Has anyone had a hysterectomy by choice?

Has anyone had a hysterectomy by choice? I’m 31 with 2 girls, 3 and 7. My husband says he’s done having kids, but also doesn’t want to snip his shit. And I’m done with periods and cramping. I don’t think it’s fair I’m always the one who’s using birth control or having to go through body/hormonal changes. I have the IUD now (4yrs with it) and I had a scare with it a few months back, because I couldn’t feel my strings. When I called my Dr 's to let them know, they didn’t seem so concerned. They were trying to schedule me out a month to be checked. But thankfully the strings were just bent up lol. I’m happy with what I have now. I like that we’ve grown out of diapers, formula, bottles, strollers and soon the car seats. I do get that baby fever but do I really want to start over? No lol. Can a hysterectomy be by choice? Will it really end and periods and cramps? Is there side effects? I’m just wondering what it’s like. Is there regrets? Other than not being able to ever have children again?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had a hysterectomy by choice?

Huge side effects. Tell him you birthed the babys its the least he can do.


I’ve been considering it.

No, you can’t just go in and have a hysterectomy because you don’t want any more children. You have to have substantial medical reasons to do so if insurance is going to be covering it. Even so, if paying cash I don’t know if a doctor would just do it because. I just had one, but I have hefty health reasons why I had to do it 


A lot of doctors won’t do it by choice . Unless you have medical issues unfortunately.


I know someone who had one for medical reasons and the side effects afterwards were awful


I’m 32 and had my tubes removed a few years ago. I still have my periods every month but they are more regular than they have ever been and I don’t have to deal with birth control side effects or the worry of having anything “come undone :woozy_face:


There is a whole list of side effects… your her owns will be going crazy and you will be on medicine the rest of ur life just to balance the hormones. I don’t know about full hysterectomies but I do know that most places see you to get your tubes tied you have to be older than 25 and have three kids… 


Your husband really needs to “Man up” and get the snip, for men it is literally 2 -3 visits, consultation, procedure and follow up to make sure it worked, for you on the other hand, weeks of recovery, surgery costs and hormone supplements the rest of your life. Honestly, your husband is being very selfish, the recovery for a vasectomey is two days on the couch with an ice pack and done.


You can get your tubes tied. Will still have periods and stuff but no babies.


I get this post.
I am sick of looking for the long term best birth control that is best for me health wise longterm. Ive had this conversation. Also to, For something that would take no time at all and hardly any recovery time it’s selfish for the men to refuse.
A hysterectomy is major surgery, longer recovery, etc


You can’t get one by choice it has to be a medical reason. Im 29 and I got one in May of this year after 10+ years of agony from ovarian cyst and endotrometriosis.


It’s so worth it trust me I had mine done at like age 28 and I’m 35 now but I had to get the tubular ligation done first then hysterectomy for texas law and insurance and only thing I don’t like is you won’t have much of a sex drive a few later so that sucks and early stage of hot flashes

I did when I was younger because I had severe bleeding and pain. I had an ablation and tried needles and pills and enough was enough. I had two children and it was time to stop the suffering. At one point I had my period for 8 months. It has been so much better since. I still have my ovaries and they cause pain as well because of cysts but it is not as bad as it was.

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I don’t think you can have a hysterectomy without a reason. I had one after a small spot of precancerous cells was found on my cervix. You might want to talk to your OB/GYN about an endometrial ablation. That reduces or eliminates monthly periods. I had one several years before my hysterectomy. Of course, you’d still have to figure something out for birth control.

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Good luck. It took me finding out I have a serious gene mutation to be able to get mine scheduled finally. They generally refuse to do them otherwise. But mine is going bye bye with this next c section! Cant wait. And my husbands getting the snip too. Lol

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It will throw you into early menapause

Consider a tubal litigation

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The doctors told me I could not get a hysterectomy when I was younger, about your age, they said I was too young So I never had one So now I have a 14 year old daughter, she was born when I was almost 40, but I lover with all my heart, I can’t imagine life without her! My point is, doctors don’t like to do his direct amused just by choice especially at your age… Good luck

I’m always reminded of that bit in Tangled where the witch turns to dust! It causes major hormonal upheaval and my friend gained a load of weight. You could get your tubes tied. Your period cramps may easily be caused by your IUD so think about an implant in your arm instead. If he’s done, explain the big V makes you fire blanks but doesn’t do much else!

Hysterectomy is not typically done unless there is a medical necessity. Lots of risks. You can ask your doctor about a tubal ligation.

I had a hysterectomy 5 months ago. It’s the best thing I ever did. They left my ovaries due to my age, so I wouldn’t go into menapause. I feel better than I ever have

I’m 38 with 2 kids. I have my tubes tied and had an iud which failed 18 months into it. I’ve been bleeding since may have terrible endometriosis, pcos and . I finally just now just have my hysterectomy scheduled for next Thursday. Definitely not something I want to do but I’m out of other options.

Most doctors will not do a full hysterectomy, especially with you only being 31 with no medical issues. It has to be medically necessary. Just get your tubes tied or removed. I got mine removed august 11th and it was easy peasy. Some people said to ask for an ablation to reduce periods but my doctor said with the past ones he’s done, it hasn’t worked so he doesn’t do them anymore. I haven’t had a period yet. :woman_shrugging:t2: plus a total hysterectomy will throw you immediately into menopause. And no one wants that.

Where I live you basically cant get one unless you have severe medical issues like cervical cancer

It is an option but not through insurance without medical cause. Most people that have medical reasons have to get a full hysterectomy which is like instantly going into menopause. Elective hysterectomy is only partial where they remove the uterus and leave your ovaries which gives your body the ability to continue creating your own hormones. I’ve been considering this myself but can’t afford it.

I was given the option to have one by choice and declined. It effects your ability to have orgasms…just something I found out during research…do a lot of research before you decide

So in the last 5 years Iv had 4 baby’s the last baby caused me to get DVT and PE the clots where travelling fast around my body and I was very near death I fell pregnant and the baby started to shut my body down so had to have emergency operation to take baby away it was me or the baby basically :pensive: I asked to take everything away so was no further risk to my life or health and I’m on the waiting list now! But b4 they told me no chance due to being young (38)

Can’t have one by choice. I been begging for one for almost 4 years due to health problems and period problems and still can’t get one.

You don’t need a hysterectomy to prevent pregnancy. You can have a tubal ligation done. Discuss your options with your gynecologist.


I had my tubes tied and what not in 2017 after my fourth baby honestly don’t regret it but ended up in emergency surgery on the 28th had to have my ovary and right tube removed gotta say still kicking my butt my ovary twisted more then seven times or something an swelled really really big surgery went well found out that I can do just fine with one ovary but if I take both out all have to live on hormones basically birth control the rest of my life :flushed::confounded:…. But as of now my one ovary should take over for everything just fine been having some pretty shitty hot flashes and what not but over all I don’t think it kick started anything like medapause …. Just be aware if take it all out it’s going to be a lot harder then periods definitely think that through

Pretty sure u can’t have a hysterectomy just because u want one. It has to be for medical reasons

Don’t. Just don’t. Please take all of these comments to heart and serious advisement

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Google NovaSure ablation. This may be a better option as I don’t believe insurance will cover an elective hysterectomy

Most insurances won’t cover an elective hysterectomy. I asked towards the end of my last pregnancy. I ended up having a tubal ligation, which made my periods MUCH worse. I finally went to my GYN about the worsening periods and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. During my surgery, they did an IUD insertion because they didn’t want to chance the cancer having spread and giving me a hysterectomy. My only options would have been chemotherapy and radiation. My IUD was more for treatment rather than birth control, since I already had a tubal. The IUD helped, for a while, and I have no periods anymore. My original issue, after my tubal, was heavier periods, horrible cramping, headaches, full body aches etc. Since the IUD, the periods stopped and the symptoms were milder. I still don’t get a period, but the cramps, headaches and body aches are returning. Typically, you have to have something medically wrong for them to do a hysterectomy, and even with medical issues, they have to try less invasive procedures (like an IUD or ablation) before a hysterectomy. Personally, I think they should be elective!

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I have had a lot of problems after my third baby and after talking with my doctor about pros and cons still decided no to a hysterectomy. I’m 26. I think you would resent your husband based on your feelings now if you got a hysterectomy or anything else permanent just because he wouldn’t get a vasectomy.

Tie tubes for contraception. Hysterectomy is a serious surgery/ pain/risks/ side effects for medical reasons only.

Yes, having one for some of these exact same reasons next month, but I’m 35 and had major problems with my thyroid after my last baby, I’m done, I’m too old, and I don’t need the parts any more. I look forward to no more birth control, no more periods, and no more risk of having an unwanted pregnancy.

After I had my second child at 28 I had my tubes tied and then a few months later had an uterine ablation done because my period and cramps were so bad and I haven’t had a period since. Maybe a good alternative for you if a hysterectomy isn’t medically necessary

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I asked for a hysterectomy after my last baby. I’ve had 4 and I was 39. Mother went through menopause at 46.
Same for me… done kids, don’t want periods or birth control.
Doctor refused.

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Yes and best thing I ever did!

Tell the husband to research it. I know men balk at it, but the guys I know who have had it, my husband included, are glad they did it and share their experiences with other men that are on the fence about it. We had a couple scares with broken condoms so finally he quit delaying and went.

I ended up with an IUD anyway to help with cycle issues.

It’s not what everyone thinks have it done and all set. That isn’t how it works. You go thru a emotional time …I had to have a full one age 26 if there is no issue don’t get it done

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Currently going through this now. I keep mentioning it to my Dr and she keeps telling me I’m too young and that we’re not there yet. Irregular periods. Lasting a month long. Had a d&c to “reset” my cycle. Seemed to work the first month but even on birthcl control I’m spotting and having pain. I go back in November and I’m just gonna keep fighting for it. Insurance is really where you’ll have to fight though. Most states won’t accept unless your over a certain age and have so many kids.

I considered it, or ablation, and my doctor recc’d I at least try an IUD first. So far it’s working out, but if I was in your position I would be thinking ablation rather than complete removal (more likely to be covered by insurance too) if only to avoid the major abdominal surgery that a hysterectomy would involve.

where i live you have to be 30 to have a tubal, it is much easier on the guy to get the snip a weekend sitting on a ice bag and done i dont think there is stitches and with me i had 18 i also have had a hysterectomy and that was the wort thing i went through for a surgery

I’ve never personally had a hysterectomy. But my mom had one when she had my sister and she said it was literally the worst. She has told me a lot of her side effect from it and they are all long term side effects.

  1. Very hormonal
  2. Grows lots of extra (manly) body hair
  3. Low sex drive
  4. Her pelvic floor was so weak it ripped one time during intercourse and she almost bled out.
    That’s just a few that I could think of right off top. I think these ladies are right tho they won’t let you have a voluntary hysterectomy. Why not just get a tubal and get on birth control to help stop your period. Of course the birth control would have to be pill form or the shot.

You’ll go through menopause sooner.
You’ll still have hormone issues.
My mom had an issue with dryness after hers. But hers was a medical emergency

No MD will take out a uterus and ovaries without being medically necessary. A total Hysterectomy (ovaries and uterus) can lead to possible future cancers, osteoporosis, multiple organ prolapse, loss of sex drive, etc. and a whole host of other issues. There are so many options to prevent pregnancy.

Not by choice. And it increased risks of bladder and rectal prolapse.

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I was on the dipo shot for years your period stop eventually and no cramps! But you have to watch your wait and others cons but all
In all it worked for me because I should been born a boy at those times of the month…I hated periods with a passion

They don’t usually like to perform hysterectomies at an age as young as you. There are a lot of women that have cramps and pain with their cycles but can’t get a hysterectomy. If there is heavy bleeding for a long time a Gynecologist may recommend a hysterectomy, but that’s up to them.

That was best thing I ever did , I felt so much better !

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Most drs won’t do a hysterectomy just because your tired of your period and have cramps.a hysterectomy is a huge major surgery. If your dead set on no more kids and periods talk to your dr about a uterine ablation.

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I just had one due to other issues, it wasn’t an elected procedure. Recovery was hell, do not recommend

I work in pathology, I am not sure you can elect to have a hysterectomy. You can have your tubes removed. The process for removing your uterus is very complex at times and could be expensive with unnecessary risk… with that said if you are having bad cramping, heavy periods or something along those lines it could be a possibility. I had my tubes removed with my last c section but probably wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t already being cut open.

I had one at 26 after my last child their father is a complete ass he refuses to use protection or snip even though the 3rd child was unplanned and unwanted so i went and i got the procedure done im sooo fkn glad i did i would hate to have another one
Best thing i ever did for my self
Its ironic too because that 3rd child was really a medical negligence case i kept asking to get my tubes tied and the refused until i had all the “requirements” so i was placed on birthcontrol well 2 years and a half on birthcontrol to be able to fit the age requirement and the day i go get my referal they say well guess what “youre pregnant”

I want one. We already have 7 kids

I don’t recommend it. I had it done back in 2015 I am in early menopause. I’m only 42

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Why not a tubal ligation rather than a hysterectomy

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U don’t get rid of the hormones. Know a friend who has one done Becuz of necessity for health reasons. Still has hormone issues and it’s no balance. The imbalance can also affect thyroid.

I’ve considered this for many years. The only thing holding me off is the hormonal changes. Your body will no longer produce the same amounts of hormones and I’m terrified that will affect the elasticity in my skin, my metabolism
You’re essentially forcing your menopause.
And in the uk. They like to hold out on giving you the correct hormonal replacements because they’re fucking sadistic. So. :woman_shrugging:t3:

In my personal opinion unless there’s a medical reason no one should be getting snipped for anyone. Whomever is done having kids should be the one getting snipped. They are choosing to end THEIR fertility not the other person’s. I don’t care about who is easier to recover. The person that is done gets the snips.

I had the Essure procedure about 10 years ago. I don’t think they do it anymore. After that, I had an ablation. That stopped my periods and cramping. I still get emotional mood swings once a month, but i can live with that.

I had a hysterectomy at a young age, not by choice but all the same. I went through menopause for 2 years. Everything slowed down for a bit then menopause. My sex life went out the window due to dryness and pain. I’m now at the age for normal menopause and on my third bout. No sleep, sweating, hot flashes, irritated and very emotional. Research and think this through.

They don’t do it by choice and it would send you into early menopause

Yes you can… Do a partial hysterectomy so you keep your ovaries. It won’t make you go into menopause and gets rid of periods.


Wish I would have after my son was born my hubs is getting the snip snip this year hopefully. My friend has hers tubes cut and said she wished they would have taken it all out.

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Ablation is what I recommend for periods 

I had one that was medically necessary it’s definitely not something to do just so you don’t have kids

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I’m 37 with 3 kids, on my last I asked the doctor this same question because I feel your pain, but my doctor straight laughed in my face and said Absolutely NOT! Your way too young and get your tubes tied; which I did. My doc told me no renowned doc would do such either at that age unless it’s magically necessary. So if you find one he’s a crook and will probably mess you up way more than just monthly cramps could ever. Good luck just tie your tubes if they even allow that, in my state you have to be over 35 or with more than 5 kids to even tie your tubes

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Having a hysterectomy is major surgery- it’s the total removal of your uterus- so yes it will stop periods but it will also force you into early menopause- which is a whole new set of issues your going to have to deal with that’s not really any better than dealing with periods and birthcontrol

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Have a partial and keep your ovaries.

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I had all but my ovaries removed when I was 30. Although the request was by choice and I wanted everything removed, it ended up being medically necessary for me to have all but my ovaries removed. My doctor said he wasn’t happy with how my ovaries looked but wasn’t willing to put me into menopause that early either. No more periods but I have PCOS so I still feel cysts bursting monthly.


I had a partial hysterectomy and it was the best thing ever! No cramping and NO PERIODS!

the route likely would be removing tubes vs hysterectomy unless it would be considered medically necessary.

I wish. It should be elective…

If I were you I would try endometrial ablation before I would go with a hysterectomy.

I had a partial hysterectomy at 36. Not by choice. It was medically necessary. Not a fun time.

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Have your tubes tied if you can. Piece of cake. I lived in PA when I had mine done at 28 and 3 kids. Hysterectomy causes lots of hormone issues and is as any surgery life risks. Talk to your Dr. about what can be done for the cramping.

Pretty sure you would have to pay for it out to pocket. Google it anywhere from $4200 to$8500.

As far as I know you can only get one when medically necessary. I agree it’s BS you having to be the one to deal with birth control or an unplanned pregnancy. If HE is done having kids then HE needs to take responsibility and accountability. Your body has been through enough.


Vasectomy are cheaper, less traumatic, painless, hardly any recovery, and covered by most insurance. I think your husband is being unreasonable. I told my husband I’m not having surgery and he has no problem with a vasectomy. Really nothing to it.


I had a medically necessary hysterectomy… took everything but my ovaries. I had the da vinci robotic surgery… was bad to work in a week

That seems extreme. I don’t understand the logic here. You thought you had am issue with your IUD and your doctor confirmed there was no problem. I feel like a tubal ligation would be something to consider.

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A doctor won’t typically do a hysterectomy by choice. You can have your tubes tied by choice. Make your pansy hub get the snip. It’s much less invasive.


Girl you need to go on YouTube an check out your anatomy!! If you have a hysterectomy you will no longer have your monthly cycles, no cramps and no babies. I had on at 33 yrs of age due to cancer…everything inside is gone. You need to have a serious conversation with your OB/GYN and figure out what is Best for you.

I don’t think you can get a hysterectomy by choice. I believe it’s only if it’s medically necessary. You can get your Tubes tied.

Explain its easier and less recovery time for him to have the snip than for u to have surgery.
He can literally have it done on a Friday and be back at work Monday.
You gave to be off work/not active for about 4 weeks… that means no housework, driving, sex, lifting the kids up etc AND he will have to take time off work to accommodate you.
See how he goes with that

Hysterectomy with leaving your ovaries shouldn’t cause too many hormone changes is what my doctor said. My husband didn’t want me to go through the pain and be put under so he got snipped though. He said I have done enough to bring the girls into the world for him and I’m super thankful.
I wanted to do this as well for no more period and cramps but once I stopped birth control trip and let my body regulate its self my periods don’t hurt as much as they used to.


A hysterectomy is a major surgery. If they do agree to do it, they’ll likely leave your ovaries so you don’t need hormones.
I’d talk to your OB and figure out what’s best for you.

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A total hysterectomy will cause you to go into early menopause. Generally they won’t do them unless there’s a medical necessity. You could have your Fallopian tubes removed

Your insurance won’t pay for a by choice hysterectomy.

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You went through 2 pregnancies, 2 labors, birth control etc. What has he done to build your family or to prevent further building? He’s being selfish by not getting a vasectomy. Stop taking birth control & cut him off until he does this 1 thing. You’re right it’s not fair the woman always has to do everything.


I’ve heard that getting a hysterectomy causes menopause to happen and many othe hormone issues. I would suggest getting your tubes tied and burned. But if he’s the one that says he’s done he can always get the vasectomy. We don’t have to always sacrifice our bodies because he says he’s done!


You obviously will have to see if insurance will approve it for that reason. Highly doubtful.

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So you’ve gone through two pregnancies, labor and delivery and yet your husband won’t go get snipped!? A real man would!


Immediate menapause if you have a total hyst.

Well shit…tell him no sex because you are not having more and he’s not snipped