Has anyones tax returned been approved yet?

Has anyone who claimed kids on your tax return actually have it approved yet? I’m asking because a few of my coworkers see there returns pending in there banks and one has already received her money yesterday and they all claimed kids while there apps say under review and not approved yet. My app says under review but I also signed up for early direct deposit and not with a local bank so I don’t know if mine is approved or not.


Got my state awhile ago and my federal this Friday

Yeah got mine back already too

I got mine back on Saturday

Mine is approved. Hopefully get it today or if not then Thursday

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Mine was approved Friday and will be in my account on Thursday

Claimed kids and got mine back Saturday

I’ve already gotten part of mine back!

Lol we have kids and not only was mine approved, but I already got it. I always file early.

Yes and it should be here on 22nd

I claimed with kids January 30th and mine was just approved the other day.

Yes … . And it’s in the bank already … . :raised_hands:

Mine says pending till tomorrow

I have kids and mine has been approved and is waiting for deposit

I think they are supposed to clear by Thursday. But that doesn’t mean you will get them that exact day. Mines coming a few days after that.

Mine shows due to be deposited the 22nd

Yes and was deposited within 2 weeks.

And this is why I always wait to file.

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We filed in mid January, and by February 5th, our return was in our account.

Filed Feb 1st, mine says reveived.

Yes mine did , says it’s supposed to come by the 22 of this month .

I have 2, getting my federal Thursday and says approved.

I claimed my son and have all ready received mine back at least federal

My fiancés was approved today and mine hasn’t been and I filed before him! It says his money will go in Feb 27th

We claimed 1 child and it got approved Sat. Says it should be in our bank account by Thursday

Mine was approved and received and I claimed 2 kids

Yes. Supposed to be deposited this week

Mine is scheduled to be deposited Thursday.

Yes mine has been approved will be deposited Thursday

Claimed kids. Got state last week. Getting federal this Thursday


Yes mine and several others I know were accepted last week and pending deposit for Thursday

I filed like last week with 2 kids and my was approved and is estimated to be paid out next week.

Ours has been approved and we already got it and spent it. However our state is approved but not received.

Not yet, but it should be soon. This weekend was a 3 day weekend so nothing happened yesterday.

Mine just got approved 2 days ago and will be in Acct the 22nd

Mine says it’s reviewed just waiting for them to deposit it

Mine is approved but not deposited yet

Filed, accepted and received already.

Mine got accepted 1/29, turbotax said it’d be here 2/19. Still waiting

Mine just hit 5 minutes ago

I got mine Saturday morning, got 4 kids

Mine just got approved 2 days ago posed be deposited by the 22nd we have the EITC

Yes. Claim 2 kids and already had it last week

Mine says approved, should be here by Thursday

Mine is pending I claimed one. It’s pending for 2/22

End of January married with 2 kids filed 1/28 accepted 1/31. Approved Thursday or Friday last week and deposit date of Thursday 2/22

Claimed kids mine says approved and deposit by the end of the week

I just did mine 5 days ago… turbo tax says est deposit 3/7… they’ve been accepted but that’s it

Look at your transcript . My best friend is getting hers on the 22nd, I filed before her and mine has error codes .

Mine says dep 2/22, filed 29th

Yes and i got my federal refund already with kids on it. Accepted feb 3rd 2024 money in the acct feb 16 2024

Ours has been approved but hasn’t hit yet, supposed to the 22nd. We filed 1-29-2024.


I’d like to claim my cows, cats, dogs, chickens :rofl:

Filed the 13th they accepted them but have not approved them so far but there’s no indication there’s a thing wrong🤷‍♀️ the place I filed through says I should receive mine by March 4th-5th

That’s what happened with my fiancées. Hers STILL says under review but she already got it. Mine moved up the chart today.

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The only way to get up to date information for to view your transcript on the IRS WEBSITE. I got mine last week.

Mine has been approved it says it should be here on the 22nd I claimed my 3 kids but haven’t received my state one yet

How much is the child tax credit this year …or does it go by what u make ???for one child ?

Under review means they are investigating something or you need more info!I claimed kids and I have a date

i got my state taxes last week. my federal set for tomorrow

Mine should be here Thursday

Currently waiting on the deposit.You can Google up a chart where it tells you when it should be deposited into your account. You just need to know the day you filed. It’s been pretty accurate for us for years.

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Ours is approved but not supposed to get it till the end of the month, I filed before the end of January. I’ve seen a lot of people get theirs already.

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Yep got mine two claimed
Two kids got last week
My Fede re Al and my state the week befotr

Check your tax account transcript on the IRS website, not the app.

Anyone know about NC? I filed on 1/31 and mine says received but not processed. Federal says received but delayed. Neither have been approved. I know one year they didn’t even update on the website and I got it. Turbo tax says estimated to arrive tomorrow :woman_shrugging:t2:

I wish I got a return. I own a business so I pay taxes lol.


If you are recieveing the Earned Income Tax Credit I found out it’s not going to be released until mid Feb. As it’s mid Feb now I would think it should be coming soon. I also saw somewhere about the 27th so…I’m trying to wait patiently. It should be soon.

Just got off the phone with the IRS. The website says 21 days from received but they are actually estimating it more to 28 days. I filed on 1/26 and was accepted 1/29. Mine still says received and he said give it till the end of the week to update. I also don’t have access to see my transcripts, he said some users are having trouble logging into the transcript portal but they are working on it. Hope this helps!

Truth is it doesn’t matter what you signed for early deposit. The irs will do whatever they will do. Sadly these websites and things promise early deposit but they can’t because it isn’t even them distributing the money. The irs will take forever sadly and if it under review you may need to do more work to see why it’s under review


mine has been approved and set to be deposited on thursday

Yes I got mine back last saturday

Are they coming through on the date it says it will?

Mine says to expect it tomorrow, but I’m sooo anxious it won’t come.

Lol the irs has done me dirty before!

Under review means there is an issue and will get a letter about why

Mine is expected the 27th and my fiancés is expected to go in tomorrow

Now if your bank does the direct deposit two days earlier does that work for IRS deposits as well?

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Check your transcripts. That may give a more accurate date.

Under review means something wrong like info not matching. I had that happen when I entered in wrong forms some years ago. It only delayed me by a week or 2. Got a letter that irs updated my info for me and changed it to make it correct. I didn’t have to make any changes myself. They corrected it and sent the new refund amount. Not a big deal at all at least when it happened to me. Hopefully it’s minor issue for you also

Got federal right away, state is still pending

I got mine no updates to the website or anything not even saying it was approved. Did mine like 2/2-2/4 claimed eitc and actc and got mine back about 2 days ago.

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Mine was pending in my account yesterday, its in there today

Yes . I already got mine back

I got by federal on the 16th with EIC & CTC

We’ve claimed 3 kids and have our return already

I got mine last week and it still says on the app it’s return received still lol :joy: that app is useless. I also claimed HOH and 2 kids.

I filed mine on Jan 29 I have 2 kids just got approved and said it will be in my account Feb 22

i claimed kids and earned income and mine will be deposited thursday and i did our taxes middle of january

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I got the code 570 so idk what’s going on with mine :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2:

Mine was approved. Check your transcripts on the irs site. That’s most accurate.

If you look at your tax transcript, it has the deposit date. Mines scheduled for Thursday tho.

Mine was approved right away and I filed on Sunday night. But I know my sister filed a few weeks ago and got hers last week without it updating on the app.

My transcript from this year isn’t available, I filed with four kids married on 2/2. I’m waiting …

I’m in FL. Filed last Monday. It was immediately accepted but hasn’t been approved. I’m getting worried bc it doesn’t usually take this long. I have EIC and additional child tax credit.

You can check your transcripts and depending on the code then you can know what’s being reviewed, where’s my refund app isn’t really updating quickly, so your best bet is checking transcripts, Im in a couple of tax groups on Facebook, also if you’re claiming eitc or CTC that puts you under PATH and path just lifted on the 15th

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Have a DD of 2/22. Filed 2/8. WWR/transcripts updates on different days for people with certain numbers. You can have a review code and it means absolutely nothing.

I have mine back got it last week the app isn’t up to date yet still says pending but I got mine

My deposit date is 2/22, I claimed 2 kids

I filed mine and got mine back in 6 days and I claimed 2 children

Mine hasn’t been approved and we claimed kids als9

Filed the 10th w kids paid on the 16th… app says approved but I’ve had my refund since friday

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