Does anyone know if you go thru withdrawal with Adderall?

My pharmacy is being awful about filling it and todays my last day of my current script
Edit : I am not addicted I just reacently found a different doctor a few weeks ago and reached out for behavioral health as I was really fighting myself. So she determined it was my ADHD, triggering my anxiety and that was triggering bad depression. It got so bad in October I was praying to get taken off this earth.
The new doctor wanted to try the medication with my anxiety meds and see if we could level me out before something bad happened. So we have been meeting every 2 weeks till we get me back going and functional and I feel that I am almost their we may need to go down a smidge as 10mg seems to be 2 much and 5 was 2 little.
I decided to quit my job due to the stress/ anxiety it was causing and due to all the mandates they put in place so I am freaking out as I am not sure when they will pull my insurance so I want to be covered.
I just don’t want to be having a withdrawal or something crazy durring a transition in my life as I have to still be functional at my current job over thanksgiving and reading up as I start my new career mid dec.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does anyone know if you go thru withdrawal with Adderall?

Usually anything taken for long periods of time with have some of of reaction/withdrawals when you stop taking it. I pray that you find what works best for you.

Yes, that stuff is horrible and very addictive. If you are to come off of this drug u need to follow doctor instructions and don’t stop cold turkey. My son was on it for awhile and it caused him so many anger issues and he lost so much weight. There were kids in school that would sell it as well if that states anything about the drug. I had a friend that had a son on it and it done him the same exact way and he got into a lot of trouble too bc of the anger it caused and his actions. It actually made it easier for him to want to experiment with other things since the feeling it once gave him went away.


You may not “be addicted” in the sense ppl think…but your body probably is if you’ve been on it for a while.
Until it’s filled, you may want non thc marijuana, if it’s legal in your state.
Call the pharmacy & let them know you need it filled ASAP.

When I got off Adderall I was incredibly irritable and exhausted, I slept for like a month after

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Yes. It’s a controlled substance unfortunately. In NC, the pharmacist has to log the amounts for each patient. It can also be dangerous to stop taking suddenly. You should talk to your doctor about weaning off if it that’s what you want. If you just need more refills, call your doctor’s office before you run out and explain the situation. Most of the time they will allow so many days refill up until your next appointment after it goes through the proper channels.

Yes. Even medications you need can cause withdrawals

Yes it can if your going to stop it you need a wean off plan

Get some mt dew and drink it until your meds can be refilled. It has the highest amount of caffeine and sugar. I knew a woman who’s son was on Ritalin and when he ran out she would let him go to town on the mt dew. My opinion was it worked better than the pills he was on 🤷

All you’ll be is tired af

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Yes. Adderall…it’s terrible. I was prescribed it for narcolepsy and I was so naive when the doctor prescribed it. If I had known how it could’ve and did end up affecting me I would NEVER have agreed to take it. Yes it had it’s perks, I could get stuff done, a lot of stuff. I was super productive. At first. Then it quickly got to the point where I was trying to do so much stuff that I never finished a task. I had to start making lists. It gave me the weirdest pyshical feeling and the best way I can describe it is simply to say “I loved how bad it made me feel.” It screwed with me mentally and physically, but I loved it. I always ALWAYS knew where my prescription bottle was. I would tell my doctor these things and he would just dismiss my thoughts and up my dosage. I got pregnant with my baby and he told me it was safe to take while pregnant with her and I couldn’t believe him. There was no way something that made me feel as I was feeling was safe for a developing human. So I quit cold turkey, which I absolutely would not advise. Please please please, if there is some other medication you can use, go a different route than adderall.


Everyone in my household has ADHD to some extent.
But the only one whose currently medicated is my son. Without his meds his behavior amps up because the meds literally help him control his impulses, hyperactivity, and let him focus.
Without meds…that doesn’t happen.
So yes…he’s way more emotional.
My best price of advice is to
Try Nos energy drinks or chocolate covered espresso beans until you get your meds in.
It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing.

I’ve been on adderal for years and prescribed it daily and can go a day or even weeks without it and not have any withdrawals or side effects. So don’t freak out you’ll be fine as long as you can get out of your own head bc anxiety is an even scarier and more physically damaging thing.


Withdrawals are pretty much the same as opiate withdrawals.

I’m 42 and just stopped taking my adderall 10mg 4x day this month… Been on it for years because my ADHD sends my anxiety threw the roof … I quit taking it because the adderall makes me so tired like I take a dose and have to take a nap I don’t have time for it so I rather bounce of the walls and not be able to focus than feel tired all the time… I had no issues coming off of it other than headaches the first 3 days BUT EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT…

No with drawl symptoms except for sleepiness and moodiness. Took it for 20 years

Yes. I lived it. I live it.
I quit cold turkey after 2 Years. I used it for the same symptoms. It was hell quitting. It was months of hell. I still struggle some days. I know I shouldn’t have quit cold turkey It made it hard… the uos amd downs were brutal as fuck. but it was harder to keep lowering the dosages. I just wanted off of it. It’s nothing but pharmaceutical meth in reality. That’s why it makes you feel so much better… it took alot of self work to realize I didn’t need it. I will add I could randomly take " breaks" and said I wasn’t addicted too, but always kept finding a reason to re-fill them even if I didn’t take them for over half a month. Once I didn’t for a month is when things started to get haed, everything made me sad, I had 0 engery… it caused a rush of everything the adderal had been surprising emotionally. I was on 30mg a day.

It’s basically legal meth.

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You’re addicted whether or not you know it. Adderall is highly addictive.