Do You Let Your Kids Cuss?

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"Kind of a weird question lol. But I am debating with my best friend. We both have 13 year old sons…I allow my son to cuss around me, I see them as just words and as long as he isn’t straight up calling me the B word, I do not have an issue with him dropping the F bomb, or the S word…she thinks this is bad parenting…he doesn’t do it around other adults (aside from her but she is always here and I have been her friend since we were kids). In my eyes, they are just words and when I was a teen I was cussing all the time when my parents were not around, so I do not think its a huge deal…she does…who is right?"

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"Girl! It’s your kid and your house. You make the rules! They’re going to do it. No matter where they are. Might as well teach them when and where is respectful."

"No right or wrong just different patenting styles."

"My son is 12. At home I don’t mind it as long as it’s not directed towards me ."

"Just tell him not to curse around her or other adults because although you are okay with it, many people are not. If she can’t handle hearing it, it’s really her problem and not yours. But it might end up getting him into trouble if he slips up at school or something."

"I let my kids cuss around me. The way I see it is if you ain’t cussing at me we good. Also… if our kids can’t even express themselves once in a while cussing in front of us… they’re gonna hide so much more lol you should let your kids be themselves around you so they could trust you with other things."

"My son is 15 and just now allowed to drop the f bomb or the s word around the house but not out in public. I cuss a lot so I feel It’d be very hypocritical of me to tell him not to now that he’s getting older."

"It ain’t her kid! He’s your son? she can’t control how he speaks, she is not his parent nor provider."

"We’ve never censored our kids, the older (teens) cuss but out 8 year old censors himself and it’s hilarious He heard someone say “sack of sh!t” and turned it into “bag of poop” He does it with all curse words and we’re totally on board with it"

"I have a 13 yr old son and he curses all the time. I don’t like it all but I also curse so it’s hard to discipline him for doing something I’m also guilty of. We don’t curse at each other and we have spoken in depths that it’s not allowed outside of the house. Not saying that he doesn’t but I feel like either way, kids are going to curse. We can’t control what they do outside of the house."

"There isn’t a wrong or right it’s your kid raise them how you want. There will always be someone to down you no matter what you do."

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