant is kind of misleading although they may not directly fire you for being pregnant in many states they can find another reason to legally let you go with no recourse check your state laws

You need to tell them.

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It depends what state you live in. If it’s an “at will” state, they can fire you for any reason. If not, they can’t fire you for being pregnant, but they can fire you for dishonesty. Best to tell them. If it’s a seasonal job they will most likely not have a problem with it.


Its 2019 girl tell them you are pregnant

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Tell them. You can’t be fired for being pregnant but you are a liability. Depending on the job you do they have certain restrictions and if something happens you can’t hold them responsible if you don’t tell them. At my job even if they know because they see the baby bump they don’t have to make any accommodations for you unless you tell them and give a doctor note. I just don’t understand why anybody wouldn’t tell their job they’re pregnant. My jobs always knew before anybody else because of how physical my jobs have always been. My first pregnancy I even got hired six months pregnant…it was the first thing I told them over the phone before I went in for my interview. Only thing they said was congratulations can you come in tomorrow at 7…lol


I don’t think it’s a big deal if you tell them. You’ll be done with the job before you’re due. But it’s up to you.

Tell them. You can’t be fired for being pregnant.

For the safety of ur baby and urself tell them. If they dont k ow they may task you with some heavy job that could potentially hurt u n the baby. Its not worth it.

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I got fired for being pregnant after getting hired the boss said it’s too much work for a pregnant women I wasn’t even a month yet n I worked at Popeyes like wtf

The job will be over before you’re due anyway.:woman_shrugging:t2:Doubt they will care.

They cannot fire you for being pregnant and if they do you can file for unemployment it’s illegal


As a former boss… I’d be pissed you lied to me. That’s a safety issue and if they don’t know, they can have you doing things you don’t need to be doing.
You should tell them. Like, yesterday.


I got a job offer and found out I was expecting the same week and my first week at this job I had our first appointment to confirm and get an ultrasound. The following week we had some complications and I had to leave week for an emergency visit so I was left no choice I had to let them know. They weren’t happy about it but I’m still here now and honestly I’m lucky enough that my employer also gave me 3 weeks paid maternity.

I would work and prove myself a valued employee…then i would explain with all info. But hon i probably need the money so i would work as much as i could. I had a c section at age 44 and was back to work in 2 weeks. So part of this is figuring out how to address child care. If u provide a solid plan and state u needed some time to work thru particulars but u r prepared to be a valued employee.

I got fired a month after I had been working for not telling my boss that I was expecting. That was at the Tastee Freeze in California.:pensive:

It’d be wise to tell them , you never know if something can happen while you’re at work n then you wouldn’t be cover, so be honest n tell the truth l would!!!

I would work hard and show them your a good ee for a few weeks and then tell when you have to

I depends if you want to stay but you can let them know

I started a job with my son about 5 months pregnant. I was showing but not super obvious and I camouflaged my belly at first. It was a seasonal temp job. I never actually told them until it became a medical issue (I needed more bathroom breaks and I needed a pillow against my back to sit comfortably). They never said anything negative about it. I really wouldn’t worry as long as you and your baby are safe with you doing that job. It was a desk job at a call center.

I waited until I was 5 months and then told them. Wait Untill your visually pregnant so if they due fire you for any reason they can be sued. Otherwise they are going Fire you if they can

What state are you in? Some are at will states and can fire you for whatever reason making it seem like they’re letting you go just because you’re pregnant. I would tell them. The job could be hazardous to your pregnancy and do you really want to work for someone who doesn’t value you pregnant or not?

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I get it believe me I do. It was very hard to find a job when I was pregnant and that income helps but because it wasn’t mentioned just wait till your approached and asked unless you know for sure there is a job you shouldn’t be doing then speak up. Honestly play dumb and as long as your doctor is not worried just do you,if it’s mentioned then just be like I didn’t think about it.

Tell them, especially if they offer you a position after the seasonal part is up. Alot of places are really understanding. I got hired at Walmart at 35 weeks pregnant even though I’d be taking a leave of absence 3 weeks later. And I still had my job when I came back 3 weeks after having baby.

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You do need to tell them. However yes they can let her go. Va is a right to work state and they can find any reason to let her go. Even if she is pregnant. Especially if they find out she hid it from them.

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I would tell them … I have been through this and they knew I was but used the law to their advantage and “let me go” for a vague unspecified reason :expressionless::roll_eyes::angry:

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I literally went through this. You’re not obligated to tell your work that you’re pregnant. You are protected under the disabilities act. You can start a job 9 months pregnant and still get leave, just may not be paid. So when you’re ready, tell them. Do it when you feel comfortable but don’t miss out on sharing your amazing news. The one thing to keep in mind is you don’t qualify for FMLA because you haven’t been with the company for a year. You will get short term disability. Which for my company, is 6 weeks of 60% of my salary. If anything, be sure to talk to your HR. Don’t be scared! Congratulations!!

Go tell your boss geeze

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I’d just tell them…I hope you are working somewhere you feel comfortable enough to talk to them…they shouldn’t have a problem as long as you can do your job…

I personally told my employerbwhen I was working when I had my first child. God forbid something where to happen while you were working you would want someone to know. With my 3rd child I did not find out I was pregnant till I was 21 weeks (I felt the baby move!) So you can always say you found out later. I got pregnant about 2 months after my 2nd child, so I never had a period in-between, hadn’t lost any weight to notice a baby bump yet, and I was breast feeding. So it’s def possible to say you were not 100% sure at the time of hiring. If the job doesn’t entail heavy lifting I don’t forsee a problem. And congrats on your little one!

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I’d tell them. While you can’t be fired for being pregnant, you can be fired for lying by omission.

I would tell them. Honesty is the best policy. If something were to happen and they didnt know you were pregnant it could come back on you. You want a supportive employer so that means to be open.

Go tell them. If they fire you for you for it, file for unemployment for discrimination. Does not matter if its a right to work state or not, they can’t fire you for being pregnant.

You really should tell them. And honestly you should have said something during hire. But there are laws in place that protect your job as you now fall under the Americans with disabilities act and firing just because you’re pregnant can get that company sued. Just arm yourself with knowledge about your rights as a pregnant worker in the workplace and go to your employer and let them know hey I forgot to mention I’m pregnant _ weeks along and tell them it will not impede your work ethic in the slightest.

They cant fire you for being pregnant but, they can find a reason if they want to get rid of you.
I’ve been the person that hired. It costs money to train and get you up to speed. I would have been angry if you knowingly took a job that you weren’t sure how long you would be able to perform.
In Missouri you can fire anybody and not state a reason. It’s an at will state. You dont have to say why you’re being terminated.
Omitting the truth is the same as lying. You should have told them in the interview. Anything else proves you’ll omit important facts as long as it serves you.
Maybe they wont care. You’ll never know unless you’re truthful about something that could effect your performance. Not to mention their liability if they have you doing a job that could harm your pregnancy.
Try to see it from their perspective.

Don’t tell them unless the pregnancy interferes with the job. I’ve seen many people get fired after a job finding out they were pregnant after being hired. It was never because of the “pregnancy”, it was stupid stuff.


Yes definitely tell them. Last year I started a job and a month after starting found out I was pregnant. They were really nice. I had SUPER bad morning sickness, and I ended up having to take leave the entire time. My baby is 3 months old now and they said I could come back.

Best to be upfront :+1:

As long as you can safely do your job it’s none of their business. If you will require job modifications you will need to tell them but they can’t fire you for that.

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Tell them. You can say you just found out. Then end


Tell your boss. You will need to for maternity leave. No you can not get in trouble & they can’t discriminate its illegal

I work in HR and you do not have to tell them and they cannot terminate you for being pregnant. You can tell them if you want but it’s really not any of their business unless they ask you to do work that could jeopardize the pregnancy. When I was pregnant with both my boys, my doctor told me I could do anything I normally do (physically) until at least 20 weeks but I would definitely consult your physician about what he/she recommends to be your specific restrictions so you know ahead of time. I was high risk so my cut off was 20 weeks but I have friends that did their normal activity (lifting patients as a a nurse) right up until the day they delivered. Any knowledgeable employer would be hesitant to ask you if you are pregnant because should a legitimate concern come up around the time they ask you that would normally warrant a write up or termination, they have to tread very very carefully. Or for that matter if the opportunity comes up for promotion (or in your case long term employment becomes an option) and you are looked over, it opens the employer up to a potential EEOC complaint and/or lawsuit. There are some shady employers out there that may use it against you even though they aren’t supposed to. My suggestion would be to consult your physician to know your physical limits ahead of time and don’t be self conscious about them finding out (pulling on your shirt to cover it, etc) and only discuss it on a need to know basis. If they ask at some point why you didn’t say anything, just tell them you are a private person. The biggest issue for you in terms of long term employment will be that when you give birth, you won’t be eligible for FMLA because you will not have met the hour or tenure requirement (1 yr of employment). So you will need to have a conversation with the HR dept as it approaches about this part of it and whether they are willing to let you miss the time without terminating your employment. Most employers will require you to reapply and tell you they would love to have you back once you are ready to return to work.


Tell me youve only just found out yourself :woman_shrugging::thinking:

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I would just tell them and say you only didnt mention it because you planned to give birth after the seasonal position was already up. Like u said they’re gonna notice.


Up to you. While everyone is saying they cant fire you for being pregnant, doesnt mean they wont and claim your firing as something else. I cant even get a job when they know im pregnant

It’s not like they knew you knew. When you tell them, just say you just found out.

Yes tell them. If you’re seasonal you may be outdoors. The heat may get to you faster, if you’re required to run equipment for the job it could be to rough and risk putting you into labor or worse. If there’s weight that needs lifted on your behalf you probably won’t be able to do it and there again is restrictions they need to be aware of. They can’t fire you for being pregnant but you took a seasonal job so chances are it’s manual labor you already have put your unborn child at risk with anything the job may require you to do.

Be honest it’s not like they aren’t gonna notice

Employers ONLY serve themselves. Employers lie by omission all the time. Employers will hire you for a job when they know your position will be eliminated. Employers will not inform you that they are offering you a wage below industry standard and below the worth of your experience/education. As you just said, they will absolutely discriminate against you and lie about it. Why trust them with any truth that would only harm you? There is no reason not to do what serves yourself the best. You aren’t legally obligated to divulge your disabilities.

  • signed, a job coach for persons with disabilities.

Legally you’re not obligated to tell them you’re pregnant, also they cannot ask. The choice is up to you as to whether to tell them or not but you could sue them if they try to fire you for being pregnant

As an employer you should tell them. They need to start planning for your appointments and your leave after the baby. There are accommodations that might need to be made and since you didn’t tell them, that is not fair to them.

You have no legal obligation to tell them at all

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It’s against the law to fire you or not hire you because your pregnant. So tell them or don’t it’s your body


They can’t fire you because you are pregnant. The job ends before your due date. Pregnancy is not a sickness. It is not necessary to tell your employers you are pregnant.

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