Having weird issues down there, anyone else dealt with this?

I’m an emotional and self conscious wreck. And to make it clear before I go on, because I know how some of y’all can be to jump the gun of “He’s cheating!”, we are both faithful and clean. So please no rude and uncalled for comments. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over two years now and roughly a handful of months into our relationship, I have been experiencing an inconvenience downstairs. Yes, when the issue persisted after a few months, I went to my OBGYN and explained to her how frequent it was, the symptoms, etc. and she had me do all the testing for STDs, HIV, etc. I came back clean. She reassured me that my body and PH was just trying to regulate itself and getting used to being with my new partner (my boyfriend) because before him, I was with the same man for 10 years. Okay. I went home with just that. Well, it happened again, another couple months of “wait it out”. No change. Him and I both tried all different soaps and washes - nada. So I did some research on the almighty Lord Google. I scheduled another appointment with my OBGYN. I repeated myself to her and that it was still happening, but told her that I thought it was either trichomoniasis or BV (bacterial vaginosis). Well, at that time of the appointment, I was experiencing some of the symptoms as usual and she took a swab, checked under the scope. Not trichomoniasis. She didn’t see nothing that would hint to BV. Again, I left with no answers. She gave me no advice, no direction. Zilch. I know something is wrong, dammit. It still kept happening. I got fed up and went to the ER. The doctor did his swab and later came in saying immediately that it was BV. He prescribed me medication, awesome. Few months went by, nothing… Fanf**kintasic! Then bam. I was kicked down again. After a few more months of it, and while I was clearly having symptoms, I went to a different ER - nothing. Could not tell me since everything came back normal, they said. But again, I was given medication for BV (but a different form from the first time). A month has come and gone, and it’s back. During all of this, I have read all I could find on BV: I know that it is a b*tch to rid of, and how it can be a frequent thing, how there is no exact known/cause for it, etc. There is only two things that have changed between him and I’s diet since we started dating… that’s before he switched jobs a few months into our relationship, he was eating healthier… and when we got together, I was a regular coffee drinker and would drink one or two cans of Monster (energy drink) but ended up going from that to NOS (another energy drink) and really nothing but. I know energy drinks are bad and very unhealthy, which is why I have begun to taking steps limiting myself. And also as of right now, in the process of trying to quit. Could these things be a possible cause? I’m at a loss here. Have any of you Momma’s or ladies had troubles with this? What have you found that helps you? Or, what have you taken or found that made it clear up completely? I thought about trying supplements to help keep my Ph regulated, what would you suggest? I’m so fed up of being worried and scared every time that my boyfriend and I go to be intimate, I’m going to be “hit” with the biggest tell-tale factor that it’s back.

I know at least for me, if I drink other beverages besides water it’ll effect me down there. I’m not sure why, if my body is just sensitive or what but it happens to me. You can try cutting down / quitting and see if it helps. I would see about getting another doctor and getting another opinion

I personally haven’t had it, but had friends/family who have. I wouldn’t fret too much about it being an std, unless it was some random one that they didn’t test for! Being tested several times by different places sounds like it’s definitely not any std that they test for. But, a lot of times BV can happen from the man not showering/washing throughly enough, or the woman. You can also wash TOO much, In which can get rid of the good bacteria in you as well, causing BV. And PH balanced soaps can throw off your balance if you’re sensitive to it. I would definitely recommend fragrance free and antibacterial like dial. The original dial bar soap without added scents isn’t the best smelling soap, but it is great for bacterial problems regarding your feminine areas, as it was recommended to me by a doctor (not for BV, but still for a bacterial problem on the skin) and it has helped. Other than that, Dove soap is the next best option if dial won’t work. Plain dove bar soap, it is the best for sensitive areas, and has very minimal additives. I would definitely try washing with one of these, as well as making sure the bf is washing himself thoroughly. And to be careful not to get soap and a lot of water in the vaginal canal. If you take alot of baths, that could be causing a problem as well. The vaginal canal is meant to be self cleansed, meaning it’s okay to get water in it, but to have alot, or to have soap, can cause problems, as it all very harsh compared to the natural ph levels. I hope this helps!!!

So when you take the meds for the BV eat yogurt.
When your getting rid of bad bacteria your also getting rid of good bacteria and it helps immensely.
My Dr told me that anytime you take any kind of antibiotics that you need to eat at least 1 yogurt per day to counteract any “reaction” down there.

A couple things could be causing reinfection… I strongly suspect that you are passing it back and forth. If he is intact (uncircumcised) then it’s a higher probability. He definitely needs to be treated either way.
Next, I despise taking antibiotics so I researched how to treat this miserable gem. I found putting several drops of tea tree oil on a tampon and inserting at bedtime for 2-3 nights kicked it ridiculously quick… sometimes I’ve had to do it up to 5 nights but that’s only because I wanted to make sure… I will tel you that it burns like no other initially but it goes away. This works for both BV and yeast.
I feel for you as I’ve had this issue a couple times and it’s horrible! There was a great response that suggested no thong underwear, no tight clothing, use Dove soap as it is the only Ph balanced soap on the market, good luck … :heart:

Honestly and it might be kinda hard to accept because you did go to the doctor and it was not mentioned but it sounds like UTIs. The symptoms of a UTI might start affecting the vaginal track as well but because you dont feel it in the urethra it might not cross your mind. If you dont pee directly after having sex and your new guy is not as clean as your last guy you could be getting infections every couple weeks but the symptoms might not manifest until it spreads to the labias.
People are split between believing and thinking is a myth but I know i used to get the worst worst worst UTIs but then i started peeing after sex and using vaginal wipes after.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Having weird issues down there, anyone else dealt with this?

If it only happens when you are intimate you could also be allergic to his stuff I know it could be rare and I only know of one other person who was in like your situation but they didn’t end things well afterwards in the long run

Girl. Get some boric acid suppositories and use one when you notice the ph is off.
This is so common. And so frustrating. Especially when you have to wait days for an answer from the dr, or ER.
I would also ask your bf to pull out to make sure none of the juices stay inside you (unless you’re also trying to get pregnant)

These have changed my life :blush: ordered on Amazon $25.
No Medication to take! And eureka every single time! For weeks at a time!

I know how frustrating Bv can be went through it myself. Could it be you’re allergic to your partners’ semen? If you’re using condoms as a form of birth control, you could be allergic to that as well. As you mentioned, what you eat and drink can be the cause as well. I do know one thing from my experience is that being diabetic had a lot to do with BV as well. I started Trulicity (weekly injection- NOT INSULIN) to lower my blood sugar and have went from diabetic to prediabetic state. Since then no more BV occurances. If I were you I would look into this. You will not believe what sugar and carbs can do to your body.


High glucose can cause these problems…


Don’t know if this will help your problem but my friend had a similar situation but she would get constant uti. She found out from her doctor that she was having a negative reaction to her spouse semen as if she was allergic to it. Once she stopped him from ejaculating inside of her the Uti stopped.

Ask your dr to check you for hpv, it’s not included in the tests unless you ask for it and generally it goes undetected.

Boric acid suppositories work wonders you can get them on Amazon. Also yogurt, and probiotics and lots of water to flush your system.

It’s the sugar and your PH. If my man consumes too much sugar I literally feel it. You have a sensitive bird. Use handmade unscented olive oil soaps. This will help. Also take Live probiotics.


I’ve had the same issue. Could be the type of under wear your wearing. Tight pants. My gyny doc gave me cream to put up there & told me to sleep with nothin on. I haven’t had an issues in a few months. Also eat & drink a little healthier. Less pop & juice. Hope this helps.

Sounds like he’s caring it.

From my search: BV is an infection that occurs in the vagina. But males can carry the bacteria that cause BV. The bacteria can accumulate on the penis or in the urethra of males. This means that people carrying the bacteria can transmit it to females by having sex with them.

Just my 1-2 min research. Not sure how he needs to treat the bacteria :microbe:

Perhaps see your primary care physician. Something else may be going on in your body also.

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He should be treated. He needs to tell his doctor that you had BV. He could be carrying it and giving it back to you.

But what are the symptoms that u are having?


Boric Acid Suppositories and Yoni Pearls could really help you


Veeclense is a really great ph balancer and rephresh is another one sometimes your mans seman just doesn’t mix well with yours and can cause an off balance yogurt is really good as well but doesn’t always help me fast enough good luck girl!

It’s your mans sperm, been dealing with this for 14 years. It’s throwing off your ph balance.


You could be having a reaction to his semen or have him change his soaps he washes with. My guy was using a menthol type men’s soap that flamed my lady parts!! And don’t let him go down on you after toothpaste, eating or even NOT brushing! A mans hygiene can effect us too.

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Maybe you and your partner should use condoms. It might be an issue with y’all body chemistry.


only use cotton panties, mild unscented soaps, (no douching) drink more water, yogurt, take a good probotic and electrolytes. limit carb and sugar intake, and please go to a primary care doctor. there maybe an underlying condition. hope all is well.


D-Mannose helps with this, hormones can cause this! Look up perimenopause if your late 30’s

Boric acid suppositiories 2-3x/week.

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River Friel read comments

And douching is not good, especially excessive douching.

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it could be a simple yeast infection. I get them a lot cause I’m type 1 diabetic so I’m on constant meds but you also want to make sure you’re changing undies frequently esp if you sweat. Don’t use any soap when washing down there.

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Nothing new to add, just a ? Why is it called (down there)why not call it by it’s given name Vagina! Or female part, down there to me sounds like your talking about Australia! No rude comments plz!

Live Probitics every day

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Did your partner also get treated for BV. It can passed back to you without both being treated.


You should go to a different OB, I had a persistent infection that I thought was a yeast infection, the problem was every time I got antibiotics it was clear up but then it would come back every time my hubby and I had sex, this went on for like 4 years! Finally I went to a new OB she tested me for something more than one kind of yeast infection and it was positive, so she had my hubby and I Both take antibiotics for 3 days. Ever since I’ve never had another issue.

Queen V probiotic is made just for our Lady parts. It works wonders and can be hard to find, as its very popular. Talk to the doctor about lichen sclerosis. That could cause the issues.

Washing right after being intimate with feminine wash like Vagasil Ph will help.

Could be a yeast infection. Also you boyfriend may need to get checked and treated for a yeast or B.V infection this is something that is completely over looked by men and they can get it and carry it and not know they have it and continue to give it to you each time yall have sex because he isn’t getting rid of the infection. Also Yogurt and makeing sure that you are using a proper vaginal soap not regular body wash also your partner needs to be making sure that he is cleaning properly down there and when I say that I dont mean he is dirty just that he needs to make sure he pulls all skin back and clean thoroughly other wise he is caring B.V or yeast infection you will continue to get B.V and yeast infections. Also if you are using any lubes stop for a while and maybe try using a condom and see how this works. But most important is him getting checked and using proper soaps that are for the Vagina and him properly cleaning and taking your vitamins and thing to help keep your PH balance in check.

Your partner needs to be treated for it as well at the same time as you. With him not being treated he is passing it back to you.

I had this problem for over 10 years. Trust me it’s horrible. My story is way too long. This product solved the issue. Haven’t had a problem since.

Boric acid suppositories will def help!!

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Washing yourself too much can cause this, especially if your using soap.

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It might not be you , could very well be something up w him .

Available at Walmart. This was a life changer for me!

It could be his semen, too much soap, or his hygiene affecting you. Our lady bits are very sensitive. Use condoms, don’t wash with soap down there, (just use water) and make sure he isn’t washing with heavily scented soap, or if he gives you oral sex, he didn’t jusr brush his teeth or use mouthwash.

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One thing you could try is you both shower before sex. Sometimes just regular sweat and bacteria can cause your ph to be off. You look at her wrong and your ph can be off lol. It sucks and I hate that you’re dealing with this.


You AND your partner should be treated for BV. Trust me!
I had the same issues (except I was pregnant) but went months of reoccurring BV. The issue with that too is that it is very likely to reoccurre within 6 months of being treated either way. It sucks… I know. But cotton panties help, new pair at night and in the morning. Washing to much or too little can throw it off, use dove sensitive skin maybe? Use condoms, probiotics, don’t let him “finish” in you, pee after sex, wipe yourself off good after. Don’t let him go down on you unless he’s brushed his teeth or rinsed his mouth after eating. Dont have sex unless you’re really wet, have him wash and rinse really good beforehand. Do NOT douche! Your hormones can also cause this if they aren’t balanced. Lots of things can cause it, but if you get treated and he doesn’t, you can definitely get it from him again. It’s not an STD but can definitely be transmitted sexually. Don’t have sex during the course of medication and like 7 days after it’s done.

Have your doctor check you for diabetes because elevated blood sugar can be a cause of bacterial vaginosis

I had something referred to Honeymooners disease/ cystitis. Perhaps thats it

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Has your doctor checked your sugar levels? I was having the same issue for a out 4 months straight, whenever we had sex. The doctor finally realized that they never checked my sugars after giving birth. My sugar was through the roof! Within days of them putting me on medicine, I haven’t had a problem since!

I’ve been using HoneyPot vaginal wash only for my VAjayjay! It keeps my PH right down there. You can get it at walgreen or Walmart. You can also order it online too!

They do make a product in the feminine care aisle. Where you would find products for yeast infections and such. Try a feminine wash specifically for ph balance. Do not use alot very little. They also have wipes if you prefer. Do not double. And do not use soap. It could definitely also be your boyfriends sperm itself. Try using a condom. And have him wash with the pH balance or have him wipe with one of the wipes. Before the condom so it is clean. Also take the azo cranberry gummies cuz sometimes our own urine causes this. So use the vaginal pH balance wash and azo cranberry gummies and condoms.

Both you and your partner should become treated or it will just come back. Too much semen can cause an odor as well

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Try not having him finish inside and then go from there. Yalls body’s just might not be compatible. It happens.

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It could possibly be his hygiene or if he does oral with a dirty mouth that’ll trigger make sure he brushes his teeth tongue before oral also if you don’t drink enough water it’ll cause a ph imbalance

Wow that’s a lot to read with paragraphs and please go and talk to a Dr rather than the Internet. Some of these suggestions are just awful.

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Try a probiotic! Sometimes too much bad bacteria builds up and you need some extra help. Your vagina is a self cleaning machine. This is generally over the counter and should help level things out for you! I’m so self conscious about my smell, and this has helped tremendously!

Anything can cause this- new soap- a thong-tight pants- sperm- get a prescription for metronidazole gel- use as needed- probably 1 x a week if this is persistent - common in women-

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BV is very very common and some people are more prone to it than others. Please do not use any soap AT ALL down there even the ones that state ‘recommended and approved by gp and obgyn’ it’s fucking false and not safe to use! Any soaps at all with effect the ph level and in affect cause BV/thrush/ just yeast/bacterial infections, use nothing but water!!! Also I know it’s a pain but try washing your panties with nonbio and don’t use any fabric conditioner or stuff with fragrances as this also causes it, aswell as just the fabrics you wear down below… Lacey and silky underwear can also bring on issues like BV and the only thing reallly good to wear down there is 100% cotton… it’s a huge ballache and I slip up a lot especially with the underwear because I wanna look good but damn I pay for it with issues like this hun! Just keep being persistent and please don’t use any soaps or anything g fragranced down below or on underwear xx

YouTube yogurt douche. I swear by it. Fast cheap and only thing that worked for my BV, after countless prescriptions

What about another obgyn? Go to another whom will listen.

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You’re diet is most likely the issue, also the cheating thing. Sorry but if he’s introducing another woman’s bacteria into your vag it can easily cause this to be a recurrent issue. Take a “GOOD” daily probiotic and your issue will subside.

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It’s his turn to go to the doctor, it’s got to be him because it didn’t start until Yalls relationship right?


Tmi alert… My best friend has bv and was told it was from her squirting, she’s a lesbian and doesn’t use toys so there is usually no entry unless its fingers or tongue but she said it only happened when she squirts. The doctor told her its because when she does it washes the good bacteria out of her and causes her body to basically fight against itself to make sure everything is ok. She was also told she would always struggle with it and she has to do the same as u, it begins to show up, she goes and gets her meds. Idk if this helps…

But also , it could be him, it just could irratating u, ive been with my fiancee for 4 years and never an issue until I was pregnant with out son, anytime we had sex I would swell and itch like mad, it was horrible. My obgyn explained to me that i had developed something of an allergy to his seaman , as long as we used protect or he finished elsewhere there was no issue.

Recurrent bv is very common unfortunately! Buys these and I promise they will work!!


When showering, I only use warm water. I also recommend taking a vaginal probiotic, your OBGYN should be able to recommend some over the counter ones. I was having the same issues for over a year. I found out that because I had taken so many medications for BV and yeast infections, the skin had become paper thin. I am now using a calmoseptine ointment (was recommended by an OBGYN, can be found at Walgreens for $9.99) and having been using it nightly for several months and has worked wonders! All my symptoms have finally cleared up! Of course, everyone is different so take advice from others cautiously and talk with your OBGYN before trying anything. It might also be helpful to find a different gynecologist. I went to one several times for the same issue with no luck and no answers and switched to one that was determined to help me find a solution and was able to find something that worked fairly quickly after some trial and error. Good luck!!

I drink ketones and it has helped tons, more energy than with energy drinks, my rosacea has went away, mood swings gone and no longer diabetic (on meds, just watching diet)


I was told not to wear underwear to bed …it helps!

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Have you tried monistat (spelling?) At the first sign of symptoms?

Big thing with bv is being over clean, don’t wash inside yourself I had it a couple of times but stopped washing inside and had no issues especially with soap, just rinse round ur area with water xc

Can you afford to see a holistic doctor or Chinese medicine? They get to the root cause not just a bandaid that treats symptoms.
I know for myself I have to be super careful. When I have sex with my husband, when we are finished I get up right away. I pee ASAP. I’ll chug a bunch of water to pee again in a few minutes. I will also rinse off in the shower and I gently pat pat pat. I also can’t do bubble bath or much soap when I take a bath. I don’t seem to have issues with Epsom salts but I don’t use any that are scented. All cotton undies help too. Sleep without undies and pants if you can. Let yourself get plenty of air. I hope you can get this figured out. I’m hoping it will work itself out.

Start taking a boric acid depository. You can find them at Target along side of vaginal care. It’ll make a difference. Good luck

Cotton underwear, none at night (so your lady parts can breath), no thongs, no front to back, some soaps can add to it laundry and body soaps… sometimes using just plain warm water works too… I had suffered with this for a long time… but, I did some of these changes and it worked for me…

I douche with vinegar/water after each intimate encounter.

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Boric acid, female probiotic daily

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Have you been checked for diabetes? That can cause yeast infections repeatedly


It’s a bitch of a thing to get rid of completely. I’m perimenopausal I drink plenty of water. It’s your hormones out of whack

Sounds like you might be doing it thru the back door and you need to be careful, rinse it off before switching to the front or use a condom. If you take antibiotics, that will also throw you off so they need to give you a pill for the yeast infections gen they give you antibiotics. Also take fenugreek pills that’ll help with the pH balance (and it will make it taste better too :wink:). Maybe check with an allergy specialist and see if something you’re eating (like dairy) might be throwing your body off

Glad I’m not alone. I’ve deduced it to my vagina just doesn’t like him. I’ve been having this problem with him for 7 yrs. Nothings helped. I just keep a good supply of bv medicine handy and take it… at this point I’m in the process of leaving him and I can happily add this to the reasons why :upside_down_face:. Sorry you’re going through this, just wanted you to know you’re not alone.

This happened to me!!! But my ex husband was having an affair and transferred that from his nasty bitch :face_vomiting::face_vomiting: I used these pills I bought at ulta for BV and they worked almost instantly. Good luck​:+1:t3:

This may be too personal, but does he “…” inside you? Could be him. Also after you have sex, always void (Pee) afterwards. Help to get out any residual juices that can cause STI or BV if left without voiding. DO NOT DOUCHE! drink a lot more water! If you using contraceptives, it could be what your using. Also if his hands are dirty… :eyes:…at the the time of intercourse, it can throw off your ph. Just as much as tight clothes, detergents, not wearing 100% cotton underwear, bad eating habits, etc. some people are just very sensitive to any changes in PH. Try feminine soaps, not washing inside, if you masterbate or use any toys with him that they are cleaned with just warm water and no soaps. Be more mindful of things like that. Also look into taking boric vitamins for your lady parts. Help regulate ph. Probiotics are vital for a healthy ph. Good luck!

Get checked for diabetes. I was having the same problem. A month after I was diagnosed and got my sugar levels down, it all cleared up.

Is your boyfriend being tested?


I have recurring BV. It’s your PH balance that is off and something is causing the bad bacteria to have over growth. Probiotics help. Odorless laundry detergent and odorless soap. No douching.


Go see a urologist. Also make sure your not taking baths and wiping properly. Shower using dove fragrance free soaps.

I use gel from Amazon for bv, and helped me within a few days xxx

You hope he’s faithful because the whole time reading this… I’m thinking he’s sleeping with somebody unprotected and it’s throwing your PH balance off.


Diet can play a huge role in your body. Get rid of the energy drinks. Since I quit drinking soda my entire self feels better. I drink coffee but not loaded with sugar. Eating less greasy foods will also help. And last but not least, do not use fabric softener when washing your thongs, panties, boxers, boxer briefs, or anything clothing that is going to be touching his or yours. No panties at bedtime and you should feel better.

Does he use a condom every time?

Maybe you are allergic to his “body fluids”…it DOES happen !!


If you take bubble baths could be that

It sounds;like a yeast infection down there. I’m gonna;suggest eating plain yoghurt that’s like natural antibiotics or drink cranberry juice that’s also supposed to help with infections&if it;doesn’t help. Book an;appointment with urologist asap. Good luck.

Make sure you don’t soap up the inside. Many people do because they don’t realize that soap can actually throw your ph balance off even if it is the ph safe soap

My mom gets BV when she drinks sundrop,mnt dew,Mello Yello or anything along those lines…it could deff be something your injesting…and could also be sweat…I got them bad after my first baby…and my hormones were trying to adjust itself and I was sweating alot alot down there to the point it was hard to wear anything light colored without everyone knowing or looking like I peed myself…but my doctor said douching or any of the female soaps/ wipes for your vaginal areas arent good for you…if your pH balance is on point you don’t need those things that would change it or cause you to get a UTI,or yeast infections…it should mostly be used while going through a UTI or yeast infection…but she recommended watching my diet…and if I have ‘flare’ up to notice if it’s after anything I eat or drink…she said to put on clean( duh,lol) loose fitting underwear preferably cotton…and anytime you have sex…or sweat alot or anything like that to wash with an antibacterial soap…she recommended dial…it helps clean,and ‘disinfect’ the area…she also recommend giving you lady bits some fresh air…she said when I got the time to go commando lol and just let my lady bits get some air…but if BV is a recurring thing …it’s most likely something in your diet… or being introduced to your lady bits that’s effecting the pH balance…when I would first get BV I would get a cotton ball…and diluted apple cider vinegar and dab the insides of my area…apple cider vinegar is amazing for bacteria issues like that…it is a bit uncomfy at first but it will help with the side effects of BV or yeast,or UTI but I don’t recommend putting anything inside your lady bits without talking to your doctor…but keep track of your diet,your soaps…and see if you can find what keeps throwing your pH balance off…the antibacterial soap after being intimate and peeing to get any sweat,or extra liquids out lol is also something to avoid BV…I know they suck but really paying attention to hygiene but in a way that it helpful not damaging is a way to help…watching your diet to see if you can find something in your diet that could be an issue…diary I know is an issue for some women the pasteurized milk in things like yogurts,or whatever can be effecting in women and getting yeast infections, UTIs or BV…I’d also avoid baths…unless you put a cup of apple cider vinegar and don’t pee in the tub…I know that sounds stupid but some people do pee a tad bit and females can ’ suck’ in water after peeing if your sitting in it…and always always pee immediately after sitting in water…the bath tub…pool…hot tub…anything to pee out any water in your bits…but good luck and hope it gets better…just pay attention to the small things…and try to do antibacterial soap instead of any female soaps for the vagina…and I do not recommend douching…good luck and hope you get it figured out …

You and your man have to take antibiotics. He can keep it and keep giving it back to you. The doc should of told you this.


Your bf needs to take the meds for it as the same time as you and not have sex until it’s gone.

And tric is an STD btw

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I have the same problem. I take a women’s prebiotic and I also buy a vaginally liquid soap with pH stabilizer. And drink plenty of water.

I used to get this quite often, found out it was the iud that was causing it to keep coming back.