Do you let your man watch adult videos?

Do you let yoru man watch P*rn? Am I the only one that has an issue with my man watching it? I found it in his search history that he watched it while he was at work? and idk how to approach him about it


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you let your man watch adult videos?

I don’t mind if they do and watch them together! But I understand some find it inappropriate, I’d ask him why and if he could stop as it makes you feel shit and if he carries on he obv Doesn’t respect you x

If youre this uptight about him watching porn…im sure hes already been cheating on you. Id put money on it.

I don’t mind it. Sometimes we watch together when i wasn’t single. I don’t care if he masturbates. I do too. I think it’s healthy. IMO


This depends on whatever boundaries you have set in your relationship together. If it’s something that bothers you, bring it up. If it’s something he doesn’t want to give up, or you don’t want to compromise on then don’t be together. :woman_shrugging:t2:


LET?? I don’t believe “let” should be a thing in any relationship between two grown adults…


I feel like it’s disrespectful but many people are okay with it. Start spicing things up and don’t get comfortable. Do new things etc etc


I’m single right now… but my last relationship, yeah. And sometimes I would send him links to discuss and make fun of certain videos, lol. Lighten up.


Hes a big boy, he can watch whatever he wants to.


“Let” your man? :sweat_smile: The wording is off there because that implies control.
It’s just porn… Now, if it were woman messaging him or sending nudes/videos of themselves than that would be an issue. If you are uncomfortable with it, than you should mention it but I don’t think it’s hurting anyone unless it’s super kinky and shows desires which you may not be able to meet, in which lies a deeper issue between the two of you.

I don’t mind it - hopefully teaches them something :joy:


I suggest you join Humans Navigating Betrayal. Shame on anyone in the comments judging this. Everyone has their own boundaries in a relationship, and if you feel yours was overstepped, don’t be afraid to speak up about it and share your feelings. Sending love. :heart:


I am confused by your choice of words.
What do you mean…“let”
His eyeballs are in his head…geez


I think there’s more of an issue here in the fact you think you have the right to dictate what a grown adult can or can’t do . Or that you’re snooping through his search history :woman_shrugging:
Discussing what you’re comfortable with is one thing. Getting down the line of “ do you let” is something different entirely .

But to answer your question I honestly don’t care :joy:


Mah maybe you should also watch porn

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It depends…
I don’t see anything wrong with it lol, did you guys talk about it before you guys got Into a relationship, or you just making up a list of things he can’t do during? :woman_shrugging:


I don’t do things like search his history for this reason. I really don’t want to know. As long as it’s not effecting our sex life I’m going to let it go

Do I “let” him?. Ooof I swear if I hear people say well if he knows you dont like it you shouldn’t. No thats not how it should work. Talk through your insecurities with him because let’s face it thats the issue here and that’s ok . Talk through it hopefully you will see there is nothing wrong with porn or your relationship
But truly it’s no different then closing your eyes and “doing the wash by hand” having a fantasy, you going to stop natural thoughts too?

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He’s a grown man. Did he ask permission from you to watch that? Probably no so there is no “let” and “not let” to be given. He is old enough to choose on his own and you are allowed to have your opinion.


Who cares lol its p or n

Better than him cheating ! Means nothing and most guys when horny are literally stupid and do stupid things lol and usually after they c*m they aren’t fully satisfied by watching it

I mean idc… but the real question is AT WORK? lol who’s doing that at work? Someone needs to call HR on him.


Major insecure in your relationship alert. If you think you need to give him permission to do things there’s way bigger problems.


I don’t mind it. I watch porn sometimes when I’m alone too lol

:joy:…. Let?
I do not LET my man do anything!


Yep I sure do. He’s a grown ass adult.

I would rather him watch porn than to find another woman

Let?? A completely grow adult? Make a safe adult decision for themselves? Hump. And I’ve been married 11 years…


I watch it myself and don’t have a problem with my partner watching it either, but that’s just me
If it’s a boundary in your relationship, ensure you discuss this with him and go from there. Everyone has their own boundaries, and that’s okay :heart:


Let him? Lol if he wants to he’s going to


It’s not normal, porn is cheating and it ruins relationships.

Do your research on the affects porn has on relationships

Why did you find it necessary and appropriate to go through his phone and search history?? I’ve been married 25 years and have never felt it necessary to go through my husbands phone or browser history. Trust is huge in any relationship.


Lol, Do I let my man watch it? Id rather not but he is his own person


I just don’t like it when he lies about watching it.


Who cares it’s normal. What’s concerning to me is the fact that it’s AT WORK


If he was out cheating then it would be a problem but having a wank while watching a lil porn is not really a big issue . Now ask yourself this question , are you giving him sex on a regular basis ? 2-3 times per week is yes anything less is a no , so be thankful that your man has decided to remain faithful by having a lil wank instead of banging one of your friends

If you don’t like it then have a straightforward conversation with him. If he’s not willing to stop then part ways, you aren’t compatible.


Unless he’s choosing it over you, I don’t see a problem :woman_shrugging:


Let? Is he an adult? Unless its disrupting daily activities then its a non issue.


98% of dudes watch porn. Who cares. Ha.

At work though?! Uhhhh STRANGE

My husband doesn’t have a desire for it neither do i. We have each other.
Let him know you’re uncomfortable with it, & don’t want him too. If there’s something he wants to be spiced up in the bedroom, tell him you’re willing to try. I don’t see how people can be ok with their husbands getting off at other women. His eyes should only be on you & vice versa.


How dare he look at someone that he has no chance of ever meeting…:rofl:


Only when I’m in my dominatrix outfit :joy::joy:


‘Let’ him :rofl: I’m not his mother


Id find it weird that that he’s doing it at work but I don’t have a problem with him watching it. If this is a prediscussed boundary for you guys and he’s lying about it then That’s the problem


First, doing it at work….ahh, NO!! HR needs to know about this.

“Let” is not a word that should be used in a healthy marriage.

The fact that he does look at porn at work, means he knows you are “A”: not comfortable with it or “B”: he’s hiding it to keep from hurting you. Either way, this is something you both should be talking about.

Also, you shouldn’t be on his phone without his permission, unless it’s something that is okay with him.

The best marriage has, COMMUNICATION!! Without it, your marriage will be doomed!

I don’t think it’s a big deal. If he’s not cheating, not getting on live videos, or interacting with anyone then for me, it’s not a big deal. I work to much for activities to be as often as he wants so I don’t mind.


No worries He will get fired for watching at work.


My man can watch whatever he wants, he’s a grown man who works 60 hours a week


My husband and I both do, however it’s totally valid if it bothers you. I would recommend having a discussion with him about it. In my opinion, if it doesn’t affect your sex life or day to day, I’d ask him to be more discreet.

can’t relate…

but, at work :woozy_face:


I don’t “let” my husband do anything, he is a grown ass man and can watch whatever tf he wants :joy:
I also don’t go through his phone :woman_shrugging:

You shouldn’t ever be in the mindset that you’re “letting” your spouse do anything. They’re an adult and deserve privacy.

If you feel uncomfortable with it. Have a conversation with him. But honestly porn I’m my book is fair game. We’re all human. As far as I’m concerned alittle smut keeps the engines going :eyes:. For both parties

Maybe watch some yourself. Let him catch you. See where it goes. If it’s still a fight then an adult conversation needs to be had

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I watch it with my husband … Lol .


I don’t “let” my man do anything. He is a grown ass human being.

Let him? You’re not his mom, and he’s an adult.

I don’t think I know a grown man that HASN’T watched porn. Some dig it, others don’t. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your intimacy with him, it’s not a problem. If you choose not to know about it, tell him that … and then leave his computer and phone alone. He’s not a child. Would you like it if he went through your phone or computer and then complained about websites you visit? That’s kind of a violation of personal space, as well as a respect issue.

Search history on what his phone computer ? I would be wondering why you checking his history for a start?? And also if your not comfortable with your man doing something then talk to him about it but don’t think he will be happy that your snooping at his items while he at work, I’ve never felt the need or ever need to do that to my partner…


He’s a grown man. He should be able to watch what he wants and you shouldn’t be going through his search history. These are all red flags on your part.


:rofl: I watch them with him :100:


Is it kids? Or animals? Is it all stuff where it’s clearly 2 consenting adults? Then yea I don’t care, hell I watch it more than him he prefers pictures the weirdo


So for the ones jumping down your throat I am sorry girl! So many people believe it’s completely Ok, and that’s fine but they can not tell you how it should make you feel! My fiance and I have been together 7 years and in the beginning we both discussed what we thought about it and I explained the reasons behind not liking it and he has respected my wishes ever since! It’s completely Ok for you to not like or want your significant other to watch it and I would just have an adult talk with him and explain why you dislike it and go from there, but if you feel it’s a deal breaker make that very clear and if he doesn’t respect your feelings then I would end it! And like I said cool for the one’s who don’t mind it, but that doesn’t make the ones who do any worse! It’s our preferences and IF WE ALL thought or felt the same then we wouldn’t be different! Don’t mind the negative people I completely understand you were just reaching out for a little insight and everyone just wants to be negative and hell I’m damn sure half of these people have done something they weren’t proud of or snooped a time or two in there lives so just do you girl and don’t let the haters bother you! :heart:

Let him? What are you his mum? Leave him be lots of ppl watch porn.Maybe watch with him but who are you to ‘let’ him watch it

Oh good grief. Let it go.


You don’t approach him about it. You were snooping through his phone? Absolutely no grounds for an argument at all. He’s a grown man fgs.


Fuck I’ll watch it with him see what I’m missing aha try new moves

Your not alone. I just feel like why watch porn when you have a girlfriend… it makes me very mad, upset and confused.

“Do you let” what the hell. He’s a grown man. You don’t need to “allow” shit. . He’s your husband not your child or property. … “allow him”. Gheesh. .

First you cannot stop anyone from doing anything but I see porn as cheating. I believe it damages ones marriage and I see it as an insult.

Secondly. You found it In his search history? So you were going through his phone. . I say you need to work on yourself. Not worry about porn…

‘Do we let them’?! They are our partners/husbands not our children, they don’t need our permission.
We’re all different but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If anything it stops them hounding us for it :rofl:


Some of these comments are so dumb


Do you let? Stop there and think about what you are saying.


I watch it with my man. He is going to watch it, might as well watch it with him.


What do you mean “let” him, that’s a grown a s s man if he wants to get his rocks off he can he doesn’t need your permission


Let him?? But if he’s a grown man why would he need for you to “let him”?
It is no big deal, choose your battles…honestly think about it. Do you want him physically cheating or watching a freaking video? :woman_shrugging: he us a grown man…let him watch his videos. Better yet. Watch with him…it will excite you.


LET? This is a grown a** man and you talking about let.


I’d express my concerns if it bothered me. Just have a conversation with him. Me and my husband do not watch it but that’s us. Everyone is different.


I don’t have a problem with him watching it, as long as he is faithful to me


bruh, he is HUMAN. It is in our human nature to be sexually attracted and turned on by more than one person.

Let the dude whack it if he wants too.


“Let”? Dude. I don’t like even the idea of pork. But u clearly are not in a trusting relationship if you’re snooping. And frankly that is something that comes up at the beginning of the relationship when boundaries are established as far as what would bother u or not.


He’s a grown adult and im not his mum and if he wants to touch his own privates then I mean, who is anyone to not “let” him :joy:


Ewww I don’t agree with porn either

Nope. If you don’t want him to then he shouldn’t. Be ready for him to put the blame on you though.


Watch it with him. Who cares.


Root of all problems in relationships


I don’t condone it, but I can’t control what he does. It’s degrading and it makes me feel horribly self conscious about myself. I used to feel like I could demand that he not watch it, but now I realize that he will just be better about hiding it. Does it impact how I feel about sex? YEP. I don’t feel very good about being a dumping ground while he’s envisioning other women… that sucks.
I don’t think it’s worth fighting about anymore, though.
What’s the point in having sex if he’s thinking about somebody or something else that he saw a little while ago?
If someone else is the reason he’s aroused then how am I supposed to feel during intercourse?

Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinions and feelings about this subject. I already know the ‘haha’ reactions are coming so I’ll just go ahead and say that’s one reason I don’t have a lot of friends.
Women are kinda mean to other women that they can’t relate to, and that really sucks.

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I use one to masturbate sometimes :woman_shrugging:t5::rofl:


You let him? Do you own him? Idk my advice has always been the same, weather it be a grown man you are in a relationship or married to, or it be your teenage sons, they are going to watch it anyway, your reaction about it will determine weather or not they’ll lie when asked and for a partner it will determine weather he will continue to lie to you about it. Maybe send him some dirty pics while he’s working … don’t even say anything… just start sending em and see what happens lol


…I watch porn lmfaoooo I mean it depends on your relationship honestly if you’re not okay eith him watching porn you have to tell him, and should have told him from the beginning. But you don’t get to make that choice for him. Maybe try watching some, you might like it

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Let him? Let him?

Let him? Really…

If a man said that about his wife, the people on this page would be screaming all kinds of warnings.

Telling the woman to leave. Calling the husband controlling and abusive.

Tho even suggest you should have that kind of authority over an adult is astounding.

Just the terminology you use and the invasion of his privacy by snooping indicates a controlling, abusive nature.

I would suggest therapy.


Let him? Do you mean do you have a problem with it…I dont stop my man doing anything. If he makes decisions to disrespect me then he would be gone. I dont see the issue unless he’s watching it but giving you zero attention


Both my husband and i watch porn separately and sometimes together. We both have different taste in porn. i don’t care if he watches porn, as long as he’s not spending money on it or chatting online or forming a addiction that affects our sex life, i don’t care if he watches free videos just like he doesn’t care if i watch it.
At the end of the day as a couple you have to set boundaries for your relationship and determine what’s okay and is not okay. Some people consider porn cheating and some don’t.
If him watching porn bothers you, just sit down and talk to him, tell him how it makes you feel and also listen to him, come to a compromise and set boundaries that you are both comfortable with.

No I don’t let my grown ass man watch porn like a teenager and single :woman_shrugging:t3: there’s nothing wrong with having a problem with it. It’s so common for it to become an addiction and probably ruin your marriage. Everyone has different opinions but whats not okay is shaming you for yours.

Yup. No big deal. I have bigger problems to worry about than that. I watch it too. It turns him on. Lol


If he needs porn then I think he has an issue

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Porn creates an unrealistic image. To be aroused or excited over other woman in anyway is disrespectful to you as his partner. Leaves room for unsatisfied sex if he especially is stuck on it. Also giving you some insecurity because he is looking at and being “excited” for other woman.

Absolutely nothing wrong with anyone watching porn :woman_shrugging:t3: just like there’s nothing wrong with a partner going to the strippers!

As long as you trust they are coming home to you, what should it matter? A relationship is based on trust… if you have issues with then watching that stuff, maybe it’s more an issue you have within yourself :thinking:

They all watch porn, I don’t have a problem with it as long as there’s no sneaking around.