Do people ever change?

Me and my husband have been together for 10 years, we met online and he moved in about 6 years ago, Well after I had out child 5 years ago I found out that he saved a female coworker number under a guys name. He admitted years later that she wanted to have sex with him and the only thing that happened was they went for boba during a lunch break, I let that go. Well 2 years ago he was acting really distant and would say weird things that made it seem like he wanted us to not be together like how would are living situation be if we weren’t together since I didn’t have a job and we stayed in a apartment. I ended up riding out he was talking to some girl he makes deliveries to and they were talking for about 4 months, I seen text messages saying he really like her and wants to be with her and take her on dates (me and him go on no more than 5 dates a year) anyways I had texted her from his phone saying he was married with kids and I left to my moms that night and stayed there for about a week, me and her kept in contact and she told me the night I texted her he told her I was a crazy BM and I was just “crashing” at his place but he would come to me apologizing saying he didn’t mean it and what not, I ended up giving in simply cause he was all I knew and I live him not to mention we have kids together, Well she told me he missed work on day and they went to a park tougher and hung out for a few hours and that he would give her money and buy her lunch and bring it to her which really hurt me because we don’t have extra money to just hand out like that and he NEVER done that for me out of the 10 years we have been together. everything was quiet for a while since she had moved away, wellll a few months past and at this time we were sharing a phone since his was broken and I saw there was a number that was blocked on the phone so I called and some girl picked up and Im like hey just calling to see why this number was blocked in my phone. she said im sorry **** told me that he was single and you were just staying with him, she later would go on to say that he would follow her around her store trying to talk to her and would always compliment her and told her not to “Friend Zone” him just yet. I of course confronted him and all he would say was he was sorry and he don’t know why he does what he does. I forgave him (I know I know Im a fool going doing so) Ever since then everything has been quiet. She texts me whenever he tried to talk to her but she hasn’t said anything in over a year. I have really BAD trust issues and he doesn’t understand that. His thing is if ive “forgave” him I should forget about what happened. Which I know its my fault for staying and people have told me “well you did stay” like I don’t have a right to feel the way I do. So im just wondering, Do people change? also Im just venting since I don’t have anyone to talk about this too


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do people ever change?

Yikes, go stay with your mom. Leave him.
You have kids, this is not love at all. And what you accept as love is what they will see as love for themselves.
Do better for them.
Not shaming, I know it’s hard to leave what you know. But be strong. You and your babies deserve better than that.


I wouldn’t live a life with someone where I always had to question.


People can change. However it doesn’t even sound like he thinks he needs to or is trying to all.


People like him? No. He’s never going to change. And he knows you won’t leave him so he doesn’t have to change.


I don’t see how you think change is even possible at this point?
Yes people can change but they learn from the first mistake not the 10th


3rd time. He’s not changing. Would you be okay for your kids doing this or putting up with that. If not, you shouldn’t


Its just a matter of time before the next one comes along. Girl leave him

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If he was sorry it would have stopped 1st time. If he truly loved you it wouldn’t have happened at all…


People can change…but unfortunately you taught him how to treat you by being so accepting of his behavior…its just as much your fault…he will continue to treat you the same and always have a “side chick”. Be honest…mostly with yourself and quit staying because it’s easier.


If he was gonna change he would have the first time it happened. Leave girl, know your worth!


They don’t change. They just get better at hiding it and lying to your face.
Move on and stay gone.


They don’t change. Every time you do nothing, or “forgive”, that just cements the fact in their head that he can do anything he wants and you will stay.

Nope only if they want to change


He’s a serial cheater who doesn’t have to take responsibility for his behavior because you always forgive him. You’re essentially enabling his infidelity. Stay with him if you have absolutely no self-respect, otherwise, leave and never look back.


If you want the relationship to work, I would highly suggest counseling. For you, for him, and for the both of you.

People are right, he is doing what ever he wants because he knows you aren’t going anywhere. #1- get a job and your own income to set aside so you can leave. He won’t change , you allowed him to have his cake and to eat it. Stop wasting years of your life where you could actually be happy. It’s not trust issues when you have proof.


Contrary to popular belief, people so in fact change. They have to want to change though. He’s just keeping you around cause it’s cheaper on him that way. You’re not the person he wants to change for. Do yourself a favor, get a job and move TF on with your life. How can you love someone else when you don’t even love yourself enough to accept that you’re being played like a fiddle SMH


He’s not actually sorry bc he keeps doing it. He doesn’t love you… he doesn’t Respect you… you need to stand up for yourself. Get to lawyer, get to your doctor and get tested, go through your finances. He doesn’t want to change he just doesn’t want to be caught!


People can change. But only if they want to and his repetitive behaviour is definetly a red flag. You deserve better than this and to be treated with respect. Ild say get outta there and leave. He clearly wants other things and is just stringing you along. I realise you guys have kids together but that’s not a reason to keep getting hurt and going back

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Narcissism! Run and don’t look back!


people change, this man doesnt though

Sounds like you’ve caught him out at least 3 times. This one won’t change. Go live with your mum again and do not go back to him.


You have kinda enabled the behavior and there are no consequences for his actions so why would he change? You need to become more independent and not lean on a man to make you happy. You seem to feel like u have to settle for a man with these behaviors, learn to love yourself. You need to build your self confidence for you and don’t stand for any bullshit. Without trust and communication in a relationship you don’t have a foundation. Please realize you are worth more than that! Find your voice!

Every time you stay he respects you less. You’ve proven that you’ll stay despite this behavior which is abusive and toxic. He won’t change because you’ll always be there. He doesnt love or respect you. Go somewhere that you are cherished.


He’s a serial cheater, piss him off he’s walking all over you cause he knows you’ll cave & take him back, go do you with your babies forget that POS

Time to quit sharing phones and say goodbye!

Girl leave this man seriously. He’s shown you repeatedly what kind of man he is. You’ve allowed him to do this to you because you stayed each time after finding out so of course he’s not going to change because he knows you won’t leave him.


You’re a dumbass

People can change, but this boy doesn’t seem like he cares enough to, or else he wouldn’t keep doing what he’s doing. You need to get out for you and your kids sake.


They get better at being sneaky and hiding things… ild just leave I wouldn’t put up with that any longer


People change when they want to. But he probably won’t. Why? Because you’ve “forgiven” him time and time again. He knows you’ll forgive him. No amount of love your willing to give him will change him.

We can suggest options. But it’s up to you. You stay and continue to be walked on or leave. You’re single anyway, looks like you’ve always been single. No real partner is going to treat you that way.

If he was going to change he would have seen your hurt and changed. Had he cared for you and loved you as you should have been cared for and loved, he wouldn’t treat you that way.

It’s ok to walk away. But before you do, document everything. Send and save everything to an email that only you know about. Get a job and save it. Pretend you have no money and when you have enough for an apartment or something, leave. He’s not sorry. Some people just aren’t. And you probably love him. It’s absolutely ok to love hi. From far away.

Love yourself. Know your worth. The pain eases with time and you’re going to find yourself happy. And that’s one gift to give your child, your happiness. You might be a great parent now, but imagine how much happiness you’ll bring by finding yourself and your happy.

If you choose to stay, counseling/therapy for both of you.

I hope you choose to love yourself. Because you deserve so much more than he’s given you.


They just find other ways to cheat. Mine knew I checked numbers on the phone bill and he went and go a pre paid phone. I found it a couple days before Christmas. I knew something was up but I wanted to get past the holidays. Get out cause it gets no better and they just drag you further down the rabbit hole.


Ohhh honey, just tell him to leave. He ain’t worth it! Men who are habitual cheaters don’t change! Doesn’t sound like he really wants to either. I’m sorry…


Get out!!! I would have kicked him to the curb when he went to lunch with another chick! If he cheated twice on you, he will do it again!


No. People to not change. They only get better at the things they do. Or get comfortable enough to shed their masks


I’ve been with my husband for 13 years now. He cheated on me with his ex. I knew about it even tho they lied. For 5 years they denied it. Finally it came out. Those 5 years I suspected everything. If his messages were deleted texts. He kept reaching out to her and lying to me. We talked about having a baby. I told him if he continues to be doing what he is I don’t want a kid with him I don’t wanna show them its ok to treat women that way or to show a girl it’s ok to be treated that way. I told him once we had a baby if he did those things I would leave. Since than he’s has never cheated again. He doesn’t delete messages or texts. We are having our 2nd baby now. So yes they can change if they want to and want to be committed. You don’t deserve it even if you did stay.

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I can tell you to leave and never go back . But you been with him for 10 years so it’s hard to walk out . When it’s time you will go .

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Cheaters don’t change. He’s still cheating. He’s just better at hiding it now. You have every right to feel how you do. How can you trust him again? I couldn’t stay with someone who cheated. 1 time he’d be gone.

Yes people change but he doesn’t seem like he’s in a big rush to grow up and be loyal to his relationship.


People change just not the son’s of Solomon, find a job and get out

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No they don’t change. Full stop.

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He keeps doing it because he knows you let him basically. He won’t stop. Cause he knows he doesn’t have to. Leave. Throw him out. If you have to start saving back little bits of money here and there. Find a job on nights or weekends or an at home thing so you don’t have to depend on him financially.


You’ll keep “forgiving” him… Even when he tries to get sneakier you still find his little more secretive ways to talk to other women bc it’s been too quiet and you dig deeper. you’ll always be suspicious or wonder in the back of your mind when he leaves the house or picks up his phone… But eventually you’ll accept that you 'forgave" him and try the move on let it go for the sake of your sanity maybe he will stop maybe he will change… you’ll get to the point you start ignoring suspicions you get too tired of trying to find what he’s doing you stop digging. Stop caring. What’s another time another girl another conversation or more.

  • You don’t want to wear yourself down anymore over him, you’ve tried to forgive him plenty of times he had time to change he didn’t … so he won’t. It times time and learning to change. Make a plan and leave. You’re wasting your life with the wrong person you won’t find the right one staying with him.

Omg u deserve so much better. Hugs I hope you see this will not change and get out. Wish you the best.


They rarely ever change… he obviously loves the chase and needs his ego fluffing all the time… he obviously has a serious problem with desperately chasing women… of he has not actually slept or touched these women then I understand why u have stayed… but if he has got physical and actually gone thro with being completely unfaithful… then I would suggest leaving… not just for ur mental health… but ur physical health too… he will continue to break ur heart… until one day u will feel nothing for him… and it will be completely his fault. Gd luck…

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First I’m going to say I’m sorry you’re going through this. Second I’m going to say wake up. He’s shown you over and over he isn’t changing. He’s only getting better about lying and hiding. You know why you are hurting and it’s justified. Every time you forgave him he did it again. His actions show you who he is. Stop looking at what you feel for someone and look at the actions of that someone. Would you let a stranger treat you so poorly. Hold the one you love to higher standards. He owes you more than a stranger and yet you stay. If you want change, leave. Be the change you want to see. He doesn’t respect you. I’m so sorry if you need an ear please please reach out. I’m not trying to be rude. But if this was someone else’s story and you were reading it you know what you would think. Love yourself and know that you are worthy of real genuine love. Give yourself the advice you would give out

Start running 🏃‍♂ :muscle:

Contact a women’s center and get help to plan your exit, even if it will take a year to save up and execute everything. Get a lawyer & file for divorce first. Get papers in order, record his infidelities and texts. Record what he says on the phone, write things down, screen shots, forward the texts, emails, messages. Have multiple copies and stash/send them somewhere/to someone trustworthy—not in the house—so you’ll have them when you go to court.

Set up questions for your lawyer before you meet and don’t chit-chat. Record the session or take notes because you may have to pay for any calls to ask to repeat things. Of course call if you have more questions; chances are a paralegal may answer them free or at a reduced rate (clarify everything you’ll have to pay for). The consult should be free or low-cost but once you hire a lawyer, you’re charged for every 15 minutes. Hopefully a paralegal will do a lot of the work at a lower rate.

Decide how you want to split up everything. Is he a good father? Will he want lots of time with your child? Or does he just want to be single and childless? Chances are he wants out so won’t object to a divorce and let you take what you want or let you stay in the place you’re living without a fight.

Tell him you won’t be an a-hole so he can save money on a lawyer. More expensive for you but you’ll have the upper hand. Plus if both of you spend all your money on lawyers, there’s less to share overall.

Are you on the lease or mortgage? Ask if you leave the home if it would be considered abandonment. Ask what happens if he takes your child and won’t bring her/him back. If he has already checked out of the marriage and fatherhood you should be able to get primary custody and child support easily, since he seems to not want you and possibly not the responsibility of the child. But I don’t know. Maybe he loves being a dad? Just be prepared for any eventuality and have precautions ready so you and your child can stay safe. Again, woman’s center/DV hotline should have good advice.

Do you work outside the home? I’d start preparing for a career if not. See what’s available in terms of food stamps, housing and child care subsidies, and any other benefits available (maybe job training or employment assistance?) Do you own a car and a computer?

Once you separate (you will have to be separated for 6 months or so (ask lawyer) before the divorce can be finalized because you have a child together. Would you be able to stay with friends or family until you can get on your feet? Homeless shelters are a possibility, but aren’t very nice. Women’s shelters may only be available for those affected by domestic violence, but check. If you stay where you are could you afford it on your own? Is there a spare room for a roommate? Could your child sleep in your bedroom?

BTW, I’d get tested for STDs. If you’re still having sex, use a condom (they make them for women too).

I’m sorry. You will need time to grieve your relationship, but in the end much better things await you and you and your child will find happiness again, I promise. :heart:

Not only is he a dirty cheater, he sounds like a creep. Following women around in stores is not okay :eyes:


This is heartbreaking but you will never be happy if you stay. You are sucked in because it’s been such a long time, but you deserve a man who will worship you.

  • and trust me he does exist-
    He might have a low self esteem problem or mental health related.
    Regardless only you truly know what you want, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Wish you the best :kissing_heart:

No, he won’t change.


Sadly he’s going to keep doing it talking to other women maybe even sleeping with them :unamused:

Some people CAN change. However, if he did it more than once and didn’t make a drastic change reassure you, be open and honest with you, and do everything in his power to make it work and SHOW YOU he has changed, he isn’t worth your time. My ex did the same thing your man is doing. I was supposed to forget (you don’t) and trust him and move on (meaning you need to quit “snooping”) instead of him being transparent and proving you can trust him. You need to leave or he’ll keep hurting you. I’m so sorry you’re going through this :blue_heart:


He’s not sorry he did it. He’s sorry he got caught!! Make whatever decision you can live with. It’s easy for us to say do this or do that, but we don’t know your financial, health or family needs. So my best advice is make the best decision you can for you and your child(ren). Go into it with your eyes open. Think hard on what he’s done and what he’ll most likely do again and how that makes you feel and how it affects you and your home. Only you can truly decide what to do. Some men do change, but it’s been my experience that they only do so when they’re about to lose everything. Even then some don’t. Good luck with your decision. Sending you peace and strength :heart:


Just in this post you talk about 3 different girls,them are the ones you’ve caught him about I’m guessing there’s more. You chose to stay with him ( I’m guessing because your scared to leave) but in your heart you haven’t forgave him. He will keep doing this to you because you continue to allow it to happen! You deserve better and so do your children.

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“Do people change?”
Can you change? Can you stop forgiving him and letting it all go when you know it’s all so wrong. Can you let him go instead and find what you deserve?
“Do people change?” Look in the mirror and Ask yourself that my dear. Wish you the best :heart:


Why would she keep texting you, when he tries to talk to her, if you stay with him either way? If you’re o.k. with him being a cheater then I suggest just looking the other way. He’s not going to change. Either he’s going to get better at hiding it OR not care if you know, because he knows you’re not going anywhere.

He got away with this behavior to many times n knows all has to do is wait it out for awhile he’ll keep doing this to you . IF he every loved you he wouldn’t put you through all this bs . You are showing your children that it’s ok to be treated like you don’t matter , your kids will treat you the same . Time to throw him out on his cheating butt n take your life back .

You deserve so much better. Instead of relying on him could you get a job? It would help you in all sorts of ways mentally financially etc. Sorry your going through this

Sorry but not usually … and why should he ? He knows you will take him back.


Take yourself off the sale rack! He doesn’t deserve you, he lacks integrity.


I’m just here to say girl, whoever you are, YOU ARE WORTH THE TRUTH, you are beautiful just being you and nobody can ever be like you♡ what you do with that is up to you. I would suggest making him sit down and talk about what brought yall together. Make him remember the place he was when yall met. Do things together and I mean all the things. If he don’t wanna kick up and jump start a new beginning a new start then that’s on him but the only way you’re going to peacefully move forward is if and only if he does his part. But you still have to do yours even though it’s you who holds all the cards in your hand rn. If he wants that with you he will do what he needs to do. Once a man is faced with that real choice is when they move and make him stay moving you know what I mean? Like if you see his steps than let ur guards down but not til then and always keep reserves but like he said once u forgive u have to not bring stuff up all willy. You’ll always have your feelings and they are so valid because of the shi*t he’s done but best get him on the you train and make his stops be all about you or done. Move on if he doesn’t because life is too short and there’s men out there juss waiting to kiss ur feet u walk on.

Honey he has shown you time and time again who he really is. He doesn’t respect your boundaries because he knows you will forgive him. Do something different this time. Love yourself more and let go and move on. Someone will love you for you and treat you like the queen you are. Don’t settle for less. :kiss:


P.s look up love languages and make him learn yours and you learn his but I think hy what you’ve explained is he likes to be told how good he is. Like he likes positive affirmations. Def look that up and nake him do it to. Man he ticks me off and I don’t even know him!

You are allowing him to treat you this way.

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would not share my life with him

Leave he sounds like Larry the loser.

Never it will go on forever if it happens more than once it won’t stop. See after the 1st time they seen and heard how it made u feel. If that to didn’t stop them nothing will. And it’s not u some people are addicted to attention and to the feel good wow factor of new people and the lime light there in. It’s a drug to them and they will do it to whoever and doesn’t matter if you’re the best or worst they lack the care of others over there selves. Love doesn’t matter . You can’t stop an addict on drugs this is the same thing they get board and only remember the bad in life so it validates there reason and makes it ok to them

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He’s sorry he got caught but you said it yourself you forgave him and won’t leave so you can’t keep bringing it up.This is the life you’ve chosen.I’m sorry I’m being harsh I don’t mean to be but iv been there and believe me this guy is NOT going to change.If he’s still doing this shit while you’re sharing a ph then there’s no hope.Pls leave and take the kids and sort out visitation for them and their father

People do change IF they actually want to. The question is does he want to? I’m in the same boat as you except I’m only giving my man one chance and if he fucks up again I’m gone because my daughter don’t need a man like that in her life to teach her it’s okay to cheat much less do I. Honestly you can’t just forget something like that, you can forgive it but forgetting it I think is impossible. He honestly seems wayy untrustworthy. If I were you I’d ask to see his phone randomly one day and see what his reaction is

Ok from someone who has been in his position…its possible for people to change, but he’s not going to with you. I cheated on my ex and each time I would swear it was the last time but I was unhappy and it was an escape (there was other toxicity in the relationship and it wasn’t a simple case of just leave) but when I finally left I can tell you that my husband now… I wouldn’t dream of being with someone else. I’m missing nothing from my life to go searching for. So to answer your question, people CAN change…but only if they WANT to. He doesn’t want to with you.


If they’ll do it once they’ll do it again.
Once they cross a line it’s easier to cross each time after and go farther.
Either stay and stop complaining since he’s shown you who he is. Or show your kids a better example of a relationship that they should strive for when they’re grown and leave his cheating garbage fire in the dust.
Once they show you who they are you can either accept it or move on.
Make your choice. If you choose to accept it then that’s on you.

You taught him how to treat you. You should him he could push the envelope and how far. Each time he gets more disrespectful about his business. Pretty soon he will be blaming you when he steps out of the relationship.

Why is this even a conversation honey leave his ass. He is definitely NOT a good role model for your daughter either she is going to think that is what she should except in a man. You and your DAUGHTER deserve better and peace of mind Love. Let him go completely. Man or woman, no one should EVER have to be put in that situation.

He doesn’t have to change. He just says sorry when he’s caught & it’s all good! HE is the one who needs to do the work to build back the trust again! But honestly I think that ship has sailed! You train people how to treat you & you create your own standards.

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You can only change yourself my dear and people can only treat you the way you let them… Forget about him and work on yourself so you have the courage to leave him… You and your child deserve peace

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I honestly didn’t even read all your post to the end.

Stop being a doormat and kick his no good, lying cheating arse out the door.

Leopards do not change their spots. They just get better at hiding them.

Are you serious
Be selfish caring

Can ppl change? Yes they can IF and ONLY IF they truly want to but he obviously doesn’t want and he has no reason to. My guess is it’s 1 of 2 things… 1 he knows you aren’t going anywhere so he can do what he wants and come home and have a maid and chef plus this way there’s no child support or alimony what’s the worst that’s going to happen you get mad and gripe… Oh well or 2 and this is going to sound mean and harsh but maybe he in a way resents you and possibly the kids I’ve seen it before where the guy is tired of being the only 1 working and being the sole bread winner so they start looking for someone else but start to feel bad about leaving you with no job and the kids so they stay with you. Either way the pain isn’t worth it. And plz don’t say but my kids I hate that excuse my parents stayed together for me and I was miserable bc even if they’re young they can sense the tension even if y’all don’t fight/ argue in front of them they KNOW I promise. If either of you are unhappy more than likely so are your kids they just hide it better. So you have to decide if you want to continue to be his doormat and be absolutely miserable forever or if you want to be happy and enjoy life. There is ABSOLUTELY NO RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT TRUST. I’m not trying to be mean and if you need someone to vent to add me or message me anytime just know I don’t sugar coat things lol I will listen and try to give you the best advice I can but I will also tell you if you’re wrong lol. Wishing you the best! Keep your head up and know you have this!!! Sending lots of love, prayers, strength and good vibes your way!

Um yeah. Dude needs to go. You’re trying to make the relationship work, that’s why you stayed. Screw ppl for not acknowledging that. You and your kiddo deserve better. And no, he won’t change. Why? Because if he really gave a damn, he wouldn’t keep acting the ass.

Unfortunately they don’t change! Move on and don’t settle till you find a man they will treat you properly :heart:

He won’t change for you… I would leave. You know the out come if u give him again he will continue to do what he is doing. I also don’t believe he is sorry for one second. He is only sorry because he Keeps getting caught

Taking him back is just teaching him what he’s capable of getting away with, which is apparently quite a bit.

Don’t use the whole “just staying for the kids” thing because frankly, they deserve either a better father figure or would be better off with none at all.

Also, how you feel matters. Period. If it’s more stress than it’s worth, why endure it?

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At this point, you’re just hurting your own feelings. He clearly has a routine. You really just need to leave.

After 10 yrs gi, he Should have already changed. And for him to not “understand” why you have trust issues is crazy. Maybe bc he has cheated how many times…and also lied and hid how many females and things from you… What part of any of that does he not understand why you would have trust issues… Im sorry you are you dealing with this girl smh. I will say ppl will and can change. But they really have to want to for THEMSELVES. one can try over and over for yrs and yrs to help and try and change a person. Which there may be times it seems like its working. But if they really dont wanna change for themselves then they wont. Theyve gotta really be ready… And it wont be your fault at all! So dont feel like it is!!

You know he is only SORRY cause he got caught,right?

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You can’t be so blind and gullible! Leave

He has done this multiple times. He openly disrespects and disregards you. He doesn’t love you, you are being used. Find a job, put kid in daycare and get to moving on. Leave him. He wants to be single, in no uncertain terms. Give him that. File for custody of your kid and go live for you and your kid and leave him be. When he starts with the “I want my family back” crap…(they always do) tell him he had MULTIPLE chances and now that shot is gone for good.

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People can change. People do change.
The issues is, they will ONLY change if they see fault in their actions. THEY have to want the change.
Since he’s been getting the pass, he has no reason to change. There’s no consequence or desire enough to override the existing pattern.
He has to want it. Until he does, you’ll keep repeating this pattern.


That’s 3x he has cheated and your still with him sorry but through experience the more you forgive the more they will do and just coz you don’t know about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening like he will just get better at hiding it and making you look like the fool
I was made the crazy phyco ex that can’t get over him that control freak the angry so n so alsorts all for catching him out and people believed that when we were a family and they were home reckors but I ended up saying no we were still together he is our convos here is pictured so there you go but be a home recker as shows yous are all as bad as eachother and happy to eachother but am better than all this am out. X

Know your worth huni you deserve better you and the kids xx

People don’t change. If he loved you he would have made an effort to show for it. You don’t have to go places to make life exciting. Sometimes it’s just cooking together, spending time, and showing people you love them with the little things in life.

If you’re not happy with your situation just tell him. That’s the key to a good relationship. Communication is crucial.

RUN from that guy!!! Just because you have kids together doesn’t mean you gotta stay. Your worth so much more girl!!! Please leave that guy. He’s wasting your life away and by not leaving pro longs that mommas Come up with a plan to leave and get out. Even if it means moving in silence. You can do it :two_hearts: it may hurt so bad in the begging but I promise it will feel like a breath of fresh air in the end. & I promise you will find your glow and happiness but first you must open that door for yourself and leave. It’s not love baby girl

You have trust issues…of course you do because HE GAVE THEM TO YOU!! Get yourself a job and leave then hit him for CS

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To him you’re just a “crazy baby momma!”

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A lepord NEVER changes it’s spots. Reading this was like reading my Fathers Bio. As often as he was caught the more he did it Leave and don’t look back don’t make you’s and your childs life miserable just because he is the childs parent the side affect on the child is terrible don’t do it to your child

How many times does he have to play you for you to see things clearly??

Once a cheater, Always a cheater!!