Do I Tell My Husband My Daughter Wants to Get on Birth Control?

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"Needing some parenting advice. My teenager came to me and told me she is thinking about being intimate with her boyfriend of 3 years. We have always had this talk and I always told her she could come to me and I would never judge her. I am super happy that she did come to me but I still feel iffy about this whole situation and wish she would wait…she wants me to take her to get on birth control but doesnt want me to tell here dad…do i tell him or keep this between us? she is 17"

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"I would keep it between the two of you"

"It’s not up to your partner. It’s up to your daughter it shouldn’t even be a question. It’s her body not yours. She does not even need your permission."

"She confined you in and I think you should respect her trust. Keep it to yourself. And get her on the pill. If she wants to have sex she will. And better safe than pregnant."

"She’s 17 she’s more than capable of making that decision for herself & that’s an acceptable age I think so keep her confidence and help her out I say"

"If you think her dad is going to react negatively or dictate that she can’t I wouldn’t. She’s going to have sex regardless and I’m sure you don’t want her to have an unwanted pregnancy. She came to you in confidence I wouldn’t betray that, she won’t ever again"

"Firstly… keep her confidence. She has come to you trusting. Secondly, she is old enough to make her own decisions on who she wishes to know about it, that includes your partner unfortunately. I would leave it up to her to tell him when she is ready, however still encourage her to do it as you don’t like keeping it from him."

"Don’t you ever break that trust! What a great kid and what beautiful trust she has in you"

"Keep her secret. She confided in you. You can’t break her confidence."

"She came to you in confidence. She could have just went and gotten it without your knowledge or consent. If you break that confidence then next time that’s exactly what will happen. She will handle things on her own."

"Be happy that she came to you and help her out and have a good discussion about being safe. As a dad with a daughter, I would say some things are better kept between mom and daughter."

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