Do you get along with your mother in law?

Are you getting along or not getting along with the Mother-in-law?


She has nothing to do w my husband so dont have deal w her

She doesn’t talk or visit us…

Bfs parents are the fake christian type that judge you behind your back and smile in your face. I dont care for them and they dont care for me🤷 been with their son for a year and we are both happy

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So… I was dating a guy and the first time I met his mom she said and I quote " you are not what I had planned for my son". So …when I married him…guess how that went.
I was/am a redneck tomboy who loved trucks and to be barefoot. She was fancy and a country club member who gave all her sh*ts to what people thought.

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I’m s mother in law and I strive to be a good one by being there if they need me and keeping my nose out of their business. I have two daughter in laws who I love so much and get along with.

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I love my MIL she is the best :heart:

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Seeing as though my mother has passed away… truly hope to receive a kind mother in law one day… Nobody can replace a mother, but I miss the presence of a mother.

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I loved my mother’s -in law. Still best friends

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Get on with her yeah get on with whole family x

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Passed away years ago :sleepy::sleepy:

We don’t get along at all


Yes, but I will admit, we’ve gotten a lot closer than ever when SO passed away in June.
We he was alive our relationship wasn’t as good as it should’ve been.
I actually feel like I’ve gotten a lot closer to most of his family in these few months vs the almost 10 years we were together!

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I get along well with my mother in law. We’re at her house at least twice a week

We live with my MIL since my FIL passed away to help her out. Love her and annoyed sometimes lol

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My 1st MIL no…my 2nd MIL yes she was the sweetest woman.

Nope been married to her son for 13 years now and 3 kids and she dont like me she would laugh in my face and talk behind my back and she did it a few times and i ignored it and still try to fit in…but it just got worst and i said to myself she would never like me and i decided i dont need that negative drama in my life so i dont speak with any of them anymore and its fine with me there are just some relationships you cant forge…god bless those of you who have the best mother in laws…care them for they are rare gems…


My mil is amazing. Love her. We won’t see eye to eye on everything, but that doesn’t get in the way, infact I love a good debate with her!!

My MIL is the best. She’s like a second mother to me, even moreso since my own mother died 8 years ago.

I get along with my step mil she is the best but me and my husbands real mom don’t get along that well

Nope. Haven’t spoken to her in years and have no plan to.

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I love my mother in law. She’s an amazing woman and I’d be lost without her :heart:

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Nope. I don’t even try to make an effort anymore.

I was blessed with an amazing mother in law :two_hearts:

Yes, she’s lovely and raised a good man

I love my mil. She treats me like her own daughter and loves her grand babies.

Not lately lol. But trying to stay away as much as possible

I get on great with mine x

Yes, both my mother in law and step mother in law are awesome

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I get along with her when I see her.
she seemed to have an idea that she’d be having my daughter all the time which isn’t how I parent, and she didn’t understand boundaries at all in the beginning, so, we get along but I’m sure she’d pick any other dil over me :rofl:

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I never got close to my first 2 mothers in law. They were disinterested at best. I can’t imagine life without my third. She is an amazing woman.

We get along but we don’t talk much

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Yes my mother in law is amazing❤️ anyone who’ve met her knows she’s such a lovable person

Not getting along with her like I would like to. She’s very negative about everything we do it’s pretty sad really. She’s upset bc I don’t raise the kids lie she would like me to. My kids my rules


My.mother in law is an angel. Honestly, couldn’t have asked for a better mother and father in law. Regardless of mine or my husband’s opinion on things, she 100% supports and respects what we do. There are time where she puts in her input but its always super respectful and understanding. Always willing to listen toall the info before judging :heart::heart:

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I had to get a restraining order against my then mother-in-law. So I guess you could say we did not get along.

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At first? NOOOOO. Only took 4 years and now we get along great. I am separated from her son though. She still love me :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:

Nope. Don’t get along with anyone on his side of the family besides his bio dad and his brother

My mother in law was an amazing woman. We miss her terribly!!

I got one who loves me and one who… has other opinions. lol

Not at all…we live with my husbands family and my mil try’s to control every part of my life. It’s been even worse since I had my son.

We’ve gotten along from the start :heart:

I’m not married but been with my bf for ten years. I LOVE my MIL. His family has helped me with everything I have ever needed (watching the kids, fixing things, etc.). Yes of course we have gotten irritated at each other, but I consider them my family and I will always talk to them even if I’m not with their son. I feel so bad for the people that have horrible in laws. :pleading_face: it’s such a great thing to have a wonderful extended family

Not getting along. We don’t even speak

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Loved my MIL. She was amazing.

I do not and she lives with us😕

My mother in law died while I was 5 months pregnant (Gabe will turn 9 next month). We had just started getting to know each other…text and such. I called her mom and we had just started loving each other. She has been gone so long and I wish she were here to help her son and grandson go through life. She was a force, that woman lol. Loud and passionate. Stubborn and feisty. I miss her every day and would give anything to have her and my own mother back again to help us through life. She was amazing.

I had the best mother in law we were very close and did a lot of things especially when the guys left for deer camp, Rest In Peace Dorthry(Bill) Rogers

I have the best mother in law!! the first year was a little rocky (just different communication styles and learning our new roles) but once we figured each other out our friendship has blossomed!

yes. she’s fine. she’s also 3 hours away lol

I love her. She’s been super sweet and supportive the entire time my husband and I have been together. Treated me like her daughter from day 1. She just left after visiting us for the first time in 3 years (we were stationed in germany) and meeting her grandson for the first time. I already can’t wait to see her again.

I don’t get to meet my mother in law for a long time. She passed away about a year before I met him. She sounds awesome and I wish I could have known her

Yes, definately get along with her!! She is truly an amazing woman! I love her so much!

Yes I love my mother in law.

We use to be really close.
We get along now but the relationship is definitely not the same anymore.

Nop, she always says worst things about me. I tried to fix things with her but she always says bad things or do worst. I decided that I don’t need negative energy


Yes, always have, love her very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

When my husband and I started dating, his mom didn’t like me too much. But we actually got along quite well. She passed in 2017 and I miss her like crazy. We did get matching tattoos.

I love both my MIL . They are just like my own mum . I know I can always go to them for anything . And I have many times. Xx

I have a great MIL, and had a great FIL also

I used to think my mother-in-law disliked me, but it turned out that it was just her personality. We have our disagreements, but I think we get along well enough.

Nope, she’s an alcoholic epileptic who plays the victim in every situation.
It’s always everyone else in the wrong and never her.
She tries to control and manipulate my husband and our family.
Everyone in his family except for his brother tells my husband that he chooses me over his family.
Noo! He’s choosing the family he stood in front of god on the day we got married and signed up for!!

She hasn’t been in the picture for 5 years now. She is an awful human being.

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No. I used to bite my tongue and put up with her bullshit. She is a horrid, horrid person. No one ever believed the stories I told until they witnessed her bs themselves. She is nasty to my children and does not claim them as her grandchildren and that’s fine, they’re better off without her. I will never get along with her.

Mine has hated me since my husband brought me there to meet her. Its been hell for the last 10 years. Im doing everything I can to keep her from splitting us up!


I absolutely adore my MIL!!! I consider her a close friend, trust her, and care for her. I realize I really got lucky, because the mothers of prior love interests were just plain awful, rude, and treated me poorly at every opportunity.


For four yrs mine was toxic and almost made her son and I end things. Moved an hour and a half away from her, her son grew up and opened his eyes. Now she doesn’t effect me as much, but man does she make her comments still. Even my mother has a problem with her, which it takes a lot to get under my mom’s skin🤣


Im so fortunate that me and my mother in law is the best. I have Crohns disease and both she and my father in law are always standing by to help out with our daughter when ever i need to be admitted. My mother in law has learned me a lot of things, and she always gives encouragement. We have respect for eachother… thats basically it.


It honestly hurts me to realize not everyone has a mother in law like I do… We had to move and my husband had me.decide where we wanted to live… I chose next door to her and his grandparents. They’ve always been there for me, even though we’ve had our ups and downs, they’ve been awesome.

My mother in law is great! She has become my mom. She is the one i call when we are in trouble and need advice. For instance yesterday when my youngest broke her elbow we called her asking which pediatric hospital to go to as she is a pediatric nurse. Luckily my daughter didn’t need surgery so we were able to avoid going to another hospital. I have nothing but praise for my mother in law. Now my mom on the other hand is a different story.


I have always gotten along with my in laws. Sure they have done things to drive me crazy but they are very good to me and my kids. When my father in law passed away it hurt as much as when my father passed. I love them both and they have always treated me like one of their own children. They are incredibly good to my kids as well. We are blessed.

I got along well with my mother-in-law. She liked me I think. We didn’t see each other much but when we did it was good. She passed away last year

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My ex husbands mother, we did not and do not get along. We dont speak at all in fact. But my fiances mother, we got along really well then we went through a time where she made me out to be her complete enemy but we are back to getting along pretty well now


I took care of my milaw when she was terminally ill, my husband and I were separated. He asked “why are you doing this?” I told him she was worth it. :sleepy:


Got along? I loved that sweet lady! I offered her room to live in our home when she was trying to decide how to change her
home situation. I called her “mom”
from day one. She was a wonderful example to all her family. I think of her often and miss her dearly.
A grateful son-in-law


We did… until she decided to vehemently disagree with me homeschooling my 1st grader this year. She had the nerve to talk negatively about it TO HIM, which was wildly inappropriate. She’s also very rude to servers and people in the service industry… an awful influence on my kids. We don’t speak to her anymore and she has never made an effort to reconcile. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I get along great with my ex Mother In Law and really most of the family actually. It’s good for your children.

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I had a great mother-in-law! She stood by me when my husband, her son divorced! She helped our family in so many ways. She was kind and always there for my kids!


I now get along great with my mother in law but it took years!! Alot of grinding my teeth and trying to go with the flow but when I had my second son I had had enough I put my foot down and told her how I felt about everything. Let’s just say there were tears and it was really hard but after we both felt so much better and I didn’t know how scared she was that I was gonna take her only son lol now we are the best of friends and I can turn to her for anything :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: she has become the mother I always needed , she didn’t loose her son she gained another daughter :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: give it time and just talk with her


I never had the chance to meet mine as she had passed before me and my hubby met, although he tells me she would love me, I do however get along well with his dad, I wouldn’t know what to do without him

The one I have now, absolutely! She tells everyone that I am her daughter. My former one, no. She told my ex husband (after we were married three years and had three children, one mine, two ours) that he needed to choose between me and her. She also told him he shouldn’t have a vasectomy after our last was born, “don’t you want a son of your own” even though he had adopted my son. He told her never to say that in front of our son because he was his son.

I wish my mother in law was still alive! I never got to meet her but hearing stories about her, she was an incredible woman! God rest Her soul! :heart:


Loved my mother in law. Known her since I was 10 so she’s more like a second mom. We had our differences at times but nothing we couldn’t handle

I absolutely love my mother in law. Without her I wouldn’t have my husband, therefore I wouldn’t have my kids that I love so much. She has brought so much joy to my life & still brings joy to my life. Just thinking about losing her brings tears to my eyes.

Mine doesn’t like me, and I hate her. In fact, the entire in-law family I hate except my father-in-law, he is decent. The rest are horrible! They have nothing to do with my hisband and my 2 boys, but fawn over his older 3 with his ex. Actually, most of his family has never even seen the 10 year old and when they did it hasnt been in the past 9 years, and only 3 has ever seen the almost 8 year old! And whats worse, they inly live 40 minutes away! They are trash!

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I don’t like mine… Everything I ever talked to her about my husband has thrown it in my face… My communication with her is minimal… Thank God we don’t live in the same state .

I’m blessed to have the best mother in law ever. She never butts into our lives. She never just drops by unexpectedly. Never criticizes. I absolutely adore her. Now my first mother in law and my own mother…:roll_eyes: different story

My MIL is great to me and my kids. We’re 20+years into knowing each other. Don’t get me wrong, she’s said a few things along the way to get me heated, but I think it’s more her personality than cheap jabs, in retrospect. I know I could have it way worse… but I think she realizes she could have waaaaay worse in DIL too lolol


I love mine , she was like my mother . Unfortunately I lost her back in September when a drunk driver hit us head on. I’d give anything to have her back :heart: while you may disagree to a point , always try to make it work unless it’s not fixable. People who still have their mother in laws are so lucky :pleading_face::sob:


Ummmmm well it’s certainly been a challenge but let’s just say a battle of wits! She met her match with me and has reached a level of knowing I will not put up with her game playing. At 61 I am too old for that but at 83 she still plays mind games, well tries but we dont jump anymore. We get on ok, always have but we have shown her games wont work anymore without having to say anything.

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Nope mine is pure evil. She is self centered and only thinks of herself. So many words come to mind when I have to see her. Will be so glad when she moves in the next month. Her own son can’t stand her.


Yes both of them. His Step Mom and I are are more like Mother and Daughter. Two peas in a pod, and his Mom was amazing to me as well. Always there for us both of them. And my Father’s in Law too. :heart::heart:

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My mother in law passed away in 2013. We got along well after a rocky first start. She was very loving and nurturing.

Nope she absolutely hates me but it mutual. My father in law get along great!! She just hates me!!

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I think I’m very lucky, my mother In law is wonderful. Very kind, loves my daughter almost as much as I do, always buying her little presents and my daughter loves her so much. I’m glad and thankful for such a lovely woman to be my MIL.

I hit the in law lottery. I love my husbands family, and I have a very close relationship with his mom (almost as close as my relationship with my own mom) :blue_heart:

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I am civil with mine, but she is a lousy mother and an even worse grandmother. I do not reach out to her. She never comes to visit her grandson, never calls. Her job at an auto part store is more important to her than anyone or anything.

My husband is estranged from his mother, so not much pressure to get along. In fact, in the almost 10 years he and I have been together, I’ve only seen her in person a handful of times. She is a sweet woman…but wasn’t the best mother.

Now my father-in-law, that’s a different story :joy::expressionless:

I’ve been married twice and both times I’ve gotten wonderful mothers in law. I am still very close to my MIL from my first marriage as she is very involved in my sons life even though his father (her son) is not. My current MIL liked me the day my husband brought me to meet her. Accepted my son from my first marriage as her own grandson like he was from the start. I hit the lottery both times