Do you nap with your baby?

Does anyone else take naps with their little one???I love holding my little one while she naps , she my little cuddle bug, sometimes I take naps with her … I know alot of ppl say don’t do that , this and that … But to me it’s our bonding time , she won’t be this small forever:( this why I am posting this anonymous, cause I am scared of mom shaming…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you nap with your baby?


5 kids and I’ve slept/napped with them all!!!


Do you what you feel is right for your baby, only you know as her mum what is right and feels right. Don’t worry about what others think as long as your happy and your baby is happy and healthy

I do sometimes if I need the rest yeah why not

I co sleep and occasionally nap with mine. She turns 3 this month :heart: It’s gonna break my heart when she gets her own bed, but I’ll also know she spent the beginning with all the cuddles and love I could give her

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Naps with the littles are the best!

Enjoy as many naps and cuddles as you like. Forget what others are saying. Listen to your heart. Nothing wrong at all.

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Contact naps are the best. Enjoy every minute of it. I co-slept and contact napped with 2 of mine, the youngest (2) still sleeps in my bed.

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I nap with my boy all the time
Been napping with him since he was born
He started sleeping in a regular bed by the time he was 1 and half
I Snuggle with him in his bed and often fall asleep with him

He’s 3 now and I still Snuggle even to put him to bed

I hold my son for nap everyday and have since birth! Sometimes I wish I could put him in his bed and have some free time but at this point he can’t sleep without me holding him so I just remind myself how ill miss it one day!

I did with all 4 of mine


They are only little once, soak up all the snuggles u get

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Your baby dear!! Do not let what, others say bother you! As long as baby isn’t in harm sleep wise you are fine! You are right they don’t stay little forever! I am 28, and my mama took naps with me. Do what you please mama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Some of the best memories I have are those sweet naps with my babies. Now two out of three are fully grown but my “baby” who is eight still loves coming in and having naps with me. I wouldn’t change it for anything. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s fine don’t listen to anyone else that says it isn’t. Enjoy Time with Ur baby

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The best naps I’ve EVER had was when my babies were tiny sleeping on my chest!! As long as everyone is safe, nap away!!!


I nap with my 2 year old sometimes :heart:

I’m 68 and I always did with my 3.

Depends on how you nap really. There’s nothing wrong with co sleeping as long as it’s done safely. I’m pregnant with my 3rd and planning on co sleeping again. If for instance your contact napping with your child on the sofa then this isn’t safe or recommended as it significantly increases the risk of SIDS. Just make sure you do your research so you know what is and isn’t safe


I would never! Any mom that does is plain stupid!

Nah I’m just kidding. I love naps with my babies :heartpulse: they love it too


Yes I did it with all my children. They’re all fine. Eldest almost 15.

The house will always be there. The bills will always be there. The chores and to do lists will always be there.

Enjoy your baby. Bond. And get those extra zzzz’s.

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When my son was a baby/toddler I sure as hell did because he did not sleep well and I needed sleep to function. As a single mom working full time surviving off little sleep I napped when he did and his older sister knew don’t wake unless emergency​:grin:(like the only time she opened door for Jehovah witness​:rage::rofl:). I even hung a sign on door of my house incase anyone stopped by. Call me crazy but survival​:grin: as well as bonding. They are not little very long​:heart:

Naps with babies are the best!!
But does no one else wake up feeling WORSE than before the nap?? :flushed::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


I love napping with my baby. He will be 10 months old this week & I still nap with him laying on my chest.

Lol I get the happy happy joy of sleeping with my monster quite often, and like you OP I’ve always thought co sleeping was a big no no! But in my house I’ve learned to accept it just in order to get some rest!!! My toddler has his own bed and room and always starts off in it, but usually between 12/2am he crawls in with with. It’s either wake up completely when due to his development issues he is a nightmare to get down anyway or stay in my bed and pretend to be asleep so he resettles

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That’s okay if you’re going to be co-sleeping

I nap with my grandchildren, I love it ,
Do what feels good for you and them xx

Yep used to with all 4 of mine

You do what you love and what works for you. Every household and person is different. Enjoy that baby. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My daughter has her own room and we still end up co sleeping with her. And honestly am not mad about it

Absolutely I did! They’re 7 and nearly 6 and I still often cuddle up to them and sleep with them.

I did every afternoon I’m 74 because I was shattered as well as had to work at night

If I was really tired I did but generally speaking I like my own space.

I don’t do it all the time, but yes I occasionally nap with my little one. He spent the first 3months of his life in NICU so I take every opportunity to spend time with him

I nap with my son almost daily and he has slept with me every night since he was born and he is 22 months now. I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it. Shame away. Best part is he is my son and I call the shots!:woman_shrugging:t3: you do whatever makes you feel good or how ever you see fit for you and your little one.:heart:

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Naps yes but over night scared me. Never co slept over night. I’m a deep sleeper at night and feared I would roll over on her. Naps are different cause it’s not a deep sleep.

I will never say no to cuddling my babies to sleep, one day is going to come where I might never get a cuddle again so I take it every chance I get​:heart_eyes:and my babies are now 10 and 6, they sleep next to me at night time and I wouldn’t have it any other way! (only get away with it cause I’m single​:eyes::rofl:)

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Don’t feel bad at all !!

Yes! Still do sometimes with my oldest kids. They are 11 9 and 7 we can be on the couch watching a movie and I will lay down and one will lay next or beside me and we will fall asleep. I definitely do with my 2 and 1 year old as much as I can.

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I nap with my 3 and a half year occasionally.

They are only little for a short time. So I’ll soak up any moment I can :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Everyone is different. But as long as you and your babe are happy with it, then keep doing it x

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I slept with both of my babes from birth.

yip i do have done since she was born she is 2 tomorrow

Yes yes yes every opportunity you can sometimes you can’t because of other things but these are the best times :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I slept with my baby but what I did just in case was laid their body higher than mine like their tummy by my head so they couldn’t get rolled over on


I never turn down the snuggles. Snuggled my girl(oldest) till she took up the whole queen bed while sleeping :rofl: my young one is almost 3months…10 years difference…still wouldn’t change it! To me… Purest love and best sleep!!!


I did whn they were babies n do sumtimes whn they r sick or havin a bit of a ruff night

I’m having my 2nd baby in a couple of months and after a horrendous experience with my first child, being shamed constantly by his dad…I fully intend to enjoy and bask in enjoying cuddles and nap with my baby this time round

People will have an opinion no matter what you do, so always do what you feel is right for you and your baby!

I co-sleep with my son still, and he’s 3. He’s slept in bed with me his entire life.

Co-sleeping isnt for everyone and that’s fine. Everyone is allowed to parent their kids the way they want to.

There’s nothing wrong with loving your baby. I ALWAYS say as long as a mother isn’t abusing, starving, or neglecting her kids, mind your own damn business. You’re doing great mama. :heart:

Always!! I waited a while to have him in bed with me. At around a year we started to share the bed. He’s almost 3 now and it’s the best part of my day

Is there no men in these beds ??

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Is there no men in these beds ??

Yes of course! I live for the little cuddles :heart:

Contact naps are great. Im back to work now so we don’t get to often but hes my last of 4 so I enjoy every moment I can. Plus being a mom is hard work. We are up with baby during the night and exhausted to so a nap is a good thing

Omg those naps were the best and so peaceful. I was so relaxed when we would sleep together and best part was we slept for hours, phones on silent and off to lala land we were. But here I am and she’s 6, still sleeping next to me, the problem I face is that if I even wake up and she doesn’t feel me next to her she wakes up…I do regret it now though because I know she will never sleep on her own

we’ve always done contact naps, even now he’s three. we also bedshare, it’s the most wonderful thing🥰

Mums need a nap as well, when baby naps so should mama otherwise you will wear yourself out

I napped with all 5 of my babies. They are only little for a tiny little while. Enjoy those snuggles, enjoy the peace of watching her sleep. Love every second of it. And don’t you dare feel an ounce of guilt over it :heart::heart::heart:

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LISTEN FIRST THING DONT EVER BE AFRAID OF SHAMING!! NO ONE SHOULD SHAME ANYONE FOR ASKING FOR AN OPINION!! Second, no matter what, you do what your heart tells you to it’s your baby! Now I will give you my advice and how it worked for me. Honestly, I slept with my son who is now 11 from the time he was a few months old up until 2 years ago!!! When I first shared my bed with him it was because we had a bad storm ( sandy) and we lost power for over 3 weeks!!! I did not have a generator at the time so I had no way for heat and my son was only a few months old!!! So at night he slept with me so I could keep him warm!!! After that he went back in his crib! Then he slept with me on and off. By the time he was a year old he was in my bed full time, of course everyone told me not to and that I would never get him out of my bed but at the time I didn’t care! He was my baby boy and I wanted snuggle time and bonding time!!! Now fast forward to when he was 9 and he turned ibto a complete and I mean a complete bed hog I got tired of always being on the very edge of my bed all the time!! He did have his own bed all those years which was a twin size and mine is a queen. There were times when I tried breaking him of the habit but he always ended up back with me. Fi ally when he was 9 and I had enough I decided to buy him a new bed which was a queen size. And the day I picked it up and brought it home and put it together I told myself " I don’t care how hard this gets he Is sleeping in his own bed from tonight on. Well that night I put him in his own brand new queen sized bed… he slept all through the night and has ever since!! He doesn’t come in my bed ever!!! I know other people that have slept with their child and they couldn’t get them in out of their beds till teenagers!!! Every child is different! So you do what you feel is best for you and your precious one!!! You will always have other times to snuggle and bond together as well!! Good luck mamma and like I said don’t ever let anyone ever shame or especially mom shame you!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Dude my son is 4 and me and him always take naps together, and sometimes he doesn’t want to sleep in his bed and wants to sleep in mine and I’m totally okay with that. Cosleeping is fine. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


I napped and co slept with all my children till they were the ones who didn’t want it anymore. The youngest was 11 when he finally slept alone in his own bed. They’re 32,30 and 15 now and I miss those snuggles. Mind you I have 2 grandsons now so I get to do it when they stay over. Don’t ever feel guilty about something that feels right for you and your child. Yes some parents don’t do this but there’s no right or wrong just different perspectives.

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I do nap with my 3year old always have. It’s just fine enjoy you child while there young

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Do it for as long as you can


Yessss. Still now when they are 4 and 2 hahaha x

I nap with my little one and she’s 1 1/2 but, been doing it since day 1. Sometimes she even lays with me on the couch and sends me to sleep while she plays.

Luckily the lounge room is baby proof as everything is tucked away, bolted to the wall and I have a baby gate keeping her in.

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Ah yes, we nap together all the time. My baby knows in the morning he comes into bed (after 5am is my rule) with me and we sleep untill it’s time to get up. It’s one of my many favourite moments with him. Who cares what others think. Man you woman need to forget what people think. Poo to their judgement.

No shame here!! My recently gone 7yr old daughter sleeps in my bed in my arms everynight. Snuggles are the best and we feel safe. Its prob not going to last much longer but ive loved it and until she tells me shes done… im good :laughing:


And when my daughters were babies i used to get my housework etc done in the morning so when they had their lunchtime nap they could nap in my arms on the couch and id watch some tv. Nothing better than that bond!


There’s a lot of pressure on mother’s and father’s to raise their children a certain way and society can be cruel. Allow your instincts to guide your decisions because society will never agree with you.

I contact nap, love it some days, others I just want to put baby down so I can get things done. We both rest better together though.

Have co-slept since like day 2 I think. It’s always now but for the first 2 weeks baby would occasionally go in their bassinet, it was just convenience regarding my sleeping position for healing.

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I did with my first two and when my newborn sleeps I try to… I also co sleep with them

Ss7… safe sleep 7 if you follow these it lowers the risks ofcourse Its still not 100% safe but it makes it safer. But nothing is 100% safe not even sleeping in a cot alone which again eliminates certain risks but not all. You do what’s best and safe enough for the pair of you

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I did with my first!

I’ll tell you this. I’m 35. I have 4 kids. They’re 1, 3,12 & 15. Those are some of my fondest memories is my boys rushing into the room to lay down with me when their dad left for work early in the morning. Now they’re always hiding in their rooms. I miss them being little and snuggling with me so much :broken_heart::pleading_face:


I think it’s a great thing… good for Mom and Baby… I did with all 4… had a family bed… slept with baby…in room, often in bed… due to nursing… some recommend for baby’s safety due to sids… or rolling on to… so… I think it’s a personal choice… but I think mostly great thing… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Then, that is precisely what you should do!
Do it every opportunity you get!
There is nothing more important than your child! :raised_hands:t3:

I always napped with my baby. That baby is now 4 and still loves to snuggle with me. Being your child’s safe space, especially in these days is so important. If snuggles and naps together makes you and your baby happy, then do it as often as you can.


I still share a bedroom and bed with my 6 year old daughter, I’m not ready to let her go just yet.


Yep I put my 3 tear old to sleep at naptime and I normally join her and bedtime and she loves it. My baby was adopted at 2 so we use it as bonding too.


I do and my son is 2 lol he wakes up million times a night though

My son is 5 and we still nap together

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Loved laying with my babies for naps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hunny it’s your child
You can never spoil a newborn … I always use to hold them and talk to them and nap with them :heartpulse::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yes I’m still co sleeping with a nearly 4 year old and I love it

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I napped with my kids since they were babies and theyre okay. I used to keep their head next to my head in bed and i dont have a tendency to roll over, I usually end up waking with a baby foot to the eye lol

My daughter is 7 and we still sleep together if that answers your question lol we are all out here just trying to parent the best way we know how, no reason to shame each other for that❤️

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def do it, therye not lil forever , i miss those cute snuggle moments when theyre babys, cherish those times

Yes hell my babies slept on my chest their first year I was petrified of Sid’s . Naps bedtime didn’t matter even my grand babies that’s where they sleep .

Cuddle & love on your babies as much as you can!!! :heart: My babies are nearly 2 & 3 & still in our bed! Just think it’s only for a season in our lives that we get to cuddle them before they become too cool for us x


I never napped w my kids but that’s bc I don’t like to nap. When I do, I wake up confused

I miss when my 4 and 3 year old would nap. I’d put my 3 year old down first then my 4 year old and just doze off with them lol. Now when I put my 1 year old down for a nap I gotta hurry up cuz my 4 and 3 year olds take that opportunity to destroy the house lol. “Moms not watching let’s rip all the DVDs off the shelves and go in the laundry room and throw clothes all over!!! Woohoo!!!”

I would if I could but I have a toddler who doesn’t nap.
Nap with your baby.

I did that up until I went back to work when he was a year old. We didn’t co sleep, but every nap was in my arms snuggling. I loved every second of it.

Best advice I ever got when my babies were babies … Sleep when they sleep. Otherwise you’ll always be exhausted. Snuggle that baby and snooze Momma :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes I nap with my boys…

I had an extra changing table pad, that had higher edges on each side so she couldn’t roll off it, and I couldn’t roll over it… I’d put that on my bed next to me and lay with her, we were close enough to see each other and touch but no one would get hurt. I did this while she was still tiny and only if I was going to fall asleep too. Once she got bigger we still napped together she just beat me up in her sleep a lot🤣

Probley the only thing that kept me going with a newborn and 2 year old
(I worked part time (still do) and I would nap when they did on my days off :heart:

I did it he slept in my bed from 18 months til 7yr old he’s 11yr still tries to sleep with me I have to tell him no cos he’s growing up and will start high school he tries to trick me, he asks can I just get in bed for a snuggle,:rofl: nope sorry son getting too old his poor face as he goes back to his own room kills me I have to stop myself saying come here then​:sleepy:we are just so close we have a great bond it was just me and him til he was 7.

My kids are 4 and 2 and I still do the same

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