Has anyone gotten their tubes tied after a C-section?

Has anyone ever got their tubes tied after a c-section? I’m seriously considering getting mine tied after my c-section on November 21st. I’m 36, and this is my third pregnancy, 2nd baby, and it’s been such a hard pregnancy emotional and physical, so we are done having kids. Birth control doesn’t really work for me, but I want to make sure it does hurt the recovery process since I will have a newborn and a five-year-old to take care of mainly by myself since my fiancé works crazy hours.


They tied my tubes while doing my C-section


I did after my 3rd baby. Im 41 with a 20 14 and now a 17 month old… im good…


I had my tubes tied during my c-section no issues.

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I got mine tied after my second c section and had no problems. I had two c sections and the second was actually an easier recovery than the first

I done too eith 3rd with a 5 and 3 year old just couldn’t sweep and mop but everything else was fine

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I’m 29 with an 8, 3 and 1 year old. They did tubal during my c section


Had mine tied during c-section!

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When I had my csection I had my tubes tied… and I don’t think it effected my heal time. I felt pretty okay after 4 days. And was pretty much back to normal after 2 weeks.
I had it done about a year and a half ago… and the worst thing for me is it really messed up my periods… and my doctors won’t do anything about it besides to to prescribe birth control to me… which if I wanted birth control I would have done that instead… but, yeah. I had my last baby a year and a half ago had my tubes tied and in that time I’ve only had maybe 4 periods…

I did I had a set of twins then when my son came during the c section they tied my tubes. It also easier when they can do it during the c section

Had mine tied just 2 weeks ago after my 4th. During my c section. I had to sign papers 30 days before delivery or they wouldnt tie them

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I did at 35 and my 4th baby… periods are a little more painful. Kinda wish I had done a hysterectomy instead tho.

I had mine done during my c-section and it was the best thing I ever did… Did not change my recovery at!!!


I did and it went great

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I was in the same boat, I’m currently 38 weeks with pregnancy #4, baby #2. I am doing a repeat c section and I WAS planning on tying my tubes, I had it scheduled and everything. But i started second guessing, not about having more kids because I know I am DONE lol but because the surgery itself and the impact it will have on future periods and menopause.

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I didn’t in 1976 after my 3nd c-section. Mine were cut and tied .

I had mine removed when i had my csection


I did I was in more pain the first day or so but that was it I haven’t had any other problems other than I am still bleeding 5 weeks later

mine were removed after my 4th child during my 4th c section.


I know someone who had it done, and I’m planning on it after we have our second. Better than having to do recovery twice. Really shouldn’t be any different recovery than the usual C-section.


I did . This was my 3rd. I had her 6 weeks ago and the removed my tubes. She was my hardest pregnancy by far. I am 33 years old. I am so glad they did it

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My doctor is doing mine for me after I have my 2nd. Unless I have to have a c-section I will have to do recovery twice.

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I had them do a tubal before they closed me up. My csection was 4 weeks ago. It didn’t take long at all .

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I just had it done only thing it changed was it was a bit more painful cramps wise during recovery.

Had mine done after my second c section and my 3rd baby. Best decision ever since my last baby is what I call IUD baby lol.

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I did it! I have a 3 month old baby now. Whoever posted this feel free to message me with any questions you have!

I got mine tied after my third child. First and third were c sections. While they were in there, they tied them! Best decision ever.


I had it done while they were in there. Might be pretty painful I’d make him get snipped.

I did with my 3rd child at the age of 27 2nd c-section
Everything went great but had complications 8 months after like heavy periods and bc am anemic I needed an ablation followed by a total hysterectomy so consult your OB

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I just had my third baby c section and got mine done.
It went well and I was up walking around the day I had my section. I’m actually ONE WEEK and ONE DAY post surgery.
If you have any questions please feel free to inbox me :blush:

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Had mine after our third and it didn’t affect recovery time at all. Better to get it all done at once… honestly the day after I came home from the hospital this last time I was outside doing yard work (laying around doing nothing drives me nuts)… That put me at 4 days post csection… Baby now a little over 3 months… All is well and no more babies to worry about!!!

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I had my tubes removed during my c section. It was my third baby but first c section, and recovery seemed normal. Not any worse then anyone said it would be

I got a tubal ligation after my last c-section…I feel the only differences this time around with the ligation, is that I had night sweats for months after… Sweat just pooled on my chest at night. Mood swings, temperature not regulating for a while… But as far as recovery, you recover with the csect. Nothing added physically. Best decision ever really. Although I do get sad we are done with babies at times, it’s for the best.

I did it but it was about 6 months after due to a surgery I had to have in between. Glad I did. It was an easy procedure. But I had no real pain w c section either

No different in recovery I think c section are super easy anyways no pain after for me but everyone different my c section lasted longer cause they fixed me but I was doing wvrythi g normal when I got home two days later sex in 10 days

I had mine done with my last c-section on 08/10/19…it’s our second boy and we are 110% done having babies lol!! My recovery was actually easier this time around…haven’t noticed any difference as I’m EBF and have yet to get my period…

I had my tubes tied 2 years ago during my csection. It was my 2nd csection and I think the healing time was the same both times. I did feel a little more pain the second time, probably from tubes being tied, but it was manageable.

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Please research the side effects of getting your tubes tied, verses your SO getting a vasectomy. I’m scheduled for a c-section for my twins and thought I would just get my tubes tied at the same time, which is what my mom did when she had her twins (me and my brother). She had horrible cramping, very heavy periods, and ovarian cysts after getting them tied, before menopause. Obviously this isn’t going to happen to everyone, but if you can avoid it and SO is willing, you might as well.

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Just have them do it during your section. It doesn’t take but 5 seconds. Makes things so much easier

my cousin did it and do have a few others I know… they’ve all said the recovery was just like normal birth recovery but friends of mine who went back and had them tied later had a harder recovery so if you’re completely sure you’re done, then I would just have them do it while they’re already in there

They will wait until u are healed before they do that I can’t recall if it really hurt or not but good luck

Had my tubes tied after 4th c-section. It made no difference in healing. They did it right after baby came out. It took just a few minutes. Been over 3 years and no issues from the tubal.

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I. Had c sectipn and my tubes cut tied burned. I didn’t want to have anymore children it dont make a difference go for it my mental state was great knowing i couldnot get pg again

I never had a c-section but I did have my tubes tied then 10 years later had to have a hysterectomy

I had a tubal after my 3rd child. It was my 2nd c-section. Only difference is I felt a burning pain in the bottom of my stomach after surgery but it was manageable. 6 years later and the only complaint I have is going from having a 2-4 day period to a 7 day HEAVY period but at least I can’t get preggers again LOL

My friend had hers done while she had her c-section done

I had my tubes removed during my csection. Recovery wasn’t horrible since it was all combined. I’m 6 weeks pp and only have a little bit of incision tenderness every once and awhile.

I didn’t notice a difference in recovery after having it done after my 3rd c sec, but I did suffer with painful periods and cramping which has led to me having the coil but that still doesn’t make much difference. I hoped it would help with bad periods :disappointed:

My 3rd child was my 3rd C section and they kept asking me if wanted my tubes tied. I said no because the operation room floor was so dirty it looked like a garage for cars. I got really sick and had a hard recovery they were giving me iv antibiotics and I was worried they may have left an instrument in me. Yes, I sound dramatic but I’m glad they didnt mess around in me anymore than the caesarean. All the other stories sound like it w as s a breeze.

I had my tubes tied when I had my daughter via c-section (2nd child). Healing lasted as long as a normal c-section when I had my son (first child)

🙋 i did my 4th pregnancy… Ive had 3 csections
4 live births
1 miscarrage at 5 months along and
1st baby alive
2nd baby alive
3baby miscarried
4th pregnancy twins and alive so i finally tied my tubes its quick and fast process…

I just had mine done July 11 after my son, 2nd child, was born. Both c sections. The recovery wasn’t bad at all, no worse than recovering from the c section itself. I recommned getting it done after childbirth instead of waiting and having a separate procedure done.

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It didn’t hurt my sister when she had hers tied after birth of her 2nd.

My doctor removed mine completely after my last one. I wanted it done when I had the C-section but due to insurance reasons I went back and had it done 2 months later.

i did never felt anything except happy no issues

I did not notice any difference in recovery i had c-sections with both of my babies and aftet my secondhad my tubes tied and i didnt have any side effects no changes in my body

I had mine done, best decision ever!

I had mine tied 4 years ago during c section…lets talk about people like my cousin had hers done 3 years ago same way she’s now 7 months pregnant!! That’s my worst fear is becoming pregnant I know its extremely rare the possibility is still there! So far I’m good and as far as recovery it was not bad at all I stayed 2 days felt alot better than I did with my first c section

My friend had hers tied after her twins 3rd pregnancy she just asked her doctors to do it and they agreed and she signed the consent

I had mine tied after a C-section and it took me about 2 weeks to really move around and a month to finally feel ok to go out. Biggest surprise was how super swollen my feet got!! :flushed:

Had a tubal after my 2nd c section. I also had a two year old at the time. I had no issues with healing.

I had 2 c sections. My last one I got my tubes tied and didn’t notice any difference in pain or healing time at all compared to the first one! Glad I got it all done at the same time. Makes more sense to do it all in one.

I also have to tell you I was 40 at the time!!

If I have to have a c section I plan on doing the tube tying during then as well. It makes it easier to do it all at once

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I felt pretty rough afterwards

Geting a tubal ligation following the C-delivery is a piece of cake…you are already “open”. Healing is about the same length of time as just the C. Sure does take the worry out of being close!!! FOREVER


i had mine tied after a c-section with twins… I felt rough but nothing would have felt more rough than getting pregnant again with newborn twins a 15 month old and a 3 1/2 year old

You might as well have it done when you get your c section.

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I had my tubes tied after my 4th by c-section and I didn’t have any problems.

Got mine tied up during my c section. No additional pain was felt , healing was the same length as a routine c section .

I’d have him get a vasectomy. Quicker healing time, outpatient procedure. Sometimes they won’t do it after a c section but make you wait. Usually it’s an insurance issue.

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I had 4 c-sections ; with my 6th child I was open for a c-section and; they cut, tied and cauterized…the same procedure with my 5th child. Obviously that c- section failed. I was one of 21 women whose sterilization failed within a 2 year period by the same Dr. at the same hospital…hum…there are no guarantees. Healing process was normal; no complications with that. Just have to be careful with the stitches once you’re home. Had other children to care for too. Went well considering.I’d ask him to have a vasectomy or discuss the possibilty.

I had my tubes tied when during my csection almost 7 months. I was up and around within a few day driving by the next week.

I have, it’s wasn’t bad. Just the normal healing after a c-section.

I got mine done easy peasy no regrets :grin:

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My grandmother had to take hormone pills for decades because of the imbalance it caused. Once she stopped taking them (I believe they’re unsafe to take after a certain age) she seemed to age overnight. Skin, hair, muscle tone, etc all changed drastically. I would make sure you’re aware of all the possible side effects, and not to just take the doctors word that “you’ll be fine” :woman_shrugging:

:raising_hand_woman: it was my 1st and last csection but i would recommend it to anyone if theyre on the fence as to WHEN to do it… they’re already in there and you’ll be in recovery already. Took me about 1 week to feel decent and able to get around with little to no pain, 2 to feel like myself again.

You dont even notice. I had 2 C-Sections and had my tubes tied after my 2nd.

I did. It makes your recovery time is just the time you need to recover from the csection. I had mine tied April 30, 2018 and my periods have been normal and ive had no issues.

Plan on getting it done during the c section. I had to sign the papers i think around 7 or so months pregnant. No extra recovery time besides just the norm for c sections

Just here to say that’s my birthday and an excellent day for a birthday!

My husband is having a vasectomy. We’re on our fifth pregnancy (fourth baby) in seven years.

My daughter had hers done it was better to do it at the time of surgery. Or you have to go back an have another surgery.

I had mine done eith my 4th baby 2nd csection. My last 2 pregnancies were very hard and i almost died in my 3rd pregnancy. Getting my tubes tied is still my biggest regret and even though it was 3 years ago it still causes issues for me.

My Dr’s office required a 6 month notice. We didn’t know we were doing a csection till a few days before our induction.

I had an emergency C with my 3rd baby. I had a tubal shortly after. Though the recovery time was shorter, I had a horrible time after the tubal ligation… In was so sick afterwards. I slept and hurled for 2 days straight. It was horrid. But I’ve never heard of anybody being sick like I was. I think it was the medication. My sister in law did the same thing and was not sick at all, just sore.

I had to have a c-section with my 3rd because he was breech. My Dr and I decided that this is as good of time as any to tie the tubes rather than waiting 6 weeks.
I remembered from having appendectomy when I was 12 that I had unbearable pain because I didn’t get up and move.

So I got up and moved. My recovery from the c-section/tubal was SO MUCH better than my first, delivered vaginally. I would do it again.

I had mine completely removed!

I had mine right after my c-section! Recovery time didn’t last long at all!

I just had my tubes done with my csection on the 10th of this month.

I did and they removed my appendix
It was fine

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My tubes were removed after my c-section. Didn’t opt for total hysterectomy so I wouldn’t have to take hormones.

I’m getting mine done on the 19th after my c section :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a c-section and then my tubes tied 6 wks later … everything was good

I hadmine done after my third c section no problems so far and that wad 8 years ago

I did. She did the procedure during the c section and I had no problems at all.

Yes mama c section with twins, 34 week term, tubes tied while still on table.

I did. No worse recovery than with any c-section (I had 4). No problems or regrets here.

I had mine done many, many years ago. Simple procedure and very effective

Look up Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

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