Does it hurt to get an IUD taken out?

I have an IUD; I got it after I had my son almost four years ago. I want to get it taken out & start trying for another. I’m so scared of getting it taken out; does it hurt? Is it hard to get pregnant afterward? TIA! I just want to hear other mom’s experiences!


Nope! It actually is 10 times easier than getting it put it

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Not at all! But lord beware. I was pregnant within days of getting mine out :roll_eyes:

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No. Out was painless.

No…it doesnt hurt,I was pregnant in a few weeks

Mines did because it was stuck in the left corner and almost had to receive surgery

Nope doesn’t hurt and i was pregnant within 3 months after having it removed :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope and I got pregnant right after.

Doesn’t hurt at all :blush:

Mine became embedded and I had to have it surgically removed. Didn’t feel a thing… because I was knocked out.

I think it depends, mine flipped upside down and was embedded into my uterus. I needed surgery to remove it. So i opted for my tubes to be removed.

I literally pulled mine out myself :woman_shrugging:t2: and got pregnant with my youngest within weeks…


No didn’t hurt me at all and was pregnant a month later

I recently got mine out and it didnt hurt at all…

Easy to get out…I was pregnant in a month.

I was pregnant within 2 months of having it out, no pain

Mine hurt to be pulled out tbh but it also had shifted out of place

It doesn’t hurt at all but everyone is different. I conceived 6 months after having mine removed. Good luck mama!

No they are easy to get out and its easy to fall pregnant straight away

This good to hear because getting it put in was awful.


Nope. It did not hurt. I was pregnant within 4 months of having it removed. No issues.

Has anyone not gotten pregnant right away? It’s been a month since I’ve had mine out.

I think it was better than when it was put in. I lost the string, so they went up there with needle nose pliers (they tried to hide them, but I seen the tool lol) just a little pressure. And I didn’t even bleed like I thought I would. Took me 3 months to conceive but I miscarried. Took me another 9 months to conceive successfully.

Mine came out on its own didn’t hurt

It didnt hurt when mine got taken out and I was pregnant within a month of having it removed

Not alot like some cramping

Just got mine taken out after having it for 4 months hurt horribly getting put in literally felt nothing getting it taken out

I think I’ve had three IUDs and the insertion is way worse then getting it taken out. After my first child though, it was a breeze getting it taken out!

It does not hurt, I had mine in for about two and a half years and it took us a year and a half to get pregnant

I got a strong contraction and that was it…

No. It felt like a quick pinch… I was pregnant within a month of getting it removed.

Mine was just a little pressure. But just a warning, I had an mirena iud for 2 years and 1 month and it took me over a year to get pregnant for my son. I had to have an HSG procedure to help me get pregnant for him.

The first time, I got it taken out after 5yrs and it didn’t hurt at all and I was pregnant within a month😊

the 2nd time I had Mirena for 5yrs and it got stuck. 3 separate drs couldn’t get it out. I had to get a lil surgery to get it taken out.
I’m terrified to get another one put in.

I remember feeling sick and pukey during

My body rejected it twice it didn’t hurt but that’s a diffrent situation

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It was a pinch similar to a pap smear. I conceived 4 months after mine was removed. Good luck!


Mine hurt a wee bit took roughly 4months to conceive after being removed, good luck :blush:

My obgyn was going to give me IUD she said no because of my varicose veins so had my tubes removed and an ablation done

Mine didn’t hurt n got pregnant 2 weeks later

Mine hurt so bad :grimacing: and cramped so bad afterwards…then had a period come back with a vengeance

It doesn’t hurt. You get put in the stirrups and they use the specula to look inside, then the use special pliers and grab the cord. You do feel it but if doesn’t hurt at all. In less than a week you get your period. You can get pregnant right away or it can take a few months/year. It’s different for everyone and different every time. I had an iud taken out and I got pregnant right away. After the baby, I got another iud, I got it taken out and it took me 1.5 to get pregnant again.

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So maybe TMI but I pulled my own out, not saying that’s responsible it wasnt. I had horrible cramps everyday for years and I was young and my ob guilted me into keeping it every time I asked to have it taken out. Laid on my couch pillow under my butt felt the string and pulled super gently and barely even felt anything

I just had mine removed not long ago… it didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t realize it until she said she was done in less then 5 mins…

Yes. But not as much as getting one put in.

Mine didnt hurt getting it taken out… I got it out the beginning of april 2019 and was pregnant by the end of april :joy:

I took mine out myself. No pain.


Not really, much more uncomfortable to put one in.

I couldn’t have it put on I was screaming

I was on my period when I got mine out. No pain. I conceived that same cycle :sweat_smile:

Omg mine hurt! That was 5 years ago and the husband had a vasectomy and no more babies or iud’s

Didn’t hurt coming out but the cramping & bleeding after sucked.

Same as getting it in. Nothing major.

It took me a year + 3 miscarriages to have a full term pregnancy after getting it removed.

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Had mine for 5 years. Hurt for like 30 seconds then just sore for a few days. Took 1 yr to get preggers. Currently 32 weeks.

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It doesn’t hurt as much as having another baby! :rofl:


It doesn’t hurt, I didn’t even notice they took it out. The part I thought hurt was when they put the speculum in :joy:

Light bleeding and cramping for me… And got pregnant 2 weeks later.

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it took me almost 6 months to get pregnant when I got mine taken out

Didn’t hurt coming out at all and I was pregnant the next month

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No. I felt so much relief having that awful thing taken out.

Getting it out is way easier than in

Just take some Advil or something before. It’s about the same as putting it in. I started my period the next day and was pregnant the next week.

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Mine didn’t hurt being placed or removed. Conceived within a year both times.

Mine didn’t hurt coming out at all, but I did have cramping for a couple days

Didnt hurt just a little pressure that was it better then going in that’s for sure

I didnt feel it at all when it was removed.

I didn’t feel mine coming out and I got pregnant a month after it coming out.

Didn’t hurt even a little. Just let taking a tampon out. I got pregnant immediately after having mine removed the first time and 3 months after the second time.

I got pregnant within a month after getting mine removed non intentionally ! I had a horrible experience so I was in the process of getting something new. It didn’t hurt me at all compared to the awful and painful experience of getting it put in.

Nope. It works exactly like it said it would inserting and removal in office minor discomfort and I was back to normal and pregnant with in 4 months.

I hated mine, hurt like heck going in and hurt like heck coming out… oh, wait, that’s right, it caused abnormal bleeding and I was in surgery when it was removed. Yeah, no thanks. Get that out of your body!!

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I didn’t find it painful at all .

I thought it hurt like hell…I recommend taking ibuprofen before getting it removed

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I found it extremely painful to have it in, and for a week after. I was terrified to have it out, but no pain at all just a mild discomfort.

No ma’am but you will bleed a little

Nope. No pain - super fast

It hurt very very badly for me. Felt like a contraction at 10cm

Conceived 2 months after I got mine out and it pinched but I think it hurt worse getting it put in

It hurts more to get it put in than taken out . I had mine out and pregnant a month and a half later .

No and took me 3months to have another

During the removal I felt some cramping and a small pinch, afterwards I had some spotting and more cramping for about a day…
We were pregnant 7 weeks later. I had my IUD in prior to removal for just shy of 5 years.

Gettin it out is easy peasy. Just a teeny bit of pressure and a little cramp.

I thought it hurt more going in, didn’t have pain just discomfort when coming out

Two of my kids were conceived right after iud removal, one 6wks after, one 4wks.

I had 2 iuds the first one i had for 3 years and got it removed to try for a baby and it took me over a year to get pregnant the second one started shifting so i had to get it removed and i went on the pill but ended up getting pregnant anyway and as far as pain goes it was just a little pinch nothing more. Good luck

I got mine out in October after a little over 2 years. It wasn’t bad I did cramp a little but it wasn’t bad… we’re still trying to get pregnant now and I’m on my 3rd cycle

Mines was put in wrong. It fell out a month later.

I had the Paraguard and no it didn’t hurt when they took it out

My cervix swallowed my last IUD strings so when I wanted to remove it to start trying for another baby they had to fish the strings out first before they could pull. It was about as uncomfortable as a Pap smear and nowhere near as painful as inserting the iud. And that was only because they had to fish for the strings.

Everyone is different, it didn’t hurt to get it taken out , but my periods wernt normal for a while id get two periods in a month but 7 months later they were going normal , but now pregnant just over 12 months of trying , good luck x

Nope, if u can feel the strings u can actually pull it out urself. Thata what my ob/gyn told me and that wat I did. Didnt feel any different than pulling out a tampon

I pulled my own out because I had a very incompetent doctor who told me 6 months with grueling side effects wasn’t enough time to let everything level out. I didn’t even feel it when I took it out.

Mine hurt. And I’ve had two kids.

It hurt worse putting it in than taking it out.

For me it hurt to remove and then took 4 years to get pregnant which ended in a ruptured ectopic and loss of my right tube

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It hurts more getting it put in than taking it out

Not at all smallcramp slight spotting over and done with

Honestly people are so drematic and scaremongerers,
It’s like a scraped knee over before you know it. Your adults who have sex an iud insert or removal isn’t the worst you can go through

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It’s a little uncomfortable for a second but then it’s fine. For mine they had to dig for it but it just felt a little crampy. And I got pregnant in less than 2 months

I pulled my own out :woman_shrugging:t2: the doctor refused so I did it myself. It was a relief after HORRIBLE side effects

Does it hurt? Ummm…you had a baby. You are worried about an IUD hurting?


It was almost a relief to get mine pulled. I don’t remember it hurting too bad and I don’t recall having too bad of side effects. I got pregnant almost immediately after. It hurt more to get the IUD inserted than taken out