Do you get along with your mother in law?

My MIL is great! Very supportive of our family, a friend and trusted advisor. After all, she had had the longest relationship with my husband…

I LOVE my mother-in-law… absolute love her, she’s my mom, not just my husband’s mom, she is my mother. She deserves the utmost respect for who she is and what she’s been through, she has the most kind soul, she is a beautiful human being. Servete Salihaj Rrahmani​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I had the best mother in law ever. She welcomed me into the family 15 years ago and it’s been the best 15 years of my life. Unfortunately she passed away yesterday and I will truly miss her

I loved my mother in law. It will b a year since she is gone. She loved me and we both respected each. She was the best.

I love my MIL, she calls me her daughter and we get along great. She is the only one (besides me) that can say “my boys” (her son and my son) are her boys too. Love you Trisha Dale :heart::revolving_hearts:

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I loved mine. She was a very up front and honest woman.
But she had a heart of gold.
Unfortunately she passed away back in 2015

I’ve always got on well with my mother in law, 8 years with her son, two kids and a dog, a flat and hopefully back to work for me soon if things go to plan. I get on more with my mil then I do with my own mum, my mil always treated me as her own and looks after me and her grandkids well. I guess just a lucky one as I know many friends who can’t even be in the same room or talk to their mil x

Not at all, but she wasn’t my problem. My mother was also a horror as a mother in law. They really had no place in my life. Her son is just like her

I loved my Mother in law! We were very close! We both came from up north in Mn. And we both had a crazy love for her son!! I miss her very much!

My late mother-in-law was an angel on earth.


I was very lucky, I had the best mother-in-law anyone could ever ask for. I’ve missed her a lot.

She died when my husband was 2 so never meet her. I absolutely hate his father

Love mine, she is very fair in every sense of the way. She treats me like a daugther. I can talk to her about EVERYTHING.

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My MIL is wonderful! She has always been respectful to me and treated me like family since my husband and I started dating almost 12 years ago!! I always look forward to seeing her since we live far away.

NO! I got stuck with living with my in laws and my mother n law was absolutely horrible to me and my kid’s. She’d throw away there toys when she was mad at me and id find them in the trash the next day buried under other trash and she popped my kids inflatable jumpoline they had with a rusted pipe and stabbed holes in it. My kids call her by her first name because she is no grandmother to them. To her they were MY kids not mine and my husband’s she did not treat them like her grandkids. Shed scream at them telling them the house isnt a playground anytime they played . i could go on and on with all the horrible things she’s done. She would pound on our bedroom wall at 4am yelling "is every one up now " and kids would go to school exhausted from her keeping them up with her slamming doors and banging on walls. I hate her. I’m so glad we got out of that house.

I did get along great with her. Sadly she passed away 10 years ago

my M.i.l is a nice woman but i dont agree with her past choices or her way of living and her lifestyle we are respectful to each other i javent seen her in 6 years and my daughters havent met her and probably never will due to her choices

I absolutely adore my mother in law! She is the best…talk to her more than I do my own mother.

We were fine under his father died. She turned into a bitter b… husband went through some bouts of serious alcoholism yet she told him to divorce me. I don’t care for her now and I think she doesn’t care for her adopted son either.

We used to not get along at all. We’re actually friends now since my fil passed away. I think he manipulated a lot of the fights, but I’m not sure.

I’m a lucky one because I have 2 and they are both amazing woman! I have great relationships with both of them and are very grateful to have them in my life! :heart:

I had the sweetest little mother in law. Not sure she really liked me but she was always good to me she passed away a few years ago.

I kept my ex’s parents, and they’ve claimed my husband as their own. We both just refer to them as our in laws, and my ex doesn’t come up in conversation because it’s not our business and has nothing to do with the relationship we’ve created on our own.

Family doesn’t have to be conventional, adults can choose who to have in their life, and who is a negative they absolutely want no part of. Going camping this weekend with our “chosen in laws”.

Nope, she can’t stand me or my kids from my first marriage. Been together for almost 9 years and I will never be good enough for her son. Oh well, this is their problem not mine.

Yes, I adored my mother in law. She had to grow on me. Even when I divorced my husband, we still had a close relationship.

We used to get along well in the beginning but recently not so much,shes always done this favoritism things with the grandkids and I’m tired of it how do you have favorites?

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I was married twice… both my mother in laws were amazing. They made me feel like family from day 1. Now they’re gone… miss them both a lot.

My mother in law is like a second mom to me. She is amazing. If I’m anything like her, as I get older, I will be blessed.

I got along wonderfully with my mother-in-law. She read an amazing woman. :heart:

I’ve been with my spouse for 17ish yrs now… At first it was hell… Mainly having her live with us… Because it’s like my spouse was choosing his mom’s side which made things more difficult… I seriously thought of calling things off with my spouse due to it… But as we’ve grown together overtime it’s gotten easier to cope with…

Yes! I love my mil she’s amazing! She adores my kids way too much and would hands down do anything for my kids/partner & I in a heartbeat! I get along a lot better with her then I ever have with my own mother.

I have two mother in laws and I think overall, I’m pretty lucky. We have disagreed, I’ve pissed them off, they’ve pissed me off, but we are civil and beyond that we love each other… no family is perfect but we do fairly well I think

She is my other mom! We talk all the time & do lots of things together. My in-laws are my second family. :heart_eyes::hugs:

Me and my MIL have never really gotten along or cared for one another. She tends to want to control what her son does and pouts and doesn’t talk to us for months when she doesn’t get her way. She also likes to undermine my parenting and goes against whatever we tell them to do. When my youngest was little and still in a forward facing car seat, we told them many times to not put her in it with her coat on. Come to find out from our oldest that they were doing that for a very long time. My husband said something to them and they didn’t talk to their son or grandkids for 6-7 months because they didn’t like that we told them they didn’t need to do that. When it came to my daughters birthday at the time, they didn’t even call her or come to her birthday, but had the nerve to leave a trash bag on the porch with gifts.

I get along with her but I don’t support the decision she made to stay married to the man who went to prison for molesting my niece. It has been a long, hard road of constant forgiveness.

I absolutely loved my mil,we hung out all the time with and without the kids,she had 4 daughters in law and lived us all and got along with us all

My MIL is my best friend !! We take her on every vacation with us and up until last year she lived with us and helped me while our babies were little.

We use to be really close and after I had my son she wanted nothing to do with him. She has her favorite grandchildren and she doesn’t want to be bothered with any of the other grandkids.

I love my mother in law! She’s an amazing woman!

Not too much. She was extremely jealous (mad that we didn’t take her on our honeymoon with us), controlling, condescending. Told me my severe asthma was all in my head when I explained that I couldn’t stay in her small condo where she never opened a window and smoked 3 packs a day. She would lie to my husband and tell him I had called her her up and cursed at her and called her vile names (I had thought about it but never did), called and complained to my pastor because I wouldn’t let her decide where we lived and where we went on vacation, what kind of car I bought, and I wouldn’t let my husband come back and live with her. I have never been meek and got to the point I cut off all ties except for holidays. I was never mean or contrary with her… i just wasn’t a door mat.

My mom passed away in 2006 so when my fiancées mother came into my life almost 8 years ago she became the mom I haven’t had!!! I would do ANYTHING for her

I love my mother in law!! I couldn’t imagine life without her. Shes been there for us through so much, she was there throughout my entire labor with my second and last babies and still went to work the next day even though she barely slept, she’s dropped everything just to come help us through hard times, I could go on and on about her and how amazing she is. I love you mama!!! Donna Conway :heart::heart:

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I loved my mother-in-law just like she was a mother to me miss you rest in peace

My mother in law was my best friend she recently died in March.
I would do anything to bring her back.
38 years I knew her💔

At first we didnt get along but right before we got married we were able to work out our differences. My other childs grandmother and i do not get along in any source of the word but we’ve managed to be civil when we see each other.

My in-laws are both remarried and I probably get along best with my step father-in-law. None of the rest of them give me the time of day or really acknowledge I have much to do with their grandkids (I’m just their mom! Still happily married to their dad.) It’s super fun…

My mother in law loves me and she calls me her only daughter in law she’s not the same anymore due to short term memory but when never I come over to see her she hugs me and give kisses we always had a great relationship

I fortunately have a wonderful relationship with my mother-in-law I always feel bad when my friends say that they dilike their mother-in-law and that they will probably never be close, mine is one of my favorite people.

I LOVE my mother-in-law! She is the best part of marrying my husband.

My MIL and I used to get along really well. Unfortunately she passed away almost 5 years ago.

Nope been with my man for 7 years and his mom dislikes me and we fight bad … She’s a conving witch

Yes and yes. But it took a while to get to a good place in our relationship.

My MIL hated me from the moment she met me. Feeling was mutual. Had a good FIL though. Both are gone now, miss him, but not her. I know that sounds terrible, but after all the hell she put me through all those years who can blame me.

We hate each other. She hated me ever since she moved in with us to help us take care of my son so my hubby decided to let her move out and go back to the province as our home is too small for us.

I got along great with my mother in law, hell, i get along better with my inlaws than i do with my own family. My mother in law passed away 17 years ago and i miss her everyday.

Honestly my mother in law is a really cool woman. She loves my son like he’s her own flesh and blood grandson and overall is just a really good person. I got lucky

We dont get alone shes hated me from day one bc my family believes in God…she doesn’t and didn’t want her son with someone that believes the way we do. Thing is my husband has always believed in God :woman_shrugging:

Haven’t seen nor spoke too in 10 yrs, didn’t sit well when they sued us. They lost son, me and 3 grandchildren. Their loss

My mil is the best woman ever! Loves unconditionally and has always been accepting and supportive of me.

I thought we got along.but hearing what she says behind my back…I guess not. So I will just avoid her…

My mil is horrible she has hated me since I met my husband. We have 3 kids together and now she tries to favor her after 9 years of not knowing any of her grandkids. She spends $200 on my 9 year old but nothing for my other two girls

my mother-in-law passed before I got together with my husband. I knew her when I was a kid I liked her but sadly I never got to know her as a mother-in-law or a grandmother to my children

I love my nother in law. I dont see her often anymore. We get along very well. I love Waline

My ex husband’s adopted mom we got along really good and still do today. My ex fiances mom we barely even spoke to each other

Not married but I get on great with my partners mom she’s hilarious and has the same shoe shopping addiction as me :rofl:

I get along with my mother in law a very calm woman, when she visits I know laundry is sorted

My mil is deceased, but we got along quite well, b4 she passed away, almost 15 yrs after I married her youngest son.

Nope my mother in law do not talk and I have deep pain for what she did to my wife and still does to my wife

I love my mother-in-law! I lost my mother as a teenager and she has been there for me in every way. She may be hard to live with from time to time and crazy as a loon sometimes, but she treats me like one of her own.

My mother- in- law ( from second marriage) was my best friend. I could always count on her to lend an ear when I needed to talk, she was such a sweet lady. She was more of a mother to me then my own mother, she made me feel
welcome in her family the first time I met her. I was going to be divorced when I met her son, she must have liked me because she offered to pay for my divorce!!..Of course I said no.
The day she died…things will never be the same.

Mine doesn’t like me. Never has due to me having a 3 year old when we got together. She tried to our do everything. My wedding was all about her and my baby shower was “the best” since she planned it. I do t even talk to her. She hardly ever calls and when she does only talks to him which doesn’t bother me

I would never have married if I was unable to get along with my in-laws. Happily married 22 years now.

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My mother in law got alone fine we went to yd sales together she taught me to cook she was.a great friend she was.awksome

I get along with my mother in law I’m lucky I guess she’s a very nice lady

I get along with Mother-in Law, she’s great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Unfortunately my mother in law passed away before I met her son. We have pictures of her everywhere and we talk about her a lot so I feel like I know her and I believe we would get along very well

Yes until she had to move in with us…
Her daughter nor her son would take her she had dementia and was mean.

I am closer to my MIL than I am my own mother. From day 1 she has treated me well. We have our differences of opinion about some things but it is always done in love.

I got along great with my mother in law until my 2nd child was born. My husband and i along with our oldest had stayed with her for a few months until we found an apartment closer to where my ob doctor was. We moved a few days before my daughter was born. About a month later, about 9:30 at night, I was trying to get a 3 year old or of the tub while trying to calm down a colicky new born when his mom called. I figured I would call her back when the kids were calmed down enough. Well she left me a voicemail saying some pretty awful stuff to me, that I was showing her animosity and that I never paid any of the light bill before we left and that her power was shut off (I had receipts showing i paid 95% of the bill not even a month before this call).

My late husband mother and I do not speak. She don’t like me because as she says “I’m from the wrong side of the Mason Dixon line” I’m from the north and he was from the south.

We get along, but I have a lot of resentment & anger towards her. My son, her grandson, has hardly had any contact with her since his father died. We do live in another state now, so I know that’s a thing, but phones are also a thing. He only has contact with her when we travel back there, and practically guilt trip the entire family into seeing him. She doesn’t call or send cards or gifts for Christmas or his birthday. I doubt she even knows his birthday or remembers how old he is. And it really hurts my son because he is just desperate for a connection to his father’s family. He’s honestly just desperate for a connection to his father, and I think his grandmother could do a lot for him in that respect. So yeah, we get a long, but I don’t like her much anymore.

Nope can’t stand mine I try to get along with her only bc my kids are all she has left to remember her son. But she burned bridges with me long ago

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Mine hates me but the feeling is mutual I’m having to care for her now she has alzheimer’s my first mil & I were best friend till she passed away last month

My husband’s Mom loved me. She passed away 2 years ago. We miss her so much. My husband’s whole family loves me.

I do not even really have a relationship with my MIL. When my husband and I got together 9 yrs ago she made it clear I wasn’t welcome and neither was my daughter. She was 6 at that time. I went with him when he went with his kids. She always treated her “real” grandkids good. But not mine. We had our son a little over a year after dating and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He is 7 now and begs to go over. He wants to stay the night. They ALWAYS have plans. We had to plan something out one time and it was 2 months in advance. They are both retired and was told during their retirement that they were not babysitters. I have never asked them babysit. But they even want to get to our son. It’s sad…

Get along for the most part i have been around her since i was 15 yrs old

I better get along with her sense we live with her but all kidding aside she is good people

I get along with mine okay.
She likes me I think. I do my best to be cordial and helpful. She is a very hardheaded woman, so most of the time my husband deals with her.

I love mine. She can drive me crazy sometimes because she sooooooo stubborn, but so is her son. I adore my father in law too. I’m not going to lie, I hit the jackpot with my in-laws!

I don’t have a mother-in-law anymore…but I still get along with my ex-mother-in-law. She’s in her mid-70’s now and my kids are her grandkids…

I always got along great with both of my inlaws and my mother in law passed away and I miss her so much. Everything from talking to trips to old time pottery or whatever I just miss her face

I get along great with my ex mother in law. She calls me her daughter. We talk all the time and she is the best grandma and claims my youngest as her own granddaughter love my mama Sue Kennedy. Now my current mom in law no!! I go out of my way to avoid her. So many reasons why not enough thumb energy to write it all out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have 2. My husband’s mother & stepmother. I fake it with them to keep the peace whenever we are around either. Other than that…I don’t deal with either. Having relationships like these with them has taught me how NOT to deal with my kids’ chosen significant others.

My MIL has hated me since day one I used to bite my tongue to keep the peace until she deliberately kept me stressed out during my pregnancy of her granddaughter. And once I had the baby she was so worried about her

I love my mother in Laws, they are the sweetest and loving people. She always calls to check in and of course i do the same.

ABSOLUTELY not. I wish she’d move far the fk AWAY. Decade of her was a few months too long

Mine is toxic, we moved over 1000 miles away just to get away from her.

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I get alone better with my mother in law than i do her son :woman_shrugging:t4:

Mine started ok when she got her bills paid and so-called Christian. Then I started to stop and called the family out about their church people only on Sunday. Is sad because my husband a great mom loves his momma.

I love my mother in law! She is very hands off but if you need something she steps right up. And she has actually thanked me more than once for marrying her son lol