Has anyone had a breast lump with pain and been fine?

Went to obgyn today for check up. Found a lump in my left breast. I'm 37 and scared to death. Has anyone had a lump with pain and it be fine. Waiting for mammogram to be scheduled.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had a breast lump with pain and been fine?

Yep. Mine were fibroids.

I am 29. I was pregnant and had a huge stone like lump in my right breast. Turned out to be clogged milk ducts and a benign cyst, which is very common. Get a check up for answers, but here’s hope because pain usually means cyst, from what my doctor said.

yep. found my first when I was 21. now I’ve got 3. all are non cancerous.

Yes I have in both but it was just fatty tissues it was nothing

Yep been there when I was 22 had a very painful lump and turned out to be an inflamed spot of fatty tissue. It has since worked itself out with no issues

My mom did…they were just cysts

Fibroids. Tender to painful worse with caffeine consumption

I had a cyst in mine, went by itself but I check all the time now.

Yeah i had a lump that my gp noticed without even checking my boobs. I went for an ultrasound and they found nothing and now lump has gone.

As a former mammographer, I can tell you most painful lumps are benign.

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Is this a nail group orrrrrr

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I have it was a knotted muscle

Fibroiod cystic breast disease I’ve had it for about 20 yrs

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Yep, fibrocystic breast disease

Yes when I was 18. Now 67

Same as these other ladies. Fibroids. They’re lumps and they’re painful. But benign.

Mine was because of too much caffeine consumption

Mine was a fatty tissue

Yes, Dr. found lump, mammo found two. Had them both removed and biopsied & been fine.

Yea they normally say the ones that hurt are the ones that generally aren’t cancer. I had a lumpectomy a few years ago and they were like 90% sure it was breast cancer because of location. But it ended up being a hardened infection deposit from an “injury” I however don’t recall injuring my breast lol. But the lump did hurt but came back good!

Yes, I have numerous fluid filled cysts. One large one that is painful.

Yes. I have. It ended up being a calcium deposit. Praying for everything to be ok :pray:t3::heart_eyes:

I had a lump the size of a golf ball and never felt a thing! Didn’t even know it was there. Was stage 4, but I beat breast cancer!little over 2 years in remission​:relaxed::orange_heart: praying for this fan!!


I did recently. I’m 28, and breastfeeding. I thought it was a clogged duct, but it didn’t shrink so I went to get a biopsy and it was benign. They say it can happen, and sometimes it’ll go away on its own. If not, they can remove it if you elect to do so. Praying for you to have good news!

Yes. I have 13 knots. I get them checked regularly each year. They are fine but when my menstrual cycle hits they get super sore.

Have you had Covid perhaps? I have had swelling since Covid in January that got worse with the vaccine and my mammo and ultrasound was normal

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yes so don’t panic, my was a chronic infection they did a biopsy and wanted to removed the tissue affected . I chickened out but now if I am ill it will swell like a absess and eventually burst

Please don’t come here for medical advice.

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I actually just went through this last week both breast and they did a biopsy and is just cyst

Not personally. I had a lump attached to my nipple left side. I have Mestatic Breast Cancer :disappointed:

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You could just have lumpy breast

I’m 23 and I have painful lumps, they’re cysts and pretty common in my family

Had that happen to me. My doctor says cancerous lumps don’t usually hurt. Put my mind at ease. Then I heard couple other people say same thing. I have to go for ultrasound every 6 month but so far it’s been just a lymph that’s get bigger and more painful during period.

Yes I had some an had them removed fatty tissue build up non cancerous. Surgery was fine a lot of pain first few days after that I was able to move etc on my own

Yes twice and both times they were benign

Yes it can just be homones

My mom and sister get painful lumps of they drink to much caffeine. Theirs are just cysts. I had a painful lump and had it biopsied thinking it was the same thing but I turned out to be stage 3 breast cancer. I was 32. Try not to stress until you see the dr and gets results. If it turns out to be a cyst go out for celebratory drinks. If it’s cancer, cry, scream, break stuff if you have to. But then pick yourself up, straighten that crown and kick cancers ASS!!! I’m 4 years out of treatment and as healthy as a horse and I had the rarest type of breast cancer there is. You’re stronger than you think you are. Hugs :hugs:

Oh no. It’s all doom and gloom on this FB page

I have and my obgyn told me to drink less caffeine and more water and it went away eventually

Yes. Got my results today. Breast cyst. My doc usually says when it is painful then I shouldn’t worry but if it isnt painful then I should worry


It’s the ones that don’t hurt that aren’t fine


I have a benign painful lump which is quite big. It’s called a fibroadenoma and I just keep an eye on the pain and sizing. Pain is usually a good sign so I’ve heard xxx

I had a hard lump in my left breast just under my nipple and I could feel it a little bit across, I had an ultra sounds done on it and it turned out to be a benign mass of tissue, the nurses I had were very good, patient and really kind, im sure you will be okay! Sending you lots of love! Xx

Did you get the covid vaccine?


I’ve just been through this but it was in my right breast and it was just a big lymph node.

The biggest thing is to not panic and make yourself sick. Just follow Dr’s orders and do not let anyone else influence your feelings. It is normal to be worried. It is normal to seek advise from others but remember don’t let the doom and gloom responses get to you

I have 3 lumps in my right breast and they are just cysts. Had all checks and mammogram.hope you are OK x

I did but was not painful, however it was breast cancer.

Yes. Fibroid cysts? Mine are painful too especially if I am eating alot of sugar or crap or before my monthly cycle.

I’m kinda glad I came accros this post , as I’ve had this twice so far , and it’s red and painful as hell when I touch … I’m gonna schedule an appointment just to make sure , but it seems to be going away . the comments put me at ease with pain or no pain anyways :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it was a blocked milk duct.

No need to worry. It can be cyst or fibroid. Cancer lump/s are normally painless.

If its painful thats a good sign. I have been thru that it was nothing but a tumor. The dr said if its painful its probably not malignant. Have faith and take care. Hugs

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The bad one isn’t painful

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I did and it was a swollen lymph node or whatever they’re called. Towards the sides of both. It went away eventually. Warm compresses

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They sure are making a killing on biopsies. Had one. Who in there right mind will say no to that? My insurance paid some. It still costed a pretty penny then another mammogram to be told sorry you worried for two weeks.

I always have lymph nodes get caught in my mammos.

Milk duck clogged up, just had to apply hot compress for a few days. Hope all is well will give a good vibe for you and hope everything is ok.

Yes typically they are cysts formed in the breast. I’m 30 & had my 1st mammogram 2 years ago & I was worried too. It ended up being a cyst. I’ll pray for you :pray::heart:

I did not have any pain but my doctor found lumps once too. It ended up being nothing. But it’s terrifying while waiting. Just try to relax & breathe until your get your imaging done. I totally understand how you feel.

I had a Busted milk duct which was very painful,like walking would make it hurt…had surgery to remove it.

Usually lumps that are painful are generally not cancerous, I have fibroid cysts in my breast they are so painful especially around that time of month and they grow in size too, I go to my consultant twice a year to have them drained x


Beeast cancer did not hurt

I am in pain with my right breast at the moment xx

I did. Had to biopsy two times. It was not a cyst but was also benign. Positive thoughts to you! :heart:

Usually if it’s painful it’s not cancer

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I did. Turned out to be a hormonal thing. Can’t remember the name of it as it over ten years ago. But basically hormones can cause lumps like cysts etc and they can be painful and they can come and go. After a few months it never came back

Caffeine can cause lumps in breast too that hurt.

I have had a lump in my one breast for years they scared the crap out of me saying well it might be cancerous I got a new doctor all she did was feel it and say it’s just a fatty cyst. As long as you haven’t had any abnormal blood work or anything out of the normal it is more than likely just a cyst every once in a while mine hurts to the point putting on a bra is painful. Don’t stress about it friend of mine said when she was diagnosed with breast cancer the lump didn’t hurt at all she didn’t even realize it was there. You got this putting into to universe you are going to be just fine :grin:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had a breast lump with pain and been fine?

I have a lump that comes around the time I get my period every month. It gets bigger and it’s very painful. I’m pregnant now and had my ob look at it. She said it could be a cyst what comes with hormones. Hopefully this will help. Sending prayers!

If it helps My mom had breast cancer and said the lump wasn’t painful x

Yes and mine was a cyst that went away after a while. I was ultasounded but all was fine. Hopefully you have the same news xx


I have that. In my case it is just cysts. They do keep an eye on them but not a threat to my health

I have, just turned out to be a fibroid :heart_eyes:I had mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy all in one day but the consultant more or less said what it was at the consultation, try not to worry :heart:

Yes and went i went to go checked they said the time to worry is when there is no pain at all as that’s generally when there’s a problem if it’s a painful its usually a cyst or similar :slight_smile: that’s what’s the professionals told me obviously always good to get checked xxxx


I’m 33 and have cystic breasts which cause benign lumps, I also had an abcess in my breast that started as a cyst which was incredibly painful but after it was lanced I was fine.

My mom used to get painful breast lumps all the time. Tests always came back negative. But the Dr. always did tests just to be sure. Lots of times they used a needle to pull some of the cells out to check it. The tests always came back negative. DR told her that her body seems to produce these breast lumps a lot. He said the pain may be when the lump is forming and growing. He never could tell her why she got them.

Maybe a clogged milk duct🤷‍♀️ ive had one before and they hurt so bad

I’ve had 3 cysts all painful all got checked at hospital one was so big they drained it :hear_no_evil: obviously I was relieved it was nothing more serious hope all is well for you

Going through that right now, pain is horrible. Went to Dr and had ultrasound and ct scan, mine is a cyst!

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Please try not to worry. Every lump should be checked but its probably a cyst .
Check breasts regularly though. Along your collar bone and underarms too. Good luck xx

I have had cysts and they are so painful .sometimes they sit on a nerve and need draining .try not to think the worst x

I always heard if it hurts its usely not cancer. I have had several biopsy and mine all have been fine. Praying for you

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Yes. Can be excess skin tissue. It hurts when you touch it, apparently painless lumps are more to worry about x

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Hi, yes mine is a fibroandenoma. I had exams, ultrasound and biopsies done and now the lump is clipped for identification. Very uncomfortable and some pain during that time of the month. If it Continues I can request to have it removed. I’m 36 x

I’m 21 and I have a 14mm lump in one of mine and it’s painful and sore even for bras but docs says it’s just a fibroadenoma. It’s scary and every change I notice. I have had it for years like since i was 15 or something only got it checked when I was 19. I was very very worried still am but I just go for check ups and if I notice any change then I go back to docs. They biopsy it and nothing came out so it wasn’t a cyst.

Not me personally but yes there are NON malignant breast lumps if you’re over 40
You can have a lump anywhere and it not be cancerous… in the BreaSt it could be tissue or a clogged duct. Could be anything. It doesn’t necessarily mean cancer especially if you’re over 40

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I had it i discovered it when i was 16/17 and it was just benine xxxx

Mine was a cyst that went away

Yes. Mine was the size of a golf ball and after a scan and 2 biopsys it turned out it was fibrous tissue x

Sorry, I had no pain with my breast cancer.

Yes I have , mine was drained, with biopsy and I was fine. Prayers :pray::pray::pray:

Yes. It was a sibactuous

I was told told if there’s pain it’s more than likely ok. It’s when there is no pain and a solid lump that can’t be moved when checked then it could be something

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Yes. I had mine removed but test results came back fine. I then had another one a few year later and again I was fine

Try not to worry right now.

What I suggest is warm showers, hot compresses on the breast, limit your caffeine/chocolate intake and take tylenol as needed and wait it out.

Sometimes things come out fine when you have the mammogram.

Could be a rare benign mass called P.A.S.H. the name is long not much info out there on it, but the best place to get info is on a Facebook page. Just search PASH of the breast and it should pop up. I am two months post lumpectomy. Problem is not a lot of docs are familiar with it and there really is no standard of care for these particular masses, but because although as far as the incomplete and scanty studies go cancer is very rarely found associated with them, but my surgeon has had a case where cancer was found in the tissue surrounding the mass so he always removes them. Look into it, but research will say they do not cause pain. That is a huge lie. Just so nobody can try to tell you that.