Help with nighttime potty training?

Just wondering how you got your little ones out of pull-ups at night? My daughter is 5 and is a very heavy sleeper. I don’t even know if she’d wake up when she has to pee. Is it best to just ditch the pull-ups all together and send her to bed in underwear? Would it be worth buying some reusable bed pads for her to sleep on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Bed wetting alarm! $30 on Amazon.

I would ditch it for one night and see. I know when my daughter knows she has a pull up she won’t use the bathroom she’ll just go in her pull up. Otherwise it’s all about them growing out of it.

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Waterproof bed cover, plastic undies, and undies or pull ups. Stop giving drinks after certain time with my 4 olders I stop an hr before bed time 30 mins into their bed movie they go potty maybe once more after movie is over. No accidents.

Ditch the pull ups. Then cut liquids an hour before bedtime. We bought a waterproof sheet for my daughter’s bed to protect the mattress.

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We use a reusable pad and the disposable pads. We also do 1 wake up around 12am to potty then back to bed. As well as cutting out drinks before bed.


I have to wake up my son to go pee in the middle of the night because he is such a heavy sleeper, and he is now 8. I have a waterproof sheet as well.

Night training is a development of a hormone that makes your body stop/wake up to wee. There’s no way to force it. When she starts having consistent dry pullups is the right time to stop wearing them. Some kids are 2, some are 5, some are 8 or 10. All ages are normal :blush:


Get a plastic sheet and put her in regular panties

Pull ups just confused my kids. They are enough like a diaper to pee in.


Some kiddos can’t control it! My older two ( 9 and 6 ) still wear nighttime easy-ups ( big kid pull ups ) because they literally haven’t developed enough to go the night without accidents, even with cutting liquids, wake ups ect.
Their bio fathers side has had issues with all the cousins/ some
Of the aunts and uncles also so it seems to be a hereditary thing


Ditch the pull ups

Get a reusable pad or two & a plastic bed cover that goes under her bottom sheet.

Wake her up to go pee about 3 hours after she has went to bed.

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Keep the pull-ups. You don’t want her to feel bad for having accidents. She will grow out of it.


With pull-ups my boys would pee the bed every night, as soon as I ditched pull-ups it’s like they just knew not to go potty in bed :woman_shrugging:t4:


With my 3 girls my youngest now just 3 and fully potty trained, I switched to underwear during the day once they went at least a week with the pull up dry n consistently using the potty. I left the pull up on over night until they went a full two weeks waking up every morning dry with no accidents at night.


My daughter was in them until 6 because of heavy sleeper. I took her out of them she wet the bed one time and that was it. I guess she didn’t like the way that felt

We bought the pads (similar to puppy pads :joy:) and lay them in the bed. Once they were in the actual underwear, if they had an accident, they could “feel” it… rather than the pull up soaking it all up. This might cause her to awaken and become more aware of when she needs to go.


We had bagged her mattress in a big plastic bag. For pee or spilled water jug etc. Then put 2 fitted sheets over it to reduce the sound. I had one of those hospital pads still…the nice fabric ones from birth. She slept in undies and had half a accident and woke up. That was the last time she did. She hated the feeling and wet on a blanket she loved which added to her motivation to not have a accident. We also left her training potty in the room for her to use in case she couldn’t make it to the bathroom. 3yrs old from pull ups to big girl undies in one summer.

Not all are medically able to stay dry at night. Mine will be 10 in October and she doesn’t wake up when she has to go at night. It’s just a missing connection in her brain so she still is in goodnights. Don’t get mad or punish them if it doesn’t work out, it will only make it worse. Try and be understanding if it doesn’t happen how you want


I make my son pee before bed and no drink after 7. If he does drink, it’s not a lot and then I wait 20 mins for him to pee before bed . IF it is a lot before bed (bc I’m not gunna deprive him of drink,lol) then I’ll put a pull up on him.

I was also afraid to take the leap of faith so I waited almost a year after she was fully potty trained during the day to let her go to bed in panties and she did amazing. Just give it a shot and get one of those mattress pads

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Some kids continue to wet the bed for a long time. It takes some kids longer for that bladder/brain connection to be able to wake them up before they go. There’s some really good advice here. Just whatever you decide to do, please don’t shame her for it. It’s something they really can’t control.

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My five year old has been potty trained since 1.5/2 and still wets the bed. :woman_shrugging:t3: I think she’s just a heavy sleeper and doesn’t realize it. We just do pull-ups at night and a waterproof mattress protector.

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Our daughter is two and a half and has one accident a night during the week go buy a waterproof pad for her bed and do it like a like you’re making a sandwich do a fitted sheet waterproof pad and another fitted sheet and then on top of that fitted sheet put a puppy pad on her bed get her out of the pull-ups all together and if she parties in her bed and realize that she pottied when she woke up have her help you change the sheets best tip and trick our advice I could give you we have five kids under the age 7 so this works if they make a mess have them clean it up no matter what it is poop or pee or just built their cereal have them help you and it makes them realize they don’t want to make that mess again

Try using the thick training undies! From Walmart or target.

Night time potty depends on the childs body. You can try different things. But it’s almost always the childs body to decide

Get something like puppy training pads to put under her sheet. I used to have issues too about waking up to go in the middle of the night when I was younger

Invest in a waterproof mattress protector and cut drinks a couple hours before bed. Make sure she goes first. If you’re still having trouble talk to her doctor, she might have something else causing her problems beyond her control.

Don’t put put undies on here the shape and feel at night will make it feel like they have a pull up on. Night dress and if your concerned about accidents put something on the bed. I waited with my 5 year old and than just said fuck it and just ditched the pull ups. And she’s never had any accidents

Definitely get a waterproof mattress protector-worth the investment. Also cutting drinks an hour or more before bed helps. We just potty trained our 2.5 year old in like 4 days and never did pull-ups for nap and night and we have yet to have an accident. We went straight to underwear. Fingers crossed it doesn’t change now that I say that​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: :rofl:

Does she wake up wet?

You can buy the pad you put under them at Walmart where the adult incontinent pad are, they aren’t very high

Sometimes they are short of a hormone and need meds for that ( can’t remember the name ) If that doesn’t work a night time alarm is helpful…though it tends to go off if they sweat.
Had to try both with my son. The meds didn’t work but the alarm did. Puppy type pads to save the mattress and go for it…if it doesn’t work then dont get mad …my friend used to lift her 7yo before she went to bed…around midnight…and found that helped .
Dont stress. Remember there are adults that still wet the bed.

My doctor told me some kids still have trouble till they’re 12 my boy was like that. Now, thank goodness he’s older I remember the struggle.

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Washable bedding and mattress pad with another set always ready to go. Have her stop drinking about an hour before bed, use the bathroom right before getting in bed and no pull ups. Make sure a fan is on so if she owes she gets chilly and wakes up. Her body will associate having to pee while asleep with discomfort and start waking her up. My youngest only had one accident with this method.

My kids were very grateful for pull ups. Any time they went to bed without them there were upsetting results. Upsetting for the kids, not me. The pullups gave them confidence because they didn’t wake up in a wet bed. You can’t train her body to be ready to wake her up at night if it’s not ready. Let her wear the pullups so she won’t feel bad about accidents that WILL happen.


It’s worth a try. Some kids need to feel the cold and wet for their brains to make the connection. But if it doesn’t work pretty quick then she’s not ready. It’s a developmental milestone so you can’t do anything to force it to happen. But again, there’s no harm in trying it short term just to see if that does it

Some kids just have problems wetting the bed I had problem until I was 6 or 7 but my son who is 3 almost four now we took pull ups away at nap time then worked out way up to all nights. He does good unless he drinks right before bed. Always have her go to the potty before bed. Good luck you got this :crossed_fingers:

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First try cutting back on liquids after 7 and put plastic cover on mattress. Then the pads they use in hospitals. Use underwear .pull-ups just wick the pee away and they never feel wet. If they have an accident the plastic saves the mattress and sometimes they have to feel the wetness to get the idea of what they did. Don’t shame them it just takes awhile

Stop any fluids by 6 p.m. make her go potty before bed wake her up at least once during the night to go potty continue using Pull-Ups until she does not have any more accidents

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Nothing to drink after 6pm

My youngest brother was a sound sleeper and would wet his bed. Mom would wake him up when she went to bed and make him go. There weren’t pullups back then so she’d be changing his sheets everyday. Once he started school he finally stopped.

Some children have a deep sleep problem. Go to your Dr. N he can get here on a special sleep program thrall help

The only thing that worked with my son was the wet stop alarm. It took less than 2 weeks and he is a very sound sleeper.

I got my kids plastic sheets to cover the mattress but I went straight to panties and underwear and I let them pick them out and told them that they couldn’t pee or poop in these ones cause now they’re big kids. It really worked, they were so proud of the cool underwear they had that they only had a couple of accidents. Good luck to ya!:heart:

Cut out fluids before bed. Putting them in underwear is just gonna give you a big mess to clean in the morning.

My son had a very tough time over night. He sleeps like a rock. I would have him try to go pee, and put a pull up on him right before tucking him in at night. It took months for him to wake up dry. Once he woke up dry for a few days consecutively, I switched him to underwear. I bought a waterproof mattress protector as well as a waterproof pad to put under him in case of accidents. He didn’t have accidents very often, but they didn’t stop entirely until he was about 6 1/2. The waterproof pad was great in the event he woke up wet in the middle of the night. I only had to remove the pad and whatever blanket he was using, rather than strip the bed. He could get back into bed quicker and I’d just wash everything the next day.

Plastic sheet under bed sheet, be prepared to do lots of washing, once you commit don’t look back, talk to little one explaining that the bedtime nappies are going to the nappy fairy because the little babies need them, leave the nappies out overnight & she receives a fairy gift on the morning you start zero nappies, go for it & don’t backtrack, put her to bed the latest you can with a wee before bed, wake her up early to go for a wee, explain to her that it’s no big deal if she has an accident overnight because it will take a few nights to be dry :crossed_fingers:t2: & be patient.
That was the advice given to me & mine were dry on night 3-4! Good luck!
Ps- when she does do her first dry night, make a big deal of it :raised_hands:t3: also, a little chart that she can tick if she’s dry is good & when she gets ? X 3 dry nights treat her :heartpulse:

I let all my kids sleep in training pants until they would consistently wake up dry in the morning. My older 2 children ( girl and boy) both were done by 4 years old, however, my youngest girl slept in training pants up until she was 7 years old!

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Honestly you just gotta get your butt up and take her to the bathroom! It sucks for a good few weeks but she’ll get it!

We put underwear on our son underneath his pull up. It seemed to help because he got the wet sensensation and he didn’t like it . Progressed to just underwear at night. Also cut back fluids a couple of hours before bed. Make sure to have her pee before going to bed.


Absolutely worth buying a mattress pad/protector.

Find a mattress protector on Amazon that prevents moisture they are way more comfy than the rubber sheets, we put ours on our daughters bed on top of her sheets, let her sleep in just her panties and my husband and I would wake our daughter up around midnight or so and take her to the potty to go. She would go to bed around 7:30 and wake up at around 6-6:30 in the morning and when we started taking her to the potty in the middle of the night she got familiar with waking up and going on her own if needed. And of course limit liquids around bed time. Encourage her to go before bed, and if she has an accident the pull that mattress protector off and boom clean, dry sheets under it. Our little one is almost six now and occasionally she might have an accident if she drinks something before bed or if she is just hard asleep but we haven’t had an accident in months :slightly_smiling_face:

I would buy a couple mattress pads and a couple of the pads. The mattress pad is just incase it gets past the pad to protect the bed. And it you can find the padded training underwear that would help. But wearing underwear the pee tends to get cold faster which make her not want to wet herself. But some kids have issues with bedwetting far past potty training age. Weather they sleep to hard or they’re body wakes them up but they just don’t want to get up so they just go back to sleep. My 12 year old did that until maybe a year and a half ago. She admitted she was just to lazy to get up in the middle of the night. After her dad found that out he’d woop her if she peed herself and she finally quit. Not saying to spank your toddler for it. They’re still learning at that age but at 11 and I had already taken her to a urologist bc her dad swore there was something wrong with her bladder or something. So after she admitted she was lazy he was pretty mad.

Try putting the pull up over the underwear… she will feel more like she’s wearing underwear :slightly_smiling_face: easy cleanup too haha

Buy a plastic mattress protector and pillow protector my kids were deep sleepers and they always managed to get everything lol and I’d just keep spare linen in there room for quick changes if that makes sense they eventually grow out of it

What I did with my daughters I would put them on toilet just before I went to bed they would go when they went to bed but I would go later and put her on worked well
that way they didn’t have to wake up through the night
It worked for me

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum.

If she is dry through the night and has been for quite a while now then ditch the pull ups and have a mattress protector on, just in case. That’s what I did with my daughter when she was potty training. She’s turning 5 in September and she’s been dry through the night since she was 4. My son is just potty training now at 2 going on 3 and he’s been dry through the night for the last week but I’m not going to ditch the pull ups yet at bed time as I don’t think he’s quite ready. You will know if they are ready. :blush: hope It goes well for you xx

I used puppy training pads for my stepdaughter… so much cheaper! Just give them lots of encouragement and remind to go to the toilet just before bed and first thing. Lost of encouragement / reminding!!

If your worries about the mattress get some waterproof mattress protectors and layer the mattress. Protector, fitted sheet, protector, fitted sheet. If she does wet you can strip the top 2 layers.

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My son was okay during the day, but needed about an extra 6 months for nighttime. I didn’t see any rush, needing night time pull ups won’t hurt anything and I felt it was better than him having to wake up and tell me he’d wet the bed. When their bodies are ready they’ll be ready, when they are asleep it is out of their hands

Nighttime is hormone based so until she has it she may struggle. Try sitting her on the toilet when you go upto bed

My son was nearly 5 and a half before he was out of pull-ups at bed time. I’d been lifting him for around 6 months at 10 for a wee and then tried him without lifting him and he managed to get dry on his own. Limit drinks near to bedtime and see how you get on. It’s all to do with the brain getting signals to wake up so doesn’t matter on age, she will be dry when she’s ready x

Yep. Ditch the pull ups. Get a waterproof cover and just go from there.
My boy is 3 and was a nightmare to potty train so didn’t bother till a few months ago once he was ready and has been dry day and night since.
The pull ups definitely confuse them I think.
You definitely know when they are ready! Hope all goes well :blush::blush: x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum.

My son wet the bed until he was almost 7 :woman_shrugging:t2: I limited drinks, had him use the bathroom right before bed and he just slept soundly. We bought mattress pads, but ultimately bought him a new bed once the wetting stopped. I asked the dr for advice some many times…his advice, “some kids wet the bed until they are 12. Don’t worry mom, he won’t go to college wetting the bed, he’ll grow out of it, just be patient.” Hardest thing to hear from the dr, best advice he ever gave me hahahaha once I went with the flow and just let him grow out of it, it all fixed itself. I know it’s frustrating and the struggle sucks, but hang in there momma!! Good luck!! :heart:


She may need to just wear underwear so she can feel herself wet at night. Get a 2 pack of washable bed pads, and layer them between fitted sheets so there’s a backup ready to go instead of having to re-make the bed. Keep unnecessary pillows and dolls off until she stays dry. Limit drinks and make her go before bed.
You could try a chart with a reward system after each week accident free.


I have three kids and always personally found pull-ups to be a hindrance. My daughter is three now and has been potty trained for well over a year. I’d just send her to bed in undies, she will wake up from being wet and although a pain for mom it’s brief. I’ve always been a big believer in the kids helping me change their beds also, not as a punishment but it just sticks with them the inconvenience of having to do that I think. I also only offer water to my kids after dinner… this (at least for my kids) ensures they are only actually drinking when they are thirsty and not just bored. Good luck I know it’s not easy.


I stopped liquids and hr or 2 before bed. Than I got a waterproof mattress pad. Than eventually they knew when they needed to get up and go.

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There is a switch in kids brains that has either happened or not with regards to night time wetting. This can happen at any point, it’s entirely normal for a child to be dry during the day and not at night. I wouldn’t push them to do anything because they actually cannot help it. Just don’t make a big deal about it and go with the flow, it’s easy to use a pull up to save changing the bed at night. My son is 5.5 and still wears one but my other son has been dry day and night since 2.5, they are all different. The doctors won’t intervene until they are around 10 I believe :blush:


My 6yro son was day and night trained by the time he was 3, he is now 6 and it was going strong for the last 3 years and the last few weeks he started having accidents and so I had to buy pullups. There really is no such thing as night training, but there are things you can do to help prevent accidents, stop all drinks 3 hours before, make them use the bathroom before bed. My son had this thing where he would pee and hold so at night no matter what for 10 minutes he is sitting on the potty and emptying his bladder whether he wants to or not. Some say wake them up every few hours to see if they need to go

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There’s no reason to take away her pull ups at night if she still needs them, but if you’re having more dry nights with only occasional accidents bed pads are a good option. Night time dryness cannot be learned, it’s strictly developmental and hormonal, and some kids bodies don’t make the hormone that stops them from peeing at night until they’re 8 or even older.

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We have a mattress protector but I also buy the good nights pads. She wears panties to bed and sleeps on top of the pad. If she has an accident we just have to change the pad and not the whole bed (sheet). Very helpful at 3am.


My son wet the bed til he got his tonsils and adenoids out. He was having a huge amount of periods of apnea prior to getting them out which is why he wasn’t waking up.

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So, when my son was 3, he had issues with wetting the bed at night (potty trained for over a year otherwise). Stressful time with me a newly single mom back in the workforce, him in day care, absent dad. Limiting fluids wasn’t an option due to our prolonged hot summer weather. Grumpy, sleep-deprived mommy changing out wet bed sheets and stripping pj’s off a kid in the middle of the night was not optimal. I made a pallet on the floor, protected his mattress on the low toddler bed, and let him sleep naked. When he wet the bed and woke up, he rolled over to the dry pallet and went back to sleep. In the morning he got hosed off, everything went into the wash, and in minutes we were ready to happily start the day. 3 weeks of that and it never happened again. Note: he was not even remotely harmed by the bit of his own, clean, urine for a few hours, he’s now an extremely well-adjusted perfectly wonderful 30 y/o, and the only one scandalized was his prudish grandmother when she moved in with us a few years later and he still thought sleeping in the nude was the bomb diggety, lol. Pediatrician approved. Sanity restored. Trying time made easier. Nobody but us chickens in the house. Worked, and I’d do it again in a minute.

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Vinyl mattress protector over a regular mattress protector. No drinks after dinner (besides maybe a sip of water if needed). No pull ups, as they aren’t much different feeling than a diaper…they make potty training underwear (basically just thicker than regular underwear). Have them use potty before bed. Luckily I lucked out 3 out of 3 with this method…hardly any night accidents. Good luck


Pull ups are such a trap to us. Feels like a diaper which confused our girl once I said “no more diapers, you gotta be a big girl now”
Even in undies she had a hard time, we are officially on week 3 of no diapers and I let her sleep naked, she is basically naked for the whole day unless guests or going out. It’s been working tho! Woke up yesterday morning, 4 am, to my kiddo stuck on the thing that goes over the toilet. She tried to do it solo and got stuck

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I personally wet the bed for a long time and don’t think feeling it will help her wake up. It’ll just happen one day where she wakes up before peeing. Yes I was old enough to still remember that day, lol. I wouldn’t make it more difficult by eliminating the pull-ups. Both by the extra laundry you’ll have and also the stress on the child by not being able to avoid something she can’t control. I’d just keep her comfortable.


It doesn’t matter if you stop liquids at certain time. Some children are heavier sleepers. Use the pull ups and a mattress pad. For those saying limit liquids your fools. It doesn’t help “train” them. It’s something they grow into doing. I would wake my daughter to go potty to get her used idea of going when asked her does she not feel when she has go she responds not at night I’m sleeping.


I stopped when she woke up with dry pull-ups several nights in a row. She was about 5 or 6. She had accidents here and there but we made no big deal out of it.


We would wake up our daughter at night maybe 2 or 3 times till her bladder was empty and then she got use to the routine and timing and would get up by herself. Longest 3 weeks of our lives lol but it worked good luck!


I just have my daughter potty right before bed. She’s only had bedtime accidents when I forget to have her go. I got her this mattress cover and it works absolutely amazing. Not one accident has gone through it. I actually have two now so if she has an accident I can switch them out with the sheets while one set washes.

SafeRest Twin Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free

I didn’t use pullups I put mine in underwear had a mattress cover and plenty of sheets and washed the sheets everyday left the light on and didnt give drinks after a certain time like around 9 pm eventually they would get tired of waking up wet and woke up and went to bathroom during the night


Ditch them! I went straight from diaper to undies. And go potty before bed


Does she have mornings that she wakes up wet? If so, keep the pull ups. People will tell you to wake them up at night to go, or stop liquids after a certain time, but I found both to be just mean. A thirsty kid is irritable. A sleep deprived kid is worse. My pediatrician told me nighttime wetting means her bladder has not matured to her age. It will come in time. If she is 7 and still wetting at night, then he said to bring her in. There might be an underlying cause. If she wakes up dry, put a waterproof sheet on the mattress, and ditch the pull-ups. Mattress is then safe incase if an oddity.

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Night time training is hormonal. It’s not something you can train them for.

You can however limit water in take after a certain time before bed and make sure they use the bathroom right before bed


I set an alarm myself and get up in the middle of the night. Wake them, walk them, have them go in the middle. It trains them to go.

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My son has a kidney specialist and bc he’s had kidney issues since birth we’ve never pushed this. He also said it’s hormonal and not to worry and it’ll just happen when it happens. It’s a hormonal thing. He finally got out of pull ups when he was just ready. And it happened like a miracle.

If she is comfortable in the pull ups let her be. They are better than an accident and having to change cloths and wash up at 0200. My family were bed wetters and extra cloths and linen and clean up could have been reduced with pull ups.


Our son did the same but he also snored pretty bad. Turns out it was sleep apnea, we had his tonsils and adenoids removed and it’s been fine ever since. I know it’s a stretch but definitely worth looking into,

Don’t let her drink anything after dinner and make her go potty right before bed. While she’s on the potty have her take a deep breath in and blow out her mouth till she can’t blow out anymore. As she’s blowing out everything is pressing on her bladder and it helps empty her bladder…

Each kid is different. My daughter is 6 and still wears pullups. She sleeps so hard that she doesn’t feel the need to go… Her older brother is 10 (and hes on meds to help him wake up to go) yet my other 10 yr old was potty trained at night at 4… Just be careful because sometimes its a medical thing… And there is an alarm that attaches to them so when they go it wakes them up… It’s to train them to wake up before that sensation…

I would wait until the overnight nappy/pull up is still dry in the morning. My kids don’t get up in the night for the bathroom. They just don’t need to when asleep. It’s not a learned thing it’s hormonal I’m sure. X

Mattress protector and underwear.
If she has an accident then it’s less work to clean up.
That way she can learn what it feels like, how to help clean up, and it’s not a crutch.
She’ll get there.

Check with a doctor. Sometimes when a child is still wetting the bed they aren’t producing a hormone that controls that. A stepbrother of mine uses a nasal spray which fixes the problem.

My daughter did the same thing. I took her to the dr and she has a “superwoman” bladder. Where it doesn’t all empty out like it’s supposed to so when she sleeps it leaks out.

A child shouldn’t be embarrassed by night time incontinence. Good grief! The elderly and special needs use protection. Women have pads for ‘leaks’.
If anyone needs protection from incontinence, it should be provided.
Reduced liquids after dinner. Ensure the child is getting the sleep they need.

Don’t allow any drinks for at least an hr before bed, I recommend waking her up at least once, probably twice a night to go to the bathroom.

However, I didn’t do any of these things…when I was potty training my daughter (potty trained thru the day, pull up at night) someone put her to bed without a pull up (I worked nights) when I woke her up she was completely dry. So we gave it a go and she barley ever wet the bed!