Has anyone gotten pregnant 7 weeks postpartum?

had a baby seven weeks ago. My husband and I have been having sex since three weeks postpartum I haven’t gotten my IUD in yet, and my husband’s been pulling out, which isn’t effective. My first baby is proof of that. But has anyone gotten pregnant so soon postpartum just from precum? I’ve been feeling the symptoms I usually get with early pregnancy, but the test was negative. I think I’m just anxious, but has it happened to anyone? Please, no judgment. Thank you.


You can get pregnant from pre cum. Maybe use condoms

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My first two are 11 months apart! :joy::grimacing:

You are super fertile after giving birth.


Ma mother had all 3 younger siblings about 7/8 weeks postpartum they all where e under 3

You’re super fertile during that time so easily possible!!

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And ummm condoms cuz precum is still cum


My mom and her sister are 10 months apart, so yeah, it can happen. Good luck!

Yep…my brother is exactly 10 months younger than me

I know people it did happen to, most of them were when I was working in a doctor’s office!
I experienced pregnancy symptoms up to 8 weeks postpartum. No shame since it was scary at first! Talk with your doctor or medical professional. :slight_smile:

Yes and you are super fertile after birth

My 1st 2 are 11 months apart.

You are extremely fertile right after having a baby! So yes. Definitely.

That’s when your the most fertile right after having a baby I got pregnant 3 weeks postpartum and it’s took me 2+ years trying with my first :rofl:


If you tested and it’s negative, then don’t worry too much about it. However, in future you should consider back up protection so you won’t be stressed.

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Any time you have sex you can get pregnant… PERIOD


My girls are 11 months apart… I got pregnant within 2 weeks


My two littles are 9 months and 12 days apart. Had my daughter in November, had a cycle in December, and got confirmation of pregnancy January 22nd.


My sisters are 10 months apart, I think it might be more common then people think it is. My fiancé is 11 months apart from his sister too

Yes u are more fertile right now

Irish twins…April 98. March 99.

It can happen, and you’re very fertile after giving birth. Get a test.

You’re so fertile after having a baby so I’m gonna say yes

Yes my first 2 are 11 months apart

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You’re extremely fertile the 1st 3 months and how do you really know he’s pulling outbin tim? It might be negative because you’re not far enough along yet as well. But don’t worry. They will do a pregnancy test before putting it in.


You are hella fertile right now. Congratulations on your Irish twins :joy:

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Your probably pregnant you are super fertile after having a baby so pretty good chance your about to have Irish twins

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Yes your most fertile after birth here comes the Irish twins

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You’re all open, you probably are pregnant.

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Thats why my granddaughter has 3 boys now lol 1year and 2 weeks apart lol but they are cute

You’re more fertile after having a baby, so yes it Likely.

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It happened to my grandma :woman_shrugging:

I got pregnant when my son was 8 weeks old. I’m due any day now and my son’s first birthday is tomorrow. I’m praying to God this baby stays in there until after tomorrow.


This is why my first two children are only 10 months apart 🥲😂

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Go get some bloods mama to be sure

Yepp, mine are 11months apart :sparkles:

Got pregnant 12 weeks outs so yep u can lol mine r 3&2 now x

Yes my last two were 10 months apart.

It’s possible. I would suggest getting blood work done to make sure.

Yes there’s only a Yr between my 2 boys. They’re 13 & 14 yrs now xx

Yep, my 2 oldest are 9months 10days apart.

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First of all, ewwww. Don’t have sex until 8 weeks after you give birth. You just let your husband sick is bacteria stick in your open wound. Secondly, you are most fertile up to six months after having a baby so chances are you are pregnant and will probably get an infection.


Definitely, I have two 2 year olds. They’re 8 months 10 days apart.


Did she just say 3 WEEKS postpartum??? :grimacing: I’m cringing and disgusted about how dumb some grown women can be. Not to be rude but your doctor tells you 6 weeks for a reason


My kids will be about a year apart… my daughter is due on my sons first birthday

Why in the hell would you do that?:scream::scream::scream: I get a Depo shot before I leave the hospital just cuz! And I never have sex before the 6 weeks. Then I get my Mirena inserted at the 6wk check up! Ain’t no sex that good that I’m willing to risk having 2 kids in diapers at the same time.


Of course you can. Girl you got to give your body proper time to heal. Thats why they tell you to wait 6 weeks to have sex post baby.


My sister had her kids 10 months apart. I think they call it Irish twins.

Of course there is a chance you can be pregnant. There is always a chance when you are having sex. It does not matter if you have birth control or use protection.
You would not be the first or the last to get pregnant soon after birth.

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Yes it 100% can happen and you’re actually more fertile right after having a baby

I’m gonna go ahead and be rude.
This is ridiculously dumb. Not only are you not fully healed but the chances of your uterus being healed enough to grow another baby is slim. I got pregnant 3 months after my daughter was born and had a miscarriage because my body wasn’t ready.


I got pregnant just afterwards as well, I had major symptoms and the main one was peeing all day everyday. Took a test and it was extremely faint, went to the hospital for a blood test and they said it’s very hard to tell but yes you’re pregnant(I was four weeks along)

Yes. My daughter’s girls are 10 months apart

My Irish twins can confirm you are def. capable and fertile :joy:

I got pregnant about 8-9 weeks PP. My kids are exactly 11 months apart (8/8/17 & 7/8/18)

They should definitely test you before you go on bc.

:flushed::flushed::flushed: the comment section should have 2 parts lol one where all the wonderful, kind, and helpful women post to encourage, uplift, and ease other women’s suffering, mistakes, and venting. I applaud those wonderful creatures. And the other section is for the swamp witches. The ones who say ewww, leave their judgy comments and claim I only say it because I care, and are just plain here to point out error like they get a prize.


My grandmother had twins, 11 months later she had a boy, 10 months after she had another girl. A year later she was widowed.


To answer your question…my first two are 9 months and 3wks apart! :joy:


Yall would freak out if you knew how soon post partum I did the deed lol but yes you can get pregnant from pre cum. Take better precautions if you don’t want to be pregnant.


Why aren’t you using condoms? Get a pregnancy test.

I thought you have to wait 6 weeks pp. Goodluck.

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You just got yourself some Irish twins for 5 minutes of pleasure :grin::joy:


Please use protection if you want to have sex after the having a baby !!!

Yep I have Irish twins.my first 2 are 363 days apart my son was 2 weeks over

Ahh lots of people do. Its called having Irish twins.

Very fertile right after. I have Irish twins lol

5 weeks. My babies are 10 months 2 days apart

I have a coworker who got pregnant the first time she had sex right after giving birth.

Yesss… Was pregnant by my six week appt!!! They are BFF!!!

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Yes, I got pregnant 8 weeks postpartum. Mine are 10 months apart

So…you’re not going to have to put the baby swing away when this one grows out of it…🤷♥️

Ummmm did your doctor not warn you that it’s easier to get pregnant pp?


Yes my kids are 10 months apart

Yep, called Irish twins

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My last 2 boys are exactly 12 months 1 week apart :heart: they were planned though …

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Ohhhh no… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::pensive: After having a baby, a woman is VERY fertile. The cervix is open and I’m hopeful your OBGYN discussed all these possibilities with you. (My 1st OB did not- they were terrible overall though. My 2nd OB did).

It’s like an open wound. Your body needs that time to heal. Nothing should be put up there before you see your OB at your 6 week follow up, and possibly longer at the doctor’s discretion. Infections are more likely to happen. I hope all is okay.

Also, I’m speaking from experience. My (now) 3 & 4 year olds were born Nov 2016 & 2017. My 2nd was the hardest pregnancy. I was trying to heal, be a good mama to my newborn, then adding pregnancy hormones, fatigue and all the things- it was just super difficult for me.

Then when they were born & even now, it’s like having twins. I could go on. Wishing you the best!


Yes. I have Irish twins. 10 months apart!

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Yep my oldest and middle sons are 12 months and 2 days apart. Fun times… :joy:

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yes my daugters are the same age for 9 weeks lol

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Haha my sons are 12 months and 4 day’s apart
Yesss it sure can happen

My sons are Irish twins. Just shy of a year apart.

Ya my kids are 11 months apart. They’re the same age for 2 weeks in June lol

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My last 2 are 12 months 10 days apart. We also thought we were being careful. Some things are just meant to be :heart_eyes:

I was always told precum is the most fertile cum… you really shouldn’t be having sex until 6-8 weeks after giving birth… until after your OB gives the okay that everything is back to normal size

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Is the question, can you get pregnant from precum? Because that is and answer in itself, if the question is can you get pregnant after having had baby so soon, well there are plenty of children born within 12 months of each other soooo…

My kids are 9 months and 2 weeks apart

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My sister had them 10 months apart. Mine are almost 2 years apart and too close. I had symptoms of pregnancy post partum even after I got my iud in so I think its just our bodies trying to get back to normal.

My sister and I are the same age for a week. I would’ve had a baby about 10 months after my youngest was born but I lost him or her early in the pregnancy.

My sons are 11 months apart, you are most fertile after giving birth. Good luck, 2 under 2 is quite a challenge!


For one… No glove, No love. Especially after just having a baby. I understand your married. I am also. But your body needs time to heal after having the first one. And second you can get pregnant with any kind a semen. Obviously you dont necessarily want a second baby this soon, especially after asking that question. So make your husband wear a condom till your BC is good.

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lol just stop. Both of y’all are trying to have another one already and you know it. Which is cool if you actually want to. It’s your husband not some random man. But let’s not sit here and play like you’re still in middle school and don’t know any better :joy:


You most definitely can get/be pregnant! If you don’t want another right now (if your not already pregnant) I’d suggest you stop until you are on bc or use protection!

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My sister and I are 10.5mths apart & my son is 10.5mths older than my identical twin daughters I was fully breastfeeding on the mini pill and only have one tube so I think they were ment to be here :rofl:


Wow sorry for all the RUDE AND JUDGMENTAL comments…it can definitely happen. Hopefully you are not pregnant (if that is what you want or don’t want). I completely understand the anxious part. My tubes are even tied and I still was paranoid after having sex each time lol


My daughter has Irish twins. They are 10 months apart.

Be ready to possibly have another baby I guess

So unsafe for your body. Not just having a baby but the act of sex alone. I can’t even with this post


I have 2 older brothers that were born 10 months apart to the day.

Literally called Irish twins. It’s a pretty normal thing when people don’t chill out until they get healed & BC on deck. :woman_shrugging:t2: