Has anyone experienced this?

Well my daughter has always dreamt of having a puppy, before buying one we decided to test her for allergies, unfortunately she is allergic to the majority of animals and dogs is one of them. I’ve been able to trick her mind with buying her fishes but she’s 10yrs old now and has been begging me for a dog. As you might understand as a mother you would do anything to see your children happy. However I’m scared it must harm her health. We looked into hypoallergenic dogs but there’s no such a things because she can still be allergic to them. I was thinking to take her to an allergy specialist to guide me better, to see if she can take medicine so that her symptoms ease off a little and she’s able to have her dream dog.

Have any of you experienced this before? I would really appreciate some advice regarding this if you have been through the same thing.