Have you ever been told to stop having kids?

Any of y’all with multiple kids been told You need to stop having kids ?? I’m currently pregnant for the 4th time but with Twins and this gives me 5 kids


I got 8 and with twin girls included 4 girls 4 boys ages are 14,11,9,8&8,6,3,5 months…if I can handle it you can handle it I’ve been asked and told that many times. I have my days but I also have a supportive and helpful loving partner. It’s nobody problem how many kids you have! They’re your kids😊🩷💙🩷💙🩷

If you’re capable of taking care of them, it isn’t anyone’s business.


When we announced we were pregnant again which is my 5th but we’ll have a total of 8 all together, I kept getting the response “another one?!” Like yes can I help you?! It’s my life and if I want to have another baby I certainly will. All my kids are well fed and taken care of that’s what matters so if we can handle taking care of one more it’s no one’s business. We couldn’t be any happier and I refused to let anyone ruin that for our family.


I’ve been told to have more. Or that women my age have 3 by now.

I shrug it off.

We want more.
It hasn’t happened tho. So butt out.

We have 9 kids plus im raising my sister. We get no government help for all the karens out there. They are all spoiled, have what they need and more. All are on honor roll etc .


I birthed 8 children. Eight children are one of the reasons I am still alive today. Being chosen and going through so many trials and tribulations my babies was what I had to keep pushing motivation no matter how hard it got. It doesn’t pay to be judgemental because we never know why God allows what He allows. I’m learning to walk in purpose and I truly believe that God blessed me and gave me the responsibility to raise 8 of his children on this earth. I won’t fail Him.


The only thing I’m seeing is the people having the most kids are the ones who can’t afford them without government help.


Yup I have 5-- no government assistance. I also have 3 babies in Heaven. It’s nobody’s business but yours what you do with your body. If your doc says it’s safe and you can afford it, have as many as you want. Kids are a blessing :heart: Mine are now 23, 21, 19, 15, and 6!!


Others usually say that to people who have kids and can’t provide for their children and expect others to help them all the time. People who are unstable having kids. Or people who are in bad situations and relationships having kids. Makes no sense to keep popping kids when you can’t take care of them or yourself.<–that’s usually why people would say that.


I get told “you know what causes that don’t cha?”

Yes I do. I’m currently pregnant with my 4th and I have 1 bonus kid so that’s 5 between me and my fiance.


Currently 36 weeks with baby number 5. Yes ppl all the time say that but it ain’t their life, their not the ones paying for my kids. I have a career and if me and my husband want a big family then that’s what we will do.


I’m pregnant with my 5th and I actually get this regularly.
“Don’t you think it’s time to quit”
“I think one of you should get fixed”

Even my Dr who has always been amazing said at my first prenatal appointment this time around “you considered birth control or being fixed this time” in his defense I’m high risk each time but everyone else can kiss it. Lol


As long as you’re the one taking care of them and not pawning your kids off on other people or making your older kids parent the younger ones then I say have as many as you can afford. Just make sure you’re able to give each child undivided quality time together, at least occasionally. You know, mommy/daddy daughter/son dates. Even if it’s just like a once a month thing, each month you take out a diff child. It doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money. It’s the time together and the things you do a child will remember more so than things that are bought.


All the time but back in the day you had as many as you had so why is it so different now? I love my 4 children they always have someone but its no one business how mamy you have if you are able to look after them

When I told everyone I was pregnant with my 1st barely anyone was supportive, after I had him it was when are you having another. I got pregnant with my 3rd and everyone was like WOW and with my 4th it was you know that happens right? I personally stopped because I didn’t want kids after 30 and I had my 4th the day after my 30th birthday

Are u a shit mom? Can you afford more kids? Are you on welfare? Do u ignore you kids? Are they neglected? Do you pawn them on everyone else? If you answer yes to any of these that is why people keep telling you this.

Yes. My dr told me at 35 to stop because of my ‘advanced maternal age ‘. He was my 4th I had a 5th child at 39 , they are all very healthy children!!


I’m pregnant with my tenth and I have 4 bonus kids and 4 grandkids. The only ones who tell me to stop are the people who don’t know me, everyone else asks when I’m having the next lol
I’ve heard the full range of everything people say and I let it roll off my shoulders. The only thing that matters is that my kids are very well provided for and well loved (we are on a 5 day vacation to great wolf lodge this week)

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I was after my 3rd c section said it would be high risk having another section so stopped at 3 :grin:

I got my tubes tied after my last c section cause i was told this and it made me completely heartbroken but at the same time i hated being judged more. I regret it every day

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I have five and have never heard this…or maybe I’m not listening :woman_shrugging:t3:

I just told my daughter this the other day she is turning 26 has 4 girls same baby daddy school sweethearts she has been a mom since she was 3 weeks shy of being 15 and now has 4 girls and is an amazing mother to them girls but she struggles alot with finances and mental health I told her the other day go get your birth control renewed asap we don’t need anymore babies not right now lol but she understood exactly what mama was saying her and dad are married but this world has gotten so hard financially I couldn’t imagine we have 2 girls at home still 13 and 14 when we adopted our daughter at birth when I was 35 then I got pregnant after 10 years of treatments at 36 I was told I was to old blah blah we had already almost raised my husband’s 2 oldest and we started all over im now 49 with 2 amazing beautiful smart girls I wouldn’t trade this life for anything could my hubby and I be doing all the things absolutely traveling etc. But we love our girls and they keep us young at heart I say as long as you can provide without assistance then have a whole ball team or 3 even but if you have to depend on assistance medical food monetary then no you shouldn’t be just popping out babies sorry if you live in govt.housing and keep popping out babies then I have a problem

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Always respond with “yeah, and which bill of mine would you like to cover?” That usually shuts them up. Bc if you aren’t paying my bills mind your mf business :rofl:


Yep and I only have 3. My parents never wanted me having kids at all. When my oldest was 13 I finally gave her a sibling and got so much flack for it. They couldn’t understand why I wanted to start all over again. I’ve also found that people make comments no matter what you do…if someone chooses to not have kids at all or just have one, they get judged for that as well :person_shrugging:

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Yup lol only by other people tho but it was right after my first everyone told me one was enough little did they know 9 months later I would be pregnant then 2 more times after that :joy: I always here you have a boy and girl what more are you looking for? People always tell me to go on birth control because 4 is way too many. :roll_eyes:

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I only have two, but I got pregnant the first time when I was 18, almost 19, then at 21. My mom acted like my pregnancies were a curse on her as my mother. She begged me not to have anymore.


Yepp. After 3. I have 7 bio babies, so I most definitely pissed people off for absolutely no reason whatsoever :joy::joy::joy: I kept getting told “(whatever amount) is enough” I wanted 6 & my 6th was a pretty urgent situation with delivery. He came at 26+4 because of severe Preeclampsia & I was going to get my tubes removed in the event of a C-section, but it was an emergency C-section & they told me he didn’t have a good chance of survival so they asked about my tubes again & I said no. Needless to say, I just had another little dude 2 weeks ago. :woman_shrugging:t3: But my tubes are removed now. I have 7 pretty healthy kiddos who are absolutely beautiful. & I just turned 30, so it’s time to get back to taking care of me a little bit more. My oldest is 11, so I’ve been pretty much pregnant every year since I was 17 going on 18. & I’ve had 3 miscarriages in between a few of my kids. I wish I could keep reliving my newborns, but I’m going to just soak it in & enjoy my babies since I’m still young. A lot of people STILL don’t like it, but the ones who say stuff literally don’t even know my kids because they aren’t involved. My husband & I just turned 29 & 30 this month & we have 8 between the 2 of us. It’s time to enjoy our lives & after 2 C-sections, I just don’t think it would be feasible to have anymore for my health. I got very lucky my kids are as healthy as they are for being a Preeclampsia survivor X’s 3 & HELLP syndrome X’s 1, plus 2Xs with gestational diabetes.

If you are financially, mentally taking care of all their needs by all means but when/if that stops then it’s not fair to the child to be brought into the world .

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Yup I have 5 and would be disowned if I have another and there all spaced apart it was actually my husband who wanted more he wants another but the pressure from the fam and my mental health have to be done enjoying my baby now but definitely having last baby syndrome

I heard someone saying that they were tired of people being intrusive and asking personal questions like “don’t you know what causes that” so she started answering with things like “ya my husband is hot and I was really horny”. She figured she might as well make them uncomfortable if they were going to be intrusive😁

I had one of my own, and my husband had 4 when we got together. And we decided to have one together, and you would’ve thought the world was going to end. Everyone thought I was crazy for raising 6 kids. But now, 10 years later, they look at me in awe of still having my sanity. And say how well I’ve done.

We have 6 total (I gave birth to 4, and he had 2 before me). We want one more which gives me 5, him 3 with me, and 7 total. We will keep it completely quiet. Not hard to do, we don’t bother with hid family or mine. We see them every once in awhile and we can easily disappear. Every time we do go to his mom’s, she makes a comment about him getting a vasectomy, etc. Mind you she does not baby sit my 4, only his 2 from previous. We hardly get to see them due to the baby momma. But she loves to use his family as full time baby sitters. That’s nothing to do with us. Our kids (2 we had together)and my kids (2) are always with me, we only get away from all of them 2 times a year, and the Babysitter is well compensated. We own our home (no mortgage) own our vehicles, own a business, etc. I can afford 5 more children if I wanted. I don’t but anyways, it’s not right for anyone to have a say about what we choose to do.

Only by my doctor. My body did not develop properly and all of my pregnancies were high risk. When I was pregnant with my last child they doctor told me giving birth again would not be a good idea. They said there is always adoption if I want more.

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As long as a person is financially able to support their kids I say have a dozen if you want but it you need to depend on assistance then yes I think you should stop having kids. I

Honestly yes. Dr said another pregnancy could kill me. Long story. Last pregnancy I was so high risk.


Honestly who even cares what other people think or say!! I think most of the they say this cause they ain’t getting their fanny tickled ect… Anyways I always get told oh when are you gonna stop having babies, you gonna have heaps of kids like your mother :rofl::rofl: I’m sitting here like Yes tf I am :rofl::rofl::rofl: man I love having a big family. Im with my 4th pregnancy :sweat_smile: Soo haven’t said nothing cause I just cbf with drama or the comment why did you have to get pregnant, wish your other siblings will have babies! Like their disappointed in me having babies!!! Anyways idegaf anymore!!

lol yep. and i’m like in what way are you helping to care for or pay for anything regarding them?

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Everyone always has something to say personally it’s no one business my answer back to them will be as long I am taking care and supporting my kids no one has nothing to say about how many I can have if I am not asking for help for them or help to support them they can shut up !! A lot people talk because they have nothing else better to do what they need to do is worry about themselves not others worry about their house not yours !!

I’m in number two and plan for for four or five I’ll laugh the day someone tells me I shouldn’t have anymore. It’s not anyone’s business. What ever you and your partner are happy to look forward to.

I can’t stand when people have an opinion about how many kids you should have… no one else is waking up throughout the night with them or paying for them so idk why it’s their problem :roll_eyes: lol congratulations! I have 4 and my best friend is about to have her 5th :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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We have 7. 3 of them I had in 2 years. Yeah there are some nosy ppl that talk shit. But we don’t care. They don’t pay my bills or raise my kids.

I have 4, never been told to stop, and would never tell anyone to stop having kids, to each their own. But I do think to myself ‘why would anyone want to keep having more?’ :face_with_spiral_eyes:

High risk with both my pregnancies. First one I did a stint in the ICU. Second one was 6 weeks early. Dr told me next one would be delivered at 28 wks. Nope, we’re done.

I have 5. When I was pregnant with the 5th and people would make their comments about knowing what causes that, my comment was usually " if you’re good at something keep doing it!"


Yes when I was pregnant with my 3rd. Given we’ve never had a single hand out for ppl to give an opinion

If you’re providing a good life for your kids it’s nobody’s business how many you have!


Iv just had baby number 8 4 months ago today and no ones told me not to have any more. Just to add though I don’t want any more :joy:. But I think if you can handle it and do good financially then no one can tell you no. Unless there’s some sort of medical reason then I say have as many as you see fit.

My grandma up until my youngest was like 7 told me I should’ve only had 1 , my kids are 19, 14 and 10 she used to tell me alot that I should’ve only had my 1st and I would’ve been able to do this or that. When I was pregnant with my 3rd I was 25 I was still with my kids dad, we had jobs, house and car and when I told my grandma she said she wasn’t gonna talk to me anymore

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I am mom no Limits how many kids I have and u should have as many kids u want nobody should ever tell others how many kids u want me my husband can afford huge families own I love being mom business owner

Honestly how is this anyone’s business?? If you can afford them and spend time with them then have as many as you want :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yeah. 2 kids ago. Currently pregnant with my 5th. And hoping it’s not twins lol ultrasound on the 30th. We have a combined of 6 together, 4 together and one older child each with someone else

Yes I had 4 and people always asked if I was done .And I responded until I ask you to support them ,don’t worry about it .

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My little sister is 25 and married with 5 kids and there all doing great!! Only you can decide how big your family should be :slight_smile:

I had two was never told I needed to stop but was always asked why not more! I almost lost my oldest while having her and my youngest came out not breathing! I’m good with the two I have!

After I had my third (my first girl after two boys) I have had strangers come up to me and tell me to stop having children bc I got my girl now. Luckily I haven’t heard anything negative from family.

I’m expecting my 4th now!

Oh for sure. Every single time by my mom. I have 4 of my own and a step son that she gets mad at me everytime I say he’s my son to. Toxic them old women I tell ya :rofl::rofl:

No ones business but yours unless there’s a medical reason why you shouldn’t have any more. Big families were the norm years ago

If you have Csections the more you have after so many, can get risky for both you and baby. I was told the same thing.

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I’m currently expecting my 3rd and everyone’s has been pretty supportive. Anyone who feels otherwise can fck off :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

lol my whole family tells me all the time to not have anymore . i have 3 now. but ultimately it’s my life and they’ll get on board eventually if we ever decide to have more :rofl:

When I was pregnant with my 3rd my doctor at the time told me to abort it I didn’t and when I was pregnant with my 4th my doctor told me to abort it aswell i didnt my doctor didn’t think I could handle them .that doctor has since retired.and I now have 6 kids

yes…im pregnant with my 4th and everyone won’t stop asking if I can handle a 4th…who cares if I can or cant…you don’t help me anyways :upside_down_face: and we’re stupid…blah blah blah

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Nope, but I was done after 3. I was high risk with all 3 because of my epilepsy and giving birth early each time

I’ve had an attending say that to a patient, only because her uterus could rupture the next time

A friend of hours just had rtheir 7 th. Very caring loving family. Mom homeschools. They garden and can .

If no one else supports them then not their concern. Have 12 if you want

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If a Dr told you then I would listen,but if it’s outsiders then ignore them!


I think it’s no one’s business but you and your husband and how many you can handle. I don’t say anything at all… I’m glad some can have more I had 3 wish I could have had more. Congratulations on your twins! :balloon::balloon:

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Laying in the hospital bed after my second C-section, My parents told me to get fixed :triumph: because I already had a step son and 2 of my own, I went ahead and had another. I think I’m done now……maybe….:joy:

If you can care for them then anyone who says to stop is not your friend.

Yes by a medical professional because if I have another it will likely injure me severely due to a condition I have. I don’t want anymore either way

#1, who is telling you this? If it’s your man then punch that moron cause he got you that way :joy::joy:. If it’s his family, tell them to tell their son to pull out better. :woman_shrugging:. If it’s your family, again, tell them sorry your husband likes it deep :joy::skull:. Idk who tf would say this to people. My OBGYN told me on baby #3 “did I know what causes this?” :upside_down_face: and with #4 he asked if we were tying tubes with this one. :woman_facepalming: mind your own uterus and stay tf out of mine, that’s all you need to say.

Yeah when I was pregnant with the third one

I can hardly take care if 2. I wish I could afford more I’d have 2 more if I could.

Unless you need financial assistance, always asking for help or child care then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.


Who is telling you to stop? If it’s medical people and it’s for legit reasons, you should consider their advice.
If it’s just random people, friends/family etc but your kids are loved, cared for etc , you can afford it AND your mental/physical health is good, then have as many as you want.
I just had my 6th last month :sweat_smile:

We have 12 and we got it all the time and finally told them when I am done you will know

If you and your husband can afford them that great. If you or your husband have health issue decide to stop after this pregnancy.

Normally stuff like that get said cause either people already cant afford them or they just dont parent good

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I’ve been denied rentals because my “family is too big”…I have 3 kids.

As long as you’re taking care of your family, tell them to mind their business and to worry about their own.

You have too many kids if you can’t support them.

If you can afford them, then do it. No one’s business but your own.

Yep I birthed 5 and everytime someone would have a slick comment I let it go In one ear and out the other they don’t pay my bills

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No but I only had 3 you typically don’t hear people say their boosheet you go 4 plus (at least that I’ve seen) lol

People should mind their business

By a doctor, family, friend or stranger? For context :slight_smile:

I’ve had two and people keep telling me to have more
Tbh you can’t win, unless it’s a doctor or you’re relying on them for income, fuck their opinion.

Yes allllll of the time
I have 7

Told by who? Strangers? Friends? Family? Your financial advisor? Your doctor? Context matters.

Who cares what people think

Children are a blessing but if can’t provide for them makes life very hard for parents and children

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If you can afford them mentally, financially and emotionally on YOUR own that’s great. I say ‘on your own’ because circumstances change very quickly nowadays. If not, don’t, because your life will be miserable and the kids don’t deserve it. Just my opinion.


My doctor wanted to take my uterus out with my second and third . I wasn’t okay with it because I always wanted 4 . I’m extremely high risk and almost died with all 3 kids and I can’t Carry past 36 weeks . We are currently pregnant with baby #4 and I have to go to my obgyn every 2 weeks and get blood work once a week .

Yes. I ignore it. Was told “no more” after my first and with every one since. I’ve hid/just not mentioned every pregnancy for as long as possible because of it cause I’m not listening to it. :woman_shrugging:t3: they don’t paying for them, they don’t watch them, and they don’t feed them. So they don’t get a say. We’ve got 4 and want another. Just not rn :joy:

When my second was 6 months old my aunt confronted me in front of her husband’s (not my) family. She said “this is your last” as a demand. I had 1 more :joy:. The bank teller saw me with my step son, my 2 & pregnant. She looked at my age & told me I was stupid for having more kids & I better stop. I was 39. Then all the comments “do you know how that happens” pointing to my pregnant belly & other kid(s). People are always into others business. More than take care of their own affairs. Just ignore them.

Yes and I tell them to f off because they aren’t the ones carrying, raising or supporting them

Lol I have a friend who just had her 8th and to my knowledge everyone (including me) admires tf out of her - she’s incredible.

As long as you can afford them it’s nobody’s business