Do you use melatonin for kids?

I have a 4 year old son and he has a lot of energy, as all little boys do. But it's really affecting him being able to go to sleep at night.

I’m a single mom and he’s my youngest and none of my other boys have ever been like this. We start our bedtime routine around 8pm but he doesn’t fall asleep until at least 10:30pm, many times after midnight. He does nap at school but they now limit his naps to 30 minutes at 11am. I’ve reached out to his doctor who has given me no advice. It’s getting to the point where I’m getting so frustrated and exhausted that I lost my patience. I have to be up by 5:30am to go to work and it’s affecting my work performance.
I did ask his doctor about melatonin and he said he does not recommend it at all and that it could be dangerous. But I’m at my breaking point. So my question is, how many mama’s out there use melatonin for their kiddos and does it work?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you use melatonin for kids?

I tried before and wouldn’t recommend. My 6 yr old starting having bad nightmares, sleep walking, and bed wetting.very dangerous especially using for long periods of time. Bottld even says 2 weeks max.

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I use melontonin on my kids and my son is about be 6 and have used it since he was 4

Also would like to know! My 11 year old goes to sleep fine, but doesn’t sleep through the night. She’ll wake up once or twice and stare at the ceiling for 30 mins waiting to wall back asleep.

I use it on my older kids if they show that they just can not calm down on their own they go to bed at 8pm also

I used it on mine 4 boys and it did wonders .

Doesn’t work in my option my youngest was on it at a year old under dr supervision it worked one day!!! Gave him more energy then he became overly tired! He is now 2 and I do use the dr teals lotion and bubble bath I don’t really see difference only thing I use it for is because it smells good :woman_shrugging:

Melatonin, it helped my grandson get on a schedule. Now they don’t have to use it every night.

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Been using Melatonin since my son was 2-3 years old, he is now 21 years old. No problems

My doctor recommended it until she got used to the sleep schedule. And we would use
No more than 3mgs

I use it every night for my four year old. We do one chewable Zarbees melatonin each night

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Zarabees melatonin tablets work for us!

I use melatonin for my kids and myself. Mine are older though. But I know people who have given it to younger kids. Not sure why your doctor said it’s dangerous.

I use the Kids Olly melatonin gummies. My son is 3.5 and they definitely help us.

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Dr said no for a reason
My sons on it has been since 8
It’s still man made.
Please listen to the dr


Just dont increase the dosage on a whim. Start as low as possible in my opinion. The brain can develop a tolerance to it & can develop later issues sleeping. If the dosage gets too high, they end up having a really bad outcome.

My daughter has been off/on it since she was 3, she’s 5 and a half now it does wonders!!

I use it on my two little kids… it works for my family

I use melatonin for my daughter she’s 11 and has trouble sleeping

A very low dose is fine. I would try to only use it until you get him on a schedule with sleep. The body will learn to depend on the melatonin and not make the chemicals naturally if used for to long.

Only On those loong school breaks yes to help re sleep train.

Cut out his day nap! He’s 4 he doesn’t need it!

What about magnesium citrate at bed time? Or maybe a cup of chamomile tea? I take my magnesium citrate at bed time and it really helps with my sleep. Lavender seems to work too in some children.

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It works but I e tried to wean my kids off of it and it’s extremely hard. Your body produces melatonin naturally, and if you’re getting that supplement your body thinks it doesn’t need it so it quit producing it so much naturally. My kids can hardly sleep without it anymore. If I had known what it was going to be, I would’ve never started them on it.

I use for my kids n myself as needed, I don’t make it a habit their peds said its ok.

I use it with my daughter and have for past couple years, she’s 5 now. She otherwise will stay up all night and crash between 12-2am. Causing issues for her schooling and my work/school schedule too. She sleeps so soundly and without issue! But I myself cannot take it because it gives me vivid nightmares, something thankfully my daughter does not experience.

I’d use it every other night …use a 1mg gummy and cut in half. See what happens. If it helps, great! If not, try 1/2 gummy every night. Then try 1 full gummy.

Turn off TV at 7, only puzzles, coloring, board games, etc allowed… Shower around 8/830. Give gummy before shower so it has time to start working.

Put to bed right after shower.

My 3 year old has been just like that since birth. His doctor recommended he start taking it when he was 2. And there has not been any issues

RN here & I DO NOT recommend. Altering their sleep at such a young age can lead to life long sleep problems. No matter if it’s “natural” sleep aids or not.


My granddaughter was same way we cut out all sugar and she sleeps thru the night.

We produce melatonin naturally, and giving it to them can decrease that body making it on its own. My sister’s son has used it for years, and if he doesn’t take it, he’s up all night. If he does he’s asleep quickly.
Personally, I wouldn’t give it to my kid, but that’s me. I don’t really believe in using medicine unless it’s absolutely necessary.


Start your routine at 6-7 to wind down. I have given my son melatonin when he has sleep regressions/teething and any weird changes to his routine that last more than I few days. I’d suggest camomile tea before you try the melatonin though it works really well too

Disgraceful giving children something to sleep

Sorry but I’m old school.


Yes we all take it. Mids kids have been on it for years. It’s a safe and healthy way to get some sleep. Go for it.

I would cut out his nap to help but yes I used melatonin at that age and my sister in law does for her kids too that are that age but just make sure not to give to much

Yes melatonin helps my two youngest kids i would say 1mg

Yes every night she is 4 and has alot of energy

I would take out all naps first then try natural calm first

Drs in the uk don’t recommend it and it cannot be bought in shops here at all. I wouldn’t recommend any drugs to induce sleep surly that cannot be healthy

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Use direction on bottle for appriopriate age and only use as neccessary

I’ll use 1mg -2 mg for my 4 year old when I was trying to get him on a sleep schedule for school but now I only use it when he’s really struggling to get to sleep. He hardly needs it anymore

I use it with my now 6 yr old. Have for the past 2 years. We have tried not and he’ll stay up until 11/12 at night. His doc has said it’s fine and has encouraged us to do what works for us.

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My daughter has it but it only works if her anxiety is not to high to be honest xxxx

People often think melatonin is safe because it’s touted as a “natural” supplement. It’s actually a HORMONE & taking it affects our bodies natural melatonin production. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids, ever. The more often you take it, the less it works & the more you need. The more you take, the less your body makes, naturally. You’re basically signing up for a lifetime of having to take it for sleeping & getting off of it is a nightmare.

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Yes. My 10yo will stay up allllll night if we don’t. He just does not slow down. It was getting unsafe as we would fall asleep and he would get up and get into things. He takes half of a 3mg gummy. That’s all it takes to help him settle. We try to skip it on the weekends/ no school nights

Could he take a nice warm bath before bedtime? And, I wonder if he eats too soon to bedtime…so have him eat when you get home from work instead. Does he drink soda? That could be part of the problem. Is there a problem with him laying in bed for a couple hours before going to sleep? What a golden opportunity to get him to start reading kids books.

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We all take it , but not all the time.

I have a 5 year old who does not sleep easy or through the night so my doctor said it is ok to give him 1mg of melatonin for no more then 3 months hope that’s helps

I use it for my 5 year old, she has been using it since she was 4, it works wonders for her. If I don’t give it to her she will be up all night but when I give it to her she is out within 45 mins. I use the spring valley brand from Walmart.

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My son is like this but he does not react well to melatonin or Benadryl he screamed for like four hours in a night terror type of way after I gave it to him. My best bet to get him to sleep on time is to wear him out swimming trampoline playing games that use up a lot of body movement etc.

Melatonin can affect their growth not advice besides occasional use

I was told by my daughter’s doctor it is safe. However my daughter is almost 10.

Pls google long term effects

We use kids melatonin every once in a while if they are still wound up by bedtime (6 & 4).

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Every now and then we will use melatonin. But it really has a adverse reaction for my kids. They will fall asleep quick and sleep for 3 hours then be up the rest of the night. So unless they’re sick or something it never works lol.

Yes, our pediatrician recommended 8-10 mg but we give ours 3 and it’s sufficient. We only use it if they can’t go to bed by 9 PM on a school night! We use a children’s one. It’s not habbit forming and I feel once they are on it a while and you stop, their bodies got used to going to sleep at same time even without it!

My son would be a zombie without it

Every night all my grandkids take at least one

Melatonin is not dangerous :roll_eyes: our bodies make melatonin and I as a mother of a healthy 19 and 15 year old my kids are just fine after using melatonin.

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All my kids have taken it and now my 4 year old step son who has ADHD so use it by the time he’s is 6 or 7 he should be able to sleep on his own gummys help a lot and he sleeps better and isn’t so hateful in the morning cause he was up late

My son’s pediatrician told me not to. Listen to the dr.

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Cut his nap. Clean up his diet. Olly chillax before bath. And use this entire line everynight

Have you tried a sleep baths these work wonders!

I used Zarbees brand for my children after speaking with our pediatrician and it worked great. Only needed to use it for a few months when I was having similar difficulties as you were. It’s all natural, not addictive and made for children.

I started using melatonin around that age for my daughter, but she wasn’t sleeping nearly as much as your son is. She would fall asleep around 3-4am and be up by 7-8am. We found if we give her the melatonin before 10pm it doesn’t work, she just fights it. She has to be very tired when we give the melatonin or it’s not effective. Maybe they could cut the nap out at school? 4 is a bit old to be napping and that’s most likely what’s causing him to be up until 11pm each night.

The AAP says you shouldn’t give your kids melatonin long term. It has caused young children to have seizures. My daughter doesn’t go to bed until 4am sometimes. Just have to learn to deal with it until it passes. He’ll eventually get on a better schedule.

Melatonin can cause nightmares or weird dreams. Please be aware of this.

Get rid of the nap, 4 year olds don’t need a nap. I wouldn’t give my 11 or 14 year old sleep meds, so my opinion is definitely no for a 4 year old.

I use it for my 5yr old son. I give it to him between 7/7:30 & he’s usually asleep by 8/8:30. My son has a lot of energy as well as ADHD.

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Gave 2 out of 3 of my children nightmares.

Start your bedtime routine a lot earlier. 8pm is too late. My 4 year old son is in bed asleep no later than 7:30pm. Every night. We start bedtime routine at 6pm with a warm lavender bath. Followed by a snack and milk and a book read.


Melatonin is fine but a few things you need to know…
Your body makes it. So, overdoing it can mess up your ability to make it on its own.
He has to be calm & in bed when he takes it. If he can be in bed by 7- 730, it’ll help him drift off. It’s not like Benadryl or Sudafed. So, bath, book…quiet & calm. It should help.
If not, go to the Dr. Don’t just call.


Pediatrician recommended the gummies. Our daughter does not sleep and would fight immensely. The gummies contain 1mg and we give it at 7 and by 7:30 she is sleeping.

My son used 3mg melatonin to get to sleep then one that kept him asleep and hes 18 now never affected him

Yup my son was on it since 3 y.o. per doc. Now he’s 8 and on trazodone

Have you watched his sugar intake. My daughter would hype up. Until we figured it out. Then things got better.

Melatonin will help them fall asleep but will not keep them asleep…if given for long period of time it can make the body stop producing the natural form of melatonin which making the person dependent on it to fall asleep it takes awhile for the body to start producing it again once you stop.


Yes but our doctor said ok. But we don’t every night. Just when they are having trouble. Sometimes a good lavender bath helps

Talk to your kid’s pediatrician. I do not recommend.

Game changer for our kiddo

GUUURL yes they work my daughter gives her 8 yr old 10mg n her 4yo 5mg n they fine it’s not like they can OD on them…s***** it’s better then giving them the business n end up in jail with a cps case

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I used melatonin for my kids when they needed it.

My son’s dr actually suggested for my kiddo around the 5yr mark. Cuz he was horrible for settling at night. 4yrs later, we’ve graduated to actual meds but we still double up with melatonin on some nights(dr suggested for the rough nights).
So ya. I recommend it.
Hasn’t effected my kid negatively at all. It actually helped, cuz he was finally getting the sleep he needed.

Listen to your fucking doctor.
Random people on a FB page doesn’t Trump professional medical advice. Jesus fuck these people sometimes.

The doctor already told you that it would be harmful to your child, so why are you asking FB if you should give melatonin to your child? We don’t know your child; your doctor does. LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!


I give it my 6 year old as needed. She usually asks for one but it’s not often she does

I think theres nothing wrong with it every once in a while I have 5 aging 4-12 and when school is starting up in august and after long breaks like Christmas I give my kids the 3g ones for a few days to get back on a schedule then I stop them til I need them again

Giving him 5mg melatonin here and there won’t hurt. It does help, just don’t give it to him every night because it can disrupt his ability to fall asleep naturally on his own. But I agree, you should start bedtime routine a bit earlier. Start around 6:30, dinner, nice warm bath, lotion him up read some books. My 6 & 7 yr old are in bed by 8.

My son is a night owl. He lays down at 8 but never actually falls asleep until after midnight. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a nap. Doesn’t matter if I wake him up early. He just doesn’t go to sleep until late. I used to fight it. But now I just understand, not everyone has the same sleep patterns and I just don’t fight it anymore. My deal with him now is, as long as you don’t have a hard time the next day and you stay in your bed and stay quiet, we are all good. He now will take it upon himself and listens to his body to lie down on his own earlier if he needs to and I’ve not had any issues with it. I’ve always been a night owl myself and my husband an early riser. I think we are just made different :woman_shrugging:t2:

As for melatonin. I have heard that if you have an issue with melatonin production it helps. If that’s not the problem, it can cause more problems.

We call them sleepy numnums and my kids love them.

My dr told us to give my 4 year old 1mg of it. It worked wonders!! After 3-4 days she was on a schedule

Have you tried chamomile tea? I used to make sleepy time tea (that’s what it’s called) for my kids, let it cool down, and mix it with koolaid and give it to them before bed

Yes I use it for my son. I use the lowest dosage. It’s worked wonders.

I would cut the nap first and if that didn’t help perhaps try a very low dose of melatonin

My daughter is the same way. Our doctor recommended it cause she said that my daughter might not be producing enough of the natural melatonin itself so letting her take a 5mg one nighty would not hurt her.

My niece just told me about a Melatonin bath soap, in a purple bottle by Dr. Something. They sell that stuff at Wal-Mart. I buy the Lavender and Eucalyptus Epson salt. I didn’t know they sold that stuff for kids. Go to Wal-Mart website and check it out. My niece said her 2 kids were asleep in 30 min. ???

My son is a little bit older but has similar issues. And here’s what we do. I make him exercise in the afternoon. He does it with me. Few rounds of wall pushups. Few minutes of jumping jacks. And 5 to 10 minutes of jump rope. You might need to Google if a 5-year-olds knees are developed enough for jumping rope though. And around bedtime, about an hour before, if he still seems like he has a lot of energy, we make him sleepy time tea. Which is all natural and doesn’t affect natural hormones. Melatonin is a natural hormone. And while it can be great used rarely, it can affect your body both in the short and long-term if used on a regular basis. Making your body dependent on the additional supplements. We’re sleepy time tea which is made largely of Valerian root and Mullen, are natural relaxers that don’t affect the body’s hormones or development at all.

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We use it and yes it does work.

I use meletonin a couple times a week for my two boys, age 4 and 5. They are WILD. they have a hard time calming down for bed most nights. I give my 4 year old 1/5th of a mg and my 5 year old 1/4 of a mg about half an hour before lights out. Gives them a little nudge to settle down and fall asleep easier without laying there restless for hours on end. Talk to your pediatrician about it.