Do you buy your kids gifts for the last day of school?

Do you guys buy your kids things for the last day of school in certain grades? my neighbor said its a normal thing to do and i was not aware of this lol


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you buy your kids gifts for the last day of school?

Never have or ever heard of it haha we do things during the school holidays etc but never give gifts for last day of school

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Nope never heard of it either

Never heard of it. And no. Why give kids gifts for everything.


Maybe at the end of primary and then the end of high school, yes. All the other grade levels, nope.


No I bought gift’s for my kids teacher’s at the end of the year

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What’s normal for some just isn’t normal for others. To each their own. Definitely don’t let it make you feel pressured

Summer Vacation is their gift. Parents get to buy themselves gifts for the last day of school! And, by gifts, I mean Vodka.


Year 12 yes but never heard or seen anyone before yr 12 do it

I do a little something to celebrate moving up a grade. Doesn’t hurt anything to celebrate milestones

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I got a gift from my parents my grad year. However in grade 5 my little sisters best friends mom got us all end of the year gifts and it was the sweetest thing ever. It’s been more than 15 years and I still remember that gift and I still have most of it. It was a collectable.

The night before I’ll decorate the main floor the same sort of way i would for their bdays balloons confettee streamers party poppers

Maybe if they’re graduating say kindergarten, grade 6, grade 9 or grade 12. But not every year that’s a little odd.

My kids are in yr 5 and 2 and never done it

Never done this but everyone has different traditions

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We just go get ice cream after school. :woman_shrugging:

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For teachers, and or helpful staff.

For my kids if they’re promoting to next level school. Kindergarten, 5th grade going to middle school, 8th grade going to HS, and HS Graduation.

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No, never heard of such a thing my girls will be going into their Senior year and 8th grade.

I usually get them a little something, this year they all got a Squishmellow.
Sometimes it’s new bathing suits, pool floats, a cool tshirt; just a little happy for the end of school :smiling_face:

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Nope… its like a participation trophy :rofl::rofl::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: changing from primary school to highschool maybe and graduating year 12. Gift giving is ridiculously out of hand these days…
I mean in Australia Xmas is only a week away after last day of school

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Yeah basketball camp :joy:


If we have the money we do depending on how well they did throughout the year
One year they got new laptops and the next year they got new Xbox ones

Never done it but end of school year is December so close to Christmas lol I’ll pass

We fo out to eat to celebrate the end of school. They pick where we go. Plus we get the good stuff before we eat bc we can take it home whatever we don’t eat.

No but we used to go out for a banana split to celebrate

Never done it but end of school year is December so close to Christmas lol I’ll pass

No. I would set up a water balloon fight on the last day though. I would spend all morning filling hundreds of water balloons and put buckets and kiddie pools full all around the yard. I would get each of them as they got off the bus and then we’d jump in the pool with our clothes on and swim.

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I always like to give the teachers a gift.

This year my bio son & step son we got them something but that’s because bioson4 is having a pre-K graduation ceremony
& my step son11 is having 6th grade moving up ceremony.
Other than that nooooo.

They have the pleasure of my company for 7 weeks :grin: that’s all the gifts they getting :joy: gonna cost me enough to feed them and keep them amused all summer :rofl::rofl:


Noway I don’t have money to buy them gifts when they get out of school all my money goes in their mouths during summer break :rofl::rofl:


As a kid, knowing that the holidays were starting, was enough for me. Why are you buying gifts for no reason?

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We have always met my kiddos at the bus stop with loaded water guns and get them as they get off and the whole thing me walking home. We don’t get to do that this year cause my youngest has a birthday party to go to right after school let’s out.

No. It’s the last day of school that’s a big enough gift

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No. Why would you? Maybe take them out to dinner.


I did for kindergarten and 5th grade bc those are milestone grades and usually have little “graduation” ceremonies at their school.

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Nope! Kids already think they are supposed to get gifts on every holiday! Lot of kids don’t even know the.meaning of the holiday just think its about gifts! School is mandatory so why buy gifts!! Just my opinion


No, but we do an end of school/ kick off summer party every year!!


No, however this year they got the excitement of being pulled from the school system and starting a new journey in August.

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I only got gifts graduating from each school.

After promotions like 6th grade, 8th grade, highschool graduation, yes gift card ( bookstore) or dinner at a restaurant celebration.

Isn’t paying for their schooling and leaves dinners a gift :rofl:

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No. It may be normal in their family, but nobody I know does. For most kids, getting out of school for the summer is the gift!

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I did when mine were in school.

No. Summer vacation is gift enough

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Nope. I took him for ice cream a couple times when he asked for it, but that’s it. I don’t know anyone who does that and I volunteer at junior high and elementary schools.

No, just graduations.

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M0re Info.

My neighbor had a party with bounce house, food etc for her daughters KINDERGARTEN graduation. She bought a little cap & gown in the school colors. Took “graduation pictures” with parents, grandparents, godparents etc just like a senior graduation. A little much but cute. To each their own.

I did nothing for my oldest because the schools he was in didn’t do promotion ceremonies. It never occured to me. For my middle I got her a chainlink (so it could grow with her) charm bracelet for kinder grad. I had the intention to get her charms to represent each year. She lost it before we got home from her “graduation” :rage:

First day of school and the last we do whatever he wants for dinner and a movie. (My son is HFA SPD GAD) so we had some really rough spots in the year to where he almost didn’t go back on those days yes I would get him a pick me up…a book or hot wheels car…something small and simple.

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No. We normally have a family dinner out somewhere the first week of the holidays at the end of the school year.

Our oldest finished kindergarten this year and the only thing she demanded for after school was ice cream so we took her to get ice cream otherwise no

Fifth grade we try to do something whether dinner or something fun for just us. 8th grade not sure yet but I might do something special just for my oldest because he’s had a hard time in middle school with peers. High school we will definitely have a family get together.

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We always did a dinner out to celebrate

We don’t buy grading gifts … its their responsibility to grade but we do celebrate by going out for supper…

Only if they are graduating from kindergarten,5th,8th or high school

l get paid over $177 per hour working from home. l never thought I’d be able to do it but my buddy makes over $18994 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The possibility with this is endless.

M0re Info.

We always do pizza and cupcakes on the last day of school. This year we bought them little gifts also bc they’re both moving up buildings. But it’s not a normal thing people do I don’t think.

Nope. I didn’t know this was a thing either :thinking:

Never heard of it :thinking: qld Australia

No. We go out somewhere to celebrate the year being over and summer officially starting for them, but gifts are a bit much.

I do but it’s like grad merch w the year on it things not gifts youd give on Christmas or a birthday but I wouldn’t say it’s a normal thing to do every parent came celebrate their kids accomplishments however they please and even if you don’t celebrate doesn’t mean anything don’t worry about it unless it’s something you wanna do than do it

The fair is in my city right around grading time so we go to the fair for grading. My mom use to do the same for me.

No and I never received them as a kid. You’re always welcome to do something different than others.

Heck no. They are kids. That’s their only job. For straight A’s maybe a reward.

We have a special dinner to celebrate the end of school but gifts are usually for graduating high school and college.

No. Never knew that was a thing lol

If they’re graduating maybe?

We usually do a nice dinner out to celebrate.

Only thing I do is a thank u gift for teachers with last day of school

Hell, no.

Why is everything such a gift grab now?

Soon we will be giving trophies for breathing.



Yes but it’s normally like chalk bubbles jump ropes outside stuff something fun for outside to kick off summer

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My kids get a "grading gift " from their grandparents. They are 9 and 7. I never had grading gifts growing up :sweat_smile:

Nope… maybe when they graduate…

I do it for the first day of school <3

I do haha. Nothing crazy my child’s in the first grade. We have gotten her stuff the last 3 years when School was out. This year 2 Jojo Siwa books. Just a little thank you for being a good little student. :blush:

If there is any type of graduation yes. But other than that they get sparkling grape juice in a fancy glass lol

I do :woman_shrugging: This year I got them a little pool. It’s normally just something to keep them occupied during summer!

If it’s their birthday on the last day of school I guess

Nope! Summer off is their gift :joy:

I never did, I did hug them on the last day of school & congratulated them for a great yr

My Mom always did a “passing present” for me. Nothing insane but a small gift for making sure my grades stayed up.

I do the same thing with my daughter.

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Not for the last day of school but I do reward my son for his perfect grades on his report cards :heart:

I do not. My kids get a “great job!” and a pat on the back. Although, they do get a little money for good grades on the report cards.

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we only give gifts to our kids when they graduate. My son graduates grade 5 this year so he is getting a small gift.

No never heard of it

No, but I do take my kid to lunch where ever she wants. We’ve been doing that since she graduated preschool.

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I take the last day of school off so I can pick my children up on their half day and take them to a nice lunch.

Not really give a gift but we always let them pick something small to do as a reward for their hard work. Like the movies or amusement park or getting their nails done.

I always do flowers. This year she wants a Boba ice tea and a macaroon

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This is my eldests first year so not a tradition but we are going to go buy some books for summer reading so idk if you count that as a gift

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It’s normal if they want it to be. Your normal and their normal doesn’t have to look the same


Haha I never heard of it.:grimacing:

Maybe its just a special thing they do for their kids

I do :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: my mom did it with me when I was in school. As long as I passed I’d get to go to the toy store and pick 1 toy I wanted, when it came to like grade 8 or 12 graduation it would be a bigger gift :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

My daughter knows if she works her butt off all year in school and gets good grades I will reward her at the end of the year with either a toy of her choice (that’s not crazily expensive) or an outing of her choice (dinner and a movie, the zoo, beach day, ect)

He got this shirt. He wasn’t impressed lol

It may be normal for her. I buy my kids things all through out their life. If I feel like doing something at the end of school I will. But there is no requirement for anything I choose to do.

I did this year, my youngest (and last baby) graduated kindergarten and he worked SO hard this year and achieved SO MANY goals and I bought him and his brother (graduated from 1st grade) $20 fortnite cards because they have been BEGGING for them and I think they deserve it after working so hard all year in school. I don’t know if I will make it an ongoing thing, but honestly what’s the big deal if you do /don’t? I’m not rich by any means but I feel like certain moments should be celebrated with a small gifts, like school graduations to the next grades - life is hard enough man, a little recognition for getting good grades and going to the next grade should be celebrated - in MY opinion.


No. I write them a letter.

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