Has anyone had to be induced early?

Please, no judgement I just want to know what everyone else thinks or if anyone else has been through something similar. So I was wondering has anyone ever requested to be induced early, like around 34 to 35 weeks, due to excessive pain that you can no longer handle if so have you been able to get induced what did your doctor say. I’m only wondering due to complications from my last pregnancy leading to some stuff happening, and my body can no longer handle this pain, and I’m thinking of talking to my doctor about being induced add to note that I’ve had four steroid shots already due to excessive pain and contractions


My dr told me when i was induced with my son that medically, unless something makes it a medical necessity, drs arent allowed to induce you until youre 39 weeks


I was induced at 41 weeks, I know it’s not the same, but I was MISERABLE & my doctor was letting me go as long as I could, I had to pretty much beg to be induced.

In SC unless something is medically wrong they won’t induce until 39 weeks.

Sorry it’s not going to happen because you are in pain before 39 weeks.


They will only induce to preserve life of mom and baby. If there is no medical reason, it will not happen. They have actually changed the guidelines and 37 weeks is not considered full term, 39 weeks is. If you are having to get injections for pain I would suggest speaking with your OB about chiropractic care and to be adjusted since so much of our body shifts during pregnancy.

No doctor in there right mind would induce at 34 weeks. That malpractice and could be deadly to your baby, or result in a months long nicu stay. Im also not sure why you would want to risk having a premie in the middle of a pandemic.


I was because of preeclampsia. But not too early.

I was 6 cm dilated from 33 weeks until I delivered at 36 weeks and 4 days on my own and still couldn’t get induced because my labor stopped. They will not induce you unless it’s medically needed. It sucks but it’s just part of the game.


With my first I was induced at 40+4 and with this one I’ll be 33 weeks on Tuesday & they wouldn’t schedule my induction until 39 weeks, unless medically necessary.

Unless it is emergent and medically necessary, they won’t induce you before 39 weeks. Pain is not a medical necessity to be induced unfortunately. I tried due to excessive pain and got told they couldn’t because there are laws and regulations against it.

I was scheduled to be induced the day I turned 39 weeks. I was beyond uncomfortable and miserably sick but unless it’s a medical emergency they wont induce until 39 weeks.

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Nobody is going to risk bringing a baby into the world prematurely due to pain unless it’s life threatening.

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My dr would not let me as baby was still in the womb and happy and healthy. She needed to bake more. I was in a lot of pain and I was literally having breathing complications (my lips were blue and so were my fingers) a few times and had to get breathing treatments. Because everytime my pain could be controlled and my breathing back to normal they said baby needs to stay in until full term. I did get induced though at 39 weeks.

I had a very close call with my daughter at 34 weeks, they did a swab and required me to have the steroid injections as no matter what they did it didn’t seem to stop. I had extreme SPD and another child and work to still contend with. They like you to be at 36 weeks at the earliest to induce so your babies lungs have a chance and can still need help. As miserable it is you have done the main part, and remember it is all worth it, bed rest and support is your best shot. Unless there is something a doctor says that you or your baby need it, you will not be allowed at your request it has to outweigh the risks. I had a natural early labour with both but my second baby the one who wanted to come early then refused to move and I had to be induced because my body had been fighting for weeks to keep her in it needed a start. An induced labour was way more painful than my natural. Your body knows what it can handle and it cant and if it couldn’t you would go into early labour naturally. Keep going the prize is the other side!

Baby’s lungs are not developed until 37 weeks. I understand being extremely uncomfortable and in pain those last couple months, but it is so much better than watching your baby struggle to breathe on their own. :heart:

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Im surprised ur doctor hasn’t already talked to u about it! Im sure they will be on board we need a comfortable calm mom not a stressed hurting momma!!! I was induced early hurt more but baby was also a hell of a lot bigger than 1st baby too so could be coincidence

My water broke at 34 weeks but my labor didn’t start I had to be induced.

No doctor that I know would even think about that until at least 39 weeks. Let that baby cook longer.
I had severe morning sickness to the point of weekly Ivs. They still wouldn’t induce until 39 weeks.

I was scheduled for a c section at 38 weeks but I was high risk and losing amniotic fluid

I had an emergency C-section with my second child at 34 weeks bc my placenta erupted. She had to be in the NICU for a while bc her lungs were not fully developed yet.
With my 3rd child I started having a lot of pain around 34-35 weeks but I definitely didn’t want to have another baby too early.
My doctor agreed and put me on bed rest.

My dr did a ultra sound and hooked me up to monitors every week until 38 weeks to make sure baby wasn’t in stress

Yep but my dr wouldn’t n then when I went in for my schedule c section he apologized cuz it was really bad inside and I ended up having 3 different surgeries that day!! C section my bladder ripped n had to repair that n fix something else due to my last dr messed up inside really bad so the pain I had was from that n he didn’t know it was that bad until he got in there!! He felt horrible it was baf

I was in severe pain (confined to a wheelchair as could hardly move) and was offered induction at 40 weeks.

I was scheduled for a c-section feb 29th an had to have an emergency c-section feb 9th because of preeclampsia

They won’t induce until 39 weeks… Especially since anything born before 36 weeks is premature

2 words… do it. I opted to be induced at my 1st daughter’s due date because I couldn’t handle it anymore. The midwife I saw that day told me no… however it wasn’t up her it was up to the midwife on call for the day and that midwife said it was up to me and I did it and I would do it again. I had to be induced at 39 weeks for my 2nd daughter due to extra fluid. I had a doctor that time and she wouldn’t induce on my due date so I was happy that I couldn’t go past 39. I was also scared but knew it would be fine. I was also in excruciating pain from sciatica so I was ready to be induced a week early. It’s your body and your baby if your doctor is OK with it and you’re comfortable with it, do it. Every woman is going to have a different birth experience. It might be way different from your first time it might be the same. Do what feels right to you.

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Nope. The end of pregnancy is SO UNCOMFORTABLE, so I definitely understand your desire, but for the health and well-being of your baby, let them cook. Unless there is a threat to yours or baby’s life, there is no reason to be induced so early, as it can be very detrimental. Those last few weeks are critical for lung development. Hang in there mama. You’re SO CLOSE, and a healthy baby is worth the wait!

My 3rd son i went in to labor at 36 weeks and they delivered him with my 4th I was a few days short of 37 weeks, they did a amniocentesis and determined her lungs where mature due to steroid injections and delivered her at 36 weeks, for the same reason my body just couldn’t handle it anymore

I was induced for the same reason at 37weeks 5 days. Unless there is something seriously wrong they’re not gonna induce yet

My last doctor refused to induce me before 40 weeks, even though I had IUGR and my daughter almost died. My new doctor said if I have it again, she will induce me at around 37 weeks. If I don’t have it, I’ll be induced at 39 weeks due to birth complications I had with my daughter. I’m 28 weeks and I’m in such horrible pain. But I personally would rather stay away from the NICU if at all possible, so I’m trying to hold this little guy in for as long as I can until 39 weeks

Most doctors will not induce, especially that early just because of pain.

I had the steroid shots and delivered at 35/36 weeks and she was small 5lbs but her lungs were ok just couldn’t sit her up in a carseat had to bring her home in a carbed

I had gallbladder pain and the drs talked about inducing me early for it. I believe they would have if it got too intense. Otherwise they said 39 wks is the earliest.

I was scheduled for csection this coming Dec 8th, but due to that sharp pain too, I was admitted and had the surgery done on Nov 27, 37 weeks. Thankful that me and the baby is fine.

No OBGYN I ever had would induce until after 41 weeks.

I was at 38 weeks with my 2nd because of pain and he was measuring big and thought to be 10 lbs (8.14 lb in the end). He had Shoulder dystocia and was stuck for an hour which than we also learned that his oxygen was cut off due to the cord being wrapped around his neck and it being pinched. He is fine now… 7 yrs later

Yes I was at 39 weeks having 5 contractions in ten mins so they gone ahead and induced me

Most things I’ve read and my doctors say at least 38 weeks but your doctor may be different especially if you have reasons. I was induced at 41 weeks 4 days, 39 weeks and 40 weeks 1 day. The first I had no signs of labor. The other two the baby’s were measuring too big. All three were over 9 pounds.

They don’t tend to do it but you can always ask

Typically they won’t induce before 37 weeks unless the baby is in danger. Definitely talk with your doctor to see if there’s anything they can do to keep you as comfortable as they can until then… bed rest, support belt,something.


I was induced with my 1st at 31 weeks 5 days for pain and preeclampsia he spent 6 weeks in the nicu and is turning 15 years old in 11 days. But usually drs won’t induce until after 36 weeks unless they deem it a medical necessity

It’s not for the babies sake, it’s yours. As bad as that sounds, unless it’s life threatening their not gonna induce a baby that early. They’ll put you on bed rest, and the safest pain relief for you…


My baby had to be delivered at 34 weeks due to complications. She received her steroid shots but still faced multiple issues. If I could’ve carried my baby longer I would’ve done anything!! I understand your in paid but just a few weeks makes a world of difference!! A doctor will not induce you that early unless it’s medically necessary. Anything under 37 weeks is considered premature

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No doctor will induce before 36 weeks.

I was just induced at 34 weeks. She ended up only weighing 4lbs. But was only in the NICU for 2 weeks. It will be hard but you can do it. Stay strong. But if your doctor doesn’t think you need it then you’ll have to hang in there. They made me wait until 39 weeks and I was in unbelievable pain.

doctors usually don’t induce unless they have to. inducing labor can cause birthing complications, and if done too early, cause health problems with your baby. maybe see if you can go on bed rest or something to help with the pain. I was in a lot of pain with my pregnancy, so I feel you. just try to find another way to cope. I was induced because my water broke at 37 weeks with no contractions, and it was the absolute worst pain in my life (and I’ve broken my back twice and have had bone reconstructive surgery, and I’m highly resistant to pain medication, so I have a high pain tolerance). the contractions came too hard too soon and I had to get an emergency c because my baby got stuck under my pubic bone

No doctor in their right mind will induce that early due to pain. I had a 34 weeker and she was in the nicu for a week and a half… they’re not going to risk your babies health because of that. If you have medical complications then maybe, but for excessive pain they’re likely going to tell you to take Tylenol and warm baths because pain is a part of most pregnancies. I had severe morning sickness my entire pregnancy, was in severe pain CONSTANTLY because my lupus flared towards the end of my pregnancy, my fluid was low at my 37 week ultrasound while I was in labor and delivery and they just monitored it, and they still didn’t induce me until 39 weeks.

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I was induced at 36 weeks 3 days and had an emergency c section at 34 weeks both were due to preeclampsia which is life threatening. Im not sure that having excessive pain would be enough for an induction that early.

They usually insist on waiting until 37 weeks for pain, unless someone’s life is in danger, because 37 weeks is considered full term.

Wait past at least 37wks. If your in too much pain their are options your Dr can discuss with you. Those last few weeks are very crucial for your babies brain.

Your baby isnt even considered full term till at least 38 weeks . i understand what your feeling being there have been there seven times my self and let the baby decide. That way your not risking your baby being in the nicu and you going home without them right away. Most NICU s wont discharge under 5 pounds and its a terrible feeling to have to leave empty handed and there stuck there usually till there due dates and then on top of a pandemic

I was induced at 37 weeks due to high blood pressure , speak to your doctor ,if you have past complications they take it all into consideration especially if it’s a high risk pregnancy ,my friend had a c-section at ,36 weeks for safety reasons due to a past complications

I was induced at 40 weeks and 39 weeks due to high blood pressure. My hospital was pretty strict on no inductions unless medically necessary. I had to wait until the end.

I had a 35 week baby. He has learning problems, hearing problems, heart problems, and other health problems. You don’t want a premie on purpose…

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They wont induce unless it is a medical emergency. My youngest was born at 36wks and he had so many problems. For the sake of ur baby’s health ur gonna have to deal with the pain unfortunately. I wish i could have but he failed his tests while i was pregnant so it was deemed an emergency and i had to have a csection.

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I am a NICU nurse and I understand the problem with pain during pregnancy. I empathize with your situation. I feel that it is important for people to have information when trying to make a decision. Some babies born at this gestation do just fine while others have multiple issues they have to deal with. Getting steroids prior to delivery help resolve some of these issues but do not work in all cases. These babies can have respiratory issues that require artificial surfactant and the use of CPAP to overcome. These babies can also have issues with jaundice, poor feeding, and episodes where they drop their heart rate. All of these will increase the amount of time they have to stay in the NICU. I have seen babies at this gestation ready to go home in a week or two and I have also seen babies that spent more than a month in the NICU depending on the issues they have to overcome.

Induced with my 1st. Both natural births with no pain meds and I can tell you know induced labor is much more painful. They usually dont unless there is a medical need.

I asked they said no. Then I stressed out so much I went into very early active labor. And they stopped my labor…

Baby will come when baby’s lungs are ready. You’re not that far from the finish line now so just try to hang on.

My doctor told me they can no longer induce before 39 weeks unless medically necessary. Good luck and feel bettee.

My son was 2 weeks late and the dr suggested induction his placenta had broken down. They had no choice. It made contractions 10x more painful and I refused to have an epidural he tore me completely open needing 137 stitches and I almost died as well as my son. Trust your dr he will do whatever is best for the both of you. He has some disabilities and will be 30yrs in May. I was lucky


It’s not life threatening so I’m almost certain your answer is you will have to tough it out.

Drs will always go with least invasive means first. So you’ll be ordered on bed rest and perhaps pain killers appropriate to take.

While you are the primary patient, the dr will also consider the complications to the baby.

Both of my babies were born at 36 weeks and one day. Went into labor naturally with both. Seven years apart, They were both completely fine. No issues whatsoever.

I would not do it so early. You risk your baby having health issues. Issues that could cause your baby to suffer. It’s not worth it. Hold on mama let that baby finish growing. Work with your doctor to manage the pain until your due date.

You don’t want to have a preemie baby if it can be avoided. I had my twins at about 35 weeks due to them beginning to have issues inside of me and it reached the point where they were safer brought out. It was really, really hard to have a premature baby who isn’t yet ready for the world. They struggle maintaining body temp, every meal is critical because they need to gain weight ASAP, and they struggle with eating/their latch which only makes gaining that weight harder. It was hard carrying them, I get the aches and pains and General exhaustion, but I really wish I could have held out even a few more weeks so I wouldn’t have had to worry so much about my newborns or watch them struggle so much. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had my daughter 6 weeks early. No complications at all. They tried to stop my labor but she came early anyway. She’s 31 no major issues other than allergies.

most doctors will not toy with the idea of induction until 37 weeks.

They will not induce you that early. Sorry. It is for the health of your baby. The earliest they will induce is 37 weeks unless there is medical issues. I would suggest bed rest. Your almost there you got this.

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My doctor wouldn’t even consider inducing me until 39 weeks and I was in a lot of pain.

Doctor’s are not allowed to induce until at least 39 weeks unless something serious is going on. My doctor scheduled my last two c-sections after 39 weeks 1 day. I opted to wait until a couple days before 40 weeks. My last I was in so much pain I could barely walk, we both survived though. I took it easy and rested a lot those last few weeks.


I was induced a week early due to gestational diabetes. They won’t induce until a week before your due date.

My daughter was born at 34 weeks due to me developing an infection and spent several weeks in the NiCU,

Wether you’re induced(doubt it honestly)or naturally go into labor early having a baby come that early they will be in the NICU even with steroid shots

My son was born at 36wks and even with steroid shots also had a NiCU stay, I went through surgery and months of pain from an infected gallbladder with him, but I did everything to keep my baby in longer because I knew it was for his health and my pain didn’t matter anymore as long as he was healthy

so I get it wanting baby to
come early and have pregnancy be “over with” so to say to end the pain, but I would’ve loved to be able to be pregnant longer with them even with all the pain I was in, because making sure your babies health and well being is how it should be is #1 priority when being a parent (in my opinion)


That’s still considered premature. I know being in pain sucks, but don’t take the chance.

They wouldnt let me till I hit 39 weeks. Honestly coming from a mom who had a preemie. The pain you feel now will be nothing compared to seeing them in a incubator and you cant hold them and they have IVs and monitors all over them. It took me 7 years to get pregnant again after that happened. I know its hard. I delivered 2 babies after to 39 weeks. The last month is the worst. But so worth it!

I was induced at 34 and a half weeks with my oldest. I had a heart condition show up out of nowhere. They didn’t opt for a c section because I had several abdominal surgeries as a child and the final one required the placement of surgical mesh. The doctors didn’t want to complicate things further by disrupting it. So I was induced as soon has my heart stabilized enough for them to think it was safe. He was perfectly healthy and had no issues. Most doctors won’t induce that early unless it is life threatening. Unfortunately you will probably have to stick it out. With my youngest I had debilitating migraines, I spent days at a time in bed. I was completely miserable nothing helped. Still had to carry him until I went into labor 11 days before my due date. Good luck.

Theyre not going to induce you unless you or the baby are in jeopardy.

I hate to say this, but from my experiance with something similar you do not matter. Your pain does not matter. Nothing about mom matters, just the baby’s health matters. Hope it’s different for you but I wouldn’t count on it.


Everybody is different and every pregnancy is different. If you cant handle the pain and want to at least ask, I say go ahead. But I imagine if you did get induced that early a c section might be involved and complications to the baby may be a factor. But I’m not a doctor, that’s just my guess. The best thing would just get the staff’s opinions and do research regarding it.

It really depends how good your doctor or midwife is. I tried to get induced at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia but I was dismissed due to my midwife being dismissive. If you aren’t happy with how your current doctor or midwife handles it you can always change. I changed midwives as I was being induced

It never hurts to ask, and it may help your doctor come up with a plan to help with your pain management. But out of experience induction before 39 weeks is usually reserved for medical factors that can comprise the safety of the delivery (i.e. high blood pressure, pre eclampsia, IUGR, Macrosomia ) and even those they try to last till 37 weeks if they can safely. It’s nothing they haven’t heard before and they won’t judge you for asking.


They may consider it after 36 weeks as at that point the baby is considered completely viable outside the womb. But I can’t imagine they’d do it any sooner than that. I had pubic symphisis separation during my last pregnancy and was in excruciating pain constantly. They didn’t care. Just kept telling me to take Tylenol and do my physical therapy exercises. I did wind up being induced at 38 weeks because there wasn’t enough fluid left around the baby.

I had hbp starting at 6 months, my doctor monitored me very well, I was admitted for early contractions, then readmitted at about 32 weeks and again at 36 weeks because we couldn’t control my bp. I was not preeclamptic as I didn’t have 1 one the symptoms, but i did have the swelling, headaches and hbp. Doc decided I’d be induced at 37, was given steroid shots, when I came in to be induced around 2am that same night at 11:34 pm my son was born. Vaginal delivery, and after 8 cm both my oxygen and baby’s was dropping along with his heart rate. He did have some breathing problems and was in the nicu for 4 days, since has not had any problems.

A perfectly healthy mom with a “normal” pregnancy can have complications in delivery, so there’s no saying if its a good or bad idea, it’s a risk anyways, but talk to doctor, maybe there are solutions they can help with.

I was just induced on the night of November 15th and my due date was the 24th. I had a painful pregnancy as well and my placenta had finally moved. I asked my doctor and he said “let’s have a baby!” So we scheduled it and Charlotte is happy and healthy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you do what is best for you and your baby!

Yes with my furst but they wouldn’t induce early, had to wait till 39 weeks

I’d talk to your doctor, but mine would not let me electively induce until 38 weeks.

Even if you ask they are not going to induce you 5 weeks early unless you or the baby life is in danger. They are not going to put the baby’s life at risk because youyr in pain and miserable.


Very few doctors will induce before 39 weeks unless an emergency medical situation - unfortunately mums pain level / mental health aren’t usually one of them. It’s all about giving bubs as long as possible to develop and be as close to full term as possible to reduce risks for them on the ‘outside’

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I’m sorry this is tough on you😔 I have eight kids and every pregnancy got harder the last was unbearable and I begged to be induced but they told me no “ suck it up” bc the baby or my life were not in danger. I did a lot of warm baths my last month I lived in the tub I also spent a lot of time in my bed or on the couch not pushing anything physical bc that made the pain worse😔 it doesn’t hurt to ask but don’t be surprised if they say no

I was induced at 39 weeks with my oldest daughter, her pregnancy and delivery went perfect. However my youngest was born via emergency c section at 36 weeks. She couldn’t breath on her own and was in the hospital for 2 weeks! She had lasting effects from being early until she was around 3 years old. I don’t suggest being induced at 34/35 weeks.

Your baby comes first. You may have pain but you don’t want to be induced early. I had a 10 week premie. Of course everything was done to stop my contractions…didn’t work. I was lucky, she weighed almost 4Lb., but was kept in the hospital for 6 weeks. Suck it up mom, your baby is more important. Your baby will come when it’s ready.


I believe its 10 days

At the the end of the day it’s your decision. BUT, talking to your Dr to see baby’s health and if there would be any complications for you and baby. I have never been induced… I was scheduled to be induced because baby #2 was past her due date … i was 40 weeks and 2 days and she came all on her own. My ultrasound tech at clinic told me how she scheduled to get induced at 35 weeks because she was on her finals to graduate from med school. She got induced and had complications and ended up getting an emergency C section.
Everyone body is different and as much as we would love to “plan” out our labor it don’t always go as plan…

From experience that’s almost impossible. Insurance won’t covet induction unless 39 weeks without a severe medical issue. Even at 38 weeks no one wants to do it. The baby is still developing and it’s very risky. I had severe pain, hyperemesis gravidarum and polyhydramnios and that wasn’t enough. It doesn’t hurt to bring it up but ultimately it’s not your decision.

Being a preemie momma of a 32 weeker. You do not want that a nicu stay is a lot worse than dealing with some pain I wish I would have got to have my baby grow inside of me rather than watch him grow on machines and not having him come home with me when I was discharged so deal with that pain momma the best you can I promise it will all be worth it


I’m a mum of a 29 weeker. I had to have an emergency section, he had stopped growing due to my blood pressure meds which I was advised not to stop because of pre eclampsia in a previous pregnancy, he is now a healthy 7 year old but those months in the neo natal weren’t much fun and if its avoidable I’d say hang on in there for a few more weeks :heart:xxx

I’ve had 2 babies at 34 weeks. You do not want to be induced that early. Your baby will have a nicu stay. 36 weeks, maybe but that’s still early. I don’t think a doctor will induce before at least 38 weeks but I wouldn’t even ask before 36 weeks.

I had a planned c-section at 35 weeks with my last due to medical issues with previous pregnancies. It has to be medically necessary and my dr had to get approval from a medical board and take proof as to why it was necessary. The risk of the baby staying in the womb has to pretty much be life threatening to one or both of you.

They won’t induce you unless something is life threatening to you or your baby. Simply being in pain isn’t reason enough.