Has anyone quit their job to be a stay at home mom?

Did any mamas quit their job to be a stay at home moms? Do you have a certain amount you can spend a week/month? An allowance for lack of better terms… How much does your significant other make a year?


I quit my job in the medical field and have been staying home. I did it after me and my husband seen he made more than me and it was one safer (I worked during covid) two we would save more on day and babysitter in the long run. I don’t have an allowance or any of that business. I do the fiances so we both know what we spend on extras. As for what here makes a yr you should go by your household and what you guys can afford. Hope this helped.

I just recently quit my job of 10.5yrs this past June after finding out I am pregnant with twins. We already have a 5yo and 10mo. When we found out I was pregnant with twins we felt it would be better for the family for me to quit my job and be at home. My husband works as a service technician for Coca-Cola and between the 2 of us he made twice as much as I did when I was working. Plus it saves us from having to pay for daycare or a babysitter. I don’t have an allowance or anything like that but I just told my husband I just need day out of the house by myself a couple times a month. But we have a system/plan that works for us and our family.

After working full time for our whole marriage I quit to be a SAHM 10 years ago. It was the best thing that has happened to me and my family. My husband is self employed and we struggled some years but always had what we need. Now we are doing well. Our kids are 11 and 9 and we are starting our 4th year of homeschool. I have enough time to shop sales and find deals on clothes and groceries. I have enough time to help family members with daycare and spend all day every day with our kids. I have a bachelors degree and could go get a job any day (now even more so) but more money won’t raise better kids or make them better adults. More money isn’t the key to a good life. We don’t drive new cars or go on big vacations. We don’t eat out. We don’t have toys with payments like boats or ATVs, but we spend most of our time together and it is the most amazing life! At first I missed having a job and talking with co workers but I have found friends and family are great and I can’t imagine having to go to work or being away from my kids.

I stopped working while I was pregnant, and hubby’s job was enough to make it work and we both prefer I stay at home. I do some instacart stuff on the side if I really want my own money but as long as I discuss any large purchases, I can spend how ever I want l, because as we see it, it’s not just his money, it’s ours. I know that’s hard for a lot of couples to come to terms with. Yeah you earned it, bit it belongs to both of us now. We are both bartenders and hubby has a good gig that supports us well. I do under the table and free lance gigs sometimes for fun, and hubby encourages it so I can get out of the house for a while. It’s all about compromise and understanding.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone quit their job to be a stay at home mom?

I was not fortunate to be a stay at home Mom…I worked two jobs to raise my children…No child Support… Would do it again!!:pray::pray::heart::heart:


Your on a budget and if he isn’t you need to sit down and talk now


I stay at home with grandkids4 I am not taking money from my daughter for babysitting they pay my cell phone bill and my husband pays house payments and other things but I tought school 30 years I drive and old car and I got food stamps I really don’t have to ask for money but I feel your pain

I had quit my job to be a stay at home mom bc the amount of pay a week I was making and with my hrs reduced abs my pay per hr didn’t make sense for me to work. I also get a $125 a week amount for things like going out to dinner with family or things my little one needs or birthday gifts or getting my nails done . Things like tht

I did, it was great, was fortunate to be able to raise my kids. Found a side job that worked around my kids school for extra cash. You can do it if your not in debt. I was a stay at home mother for 23 years went back to work full time when my youngest was a freshman in college.

I wish I can stay home with my baby but I have to work

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I did. 16 years ago. My husband’s money is my money.

I quit my job right after my maternity leave so that I could be a stay at home mom. I have a board with the bills tht need to be paid out of each check and what gets put into savings for our next baby and parties and we go out to eat and do family stuff with the rest. We survive plenty off 50,000 a year we just don’t eat out everyday like we use too

I did ! With my 2nd at the time we were both at very good jobs working a ton including over time so we were at a good place both making a great amount enough to cover our cost if one decieded to stop so we made the choice that it was healthier for me and the baby to stay home at the start of my pregnancy i did not have an allowance i have a credit card with his account. Its been around 3 years and he switched jobs to a good job that gives him more time for the family but take a major pay cut and hour cut so we are adjusting now i alone made the choice to put up my credit card and only get 200 a week deposited into an account in my name to use for what i please

My daughter is a single stay at home mom and I’m very happy with her decision to do so, and yes she has to be careful with her money and sticks to her budget. Very proud of her and if she gets in a financial bond or she needs food or whatever the case may be, I’m right there for her, I do what I can to help. I’m not a rich woman at all but I completely support my daughters decision to be a stay at home mom. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I stay home with the kids. My husband makes enough for us to be comfortable. I dont drive so me working is out of the picture also childcare for 4 kids is to much

Okay so I did.

Our annual is 50k ish a year.

We have 3 kids. And I didn’t work at all.

No allowance. I had full access to bank accounts, cash, assets. I paid all the bills and made sure hubby had cash in his wallet for everything he needed, and once bills and his money was out for the week whatever left was to pick up items like household and diapers. After that anything left over I used for myself. Some weeks it was $$$ other weeks it was nothing .

My husband makes roughly 6-8k a month. We have four kids. After bills and buying things we need for the house and putting money into Savings, we just split whatevers left over so if there 800 $ left over we each get 400$. He buys what he wants/ needs and I do the same. This is just an example. His pay check varies but this is an example of our biweekly situation.

I have been a stay at home mom for the past 4 years, I do not get an allowance from my S/O but he works I take care of the kids and the house and we both agree that even though I may not have a real job he understands that I need time away from the kids and some every day mother hood things so he will set up dates to go on every other week or so, and if I need time to my self he respects that

I’ve been a stay at home mom going on 4 years, since my youngest was born. My husband makes enough that we can comfortably do that. He has never given me an “allowance”
I know what bills need to be paid and what we want to put away in savings every week. We both know the boundaries of what we can spend. I hate the term allowance given to a wife by her husband. Being a stay at home mom is a full time unpaid job. It rubs me the wrong way.

I say if you can stay home with your kids,then DO IT! I wouldve loved that.

Stay at home mom here I love it I’m kinda on a budget but I started a small business to pay for their extra curriculum and I’m also able to take them and just be involved overall


I quit my job to be a stay at home mom, I don’t get an allowance :roll_eyes: if I need someone I just say hey can get grab this or next time you make an Amazon order we could use…

We share a bank account there is no allowance we both get what we need because we’re a team and it’s not his or her money… I’m a SAHM

My baby isn’t born yet but I quit working at 10 weeks and I’ve been a sahw and soon to be sahm and I love it, my fiance is diesel mechanic for semi trucks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I stayed home for a short time. We had enough to pay bills and food. We really couldn’t go out there do too much. So I went to back work. I love my children…I also like making that extra money so we can go out do and do things.

I am a SAHM. Only since my baby was born. Now I am actively looking for a part time job so my man, and I can go to school. I feel as if I am not doing enough. But it is really a blessing. Not all moms have the privilege. I am honored to see every little thing, and not miss moments I cannot get back.

It’s a love and hate relationship


Stay at home mom…I don’t get an allowance I think that is bizarre. He brings home the money and we have equal access to all of it. I don’t need permission to spend but I do give him a heads up if I need to spend a little more than usual and if he thinks it can wait sure we can chat about it but for the most part… he puts it all in my hands because I’m taking care of the kids whatever they want or need is mainly up to me… I love being home with my
Kids… but hell yeah it’s hard

Never was on a budget while i was a stay home mom. His money my money is our money. People need to stop the division of income.

I stay home with every baby I have. We just make it work. You cut where you need too. Less take out, more meal preps. My husband makes about $40,000 a year. He sells cards on his down time so that helps income. We have two kids, soon to be 3. Also 2 dogs and a cat. We have about $350 left each month after bills and food.

I stayed home until my was in pre-k then went to work part time. I’m full time now. I did enjoy my time home but with my husband and I both working we were able to splurge in more things.

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If you are fortunate enough to stay home, do it! I’m on maternity leave right now, but we are talking about me not going back…my dude makes something like 70 or so a year, but I’m not a spender and we haven’t discussed budget just yet😬

Yes because child care cost was ridiculous.
My husband has made anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 ( and rising now).

I don’t have an allowance I just ask for money when I need it and 9 times out of 10 he doesn’t care

I’m a stay at home mom of 3, absolutely love it!! We are pretty well off financially! I don’t have a certain amount I can spend or an allowance! I do however make sure other than family time all he has to do it take out the trash and yard work ! He works and I maintain the house , I personally feel , as does he that the money equal! I may not go to a job but I definitely do the work to make his money ours!! He steps up if I get sick or if he sees it been a hard day with the kids, he’ll cook and clean the kitchen and let me just relax ! He is very involved with the kids and myself when he gets home !! We are very blessed :blush:

I was fortunate enough to stay home for most of the time my child was growing up. Sometimes money was tight. But there is nothing in this world I would have or will trade for the years that flew by. If you can make it work do it. You won’t be sorry.


I didnt become a SAHM till 2018 my kiddos were 18 months and 2 years old. Hubby has a monthlybudget of 1500 for grocceries and shopping. Sometimes he gives me a extra 500 some months if work is good.my oldest is about to hit kindergarden and my youngestin prek. I plan to be home till they turn 7 or 8. By then i should be done with college and have a full time job again

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone quit their job to be a stay at home mom?

My gf and I are considered upper middle class. She currently is taking a break and is a STAHM. She doesn’t necessarily have a limit as to how much she can spend just as long as it’s not something we don’t need and is expensive. No allowance either since she’s welcome to use money as needed. I make a bit over 500k a year

If you’re allowing someone to give you an allowance as a grown adult there’s issues. You should be able to buy whatever you need.


I think each situation is different. It’s all depends on your own situation and what your family can or can’t afford to do.


I quit one of my jobs…but still work the other one, one or two days a week so I have my own type of income in some way and can still be home with the kids more.

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Define allowance in a marriage :flushed:

How about a budget that your family sticks to. An allowance seems harsh. :flushed::thinking:


One parent quitting a job to be a stay at home parent should be a decision made by both parents. If both parents agree, their should not be his money her money. I would understand budgeting a little more to account for the loss of income but no way in hell should their be an allowance.

I did but I do what I want. We just communicate on what we have and what we can do. But my husband never tells me no… lol I am more frugal than he is. I also sell baked goods from my home and put a ton of vegetables in the freezer every summer. The word allowance just sounds bad and a control method.

It’s says for a lack of a better term… can people just answer the question and not judge on the term used. :roll_eyes:


I did with my 3rd child. I was miserable, ended up taking kids in for daycare to have “my own” cash. My husband always made sure I had what I needed, but I felt I had to “ask” him for money.
Now that we “budget” better and I am back to work, it feels more balanced. But he used to give me what he could above what our bills were. You also have to consider what you’re needing it for? Is it extracurriculars? Is your husband also getting and “allowance” to do extracurriculars?

Fuck that pardon my language but whats his is mine and what’s mine is his allowance what are you my parent we are partners. If my husband did this I would spend every cent of money we have on something so stupid and impractical…

There are so many variables here that it is hard to answer. Yes, I did quit my job. We had a strict budget. I really couldn’t spend anything above food and necessary clothing. It was worth it. My kids have all grown up to appreciate everything they have. Maybe you have more resources??? Just make sure that you know what your budget is and can be happy with it

Personally I have chosen to be a stay at home mum after my second child as me and my partner split and after school care and nusery fees or relieying on others to collect my boys worked out I was working and missing time with my boys and had more out going payments than income

I don’t work I quit my job when I was 19 weeks pregnant as I wasn’t going to return afterwards, if I need something I just say to my partner can I have your card today and he usually doesn’t need it so I just use that for the food shop or anything I want or need x

We made the decision together for me to stay home when the kids were babies. My husband made more and it just made sense. Look at your finances and see what your budget would be for one income. Every household is different. Discuss everything before making the final decision.

Yes when we found out we were pregnant we decided I would stay home and money was a joint account …we both had cards …we had a budget to make sure all Bill’s were paid and if anything was left that was spending money beyond household needs.

It’s none of your business what someone else’s SO makes and brings in. Why quit a job to be a SAHM and then expect allowance lol. Not how it works…one income means everything gets budgeted. Every bill is necessity and extras do not exist. Should have just kept job and worked opposite of SO. Money wouldn’t be an issue and you’d enjoy the days off together with money to spend. I guess the word sacrifice means nothing to some and everything to others.

Sit down and have a serious conversation with your partner. Set up your family budget. Make sure you can truly afford it.

Everything you think you need in your budget add it in a category. Including a fund for your own personal purchases.
In my family budget both my husband and I have our own spending money we take out of the family budget. Each have our own luxury fund. No questions asked what we each spend that money on or save. It’s spoil ourselves fund. I spend some. I save most of it to really splurge. I went to Mexico all expenses paid trip last year with my luxury money.

So i didnt quit quit work. . . I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and work for an ambulance company that allows part time work which means i call in and say “hey i want to work such n such days whats available”, or you pick up standbys/out of town transports - I’m not tied to a set schedule and only required to work 4 shifts (6-12 hrs is a shift) a month. . . No insurance or PTO benefits, but dont need PTO and my husband is military so I’m on his. . . We cant afford like fancy restaurants or eat out everyday but our bills are paid from his checks and groceries i pick up enough shifts to keep our house stocked. . . .

Yes I quit right as I was moving up the ladder into management. At the time my spouse made a little over 60,000 a year. We sold our house a moved into his childhood home with his grandmother to be able to afford it but it was worth it. My husband deposits money into my personal account any time I need it but we share money in joint accounts as well and I gave a credit card we pay off monthly.

My suggestion: Look at your budget… After necessities, retirement, savings, children’s extras, etc, how much is left? Decide from that, with your husband, how much you each have for individual “extra” money each month.

Don’t do it unless you want to hear you would not have that if it wasn’t for me


Iv been a stay at home mom with my ex husband and my current guy iv been with for 5 years that’s my son’s dad and with neither was I given an allowance. Anything I needed they made sure I had plus things I wanted, they made sure I always had some money on me but if I wanted or needed something I just said something. I’m a super low maintenance chick that really doesn’t need much but iv never had an issue. My current one now every morning asks me if I have plans for the day or ask if I want need money or more if I already have some. With my ex when he got paid he gave me his whole check and I paid the bill and made sure he had his beer which is all he cared about (hence why he’s my ex) but that’s the way he wanted it. But who I’m with now we pay bills together and he makes sure I have money for whatever I need or if I really want something. It’s different for every couple, you just got to figure out what works for you guys

I think the most important thing is knowing what your significant other makes in order for you to be able to quit your job and be a stay at home mom.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing when they don’t pay your bills.

Then whatever that number is you start looking at your living situation and incoming vs out going. You start looking at your savings and your 401k. You start buckling down and thinking what kind of life you want vs what you can afford. And just because you can afford it now, does mean you can when your older…if your not saving now and doing the things.

So if you can live within your means and keep your head with the resources your family has…go for it. Quit. Stay home.

But definitely consider and evaluate all the things with your spouse and come up with a plan together.

As far as me and my house. My husband works railway. It pays the bills. I’m on disability and I homeschool my children. We live comfortably and own our home. I’m able to stay home. We have a small savings. Retirement is always a concern but my husband also worked for his family for many years in a family business and he is set up to get inheritance in the future which will fund our retirement as well as investments for our children and their future. We worked together and came up with a plan.

I suggest you do the same with your spouse.

Try living just on your husband’s income. Put yours in the bank. If you can make it one income stay home


Yes became a stay at home mum. Allocating the weekly money for bills and food. Saved money by writing a weekly menus. Cut out buying stuff that I could do with out. Wrote out a yearly list of Birthdays so I could get gifts in advance when on special. Just have to balance everything.

We had to weigh the cost of care for the kids vs me working. For the baby, part time daycare in my area, if even available, is $827 (that’s the cheapest I can find) a month. If I’m working we don’t get assistance for the after school program for the other kids which equates to about $400 a month; $600 if we add morning care. So we’d pay $1227-$1427 for child care a month if I worked. Not to mention not having time to clean and cook, which adds to the cost. Without me working, I can clean, cook, do laundry, and best of all, see and raise my own kids. So we coupon and penny pinch, but ultimately there’s no point in me working.

Yes I did, and I always had money and could get what I needed. I had the best husband on earth.

Nope. I can’t stay home. Even if I could, I rather work. I just can’t see me letting anyone tell me what I can buy or not or let alone give me a certain amount. I understand some families do this but I can’t.


I quit my job and became a stay at home mom. It is one of the most rewarding things for me AND my family. My kids know I am only minutes away should they need me and my husband feels comfortable going to work knowing if our kids need anything I am literally minutes away.

My husband doesn’t give me an allowance but actually gives me all of his earnings for me to handle bills and necessities. After those are paid I am free to buy whatever I want. Now…am I going to just buy whatever I WANT? Absolutely not. He trusts that I won’t overspend and will keep our families needs ahead of whatever I want.

You will need to have a certain level of trust on both ends.


You’re doing your children a huge disservice teaching them to be dependent on a man.


I quit working after my 2nd child was born. I always “took care” of the bills so when I quit working I just adjusted our buget. If I wanted something I just bought it. If it was a “high cost” Item (like a digital SLR camera) I would tell my husband in advance before I went out and bought it. He would just say, “If the money is extra in our account with out having to pull from saving, get it.” I was a SAHM for 18 years. Started working 2 years ago when my first born started college.

Goodness, these comments. They didn’t ask your opinion of staying home.
I did leave my career to be a SAHM for Schools purposes last year and noted it is definitely hard lol. But we have our accounts set up for savings, bills and spending. We budget through those things and large purchases are talked about. It’s definitely a huge transition but can be done with good communication and reasonable expectations.

Worst thing i’ve ever done in my life, but I was with a man who took money as having power over everything such as decisions and what I could buy…even what kind of food to buy! Then he kicked me out and I had nothing! But I found a job…and I found my own life without him. Puts u in a vulnerable place, but if u have a strong, healthy relationship then the budget needs to be discussed with ur man first.

If you can afford it then do it BUT still work out of the house low part time hours just to get out and be an adult and have your own money too.

I ask if we’re in the position for me to buy said item and if we are I buy it. If not then I wait until we are. We both understand both of our jobs are different but difficult in their own way. As long as everything is taken care of we’re cool.

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I quit my job a few years back. My husband makes a decent amount and honestly it was cheaper for me to just stay home. He doesn’t give me an allowance. We share a bank account and I have full access. I take care of ALL the bills anyway and he just makes the money.

Just recently (a week ago) quit my job to become a stay at home mom again. 22 years obviously didn’t do the trick! Lol! We had a very humble conversation before I decided and our budget allows, so Homemaker it is! As for my buying, we have set an amount in which we will have a discussion before a large purchase is made… otherwise do what is best for my mental health which in turn is best for us. :white_heart:. Mom of 3 adult kids and a preteen who needs mommas guidance during these teenage years.

I homeschooled my 3 children for 16 years. Yes, we had a budget. Sometimes it was rough but we made it work and I worked from home when I could.

This is supposed to be a women’s page. We’re supposed to build each other up not judge and/or talk shit. People suck… if you have advice cool! If not keep the comments to yourself.

I did when we moved last year because I couldn’t leave my child home alone to do school on the computer. Hopefully this year they’ll be full time in school not 4 days a week

Yes i just became a stay at home mom. Our work schedules didnt match up with kindergarten so my husband got a second job and said i could stay home. He gives me $100 a month for myself. He takes care of everything. I dont ask for too many things so he usually doesnt say no. I also saved up some money from the pandemic so I can take care of fun things and dont feel like a burden. There is some adjustment but you get used to it.

My wife needs me to do the job I do at work, I need her to do what she does at home, need each other if we can afford if we both have what we like the fact I work makes no difference.

I stayed home for 4 years after I had my second baby. Went back to work when they where in school, and then worked part-time for awhile. But that was 15 years ago. Cost of living has gone up a lot, not sure if I could do it now… and we got a joint account and managed everything together, I would not have accepted a allowance… just saying. Good luck :blush:

I quit my job when I became pregnant more so to have a healthy pregnancy. My partner makes enough for me to stay home and never work again. I don’t have a limit on what I spend but I don’t go crazy, I’m able to buy us nice things and not feel bad about it. My partner makes 6 figures.

I was stay at home mom hated it I felt trapped and I couldn’t anything with out him with me including grocery shopping…

I quit 10 years ago because I was pregnant with my 4th and me staying home was cheaper than daycare. Current going to college again to get a better paying job than I used to do when I was working. Not sure what “allowance” is? You in a relationship with children, the money goes it everyone. There were times money was tight and times it was fine.

I am a stay at home mum. Had to give up my job to move across the country. Its hard, and lonely. Try and do less hours. If being a stay at home mum if for you. Write every single outgoing down and then work out what you can afford to spend each week. We don’t have q lot but have 2 cars, phones and can afford to go away in summer. Not abroad but my kids are happy at our local beach or at the skatepark

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Being at stay at home mum is wonderful, it does require both partners to be on board and see the benefits and to realise the earning partners money isn’t theirs but both of yours. Depending on how much of a douche your partner is it might get thrown at you in an argument, but you can always throw back if it weren’t for your sacrifices too then they’d have to do nursery runs/ handle the house too and all the expenses that come with you at work - cleaner, ironing lady, childcare etc.
If you do it then know your worth and don’t let anyone make you feel it’s less than it is.
It’s a hard 24hr 7days a week job but you get to see your children grow and they know there’s always someone there for them.
Too many people seem to have kids and don’t seem to want to spend any time with them which is sad.
If you can afford it and your all board then go for it :heart:


A stay at home mom is a hard job , but worth it . What would be your reason for quitting your job ? I believe there is always a budget, that has to be kept . Weither ,single ,married one income or two . Before you quit . See if you can make a budget that works for your family based just on the one income . See if you can stick to it . I would give it 6 months . If you can then yes quit your job .after 6 months you should know about amounts of money that can be spent on certain things .
My budget is
Child care
Entertainment ( cable phone internet)
Eating out

Something like that.
I have the total for each bill per month added up . Then divided by the amount of paycheques per month.
Say the bills come to 1500 a month and I get 4 pays . 375$ would be taken from each pay and put aside for the bills

If there is money left after the 375$ is removed .that is the extra to spend or save that week . On shoes clothing or school for the kids .
I hope this answers your questions.

I did it. Didnt last long! Didn’t like not having my own money.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone quit their job to be a stay at home mom?

Yes! There is no “allowance” in our house though. If either person needs to make a large purchase we let the other know, but if I want to go to target and blow 100 dollars I just know I need to be frugal the rest of the week. It can lead to fights in our house about who makes the money but as long as we communicate it’s not a big deal.


I did… well not exactly fully quit working. I quit my full time job and took a part time position. I work about 15 hours a week and my partner works full time at about $18 an hour… we live comfortably

I did. My husband never made me feel like it was his money. He always said he couldn’t do what he does without me doing what I do. We both discuss with each other before spending money.


I did after our second was born cuz my mom had a stroke and couldn’t babysit anymore. I’m not gonna sugar cote it i miss working. I love my kids but sometimes I crave getting out of the house daily and I get no me time. We have pretty much no extras with 3 kids money is tight but we make it work for now. Thank goodness my youngest starts school this year so I’ll be getting a part time job and maybe a a lil sanity. Good luck momma in whatever you choose

I decided to quit because when we figured it all up, my job was only paying me a little more than what sending him to a daycare would cost. So we decided it was better for me to just keep him at home. I don’t have a set “allowance” my ex just gave me money here and there, or if I needed something in particular, he’d give me enough to get it

My husband’s money and my money are the same thing. All goes into 1 account and I make sure bills are paid each week/month. I am a sahm but I work pt from home too so I have some income. It all just gets put together for everyday use

I did. I don’t spend much on myself honestly. I don’t go out and buy new clothes, mani/pedis, Starbucks everyday so I don’t really have an allowance. Now we do have a budget each month that we try to stay within. But I have a small craft gig on the side to help with vacations, workout clothes obsession, I put aside money from that as well for my tattoo funds.

My husband is a commercial fisherman and we have 3 young children so I’m a stay at home mom. There’s no allowance, he gives me money while he’s gone so I can take care of the kids. He appreciates the work I put in and vise versa

I’m a housewife and I don’t have an allowance. That’s just strange to me! I just tell my husband what I want, or ask him for how much I need. Not that I need to, the finances are just safer in his hands due to my neurodiversity. If you guys wanna work out an allowance though go for it! There are lots of people that do it. Talk about how much you typically like to spend, and come to compromise.

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I did. I started my own daycare. Best thing I could have ever done.

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