Do you change your last name after a divorce?

I’m genuinely curious what women do when they get divorced. Do most women keep their married name or change back to their maiden name and why for both? Thank you!


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I kept my mine but I regretted not changing it back and currently in the process to do so.


I never changed my last name so it’s always been my maiden name

My divorce is almost final :raised_hands: I’m going back to my maiden name!

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I kept mine because I had children with that last name, until I remarried.

It’s a personal decision.

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Most with kids keep so it matches. If no kids I’d absolutely change it back lol. But pain in the butt

I kept my exes last name because my daughter has his last name.

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If I had a kid no, if I didn’t yes.

I changed mine after divorce

I kept mine- didn’t wanna go through changing it again

Kept all mine. I’ve had four last names. The one I was born with, one when my step dad adopted us and two from marriage.

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If there are children or it was a long marriage, I think most women keep the married name.

Back to my maiden name, didn’t want to be reminded of the crap I left behind

If my husband and I divorced I’d keep it because our daughter has the same last name

We didn’t have any kids together, so I quickly went back to my maiden name.

My mom kept her married name. It is mine and my sons last name too though so I think that had a lot to do with it. They devolved when I was an adult

I kept mine for multiple reasons. It wasn’t in our papers so I would have had to petition the courts and pay to change it. It’s a pain in the ass because I have so much in my name and I had a daughter with him. I didn’t change until last year when I remarried.

It’s a personal decision. I didn’t do it at the time of my divorce and I’m now regretting it. I’m looking into what’s involved to have it done now.

If I had a child I would keep the married name. If not I would change it back to maiden.

I have kids. I still charged mine to my maiden name.


I kept mine because of my children but it changed when I got remarried, my kids will change when my husband is able to adopt them.

I kept his last name just to spite him…


My granddaughter kept her married name bc she has 3 kids. She thought it would less confusing for the kids. They are young

I kept my exes last name (we have kids together) until I remarried.

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Idk I have 3 kids. If I divorced I’d go back to my maiden name the kids keep their dad’s last name, good enough lol

I kept my married name because of my kids as well as all the hassle to change it back. I’ll remarry this year and change to his last name

Changed my name back the week it was final. Had it changed before social arrived. I wanted to get rid of his last name for myself.

I changed mine I didn’t want people to know I was married to him he was a woman man

I kept his because I didn’t want to go back to my adopted last name. The people who adopted me had abused me.

My mom kept her married name when my dad and her got divorced, she wanted to be petty and that was way back in 2000 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I’m keeping my married last name due to my kids having it and I want us all to have the same last name

I couldn’t wait to change my last name.

My mom changed hers back

It’s really up to you.

Kept my married name. I did not care to change all my ID cards, plus wanted to keep the same last name as my children. Was married 19 years.

I’m only keeping mine because it bothered my son at the thought of us having two different last names mine’s always been hyphenated anyway

I changed I didn’t want his last name anymore not after the way he treated me

I didn’t change it because of my kids but I have it stipulated in my divorce I can go back to it when I’m ready

It was borrowed, while I was married. Went back to my maiden name. Don’t believe in keeping x husband’s last name. My parents gave me my own last name​:slightly_smiling_face::heart:

I went back to my maiden name immediately after I got divorced. I had everything changed back over the same day as the divorce hearing. I didn’t want his last name after what he put me through when we were together

I had 3 children with my ex and I wanted the same name so I kept til I remarried 4 years later.

Kept mine for the kids but I was married for 11 years. Didn’t want to deal with changing it either.

I kept it for my son’s sake

I only kept mine to be the same as my Childrens. If I wouldn’t have had children I would have went back to my maiden name.

I changed mine… couldn’t keep that last name.

Kept my married name

I’m keeping my married name because it’s the same as my kids.

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I changed my name, but never legally changed the paperwork, so once we were divorced I just continued using my maiden name. Part of me wishes I had kept it until I remarried so my daughter and I had the same last name, but it wasn’t a last name I wanted

I’m keeping my married name until I do get remarried one day.

I kept mine because my girls were 4 and 1. If I remarry, I won’t hyphenate

I kept my married last name because we had a daughter together … but once I remarried and had more children I did change it to my husbands

It really depends on your preference and how much distance you want to put between yourself and your ex.
I have a dear friend who was married almost 30 years. She kept her married name until she stopped receiving alimony. Then she switched back to her maiden name. One of my cousins has kept her ex’s last name and has now had that last name for longer since the divorce than the length of time they were married.

Eh I kept it. Way too much of a hassle after having the same last name for 8 years .

I kept it and then just changed to my Husband’s now once we got married.
If my husband and I now ever got divorced I would keep his last name bc our kids have his last name

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I would go back to my maiden name.

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I took my maiden name back

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I changed mine. Was included in cost of divorce w/my attorney. If I had had kids I probably would have hyphenated. Makes life easier when it comes to kids.

My mom kept her married name so she had the same last name as us kids. When she remarried, and had my sister, she kept her(my sister) last name when they divorced.
I think you should do what feels comfy to you…like in my case I’ve been with my husband for 20 yrs, so I’d keep his last name if we split up, cuz it’s just a part of me at this point, lol


Most people keep it because all the paperwork and documents to sign and change back is a pain.

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I changed mine back. I had an older son with a different name or I’d have kept it possibly. I really didn’t want it anymore. I’m remarried now and regret changing it again. I’m not regretting getting remarried just the name change lol

I only kept mine because of my children but if I didn’t have children I probably would have changed it back


I went back to my maiden name. No children from marriage.

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Once you’ve legally had a last name, you can change it or keep whichever last name you’ve had. Most women don’t keep their married name unless they had kids. My best friends mom kept her last name because they all had their names changed to match and the youngest sibling was born with it. She wanted all of their names to match. So it just depends on what your preference is.

I kept mine just because it was such a hassle to change it back.

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Kept mine only because my kids were young.

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I kept my married name because I had kids. I wish I would have hyphenated my maiden name since it was included in the divorce otherwise it is very expensive.

I still have my exs name. I am in a committed relationship and told him I would just add his name to my exs lol

My mom kept it so she didn’t have 2 kids with 2 different last names

I kept mine for my kids… for school, medical, travel, etc. Even used it as my legal “middle name” when I remarried for those purposes

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When I divorced my first husband I just kept my married name, I had been using it for 11 yrs at that point. I just got married again almost 4 years ago, if something happens I’ll keep my current name, we have two kids so that makes it easier

I kept the married name, we have kids. When I marry my boyfriend I will change it to his.

I kept mine for the time being for my kids.

It depends. I knew someone who had to petition, go before a judge and then pay to have her name changed AFTER the divorce. Some people decide to not deal with it and other do.

I did after my 2nd divorce. Didn’t want to be associated at all with that man anymore.

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I changed mine back just because I wanted too. My daughter and I now have different last names, but she is fine with that. It’s a personal preference

I kept my married name because I wanted to have the same last name as my kids. But when I got married I changed my middle name to my maiden name so I still have both of them now. Must have been a premonition :joy:

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No because I have a son and wanted the same name as him.

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I kept my married name so it would be the same as my girls.

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I changed mine back to my maiden name. If I would of had a child with him, I would of kept it.

I switched back to my maiden name after my divorce. We didn’t have kids so I couldn’t see a reason to keep it. If something ever happens between my current husband and myself then I’ll keep his last name since we have 2 kids together.

My mom kept it, for kids basicaly because she said when they’d go to drs or the school it’s just simpler

Truthfully I wish I never changed it in the first place! I hated my last name growing up. It was mispronounced and misspelled all the time.
When I divorced I had two small children so I kept my married name. If my kids were the age they are now, I would have gone back to my maiden name.

Change it. My goodness, why on earth would you want to keep his name. :nauseated_face:


I changed mine back. My kids have their dad’s last name but I didn’t want it. It was very heated at the time although now we are great friends.

I Kept mine because of our son, his insurance, and my work certifications. Was too much of a hassle to change back.

I changed mine back to my maiden name after I divorced. I no longer wanted him, or his name.

My kids were grown so I took my maiden name back

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Well he gave me the name so I’d keep it until I got married again. Tbh though if I ever divorce I’m not getting married again. So it’s really up to you


My mom changed hers back, she never really fully went by my dads name

I kept my married name, but we had 3 kids together and I thought it would be better for the kids. Also my maiden name was awful!!

I wanted my name back. If he didn’t want to be married, why would I want his name☹️. My grandkids talked me out of it. Now I love that he has to write my name with his last name on a check twice a month. When that period of time is over, I am going back to my own name. Fuck him

I’ve known people who had changed their last names and some who hadn’t.

I’ve seen it both ways. Some wait until their kids are out of school, some keep it forever. Depends on you and the circumstance.

Do what feels right to you. I kept mine because that had been my name for over 10 years, I wanted to keep the same name my daughter has, and I have a horrible relationship with my father and wanted nothing to do with his name.

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Got rid of him… got rid of his name too…


I’m getting divorced right now. I’m keeping my married name bc we have a young daughter. I’m keeping it for her.

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I changed back to my maiden name after divorce. Got remarried and chose to keep my maiden name and my husband keeps his.

If my children were adults I would change my name. If they were still young I would keep it for them.