Do you let your man watch adult videos?

Well, I don’t parent my husband, so “let” isn’t really the word. He’s not into it, so it’s moot.

But, If it’s a boundary for you, you can express that to him and ask that he please respect it. If not, be willing to choose what you accept if he doesn’t.


As long as it doesn’t affect your sex life negatively or going out cheating I don’t see the problem

For me it’s not a matter of allowing because my partner can do as he chooses but if what he does hurts me that speaks volumes about his feelings. I would be more concerned with the spirt of lust he’s allowing in his mine. Pray on it

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I don’t have an issue with it, but I’d be like really at work?! Bro🤔

Uhh, is watching prn at work normal/healthy? Seems like a bad idea :sweat_smile:
Seems like he knows how it makes you feel OP, which may be why he has resorted to watching it while he is at work. Buuuut, I think it is a huge invasion of privacy for you to be checking his history. I’d consider how therapy could benefit the both of you, first solo then maybe together. I’m sensing some avoidance from both of your problems for one reason or another. Healthy communication could resolve a lot of this insecurity.

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Hopefully he’s not a doctor or police officer lol

I honestly don’t have a problem with it as long as he’s not trying to hide it from me🤷🏻‍♀️

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I watch he watches :woman_shrugging:t2: y do women go through their mens phone ? I respect my man’s privacy :woman_shrugging:t2: I trust him no reason not too


“Let” he isn’t a child :joy:
I mean some don’t care. But ik some are bothered by it. I used to be. :woman_shrugging:t3: cause my ex did nothing but cheat on me and compare me to them and the other girls. you talk to them about it and let them know if it bothers you. But they don’t need permission to do it or not.


Well. I watch porn sometimes so I don’t see why he shouldn’t. LoL.

So many issues here. Do I let my man? He is grown so there is that. Second why are you searching his phone?!?! It’s porn!!!

“Let” him? He doesn’t need my permission for fuck all, he’s a grown ass adult. Also, I watch wayyy more porn than he does, so lol :laughing:

Now if your a insecure ugly women and you want to keep your man then let them watch all they want lol but when you know your worth and know you got the WAP then they shouldn’t be getting off to other women if they say they love you I don’t get why women think it’s OK or even why men think it’s not a big deal well watching porn leads to then going to local escort pages to dateing sites snapchat and more. And eventually makes then lust for other women. That’s not ok!

It’s no big deal. Make videos yourself,or sexy pics,send it to him,or do little shows for him. Or watch porn together,either you can laugh at how fake it is or create your own. Have fun with it :woman_shrugging:

Say you’re a controlling, jealous, self conscious girl why don’t you.


You don’t “let him or not let him” he is a grown man. If he wants to watch it he will, he just won’t let you know about it. I’m not my husband’s mother or his boss. Let people do what they want then decide if that’s the type of person you want to be with. “Let him” that’s funny shit.

I have a issue with it. I believe porn is for single ppl. Everyone has a right to dislike things, but everyone deserves there boundaries to be respected. Just tell him you don’t appreciate it, if he doesn’t stop, he don’t respect you and that’s when you throw him away and find you one who will

Please let this be a troll post smh


Inappropriate. I would leave him immediately. If he wants other women, then he can be single. How is anyone okay with their partners getting sexually charged by other people? Strange world we live in.


It doesn’t bother me, I know he’s faithful, been together 9yrs, he’s learned a few things that spices it up in the bedroom. If it bothers you talk to him.


Nickolas Ge these comments :rofl:

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I’m not okay watching porn and therefore not okay with my husband watching it. End of story. That’s one of many reasons this world is sooo drapraved it leads to other things…

Did you go through your man’s phone?


So what, he had to rub one out :woman_shrugging:


He watches it I watch it sometimes we watch it together. I don’t see a problem with it.


Well if you don’t like it make a sexy video for your man dress up as spider woman you will never change him prn is an addiction I will admit that, and when women cut their man off from seeing it some went for the real thing, so which is worse the man going off and seeing another female for years and you never finding out or the chic across the the country in the prn industry that he will never meet? It has nothing to do with disrespect for your girlfriend or wife maybe give it up more and stop disrespecting your man and no he don’t want you Looking like that female that female gets payed for what she does with other men in front of the camera she has experience in knowing what turns a man on that is what she is payed for some men don’t like the way you don’t moan in bed or they hate the sound but because of respect for you he decides to not tell you, now a prn star the man can’t tell her what she needs to do because they can’t share the moment together and he can just go on to the next one and that other prn star won’t get jealous she don’t care.
But women watch 50 shades of gray
Magic Mike
View men’s bodies online
And you tell me she is not getting turned on by seeing another man? She probably Jills when alone and her boyfriend or husband don’t know.

Depends on the situation I guess. I’ve had times (especially when pregnant) where I just can’t have sex because I’m exhausted or sore etc, so I say hey why don’t you watch something :sweat_smile: the majority of the time I’ve already started him off before he turns it on and I’ll l just go lay down. But if he was constantly watching it and we were being intimate at all etc, I’d be concerned and start asking him questions etc. get to the bottom of it and determine if we can work it out, if we can’t a counselling doesn’t work we’d call it quits probably.

Nope. If he wants to watch that kinda stuff, we should do it together, but I prefer not at all…

We both watch it :person_shrugging: at the end of the day he comes home to me not anyone off the porn videos :joy:

The real problem is this person is going through his search history.

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Shouldn’t be snooping!

Watching it at work could get him fired, companies have low tolerance for this type of behavior. It can be considered sexual harrasment if he shows it to others or they see it. It should be a topic of discussion for you and him if you hope to have a life together!


My hubby work guys are always daring each other to look up weird porn. But in all honesty. If it bothers you but you have never said as much then it could go ether way.

Why not, I get the benefits…

That’s why you should watch it together we lovvvvve them over here :heart::heart::heart:

It’s a good place to learn a thing or two in the bedroom :upside_down_face:

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You’ve been warned. Don’t look through my search history

“Do you let your man” he’s my partner not my child he’s an adult and can watch what he likes I understand everyone has different boundaries in a relationship, but your snooping through his phone, that’s not okay at all. If it makes you uncomfortable express that to him not the internet


Is it child p*rn? If not, why do you care?

I think porn is addictive and it’s an easy form of cheating!

Ask him to watch it with you

Idk why ppl are saying she shouldn’t be snooping thro is phone, um in a long term relationship there should be no secrets or hidden privacy. That’s just weird keeping things from your significant other. Just figure out why he’s watching it, if it’s just because he was horny and had to rub one out you could maybe make videos together so he has something he can always go back and watch but it’s on your two and maybe you won’t feel so weird about him watching them. Hope this helps

My man is GROWN and I can’t LET or NOT LET him do anything! Same with me, I’m a grown ass woman!

We don’t but it’s something we talked about when we first got together.We went over stuff like that because both of our exes cheated and would watch stuff like that so we both agreed it could have a negative impact on our relationship and if things need to get heated we would talk about our own desires and it would be with just us…Sex is everywhere you can’t keep your partner from looking if he wants to so it boils down to each other’s beliefs and if one thinks it’s ok and one doesn’t either the one respects their partners beliefs and feeling and stops or the other partner either has to figure out if it’s something they can over look and learn to be ok with it or separate…Dont settle for something your not really ok with if it’s something that’s going to bother you to the point it causes a negative impact then move on and find a partner that has the same beliefs with this subject as you.Like everything not one things works for everyone some people and couples don’t mind but some do so either one is ok.Theres nothing wrong with not being into that.Either or doesn’t make anyone a bad person…

Why were you going through his search history? And “let” :thinking:

Sure. But note, I don’t let or allow anything. He’s an adult.

Better than him out fooling around with other woman right? :woman_shrugging:t3:

Lol…whats wrong w watching porn? You should watch some maybe too and then even watch it together :heart: :wink:…I wouldn’t worry about that

The only issue is watching it at work.

Sounds like you’re a purity culture survivor. Healthy individuals don’t “let” their partners do anything. Seek non religious therapy

Porn is destructive regardless of what anyone here may thing. We are in a happy, :corn: free marriage. Best 10 years of my life. My body is respected, my husband still knows all the moves and then some :woozy_face: if your man needs outside stimulation, he’s not the man for you