Has anyone dealt with pinworms?

This is kinda gross, so I’m so sorry but has anyone dealt with Pinworms in themselves or your children? It says its harmless, but if left untreated, of course, it could turn into other issues. I’m calling my daughters doctor here in a few hours to see if they’ll see her and prescribe her something (so it’s free). Should I treat myself too? God, I feel like we are an animal and I feel so sickened by the thought …has anyone tried OTC treatments? Which one has worked if so? I have no insurance for myself, so the cheaper, the better… Again I’m sorry for the grossness, but this has never happened to us, and I’m just disgusted and want to know we aren’t alone.


We had a foster child who came to live with us a few years back who had them… for a very long time before we realized it. They were quite easy to take care of… I would treat the whole house twice… feel free to inbox me with any questions

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IWalgreens sell something for them it is a Liquid medicine all family members should take it . Wash underwear and sheets and remind kids to wash hand often.


Highly contagious. Treat everyone in the household. Treat again in 2 weeks to be sure. If treatment doesn’t work first time, do it again. It’ll keep getting passed back and forth if not.

Years ago my friends kiddo had them. It was summer and we were doing a lot of camping & sleepovers. We didn’t have symptoms but still took them just to be safe. Her child took a dose and never had an issue again.

Buy this stuff! It works wonders. Make sure everyone in your family drinks it too just to help it not spread. You can find this stuff at Walmart, Walgreens, or cvs. Don’t feel gross. It’s more common than you think.

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Definitely treat everyone in the family twice as per recommended on the package. Make sure they wash their hands before every single meal and wash under nails where eggs like to hide.
The school sent out a pamphlet a few years ago when our kids were at another elementary school because someone had it. I learned a lot from that pamphlet and video they sent out! They deff won’t cause pain or anything but of course anyone wants that immediately gone so make sure you treat the first time to kill them and then another time maybe a few months later to be sure everything is taken care of :heart:
Sending hugs! Not a fun situation at all :disappointed:

Got them when I was little! I was so embarrassed and felt so dirty that I refused to let my dad take me to the dr lmao he just got some over the counter stuff, be warned IT TASTES LIKE FUCKING ASS​:joy::nauseated_face:
Treat the whole household btw!

Don’t be embarrassed mama! Shit happens!

Typically everyone in the family is treated.

Use vaseline everyday for a few weeks.

Very common but very .contagious, treat the whole house

Use the pinworm medicine. Also, eat pumpkin seeds.

If the dr prescribe her something he’ll likely prescribe it to everyone in the house.

It happens . I was raised with lots of animals growing up. It is treatable

As a child it is soo easy to get …playing outside…in the dirt …hands on your face etc …kissing your dog …as an adult …I would think how in the hell did I get this !! …but just be cautious to wash all your fruits and veggies too ! The pinworm medication will work great

Treat everyone in the house, wash everything especially towels/linens … clean surfaces, wash hands frequently.

How do u know if u got pin worms omg I’m itchin now

Don’t get down on yourself it is yucky just the thought of it but it is not uncommon. Yes the otc med above. My daughter had and the dr said use the otc. I believe it’s a 2 dose bottle

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Treat everyone in the house, and any animals in the house all at the same time

And don’t be hard on yourself, it happens :woman_shrugging:

My daughter had them and we all had to be treated. It’s over the counter meds (I can’t remember the name of it) and one bottle treated my family of 4.

Most humans are born with thread worms so don’t feel too bad… but yeah tou should probably treat everyone in house

Get an OTC medicine by Reese’s. It’s near the antifungal cream.

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Very common doc will probably want everyone treated my nephew has had them several times but no one else in the family has gotten them and my sister has a house hold of 7 why the one nephew is the one that has had them i think is strange but the ped says ots normal

I had pin worms when I was like 9. My mom brought me to the dr and he gave us a pill to kill them for everyone we had been around. She washed everything and we were fine. You guys will be ok too

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Anyone who has been around her has to take a dose of medicine, at least that’s what we had to do,but that was 35 years ago.

It might sound crazy but people should worm themselves every year especially if you have pets. Usually what we eat and drink plays a roll in killing worms naturally where we dont even know we had them. You shouldn’t feel bad at all. Its perfectly normal.

Pinworms are VERY common in young children!! I would treat everyone in your household. They have a medicine called … Reese’s Pinworm you should be able to get at the pharmacy for around $10 :blush:

Pinworms are common. My son had them not too long ago. I used OTC meds from Walgreens it’s $7.99 on their website and they’ll price match https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/reese’s-pinworm-medicine-suspension/ID=prod352717-product


I used Reese’s pinworm medicine from Wal-Mart. $10. It worked awesome. They quit itching and wasnt a problem by a couple hours later.

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I personally got them as an adult about 7 years ago in the military. I cried and cried thinking I was “dirty” until the military doctor educated me how common they are and it’s nothing to feel dirty about. Think of it like a tick. He literally had me drive to Walgreens and buy “Pin - X” and follow the instructions on the box.

Even my boyfriends mother just recently got them from camping. Please don’t be hard on yourself :heart:

My son had them, dr said to make sure he wore tighty whiteys, and to sweep the bathroom floor and bleach it and the toilet after ever use, he said eggs can get lose from a fart

Walgreens. Over the counter meds. Affordable. Effective. Treat everyone in the house… wash bedding and towels daily and treat again thirty days after first treatment. You should be good :relaxed:

Over the counter works just fine, no need for a dr visit. Treat everyone and wash all undergarments and linens in hot water.

Raw garlic is the best natural medicine against worms.

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They are common. If left they die within 3wks the nurse told me. Mine got them few times when at nursery. There is a medication can get from doctors you have to treat whole house. Alot kids bite nails so get them like that. Im pretty sure is how mine did kids forever have fingers in mouth

It happens. Totally common in school aged children and anyone they’ve been in contact with. It needs treating and is super easy to do. OTC stuff (called Ovex here in U.K.) that’s pretty cheap to buy. Everyone in household takes a dose then again two weeks later. Have a good clean of the house (hoover, bedding etc). The adult worms die but kids tend to carry on reinfecting themselves of left untreated. It’s nothing dirty x

Thread worm is very common thats why they do otc medication for them.

Treat the entire family, wash all bedding and clothes in hot water, and repeat again two weeks later. We’ve been through it twice this year

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I get them often from working in the garden and forgetting to wash my hands sometimes, get it treated early and treat everyone in the house, sterilise most touched things around the house, they spread similar to a virus when touching door handles and taps/faucets.

Years ago I thought my son wasn’t wiping properly. I felt so bad to find out it was pinworms. It was treated. We all took the pills. Cleaned sheets and clothes. It never came back! Thank God!


We dealt with this when my kids were young. It is kinda gross but needs to be treated because they are easily spread. The doc gave us a prescription for some tablets - and we all had to take them. One tablet now and one in a week or 2 (it was a long time ago so I don’t remember the length of time). You’ll also have to wash everything…sheets, blankets, etc. Google it and I’m sure you’ll find what needs to be done to get rid of the eggs on surfaces. I did see an OTC treatment in the drug store once but we had a prescription so I don’t know how well the OTC works. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s one of those things that just happens. You probably know someone who has dealt with it, they just don’t talk about it.


I have. We had a pig roast five years ago and of course they didn’t take into account that the pig was bigger than the one in the video and needed more time. I got worms. I went to the urgent care center where they prescribed me this strong ass medicine. For two pills it was $99. They made me sick,but they did the job and killed the pin worms.


I adopted 3 children and they had them when they came to me. They had unexplained fevers, rashes and stomach discomfort. I had their stool checked and sure enough they had worms! The doc prescribed broad spectrum medication (covered by insurance) that treated all kinds of worms. It was simple and they were better almost immediately. The rest of our household members (my husband and I, our son and our baby girl) didn’t get them.

Most likely he got it from outside and put fingers in mouth before washing. My son went to doctor and he got a prescription. He told us it is a good idea for the rest of the family mrmbers to treat ourselves just to be safe even though we didnt have symptoms. I was able to buy otc meds. I think i got 2 bottles for the other 4 members and I think each bottle was around $10 i got i5 at wal mart

It’s actually pretty normal for little kids to get it, and then of course parents to get it as well! Just ask the doc, more than likely they will prescribe enough medicine for everyone to take some. That’s how my daughter’s pediatrician did for us anyways!


I had them as a kid into a teen because i was to scared to tell my parents since i didn’t want them to hurt the worms🙄 i was a weird kid, i ended up getting an unrelated uti and the antibiotics killed the worms on accident. I lost close to 45 pounds over the 3 years having them


Its very common in children and nothing to be ashamed of. All household members should be treated. The OTC remedies have the same ingredients as the ones prescribed by a doctor so I suppose you just have to do what’s best for you. I’m in the UK. We can buy or be prescribed Mebendazole x

We had them a few times. Whole family should be treated (check with vet if you have pets on if they need treatment I think dogs get hookworm which is similar but not pinworm). Treatment used to be chew a pill then 2 weeks later another one. If still that make sure you take final dose even if symptoms have gone. Wash clothes and bedding and make sure everyone washes hands.

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Just had this issue about 2 months ago, the over the counter medicine works like a charm, I believe it’s literally called “pinworm treatment” or something like that. I’d treat the whole family & wash bedding. And to prevent it from happening again, try to keep the kids’ nails clipped and enforce hand-washing.


I had them as a kid ; meds made them go away. Dealing with bed bugs now because of letting someone stay at my house. The struggle is real.


Cut the childs nails short so if scratch no eggs can go up into them an as kids puts hands into the mouth they can get them again… boil wash all clothes boxers/nickys bedding etc get over the counter tablets no harm in treating the hole family… and again in 6 months i think x its very common x


When my twin daughters were born in July’ they appeared in their diapers!! Gross. Took to Dr & he asked if we had a sand box, which we did. He said the older kids got them in sand box from cat poo buried in sand & passed the air borne eggs onto the babies. If it wasnt for the diapers, wouldnt have known we had them. Had to boil water & put all bedding in wash machine. The whole family took meds & got rid of them. Was really gross. Keep sand box covered when kids are not playing in it!!

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My daughter had them months ago, and tje pharmacist said its best to treat everyone in the home. And heads up if you have Medicaid (staywell) mine didn’t apporve to pay for the prescription. So the Dr, and pharmacist told exactly what to get and how to use etc

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It’s super common. Nothing to be embarrassed about! They treat with OTC Pin Worm treatment (pyrantel pamoate) the same you treat for worms in dogs.
It’s super common, especially if you live in the country! Don’t be embarrassed, run to CVS and grab the OTC meds and y’all will be fine. I’d treat everyone in the home to be safe.

take it for yourself as well. You can get them by chewing your fingernails or bad meat. (Just common examples) no need to feel gross about it, the doctor will tell you all to take it. wash the sheets and spray the couches.


Yes treat yourself and your daughter and all other members of family. Also wash all bedding and sanitize all surfaces in the house along with childs toys. This is a regular problem at my house because my children love to play in dirt. I have never had them I just treated myself to prevent getting them they are very contagious. Honestly it is so common Especially with children who are outside all the time


I had them when I was a child. I got meds from the doctor and they went away. Nothing to be embarrassed by. It happens sometimes with kids.

I had them as a kid. It was gross. Had 2 take a very bad tasting medicine. They looked alot like maggots. It was the worst thing ever.

It’s highly contagious so I was told you are suppose to wash everything they sleep on or touched without washing hands because you could get them again since they survive a few days outside the body :grimacing: cutting nails, hand washing ECT. I never had it till I had this friend around and after she came over and I had it I was so embarrassed and disgusted I got treated washed everything I owned and took over meds from Walgreens it went away quickly. I’m sorry this happened I totally understand :cry:

Yes, whole household needs treated for it. Definitely still call the dr, but we tell parents there’s one at Walmart otc (does get expensive if there’s a lot of people in the house). Almost treat it like lice. It’s super contagious.

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Both my children have had. The prescription is insanely expensive and they don’t typically stock it. I found some OTC pinworm medicine at Walgreens and found it worked perfectly!


I have never had them but I hear they are super contagious so if you have more than one kid be extra careful

Sounds insane but my son had them at about age 11, his dad shined a light towards the exit hole and they came out towards the light, disgusting but it worked!

We ran barefoot around our farm animals when I was little. Easy treatment, Super itchy! Had to wear shoes outside from then on.

You are not alone. It happens more often than you think


Everyone had to take medicine wash all linens etc most families have dealt with this

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Garlic, start cooking with a lot of it. it will prevent tall from getting them.


Wtf how does this happen? Great something new to worry about as a parent :nauseated_face:


My kids got them when we put in a sandbox for them to play in. Dr prescribed one pill each for them n everyone in the house also had to take one. Just wash bedding ect…

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Treat all family members and you can get the necessary medicines over the counter. Dr usually prescribes for the person being seen only. It’s best to treat everyone

I had them as a kid. Was so embarrassed and didn’t tell my mom. Finally when I was 18 I saw the Dr, meds took care of it quick…

My daughter had them and we had to get treated as well so med could work on her. It worked.

Little kids get it a lot. It doesn’t mean you’re dirty. Just like lice. Yes there is treatment.

I just dealt with this a few weeks ago they have a medicine that’s like 7$ at walmart called reese pinworm treatment works well

Reese’s pinworm medication …
It’s only available as liquid and you dose based on weight of the individual…
Safe for adults and kids

My bffs daughter did. They have a farm…and a toddler…according to the pediatrician it happens. Bestie was mortified and ped said it’s no big deal. Don’t stress. Ped also said might not hurt to treat everyone and if don’t have meds won’t hurt.

I had them before they are disgusting but they give you over the counter meds and they work. I literally have never said to anyone before that I had this because I was ashamed and seen this post and didn’t realize it was a super common thing. But it’s still so embarrassing…

We just dealt with this… you get the medication at Walmart behind the counter, it’s cheap and you treat the entire family and wash all bedsheets … simple fix :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have never heard of this or known anyone with it… I am now horrified!!! My kids go barefoot all the time! And my older one bites her nails!

It’s perfectly normal. Every family member in the house needs treating because it’s really contagious… change underwear every morning and wash laundry on high heat and also bedsheets everyday for a week. Wash your hands before eating always

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My entire second grade class got it and as a skinny shorty they were afraid to give me the whole pill for them so I ended up still having them and having to take it again later. It was creepy and freaky. I’d say unless you start having symptoms you probably don’t need to be treated to but they are easily spread. But it is just one pill you need to take one rather large one or was when I was a kid. Make sure wear underwear and pants to bed, hot wash the sheets and everything related to the bed. I’d give a good hot wash to anything that could have been touched by fingers that may have been in the mouth. But really I was visiting family when I found out I had them and went home and my mom called doctor kept my bedsheets clean and gave me medicine. No one else in my family or home ever got them. So I was around like 5 other ppl close contact didn’t get them but the whole 2nd grade class we were informed did.

Everyone in the house should be treated and all bed linens washed

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Had them as a kid. My grandma used to give me some really gross brown stuff to drink to get rid of them but can’t remember the name. Just knew it as worm medicine

My son had them as a toddler…more than once…doctor said the eggs can live through a partial cooking (medium rare beef) I was given a thick red liquid *almost looked like blood to give him… it cleared it up fast.

If your daughter likes to wear dresses/skirts have her wear short leggings under when going to school or play outside. Underwear is not tight enough (not supposed to be) to prevent dirt from getting into the area. Loose shorts are not a lot of help.
If you need to get prescribed medication try GoodRX. I always check for discounts even though I have insurance.

Its like lice… treat everyone… and honestly… when you read in to it… its very common
. You can get pinworm meds at the pharmacy

Nothing to be ashamed of. Like head lice. I was embarrassed when my kids got them but then I realized head lice don’t care who you are or where you come from.

Pin worms badically cone from dirty hands and nails. Its common with small children. The treatment is inexpensive.

Very contagious, best to treat everyone in the household and let daycare or school know so other parents can be in the lookout. Pinworms happen, no biggie. Nasty as it seems.

Have dealt with them with my son. You can go to pharmacy and get over the counter medicine for them. Take them as directed end it will clear up

You need to go to drug store and get pin worm medicine. This is very common in children and easy to treat. Follow directions on the package.

They normally make you treat your whole family so it isn’t getting passed around.

My child got them like a week after my mom died… Along with lice pretty close to it. Lol…im like huh??? A little worm in his butt?? My mom never told me. . lol


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A lot of comments to scroll through so I apologize if this is repeated, you will need to be treated as well with the prescription from the doctor. However, I found for my son to deal with the restlessness due to the itch at night I used coconut oil, it helped and not expensive.

They’re quite common. I had them as a child. Kids sit on the floor or the ground, wollow with pets or play in sand. I don’t know of over the counter meds but it’s safer to take her to the Dr. Loss of appetite, stomach ache and turning white around the mouth around food is typical symptoms. It is unusual for adults to get them and they aren’t contagious like a virus. Easy to knock out with a prescription. Ask the Dr if there is an effective OTC remedy.

My kids as little ones had them but yes treat everyone

I was given pinX it’s over the counter at walmart one time dose and it worked like a charm. Def wash everything and bleach toilet after use until all is cleared up

Everyone in the house and babysitter need to take the medicine. We had to take it once every week cause we kept getting them back. The medicine is gross so you’ll need a chaser :joy:

Same medication treats animal and humans. Make sure they prescribe enough for everyone in the household.