Does your child call you by your first name?

Does anyone else’s child call them by their first name? My daughter, 21 months, calls me by my first name. The reason she does so is that her cousin (my niece) calls me by my first name, so she caught on. My niece calls my husband and son by their first names. She calls my sisters by their names as well. But my daughter doesn’t call everyone else by their names, just me. Here and there, she says “mommy” but always goes back to calling me by my first name. I tell her, “please don’t call me _; I’m ‘Mommy’” Sometimes she listens and understands what I’m saying, but most times goes right back to saying it. It really aggravates me, especially when I’m not in the mood & I really want to break the habit. I hate being frustrated over something so little, but I can’t help but feel this way. She’s only 21 months old. Her twin brother calls me mama, but I’m worried he’ll start picking up on calling me by my first name as well. Am I overreacting by not wanting my child to call me by my first name? I want to be called “mama, mommy” all the normal stuff!!! She calls my husband “daddy,” calls my mother “Nana,” my father “Papa,” and in-laws “Abuela/Abuelo” she even calls her brother “Buda” WHY ME??


It’s good for them to learn your name. And names of others as well. She will go back to calling you Mommy just give her time. It’s new and fun! Don’t discourage it or a.) it becomes a game and b.) you never know if she may get lost “Mommy” won’t help authorities out whatsoever. Just my thoughts.


My 2 year old just started calling me mama kayla. It pisses me off sometimes but he doesn’t understand that. He just knows it my name so I can’t really be mad at him. He still knows I’m mommy no one can take that away

My son did this with his father when he was little because my kids from my previous marriage called him by his first name but we just kept correcting him and he finally started calling him daddy :blush:

Its a phase. Both my kids did it. Its important to know ur name should an emergency happen. Teach her both ways, but keep reminding her to call you mommy.

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My daughter did for a bit, instead of getting on to her I just made her start saying my last name too. Use it as a learning opportunity, as many others have already suggested.

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Among other names…lol. (just kidding)

Might be because she hears your name often. My son started calling me ‘Teacher Jade’ as he always heard that and then went to just ‘Jade’ and by 2 years old started calling me mommy and I never corrected him when he first started. They grow out of it, some kids just pick up your name first rather than mommy first. It will change, just say ‘mommy’ when called by your name, you dont have to say ‘please dont call me that’
Its really not that of a big issue, it shouldn’t upset you either

My 3 year old calls me by my first name. But just to get my attention or aggravate me cause her dad does it too. I’d honestly just kinda ignore her if she calls you by it if she doesn’t need anything. And not give her any reaction when she does do it.

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My son who’s 2 1/2 calls me by my first name. I lived with my mom & siblings for the first year or so of his life. So he started calling me by my name. And still does. He occasionally calls me mom, when he’s frustrated or wants me really badly. I don’t mind it. He also calls my husband by my name. Which is hilarious. It’s good that your kid knows your name. I would ignore your child, if it bothers you so much.

My daughter did the SAME thing right around that age. But she heard everybody else doing it.
I honestly hated it.
But it faded out after awhile.
And now it’s back to mom:)
But without a beat if somebody asks her what my name is she will instantly say it.
Soo bonus :grin:

It passes mine did as well around that age haha I think it’s because they hear it from other people and are paying attention

Think most children go through it. All 5 of mine have x

My kids called me both for awhile and they know I am mommy but if ever got lost or anything wanted them to know my actual name. There are alot of Moms and cops don’t know who mommy is. My kids knew my first and last name when was little. Have taken custody of 2 littles got them when was 1 and 2 they both called me momma. I also have taught them they know my first and last name just in case they ever need to know it.

She will grow out of it, I’m sure. My kids (4,5,5) all call me by my first name here and there, especially if they can’t get my attention. Sometimes when they are referring to me. My niece (2) can’t say “aunt Whitney” or “uncle mack” so she calls me wee wee and my husband “daddy”. Don’t make a big deal of it because then she will probably do it just to get a reaction from it.

My lo is 20 months and some times he doesn’t call me anything he just quacks at me…all day
It’s a phase it’ll pass just ignore her when she calls you by your name


My 8 year old does sometimes. I called my mom by her name when I was a kid.

I never get to be mommy, I went straight from mama to mom.

Id just keep correcting wen she calls you by your name she’s young but just stay with it n she should learn

My almost 26 yr old does and still does she always heard everyone call me chris thought was alright been doing it ever sense but she knew and knows. And I knew a guy who did that with his mom. My younger ones call me mom.

My 3 yr old grandson calls me mom but refers to everyone else by their titles. It’s just me that he does it to but he lives in the house w/ me and hears all my kids call me mom. I’m sure eventually they will figure out what they’re actually supposed to call us and catch on… hopefully

Wow getting angry bc your kids learning your first name grow up :joy: hows that gonna help cops should something bad happen

If i call across the room to my husband by his name, my son Mimics me. But we correct him and tell him thats not appropriate.
I on the other hand call both of my parents by their first name. Lol at 27 thats a whole other story though. Haha.

When I perform planned ignoring, my 6 year will call me by my first and last name… he always finds my name hilarious :roll_eyes:

Be glad she knows your name as most kids don’t and if they get lost, all they know is mommy. I taught my kids from the time they started talking my name and after they got that down, my telephone number. They’re 17 and 14 now. Thankfully, they never got lost but they knew my full name and number if they ever did. Mommy could be anyone but your real name could help in certain situations.


My son did the same thing at that age except it was calling his daddy by his first name! after a couple days of correcting him his daddy stopped replying to his name until he called him daddy it worked, he’s 6 now and does it every now and then to wind his daddy up :joy::joy:

My oldest use to call me Amanda when ever she thought she was looking funny. So it stopped after about 6 months. Now my oldest who’s 4. Calls her dad brandon randomly in stores. It’s hilarious :joy::joy::joy: sorry but that is not a problem with me. I rather our girls know our names then get lost or stolen and not know who we are.


It’s a phase when she calls you by your name don’t answer after a few times say momma when she calls you momma answer her That being said my oldest called himself boy for a long time :joy:

Don’t worry it won’t last. I tried just ignoring my son then he said mum I said what his reply nothing Laura :woman_facepalming:


Ignore when she calls you by your name and made it a big deal when she calls you momma. For example she calls you for help and say “mommy” be quick to answer yes my beautiful baby girl! Etc. ignore when she calls you your name and if she doesn’t pick up on you ignoring her and switching to mommy after a few times surprisingly look at her and say “oh we’re you talking to me? What did you call me? Then proceed with correcting her. I’m your mommy, that’s my name.” And throughout the day, make a game or song out of reteaching her to call you mommy. What’s my name? “Mommy” And what’s your name? “(Child’s name)” what’s my name? “ mommy, mommy” what’s yours name “(child’s name,child’s name)”
Kids pick up on things that are fun.


From the first day i had my son and i do it now with my daughter we dont use our names its mummy daddy nain taid and grandad . So if i talk to my mum and dad i say nain and taid (welsh for grandma and grandad ) so it stopped them calling us by first name x

Definitely overreacting. All kids go through that stage repeatedly throughout their lives.


Very normal, she Is mimicking those around her, it is not a bad thing, just Correct her each time, I am mommy.
Try not to let it hurt or aggravate you because it is not A mean thing, it is her learning and mimicking. And it is also your name it’s not like she’s calling you a bad name.

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My daughter used to call me and her dad honey instead of mommy and daddy because she heard us call each other that. She outgrew it and now we’re mom and dad amongst some not so nice names when she gets told no


I know several kids, including my own , who have gone thru this phase. I have a brother who was 4 when my first son was born.My second son came 18 months later. My brother called me Sissy, my nieces called me Auntie. My brothers called me Sis most of the time .I also had various nicknames from my friends and coworkers. So they called me what everyone else.was calling me. It was a game to them. Eventually I guess they thought it wasn’t funny anymore and went back to mom. If I were you I wouldn’t freak out or make a big deal out of it.

My opinion i don’t think it’s really a big deal, it’s good for her to know your name. My daughter sometimes calls me by my first name and will even call her dad by his first name, we just laugh about it and go on.
I think kids pick up on what other ppl call them. Once she is older I think she will be able to understand more that you don’t like it but right now she’s just saying what she hears.
My daughter even calls my mom by mom because she hears me at it, she is 5 and she knows that is her nana but she hears me say it so much she picks it up.
Hugs to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mine went through this. They figure it out. I had to call my husband Daddy for a while. They are just learning.

Hahahahahaha that’s funny! I think she is testing you! Just continue to correct her, maybe don’t respond at all to her until she calls you “Mommy”, and look out for those teenage years!

Cheezus Knight see it ain’t only mine

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Oh your child knows, that’s why she or he caught on quick! Be glad your name is known.

Don’t worry about it. She is hearing it and repeating it. She will stop doing it. Mine use to when they were little bit now I’m just mom.

My oldest did for awhile. She never heard anyone call me Mom. Lol

My kids both have/had speech issues. They call(ed) me [insert whiney yell] until age 4 and presently age 2. On good days my 2 year old calls me daddy. My daughter, however, now calls me mommy, and she does this over and over and over until I have no choice but to respond with “I’m literally in the middle of a phone call/taking a sht/bleeding to death on the kitchen floor and you need to either shut the [email protected]# up or go ask one of the THREE other G.D. people in this G. D. house!” So… I mean, I’d legit be grateful to be called by my first name once in a while. :sob::sweat_smile:

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My daughter went through a phase of calling me Emi :joy::joy:

just ignore her. my son does this every now and then as well. I just say that’s not my name ny name is captain lol


My oldest called me Tina & my mom Mom instead of grandma. Dr said it was because that’s what he heard us calling each other & never heard us called Mommy or Grandma. So we began calling each other what we wanted him to call us. It corrected the issue.

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No my kids call me Mom and they call their dad dad however saying that they call their grandfather Todd which is his name. my oldest will be 19 in July and it started with him because he was not able to say granddad Grandpa he had problems with the gr’s when he was younger. so my dad said I don’t care what he calls me as long as he calls me something so he started calling him Todd and it has stuck with all of the grandkids. :joy:

My grandson called me Bert ,cause he heard the other kids say it, went on for awhile then one day out of the blue he hollers grandma I’m hungry.just be patient with her.

You’ll get sick of the mama calls soon, as everyone does haha but just keep saying mama when she calls you something different.

I’d not answer to her when she calls you anything and when she asks why you’re not listening to her say oh I didn’t know you were talking to me. “I’m Mom”. Keep reinforcing that.


Lol, it’s kind of a phase. Not really an issue
My son (4yo) will call me by my nickname. Absolutely no issue there. My daughter (1yo) calls me umba (what we call nursing or feeding). And has since she first started talking. I would constantly tell her that “I am not umba. I am mom, mommy, momma. I give you umba.” Here we are 7 mo later and I am still umba. Not an issue

It is only an issue if you make it. I dont see a reason why it would aggravate you so dang much

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They don’t know any better. My toddler calls me by my 1st name sometimes because she hears it from my older 3 stepchildren. And I will tell her that I mommy but it stands the same, I tell my step kids I don’t care what you call me, I’m going to love you matter what they call me

My kid went threw phases. She called me boobs for a while when a toddler, spike (rainbows nickname). Strawberry (ben&Holly). She just liked the reaction.
My sisters little boy didn’t cry mammy he’d cry “emmmmmaaaaa” because we all called her Emma. Kids pick up on these things

My daughter calls her dad by his name when she’s mad at him it usually goes something like this “Cody! Sippy! Now!” He nana got her started on it because she’s always calling him by name he gets eye level with her and says “thats Dada to you missy” :joy:


My son is 5 and he does it but he jokingly does it on purpose it’s just a phase just ignore she will outgrow it

They have to be taught. Those addressing aunts & uncles should call them Aunt… Uncle… punish the child for doing otherwise. Youshould

I think it’s great your child knows your actual name I thought my son he started talking my full name as well as his father’s because I used to work at walmart as a customer service representative and you would be surprised of the number of kids that were lost and came to us and didn’t know their parents actual name we would as 8 and 9 year old what their parents name was and they would say mom or dad :woozy_face: so I wanted to be sure he knew our names he still calls me mom but I would rather him call me by my name then him getting lost and not knowing my actual name

My son called my fiancé his dad “babe” for 2 years because that’s all he ever heard me call him. He’s 5 and has grown out of it, so I would agree it’s probably just a phase

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Tell them that your name is mom to them because they are special no one else can call you mom but your special children.if that don’t work dont answer them intill they do .my oldest grandaughter called me naynay and it stuck all the kids call me that even my neices and nephew’s and half of them are grown and they’re kids call me naynay

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My oldest did for awhile. She doesn’t anymore though. It was right after she was asking about everyone’s real names. I found it angering and adorable.

Yes I no kids that call there mother and father by their first name because they here your husband call you by your first name but they will get it right

It’s a phase, just keep correcting. Heads up, when they’re pre teens you go from mommy, to ma, to bro and broski.

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My daughter used to call her dad babe until she was 5. You could just say call me mommy. But she may not be old enough to get it yet

Jus leave it alone. She’ll switch eventually.
I run a daycare and when my kids were young they’d call me by my name because all their friends did :slight_smile: I still knew I was their mom without them saying so

Talk in third person, call your self mom, “mommy loves you” or “mommy has to go to the bathroom” “do you want mommy to read you a book?” and have your husband refer you as mom (my husband has always done this as well as honey but call me by my real name in public :joy:).

I’d say it’s a good thing she atleast knows your name. So if she ever gets lost, she won’t just say “I came find my mom”

Yes, first he called me hey you for a while. Then Darla. If you asked who I was he would say I was his mom, but my name was Darla. I just let him do it, he eventually switched to mom.

My almost 2.5 year old calls me by my first name sometimes because he hears my stepkids call me that. I think it’s cute. Makes me laugh because it’s so strange to hear him say it.

My oldest went through a phase when he was about 3 when I started making him pick up his toys, he called me mean lady. :joy::joy::joy:. It didn’t last that long, but he’s almost 16 now and it’s a family joke.

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My second daughter used to call me by my first name until my third daughter started to speak and call me mummy

I have two boys aged 3 and 4. My eldest called me by my name, his brother then caught on to it.
I think my eldest has outgrown calling me by my first name, i am officially ‘mama’ to him…his brother has yet to learn.

I personally do not take any offence to it, I have nicknames for them. If they’re more comfortable with calling me Courtney, thats good with me.
In no way have they lost any respect and the clout ‘momma’ carries doesn’t affect me.

I must admit that i often look like my husbands girlfriend or NOT their mom.

This is merely my opinion, but i think it’s a phase they will eventually outgrow.

Iwas in a blended family his daughter called him by the first name and me mummy so my children who where old enough to understand started calling him Daddy and me by the first name it took very little time and she quickly adjusted good luck.

My daughter used to do that too it’s pretty normal because it’s name that they hear people call you. She will get over it and then start to understand and call you mom. Don’t let it aggravate you it’s not her fault she’s just learning and listening.

I just wouldnt answer her until she called you mum


My oldest did. I was single and no one really called me mom as much as Ashley.

Its my biggest pet hate .I can’t stand it I find it so disrespectful she’s only a baby so keep correcting her and don’t answer when she calls your name its a phase


Lol I laugh when mine calls me by my first name.

Mine calls me by my first name 10% of the time and her dad by his name 80% of the time. We think its funny lol

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You’ll find as the kids get older to choose your battles. Is this really what you need to dwell on? Honestly, there are so many worse things, in my opinion.


My son called me YOU for bout 1.5 years n occasionally calls me by my 1st name cuz hubs will call me by my 1st name so we started calling each other muma n dudiee

Dont take it personal my daughter did the same but im made sure everyone in my family called me mom mommy or momma

This sure is petty to be mad about. Just laugh it off, they grow out of it.

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You have every right to want your children to call you mom, mama, mommy or anything close to that. Just the other day my grown daughter called me “dude” in conversation, I stopped her and reminded her that I was mom, not dude. Anytime she calls you by your first name correct her.


Don’t answer when she says your name. Wait for her to say “mama, mommy…” etc.


My daughter called me by my first name once in front of her grandfather and he started to correct her and I told him that it was ok because she was starting school and had to know mother father and her address for kindergarten so it’s ok just a phase it will pass

Mine have Always called me Mommy but when my first was a baby she would call my husband honey because that’s what she’d hear me calling him!


My son called my daughter’s dad daddy when he would hear her calling him daddy we just corrected him and he started calling him by his name it’s just a phase they’re doing what they hear

My grandsons call their mom “honey” or “babe” sometimes n they’re 7 & 8… It’s just what they hear n mimic of someone they model…

Mine occasionally calls me babe like my husband :rofl::rofl::rofl:

She is being very disrespectful to you

:astonished: I am 37 years old…and I would NEVER! My mom would knock me all the way out :facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3:

Don’t respond until she calls you Mommy. You teach her how to behave. Restructure the behavior. My daughter knows my whole name but knows not to call me by my first name for any reason.

My daughter is 2 in a month and calls me nothing. She prods my leg or pulls my sleeve etc if she wants something. :joy: if she called me Kia I’d be bloody thrilled. :joy:


My 3 year old calls his dad his first name all the time

Sounds like a typical daughter :joy::joy: they all give their mumma grief haha

Just ask everyone to refer you as mommy in front of her and it’ll stop

My now 3 year old did the same thing, she would hear everyone else call me by a a shortened version of my first. I would tell her, I am mommy to you. I got aggravated at times and still do but more often than not she call me mommy and if she calls me by what everyone else does, I “ignore” it until she says mom or mommy. I completely understand and feel your aggravation

My daughter always calls her dad by his name. She has done this from the beginning, she’s 30 now. They have a great relationship and she will be graduating med school in December. I don’t see the harm in it.

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Try sayings where you call yourself Mommy and ask other to refer to you as “your Mommy” when talking to her about you. Maybe it will help? I don’t know honestly cuz it is something that has happened in my family several times.

My youngest (now 9) called me Beth until she was around 18 months old. I have no idea why since both my other kids (9 & 15 when she was born) called me Mom and Mommy. Then one day it just switched to “Mommy” out of the blue. I was a weird kid tho and have called my mom (Susan) “Susie Q” instead of Mom most of my life…despite being 4th out of 5 kids.

My sister’s oldest child called her and his dad by their first names until they moved back to our area after his brother was born. He never really heard them called anything else tho.

Its normsl it passes. More you make it an issue more they play to it