Do you size up when buying winter coats?

When buying winter coats for your kids, if you are buying one in September, do you size up a little from the current size they’re in? My three and a half-year-old is mostly a 3T, but we live in Iowa, so I know he’ll be wearing his coat until probably March. I bought him a 4T coat today, and it’s big on him, but I’m afraid if I get him a 3T will be completely grown out of it by December. Would you just buy it big knowing it’ll give him room for the rest of the fallen winter? Same for my 5-year-old. I got her an XS (4/5) but wondering if an S (6) would benefit us better.


I always size up🤷‍♀️

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I size up. That way I can put a sweater on my daughter and the coat wouldn’t be tight on her arms

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I always buy sizes to big. Clothes are expensive lol.

I always size up. That way they can have layers underneath too.

Always. You can fold the sleeves, you can’t stretch a size that’s too small

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I always buy at least one size bigger for my son! Sometimes I have to do 2 sizes bigger just to get my money out of them. He’s going to be 6 end of September and his snowsuit this year is an 8.

Always size up. Leave room for layers and growth.

Children grow sporadically, it’s better to buy bigger than to buy just right. Just let then wear a light jacket underneath

I always buy at least 1 size too big.

Yes, I always size up

I always got a size up sometimes 2 I would rather the coat be a little big than a little small to small means to cold to big means warm for a while

I always go up due to him wearing sweaters and thicker top during the winter.

I always size up. Usually 2 sizes so she can wear it 2yrs in row

I size up for my daughter

Size up. If it’s too big to keep them fully warm you can always put a smaller jacket under it.

I always size up. But i also buy at the end of season so i don’t pay a crazy price

I got mine a 4T when she was a 3T thinking she could also wear it the next year and it’d fit perfectly, nope she was completely out of it by the time summer hit.

Always size up. If you can buy winter clothes during summer clothes are cheaper.

I do!! Always size up because of layers and never know when they will hit that growth spurt

Leave room for layers so the 3t might be a lil small

Seriously I use to buy exact size but now having 2 children I’ve learnt to buy at least a size up.

You cam never go wrong by going a size up…kids are constantly growing…i would rather have a coat a little to big and they have room to grow into it. Instead of having a coat a little to small and before you know it they will eventually grow into

I always but 1-2 sizes bigger than they are in. Plus we always have sweaters underneath to help insulate where ots to big.

I always size up I’ve got 5 kids and never buy exact size

Always size up, if it’s a little big, just means u can put a sweater underneath

This will be our first winter with a car. So I’ve always gone at least 2 sizes up in coats so I can layer under them. I would go at least 1 size up. Possibly 2 so he can wear it next year as well.

Size up they grow to fast. If it’s too lose put a heavy sweater on.

Size up to wear bulky clothes under

I always buy a size bigger they grow out of it so fast

Yes! I did it quite a bit when our kids were that little.

Yes I always size up

Yes my daughter is 18 months and in 2-3years and my son is 6 and in a 7-8 xx

Always buy a size up

Yes yes yes!! They grow so fast you’ll thank yourself later for it!

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Sometimes I swear my boys will just wake up one morning 2 inches taller so I’ve learned to always buy a size up. If its a little big they will definitely grow into it soon enough.

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I always go bigger. My son is 4.5 and I got him a size 6 boys fall/spring jacket.

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I always size up and then put bulky clothes on until they fit better. I have lucked out that my little one can typically wear the one from the year before at the start of the season and then switch out to the new towards the end


I also buy a size bigger because it goes over clothes

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I size up in winter stuff for my daughter. I also do it in cute outfits so she has them a while. Lol

I always size up, that way they can layer up if need be too!

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I size up little one grow like weeds

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I always go up 2 sizes for my kids so they can wear sweaters and long sleeves under it and still be comfortable.

I do, I upsized gumboots this year too, and brough thick socks so they fit and get at least two years out if it. :relaxed:

i always buy my coats 1 year in advance one size up… sometimes i get a back up coat one size up just in case they out grow anything quickly

I do but thats because my kids are typically between sizes in the winter.

I buy a size bigger and if your lucky it fits for 2 years

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Always go bigger for room to grow

Always 1 or 2 sizes up from what they are in

We always size up this way the kids are able to wear a sweat shirt under in case they get cold in school or wherever

Go big and add a sweater if needed. I still do this for me but we get -40°C on a regular basis.

I honestly buy what fits them now and if they outgrow it before winter is over I just buy a new one :woman_shrugging:t4:

Definitely; it allows room for layers underneath, and with my daughter I got lucky- last years’ will still fit her this winter. :blush:

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I always size up. I learned the hard way with my 1st and had to buy new stuff during the middle of winter

It depends where you live. We have long winters so, yes i always sized up.

Always size up or they out grow it before they can really wear it.

I used to always size up,if you’re lucky you’ll get 2 years out of them

I’m from Iowa too and that’s what we do :woman_shrugging:t3:

Always go a size up you are fine mama’s!

I always did. Keep in mind they may be wearing sweaters and sweatshirts under them.

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I buy a size up for everyone we wear a short sleeve shirt in our current size and a long sleeve one in the next size up.

I always get a good size bigger. We live in Iowa also. They get a new coat every other year since I buy them bigger brand new.

I buy the next size up

I always buy coats/ sweaters in the size up from what she’s currently wearing. My 3.5 year old daughter is in 3t right now but her coat for fall is a 4t and some if her long sleeve shirts are 4t so the last for next fall too. Last year she was in 2t and had some 3t. My 10 month olds fall clothes is all 12-18 month but her coat is a 2t. I live in south Texas so a coat isn’t a necessary thing every day nor does it have to be a super warm one.

I all was buy a size up. But my son is tall for his age. Example: he was 3yrs old wearing a 5t. He just turned 4 and the 5t too short now. He not the average toddler when it comes to his height.

Always size up! For a few reasons. Layering and they aren’t cheap so I want more wear out of them.


I prefer to size up too 1st because they are already wearing under the coats maybe one or two layers 2nd it will eventually last you longer
3rd its gonna be more comfy for them

I usually size one up I got my 2 year old a 3t winter parka ski pants had to roll up pants and the jacket sleeves … but oh well will fit perfect this year

I usually size up unless they run big. They will have extra layers under it too so a little wiggle room makes them easier to get on and helps them be a little more independent

I buy the spyder brand and they have 1.5" expanded options on certain models. It has worked great.

Add sweatshirts, sweaters etc under the coat till it fits. And remember to remove the coat before buckling them into their carseat


You need it to be a size bigger to allow clothes worn under it

I usually do just because I am putting it on over clothes. That way it’s not such a tight fit and more comfy

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Size up unless you want to buy another before winter is over. Darn kids grow so fast! :rofl:

I do amazon wardrobe get both sizes and see what works and then send what I don’t want back.

I alwayssss buy bigger so that the item will last longer/fit longer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Size up toddlers grow fast unless they are like 6 they start slowing down n clothes last longer

I always size up, let them wear it for a few years. Also, if the coat is bigger they can wear layers underneath too which is cool.

:100: size up! more comfy even if a bit too big for right now plus sweaters underneath can definitely make it too tight for “true size”

Always size up. And when stuff goes on sale in like feb/mar I buy 2 sizes up from current size.

Size up,
Enough room for the sweaters :slightly_smiling_face: looser fit, keep ya warm.

I also live in Iowa… size up bc they have big clothes and sweatshirts underneath the coat in winter time

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I always buy the size up. My 7 year old can wear her winter coat from last year.

Yes I size up everything, not just coats. Kids grow so fast!

When I was growing up my mom would buy two. One my current size and one coat the next size up.

We layer so we always get a size up.

Size up more room under the armpits and more room for snow pants i live in northern iowa

I always bought bigger coats for my girls

Only go one size larger,leave room for layers.

Always size up. Sweaters underneath kiddies need freedom xxx

Size up big enough that you can layer underneath.

Go bigger, sweaters / sweatshirts under it

Yup! Or even 2 if you layer like a crazy mama. That’s me I’m the crazy mama!!:rofl::rofl:

I always size up… Columbia brand is too expensive to be buying 2-3 a year lol

Anything that goes over layers, you get in the next size up :slight_smile:

Yes never know when a growth spurt could leave you hunting a replacement, not so easy to find some points of winter in the south :roll_eyes:

Always go bigger with coats. Chances are you will be layering clothes under it too so that gives room for that and growth


Always size up! Once they have layers on it won’t be as bad and they have room to grow so you’re not having to buy another one half way through winter.

I always size up… my girls are teenagers now but when they were younger yes always a size bigger for jackets hoodies etc

I always size up BC they can grow into it.
Even for myself in case I gain weight or wanna layer. I don’t like tight clothes