Does anyone have kids born in the same month?

My husband and I have three kids together but recently moved into his parent’s extra room due to money being tight. We’re currently saving to move out, but this coronavirus thing has left him out of work. We haven’t been able to have sex because we are sharing a room with three kids. But we managed one night when all three kids spent the night with my parents about seven weeks ago. Then come to find out I’m currently pregnant and the due date is the same as my youngest child’s birthday. I’m a total wreck and not sure if its hormones or what, but does anyone have any kids born on the same Month that arent twins? Did you guys get a lot of backlash? I just need to hear some advice…


my son and daughter. His birthday is April 29 hers is April 27. 16 year difference though

My kids are 8/5 and 8/10! Ive never had anyone say anything. Not much you can do to change it

Mine are born on the same day, two years apart

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I have 11/15 10/30 11/18 and 10/20. Never been an issue

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I have a 4 year old born July 12th and a 1 year old born July 8th. I got lots of backlash because she was my 5th baby but, not because of birth dates! Who cares!! As long as you’re able to care for your babies it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!!

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We have 2 boys that have December birthday and 2 boys and my husband have November birthdays. Its definitely a busy time

My brother and I were Born August 8th and 11th 3 years about only thing we hated was sharing bday parties lol as we got older we didnt care.

My youngest two have the same birthday, exactly a year apart! :woman_shrugging:t3::heart:

I have a close friend that her oldest two are a year and a day apart exactly! Both of my sons are November babies but 3years apart! My middle child my only daughter was born on husbands birthday! God works in mysterious ways consider it a blessing!

Lol I have 2 born in same month 5 days apart. The actual due date was the same date.
Congrats who cares what others have to say

My boys are 5/20 & 5/28

I have 2 in February and 2 in June

My sister and I have the same date just 1 year apart…

My youngest and my third is 5/23 & 5/24 it’s fine :woman_shrugging:t3:

Mine are both born in October. One on the 2nd and one on the 20th. Two years apart of course. No one has ever said anything about it. Stop worrying about what other people think.

I have 4 children. 2 were born in December and 2 in August

I have one born the beginning of Dec and one the day after Xmas yes its hard but its managable…we just do the big family party for both the same day then the day of do something that they wanna do

My youngest are 1 year and 11 days apart… both with February birthdays… I just ignored people who are negative… “you have your hands full!” Yes I do so I have to go!! Lbvs… and who cares what people think, it’s your life, your LOVE and your family!

I have a 9/3. 9/9. 10/12 10/23. 10/29 and a 7/1 coming

first daughter was due April 20th, 2006
she was born April 12th, 2006

second daughter was due April 20th, 2019, she was born April 15th, 2019.
13 years and 3 days apart.

I have 3 in August. 8/7, 8/13, and 8/29

My oldest and youngest both have bday in march

My oldest two are 5/28 and 5/22
My middle’s due date was my oldest’s birthday. After a
Preterm labor scare we induced a week early.
They share a birthday party every year.

My sister, myself, my son and my ex husbands bdays are all within 10 days of each other! Oh and mothers day is in there too!

My girls are 4-24 and 4-20 almost 6years too the day. It’s no problem at all

My son (forever 13) would’ve been 16 July 29, my youngest girl will be 2 July 20, my oldest girl will be 19 April 22, & the new baby girl is anticipated to be delivered April 28!

The poorer you are, the more fertile apparently :thinking:


Had my son june 10th then the next year had my daughter june 9th…

Mine are jan. 15 and jan. 24. Not only same mo. But right after christmas. Altered parties by every other year and celebrated what each child was most interested in. No complaints.

Sept. 30, Oct. 8, Oct. 15, Oct. 21, Oct. 25 ← all birthdays in my family lol Doesn’t matter at all.

My sisters bday and my are 2 days apart… hers is July 4 and mine is July 2. We r the same age for 2 days lol it’s never been an issue. I’m currently due for a csection on my nephews birthday :joy: it’s also a month before my sons.

I have a January 17, December 16, and December 18. :joy:

Mine was born dec 16th then 15 years later his brother was born dec 4th

My kids were born same month one day apart. When they’re young, they enjoy it. As they got older, they hate it. But I manage to still celebrate their own day. No backlash here from anyone. It wasn’t my fault one of them was two weeks early. :joy:

My mother had 3 May 6,13,& 17. We always loved it.

Mine have a two year age difference but their birthdays are 5 days apart. It’s no big deal. If that’s your only concern, no worries! Congrats!

My first june 18th 2013 and my second june 15th 2016. My bday is also the 1st of june. I can pinpoint the exact conception date for both and it is exactly 2 days apart haha! They are still young and love it but I know the oldest will soon change her mind!

Really :thinking::thinking: is this an issue my god


We have Birthdays in June July and August and they are really only weeks apart. The struggle is real but they have learned that celebration together means a bigger party

What does it matter???


I know someone who had her boys years apart same exact day. Lol it happens. No need for worrying about backlash bc anyone who does can stay away from myall

I have 4 kids. 3 born in January. One on the 25th. Another on the 27th. And one was due on the 26th… she came early on the 6th. Then I have my odd ball born in November.

My son and daughter’s birthdays are just a day apart :woman_shrugging:t3: my son loves it he says she’s the best birthday present ever

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My boys are only 12 days apart my eldest turned 2 12days after it was ok. We hope to have a big birthday for them both in October if all is well :slight_smile:

My youngest daughters birthday is mid June, I am due with baby #4 June 5th.

You are pregnant in addition to having 3 kids living in one room because “money is tight” and you’re concerned about the new one sharing a birthday month? Really?


Me my oldest will be 10 April 11th my second will be 7 April 8th and the kicker my youngest I was afraid would be another April and I prayed she hold off well she did may 1st it’s not that bad

My Ma and one of her older brothers has the same birthday September 16 (different years of course lol). Me and my sister were both born in January and both my brothers were born in March.

April 5th & 9th. One year apart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There are literally millions of people in the world and only 12 months. There is always a chance you could have kids born in the same month.

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My sister and I often had a combined birthday party - we are one year and 6 days apart. We liked being that close.

I know many people who have kids birthdays on the same day its really common, my husband his birthday is brother was born on his birthday.

My mom had 3. Oct 8th, 16th and 27th

I have 2 granddaughters that are sisters born on the same day 11 years apart and both times it was the Thursday before good Friday how special is that

My oldest was due Sept 16, but was born Aug 26. My seconds due date was Aug 26 but she came Aug 13. The only issue I’ve had is money, because August is also back to school month😪

My meemaw’s birthday, is in February, so is my mom’s and my little sisters. Their birthdays are just days apart and we think it’s funny.

My boys are may 12th 2016 and may 9th 2018

My older sister has a daughter and a set of twins who have the same birthday 2 years apart.

Why would you get backlash? I seem to get pregnant around Halloween each time lol my kids birthdays are only a week apart :woman_shrugging:t2:

I have 3 friends who all have kids with birthdays close . 1 has irish twins who were born both in july another has irish twins as well both born in may and the third her kids are 4 years apart and both born in January.

My two youngest are dec 10 and dec 23.


My due date is the same weekend as his youngest’s birthday. Like two days after. The only people making it a big deal is her mother. I don’t really care because I can’t exactly chose when my body decides to start making my fertility work :joy:

My brother an his partner have 2 boys… they have their birthdays on the exact same date 3 years apart. :grin:

My son is dec 18th and daughter dec 31st

My brother and iare 2years and 2 days apart. My husband and i have the same birthday. Then add a granddaughter on the same day. 1 grandson the day before. Its fun

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All four of my kids will have birthdays together, two in March 11 days apart, and two in July days apart depending on when I go into labor with #4. We still had separate parties for the two in march this year, it’s stressful, but manageable.

My boys are Dec 8th and Dec 12th 4 years and 4 days apart

My kids are both the same month. 3 years and like 2 weeks apart

My younger sisters have the same birthday one year apart. Made birthday parties easy when they were kids haha

I have a 6 yr old who was born in oct and then I have my 5 yr old twins born in oct so 3 kids in oct no backlash

I have a Jan 10th and 11th. And a May 15th and 16th.

The older kids were always super excited and called the new baby their birthday present lol

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I have 3 kids that share a birth month with their dad. My husband’s birthday is October 9th our oldest son (17yr old) is October 12th, our youngest son (3yr old) is October 21st and or 2nd to youngest daughter (5yr old) is October 30th.

My oldest son whi is 8 and my youngest daughter is 3 have birthday’s a week apart and my son suprising always wants there party’s togther

My boys are 4 and 3 their birthdays are February 9th and February 21st alot of people ask if they are twins because they look alike with their blonde hair n blue eyes, I just joke around n say I guess so but a year apart lol

2nd and 6th August
23rd and 24th September
02 of December
6 kids 3 birthday cakes!

Three out my four are born in October the 3rd the 4th and the 6th so most years it the same week. Everyone always teases we know when your bored what you do lol I just laugh and say God has a funny sense of humor bc none of them were on time all various stages of premature

My 7 year olds birthday is january 14, my 2 month olds is january 20. My 5 year olds birthday is march 29 and my 2 year old birthday is March 27. Apparently this is the only way I do things. :joy:

I was just wondering how dangerous it would be for a woman to be or get pregnant now well this virus is killing so many people now

I have 2 boys same month and day just didn’t yr

My first was born May 10
And my second was born May 5 3 yrs aprt
My bday is May 27

Me and my sister were born 1 year and 2 days apary

My younger two are a year and 4 days apart

There are 8 birthdays for our house…


It’s crazy especially around the holidays…

I have 2 Girls born in October, 2 Boys born in June & one Boy in Feb. You’ll figure it out … may be tired of gifts but you’ll figure it out lol

I was told to stop having sex in the spring and summer if I wanted another one :joy: my sister had two in october and one in november.

It’s fairly common. Or at least it seems to be. My aunt’s is April 1, my dad’s is April 2. He’s a year older. My cousins are April 20 &21, they’re a year apart. My grandsons is September 5th &my daughters due Sept 7th

My daughter’s brother’s birthday is 29/4 & her birthday is 18/4. Two different women & he manages to get us pregnant at almost the exact same time, years apart. :unamused:

I dont have any kids born in the same month but I had a kid born the same month as my sister and i threw a total fit about not joining their bday parties. They deserve their own special day

What backlash? This is an off question :face_with_monocle:

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1 boy and 1 girl both born in may 8 years apart. Nothing was said about it :joy::joy: I thought it was hilarious though

We have 2 in March and 2 in June

I have a 10 month old and currently 18 weeks pregnant. Birthdays aren’t the same month, but theyll be 15 months apart. If you take care of your kids, who cares :woman_shrugging: my daughters birthday is exactly a week after my babys 1st birthday, so theirs are close. She’ll be 8, but still, birthdays are close.

i dont. i have a very close friend who has three kids and all have the same month of birth different year. she loves it because she get to celebrate the birthday all at once. saves alot of money. also, the siblings enjoys celebrating the birthday together too. :relaxed:

My youngest was born the day before my oldest turned 3.

My little brother was for on my birthday, I prayed he would not share my birthday, he was both a month later. I was 8 years old when he was born. There is nothing wrong with having birthdays close together, just don’t combine birthday celebrations without the kids saying it is fine with them, offer two small parties, or one bigger one, but goddess and supplies ahead of time so it is not as much of a financial burden.

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My middle child will be 9 April 12th and our baby will be 2 on april 26th and my older 2 were 22 months apart too

And 11 year old born April 30th and a 3 year old born April 26.

Yes my daughters one born may 15th and the other may 16th