Do you seperate your laundry?

Nope. Just lights and darks. Unless something really needs bleached. But then again, I have a 4 year old boy so we don’t white very often

I don’t lol I throw it all in

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Nope only separate jeans and towels from the rest of the laundry. Ain’t got time for nothing else.

If you care what your clothes look like and want them to last longer yes you would separate whites, light colors, dark colors, gentle cycle items and never wash towels with anything due to the towels material seems to “lint ball” any other kind of fabric…but it’s your choice on how you do your laundry.

Darks, whites, reds, towels.

Yes and use color guard

Definitely! If I want pink or gray clothes, I’ll BUY them that way.

I was told by a Chemical engineer that the way they are making dyes now you don’t have to.

I don’t separate them. I do delicates with shirts and towels with pants. I don’t have any fancy clothes.

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Yes absolutely. If you wash lighter colors with dark, they will turn dingy after a few washings.

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I only separate towels and dish clothes from clothes. But I dont separate colors lol

But wait . . isn’t this dependent on the use of hot water ? If you just do a cold or warm water wash, is the separation advisable still . . ?

Depends on if you wash in cold water or not…

Absolutely I do it every time

I separate not only by color but by person too. I don’t wash my kids play clothes with their school clothes; or mix my husbands work clothes with mine and always towels and blankets by themselves


Yes! That’s why I hate with hubby does laundry because he doesn’t separate the clothes

I do - most of the time. Depends on how much I have to fill the washer.

I do that’s the way I was taught no other

Only if I have reds or pinks in the load :rofl:

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Appliance techs will say separate by weight. Jean with jeans t shirts with t-shirts towels with towels. Makes doing more efficient especially since note dryers now has sensors

my mother law would haunt me if i didn’t! i have whites, light color, dark colors.

Always seperate colors from whites and heavy soiled from light soiled.

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I seperate mine from everyone elses in the house

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Probably more than most people. I just can’t help myself. :grin:

Yes, because you just never know if a color will run or not.

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Should I… yes
Do I… no

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No lol. Only rule i have is never wash the towels/rags/teatowels with the clothes

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Too bad the question is misspelled!

Should I. Absolutely. Do I ? Almost never

I never did growing up… however I stated like a year ago and man the difference between a crispy white shirt that before would have been trash if I didn’t bleach it white. My girls clothes and socks last longer the white/light colored ones, anyways. Husbands alway think they know best….:wink:


  1. Hubbys uniforms
  2. Towels/socks/rags
  3. Son/hubby clothes
  4. My clothes
  5. Blankets/sheets

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I never did before I was married, and never had a problem. However, my husband insisted colors and whites are washed separately. He says the colors will bleed on the whites. I can see that as true if the colored clothes were new, but not after that.

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I just throw everything in all together, ain’t never turned anything blue or pink yet so :person_shrugging:

Absolutely not! I don’t have time for that nonsense :joy:

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Haven’t in 12yrs since kids were small. I do a bleach load of towels every few weeks

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