Has anyone had bleeding in pregnancy that turned out fine?

I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and yesterday I noticed blood when I went to the bathroom. I wiped and very little spotting on the toilet paper and I had mild cramping but nothing too painful so I just took it easy and rested for the rest of the day. I didn’t notice no more blood after that. Well this morning I woke up with again mild cramps, I went to the bathroom and I noticed my panties had some blood on it and when I wiped there was bright red blood on the toilet paper and also blood in the toilet almost like if I was starting on my period. I got scared because it was more that last time so I went to the ER after a few exams including an ultrasound they told me that my baby was fine, the heartbeat was normal and that my hCG hormones were pretty high. They said it was probably a threaten miscarriage and to keep an eye on it and to just rest. I’m just wondering why it happened… this didn’t happened in my first pregnancy and I’m just concerned. Has anyone else have had this happened and still had a normal pregnancy and delivery?

I had bleeding in early pregnancy with my second but I was around 8 weeks. It was a haematoma which eventually went away on its own and I had a healthy pregnancy. I was convinced I was losing my baby at that point. A friend of mine had a lot of bleeding around 12 weeks but went on to have a healthy pregnancy too. Take it easy, rest lots. Wishing you all the best x

Hi, I had this happen with my second pregnancy at 13 weeks, it turned out it was a hematoma that came away. Little boy is 3 next week and happy and healthy. just rest and don’t over do anything. If you feel unwell or worried speak to midwife or go to the hospital. Hopefully it will be something like mine and all will be well.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had bleeding in pregnancy that turned out fine?

I had bleeding I was bleeding with my 4th kid at 14weeks I had a scan and couldn’t tell me were the bleed was coming from threatened miscarriage is just a term they use my bleeding stopped then after my scan returned the midwife put it down to a iratated cervix

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I had bleeding at 14 weeks that turned out fine. I was told it was a possible miscarriage which broke my heart, so I got a scan to see if baby was okay and she was thankfully. After a couple of investigations it was discovered that I had something called a subchorionic hematoma on my placenta. Was put on pelvic rest and monitored by having scans every 2 weeks just incase. Eventually the bleeding died down and the hematoma had resolved by week 21 of my pregnancy

I had no bleeding whatsoever in my first pregnancy but around 10weeks during my second pregnancy I started bleeding, obviously my mind automatically thought the worst and I went for a scan etc and all was ok. I carried on and off light bleeding for a good few weeks after that as well. They couldn’t tell me why I was bleeding but I think it’s a lot more common then people think and sometimes it’s old blood removing itself from the body. I also suffered with cramping too. My little boy is 8weeks now x

Go to hospital babe just in case. This happened to me while I was at work. Turned out that stress nearly gave me a miscarriage. Please go to the hospital just in case. My daughter is now 4 months and a perfectly healthy baby girl. But it’s always good to make sure bub is ok. As he or she is your most important thing to you. Xo please let me know how you go. If you are to worried about posting back on here please feel free to message me on here. Please stay safe. Please don’t stress out. But yes please go and get checked out. Xo

I had a little bleed in all of my pregnancies it can be common, but call the midwife or labour ward and just see what they say. It’s always better to be checked and reassured

You always need to get it checked out to be on the safe side, I had a midwife tell me and my friend that some women do bleed at points in pregnancy and sometimes they can’t put it down to anything. My nannan had her regular period up to being 5 months pregnant (when she went to the doctors to find out why she was feeling so under the weather and tired all of the time)

I had a really big bleed at around 8 weeks in my first pregnancy, literally 10x worse than a period and passing very big clots. I went to hospital and they done 2 emergency scans and said baby was fine and to take it easy. So I did for the rest of my pregnancy and had a healthy baby boy. He is now 3 xx

I had bleeding in nearly all my pregnancies as I was rhesus negative…get checked out for sure just to be on the safe side :crossed_fingers:

I had a big bleed at my booking appointment when I went to do my sample I was sent home assuming the worst at my scan my boy was fine and no resin for bleeding seen. He’s now 2 x

I had bleeding in all my pregnancies, the first I miscarried but the other 2 I was fine, ask for the scan that they have to put the scanner inside, If you haven’t already and ask them to check if your cervix is shortening. I had to have a cervical stitch with my two because of my cervix
Wish you all the best x

I started bleeding at about 6 weeks came and went some times alot and bright red some times not much went to the hospital as had a miscarriage 11 yrs ago but anyway this time I had a scan and said there was a bleeding under the baby and sack they didn’t understand why so gave me scans every 2 weeks to keep an eye on it and measure it anyway I had scans all the way up till I think 14 weeks and when I got to that the bleed no longer showed on scan and said it had just gone I went on to full term and 12 days over and whooping 9lb baby girl who will be 1 tomorrow xx

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The lady has been checked out people!!

Happened to me and turned out to be a synchronic haematoma. My princess is 3 months now

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had bleeding in pregnancy that turned out fine?

This happened with my 3rd pregnancy. I went to the ER every time, I was always told the baby was fine. I was always in the ER for bleeding with him. Towards the end of the pregnancy he stopped growing so I was induced and he spent 3 weeks in the NICU because he had issues breathing. He’s perfectly fine and healthy now (he’ll be 2 in October)


Happened on and off my entire pregnancy. My dr said I was ok. Could be from having sex. But def talk to your dr


I had a sub coriotic hemorrhage… which was NOT damaging to the baby. I gushed blood and was absolutely terrified. I was 12-14 weeks when that happens. Dr did ultrasound and put me on pelvic rest for a few weeks. DEFINITELY follow up with your doctor!


Yes happened with my first. Doc told me it’s especially common after intercourse (that was my case) but when your pregnant you cant be to careful and it would be best to get checked

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I bled most my first trimester with my 2nd child
Once the mucus plug was fully formed, it did stop

She was a healthy 9lb 13oz baby and no I did not have gestational diabetes haha


My mom bled with me almost her whole pregnancy, she didn’t know she was pregnant until she was 6 or 7 months along with me

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Always consult your DR or Nurse but I did have bright red bleeding at 12 weeks. They checked me, everything was fine and said it was baby growing, making room in there, and causing irritation.


I went to the ER for bleeding during the second trimester and it turned out I had placenta previa, which they then monitored closely for the rest of my pregnancy. I would definitely discuss it with your Dr though just so you have the reassurance that everything is okay :two_hearts:

During my first trimester I did bleed a few times. Maybe 5 different times? I would definitely see your doctor when it happens, just to make sure everything is okay. I went to the ER each time it happened, but things were fine. Its always better to be overly safe than sorry

Yes, I constantly had bleeding and everything turned out fine. Had a very healthy 11 lb baby girl in March. Definitely always get checked to make sure, but they chalked my up to a friable cervix. :heart:


I had this earlier on in my last pregnancy, but no pain followed it. Turns out I had vanishing twin syndrome. One of the babies wasn’t forming and the other one merely absorbed it.

I had spotting throughout my last pregnancy… doctor said I just had an irritated cervix. I went up to the hospital to get checked and they said as long as I wasn’t soaking a pad it was okay

I bleed right up until 16 weeks with my son, I was never told a reason why doctors never knew but they said it can happen. I now have a very healthy 17 month old boy and had a good pregnancy :slight_smile: wishing you the very best of luck x

I had bleeding and cramping on and off for a couple of weeks in my second pregnancy. Turned out I needed the Rhogam shot. Best of luck to you, that’s really scary :heart:


Don’t seek advice from people on the internet. Make an appointment with your OBGYN. Emergency rooms don’t specialize in pregnancy. What’s normal for one woman might not be normal for you. I’ve bled during pregnancies and it has been fine and baby was fine, I’ve bled during other pregnancies and miscarried twice.


I did at about 24 weeks I think. It was super weird and never happened in my other pregnancies. It was a pretty good amount too. They couldn’t figure out where it was coming from… but she was fine!

Happened with my second. It’s was bright red and clots. I went and got checked . Turns out it was my fibroid tumors detireating. But I’d definitely get checked out.

I did and I was high risk pregnancy :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::heart::heart::heart: doesn’t make it any less scary though. Just rest and keep feet up for awhile also. It’s hard brewing a little human inside your belly​:heart:

Yes happened in my second pregnancy and everything was fine but everyone is different just keep it written down and the date it happened and if it happens again and bring it up the next time you have visit with your Dr

I’m currently 16wks with my third and two weeks ago I had the same. It happened with my second pregnancy. My Dr said as long as it’s not like a period it’s ok something to do with my uterus or something expanding. It was very light like the end of a period. But if it’s something you don’t feel right with definitely check with your Dr.

I had this happen when I was between 7-8 weeks with my daughter. Went to the emergency room & I was told that I was having a miscarriage & to just allow my baby to “pass through”. Smh. My babygirl is now 9 years old & as healthy as ever. God will have the final say with your little one. :pray:t4:


I have had fairly heavy bleeding in 2 pregnancies and both babies were fine, I’m glad you went in and also please please keep your feet up, there are a lot of reasons why you could be bleeding and as long as you are following up with your Healthcare provider it could be fine :heart: my second son I hemorrhaged twice(9 weeks and 14 weeks) and passed clots for the remainder of my pregnancy because of a subchorionic hematoma, he is 7 and perfectly healthy :heart::heart: hugs Mama I wish you and your baby all the best

Happened to me with my daughter. I went to the ER and found out I was RH- while her dad was +. Everything else was normal, baby was fine and I found out she was a girl at that point too. Had a rough pregnancy but the bleeding didn’t last long.

It’s normal. I bled/spotted with my daughter and chalked it up to implantation bleeding. Everything was perfectly fine. She is a very healthy and happy 8 year old now and has a teenage brother :slight_smile: absolutely of course go get checked just for peace of mind :slight_smile: don’t take all of our advice to heart. Better yo be safe than sorry I always say. It can’t hurt to get a check up

Ummm I’ve had both before in two different pregnancys
One said didn’t turn out good

Second time baby was healthy

It’s sadly something we can’t control early on
The Are there you are they can give you certain types of medication

Yes. I had bleeding from about 6 weeks to 12 weeks of pregnancy with my 2nd. I went to the ER and was seen earlier than normal at my OB as well. Was told the same thing. I was a nervous wreck for a long time. But I carried to term and had a healthy, perfect 8 lb 1 oz baby girl. She’s getting ready to turn 5! Hugs and prayers. I know how terrifying and worrisome this is!

Yes, I had a blood clot and everything thankfully turned out fine but we had to watch for more bleeding and be careful

Yes, happened with my 3rd pregnancy. Bled on and off from around 7 weeks all the way till he was born. Doctors couldnt tell me why i was bleeding but he was fine. He is now 9yrs old.

Bled from 8 weeks on with my second pregnancy. It’s scary af but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong.

Yes, I had a large blood clot while pregnant with my 4th child spotted in the beginning and they monitored my hormones for a few weeks and did ultrasounds to check the blood clot. It shrunk as my baby girl grew and she was born vaginal full term! Prayers love and hugs. :purple_heart::sunflower::kissing_heart:

Yes, this happened several times in my first pregnancy. They said it was probably a subchorionic hemorrhage. It was mainly in the 1st trimester, early 2nd trimester. I remember being so scared. I carried her full term with no other issues, and she’s almost 18!

I did I don’t remember when but i believe it was either the first or second trimester. Went to the ER they said I was high risk for miscarriage went and saw my doctor a couple days later and they told me it was basically just the placenta separating or leaking a little bit and told me it was nothing to worry about and it happens sometimes.

I had bleeding at 13 weeks with my first. My doctor had no clue what caused it but my son is now almost 2.5

This happened to me at 17 weeks pregnant scared me like crazy. They said it was just a subchorinic hematoma and that it would absorbe itself. Just to have bed rest. My baby boy was born healthy 4 days past due date. Good luck love !

Yes and they turned out fine…the one I didn’t have that with was a miscarriage. Idk if it’s a coincidence or not. A few of them I went to the er and they were moving around healthy.

Yes, never happened with my first but with my second I started bleeding, cramping, like I was on my period so I went to ER & between them, and my OB determined that I had a hematoma… It stayed for awhile then eventually shrunk and went away. She was born in March of 2020 & is doing fine

I would have random bouts of blood just gush out of no where. They never figured it why or where it came from. I did have some early light bleeding around the time you are, though, and they said I just had a little pocket of blood between the placenta and my uterus and that’s where that came from. Maybe yours is the same and they just didn’t see it because you’d emptied the pocket

This happened to me around the same time. They believe I had over exerted myself getting ready for a birthday party. Can also happen after sex. All was fine. Good luck and take it easy.

Yes, my doctor said it was probably a ruptured blood vessel. Scary, but baby was fine. Definitely check with your doctor.

I literally had this happen to me last week. And I had a subchorionic hemorrhage. Baby Is fine and the bleeding stopped after a couple days.

When I was pregnant (only with my girls) I bled. A lot, too. I woke up and my whole leg was soaked, down to my knees. Both about 20 weeks along in the pregnancy. I thought for sure I had lost them, each time. I’d go to the doctor and there would still be a strong heartbeat, and both are just fine. One is 15 next month, and the other one is 8. Keep happy thoughts, Mama. Try not to stress too much.

Yes it happened with my last pregnancy I had mild cramps and a lot of bleeding me and my husband were sure we were having a miscarriage as we had just had 2 prior had a ultra sound set up for 2 days later and they found the heartbeat my baby turns 1 today!! Good luck mama oh yea they told me sometimes blood coupes up during implantation and that’s what it was

i bled like i was having a period every month for the first 6 months and was told it happens sometimes and to not worry about it. just rest and don’t do anything that stresses your body and you should be okay!

I had bleeding with my daughter 1st while I was 6 weeks pregnant. Then it happened again heavier at 10 12 weeks. Each time the Dr said I’d have to wait and see and to rest. And thank God every sonogram I had that I thought I lost my daughter her heartbeat was so strong I was crying on the exam table, she’s 10 years old now :heart:

My first pregnancy I noticed blood for about 4 days . My second pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage started out with blood followed by intense cramping . Like labor pains I couldn’t walk for a few days it hurt so bad .

I have had both . Once at 14 weeks spotting for 2 days resulting I a healthy pregnancy. Once where they said my hormones were fine and cervix closed so I was fine but ended up a miscarriage.

I was bleeding at the beginning of my pregnancy like a week after taking the at home test. I was bleeding with clots bright red sever abdominal pain. When I went to my on they sent me to the hospital to get an emergency ultrasound and then went back to my Dr. From what they said my son was supposed to be a twin and that’s also why at 8 weeks my test showed positive immediately. Then at the end of my pregnancy I was having complications and was bleeding. I think that was just due to labor tho

I had bleeding with my second though it was very early on. I had a subchorionic hematoma (basically blood under the placenta). Went away on its own and all was well but If it happens again I’d definitely go back to be sure

Yes. I was on bedrest for a month and everything was fine. My daughter is now 19. I would definitely contact your OBGYN

Yes, I had tons of bleeding like full on periods when I was pregnant with my first son until I was 5 months pregnant and then spotted periodically throughout the rest of the pregnancy and I spotted the entire time for my second one and while high risk in both, it was unrelated to the bleeding

I’ve had multiple miscarriages and from my experience take it easy and avoid pelvic exams unless done by your obgyn themselves because your cervix is fragile and may need a stitch or hormones to retain the pregnancy and does not need an er doctor in there that is not an obgyn putting strain and possibly causing more harm than good looking around in there. Please use caution when using the er and seek your obgyn if it isnt life threatening. I have had several misscarriages and used to rush to the er and I have been advised that pelvic exams when you have a weakened cervix can be very harmful

Yes i did. I was around 10 - 14 weeks. They said threatened miscarriage to me as well. My son is now 1 and healthy. Ill pray for you :sparkling_heart: good luck mama

You take it easy and don’t hesitate to call your doctor or go to the emergency room. Better safe than sorry

Subchorrianic hemorrhage is what I had with both my kids one is 4 and healthy amd the last one is 18 months its scary

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Happened with all 5 of mine. If they did ultrasound and HCG testing make sure ur levels are high, everything should be fine a doctor once told me to lay on my back with feet in the air against a wall for 20 minutes few times a day

I bled at 12 weeks with my first, everything was fine. Bled at 24-25 weeks with my second, everything was fine. Currently almost 39 weeks my third and last, no bleeding at all happened. Each time I did bleed, it was only at that moment, did last long at all.

It happened to me around 8 weeks and looked like I had a miscarriage but I went to the ER and was told a small blood vessel broke and I needed to rest. I had no other issues with my pregnancy after that.

I had to Take prenatals and stay on bed rest I almost lost my son if it wasn’t for my husband making me rest my son wouldn’t be here

I’m 11 weeks pregnant and have been spotting on and off. I also did this with my first child. Everything is all good though so far and doctors are not concerned either. I had to get rohgam shots (I think it’s spelled like that)

Had it through my whole pregnancy. She came a month early and was perfect. Did have alot of bleeding after birth and stayed an extra day.

I had a pelvic exam an it weakened a blood vessel that burst way later in the day I was 20 wks I went to e.r. for assessment an ultrasound an was ok and there was a ton of blood like it looked like a straight pissed myself but it was red… definitely get checked out but don’t panic

I bled and cramped my entire pregnancy, had a subchorionic hemorrhage, our daughter turned out just fine! Just take it slow and rest alot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

One pregnancy it was a miscarriage at 11 weeks. Another pregnancy it was an ovarian cyst. My friend bled the whole way through with a subchorionic hemorrhage. All 3 cause bleeding and need monitored. All 3 were a wait and see and 3 different outcomes. Definitely followup with OB in a few days if still bleeding.

Could be okay could not be I have had it both ways. My most recent one I bled a lot around week 8 thiught for sure miscarriage but now he’s here and 8 weeks old. Go see your Dr.

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Happened to me during my 3rd pregnancy. I was at work; thankfully a hospital. 16 wks. I bleed pretty hard through my pants at work… I rushed down to emerge. Finally after an assessment and an ultrasound they said it was simply a placenta and baby placement in my uterus. But it was actually because of the placenta and the baby placement
That the pressure as she grew created this pocket or pool of blood and as baby was getting bigger it was actually causing that pocket to break open and bleed and that it may happen for a few weeks. it actually lasted about 6wks. they didn’t feel it was an issue of miscarriage but something that I needed to be aware of and cautious of. I carried her to 40 weeks and delivered her on her due date.

I bled my entire first trimester, I had a subchorionic hematoma and it went away eventually.

Had this happen three times for the first 20weeks and had a healthy baby boy second pregnancy. But make sure you have regular check ups with the dr

I had light periods every month with mine. It was heavy my first trimester they told me I just needed to take it easy.

I had this in my early pregnancy and the E.R told me I was miscarrying or probably had a chemical pregnancy. I told them they were wrong and went home. Anyway my chemistry pregnancy just turned two and is perfectly healthy lmao

I spotted and cramped with all my pregnancies. Currently pregnant now and spotting with this one too every now and then, atleast once a week.

I had bleeding around 20 weeks with my first, while we were on vacation. So scary. I called my OB and she told me to call again if it became not than a pad’s worth of blood, which it thankfully didn’t. He’s now a healthy, happy 2.5 year old!

Happened with my 2nd pregnancy at 14 weeks. Threatened miscarriage was on modified bed rest until she was born at 39 weeks. She was absolutely fine. Im now 14 weeks with my third and hoping for a less dramatic pregnancy

I had the same thing about the same time with my boy. It was called something like a ‘sub choreonic haemorrhage’, there was a pocket of blood up the top of the sack, it came from how the egg implanted and started to grow on the wall of my uterus.
I took it easy and the bleeding got to be less and less over a few weeks.
I had some complications later on in pregnancy, but that came from my type 1 diabetes.
My son came out healthy and is now 4.5 months old and just learnt how to roll over. He coo’s and giggles and apart from a few poo-namis making us super tired, life is all good.
Ofc, take medical advice over everything, but in my experience, it can happen and everything can be absolutely fine :heart:.
Seriously, PM me if you want to talk, because my gosh it was a stressful time and the advice you’re given of ‘just wait and see’ really doesn’t feel very helpful at the time.

I bled a lot with my daughter. Started around 13 weeks. I’m talking blood running down my legs. I bled on and off for several weeks. I was on bed rest while the bleeding happened. She is now 5 and healthy. They never knew the cause of my bleeding.

I would call ur ob to get in asap but thats how my 3 miscarriages were except the cramps and bleeding got progressively worse and i was only 5 weeks. If ur blood type is negative though ull need a rhogam shot within 72 hours of the bleeding

My cousin had this with her second and got checked and doctor said she was fine, rest of her pregnancy was just fine, she ended up having a c-section with that pregnancy but only because baby was breach

Yes. I had spotting that called for an ultrasound very early and my twins are now 15years old. :heartpulse:

I had constant bleeding. Was on bed rest from 12 weeks to the end of my pregnancy my placenta was pulling away. Which was causing bleeding.

I had spotting throughout my whole 2nd pregnancy,he was born at 28 weeks.4pound 8 ounces.
Now a healthy 27yr old that towers over his mumma.

I wad 9 weeks and had a lot of blood like I thought I was having a miscarriage so I went in and had things checked out and found out that I had a sac of blood that just passed and my OB never told me anything about it at my last appointment but baby was fine and had a normal pregnancy and now I have a 3 year old .

Happened on my 2nd pregnancy; I had twins but 1 was lost, so said the obgyn. Better safe than sorry, go to Dr. or call when in doubt about anything.

I had this as well, I had placenta previa and had to take it easy and everything turned out good!