Help with really bad morning sickness?

Help I want to eat!!

I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant with my third. Every single second of the day I feel sick, my other pregnancies were shocking too, but never this bad. I have no cravings, every food or drink is gross just thinking of it. Sometimes the erge to chuck up is 10% and most times 90% . I want to chuck up but the feeling just sits in the pit of my stomach. Only drink that goes down without coming back up is coke. I force water and juice which comes up a second it goes down. I’ve had a half of chicken burger and a little fried chips lastnight, that was the first I had to eat after 26hours of nothing. I just want to eat a bowl full of something but it just don’t agree with me. Please anyone else had extremely bad (morning) sickness advice. I see my midwife this week, maybe a phone call appointment cause I feel to horrible to leave the house.


Congrats mumma! I too suffer from this, third pregnancy also! I’m 8 weeks 5 days! I’ve had some really great tips from a great friend of mine and them tips are - keep dry crackers/biscuits next to your bed and eat one or a few before sitting up of a morning! I’ve ended up in hospital with dehydration already through this pregnancy and I totally get it! This is next level😩 I’m taking Ondansatron 8mg, I started with 4mg but that stopped working for me after a while, speak to your doctor about getting some, they just disolve under your tongue. With taking these tablets comes constipation aswell so movacol of a morning helps so much! I’ve been looking up Hypermesis Gravidarum as this is what I’ve been told I have! I can’t even brush my teeth without throwing up because of the taste of toothpaste, I’ve found children’s toothpaste to be the best for me at the moment! Good luck mumma!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Help with really bad morning sickness?

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Ask for Zofran, it’s a life saver!!


Ginger, ginger, ginger!


Drink broth and try bland food like crackers

While on my first cruise I got motion sickness. Not the same thing but the cabin boy told me to eat a green apple and it took me about a half hour to eat it but I felt better after that so maybe try that

Pineapple juice and sourdough pretzels

Half a unisom and vitamin b12

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The only thing that even moderately helped me was sea sickness bands for my wrist.

I still felt sick the whole time but I could keep stuff down that way. I tried everything else.

Best advice I received was don’t stress about eating healthy. Eat WHATEVER sounds even a little appealing. For me milkshakes were my go to. Once you find what you can tolerate then don’t be afraid to have it for every meal until the morning sickness lets up.

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I had to wake up early and eat… Catch it before I felt sick. This just lasted the first trimester. :hugs:

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Watermelon always helped my nausea and I had it bad all three times. Ginger helps too

Are u taking prenatals? They made me sick with my first. Doctor put me on two flintstone vitamins and two folic acids. Thats what I did with the other two. Ask your mid-wife.

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I’m on my 5th anti neasea medicine. And it goes up my bum. Ask your Dr. For sure. I’ve been extremely ill this pregnancy. Also do not take Zofran, it is not good to take before 12 weeks

Go bland! You’re stomach is so upset it can’t take much. Im 14 weeks and have HG its extremely bad im constantly getting hospitalized for it. Oatmeal Rice bananas Toast. Start small and if you tolerate it then slowly try eating more. If you eat a bowl of anything im sorry dear but its coming up. I’ve had hunger pains put me to my knees screaming on day 5 and 6 of not keeping anything down. And I started with oatmeal and rice. Granted it sucks having something so often but as long as im not going to bed with my stomach eating itself. Its worth a try.

Try drinking ginger ale it should settle your stomach. Eat something light like a salad or suck ice cubes. Have a toast first thing in the morning. I had really bad pregnancies I noticed if I didn’t eat anything as soon as I woke up I would be sick all day. Your GP can prescribe you something safe to take to soothe the queasiness in your stomach and would be safe to take while pregnant. I had went through the exact same thing as you are with my first and ended up in hospital due to dehydration. Good luck and I hope you find something that can make you feel better.

They do prescribe the same nausea medication I was on going through chemotherapy called Zofran I was hospitalized several times before from start to finish with both of mine

I would take pregnancy vitamins, suck on ice or ice blocks (to keep u hydrated). Eat bland food like Crackers or toast just so u have eaten something.

When I had morning sickness I had to eat very little, although I wanted to eat heaps. If i ate to much it would come back up. I just ate more frequently but with smaller serves.

ginger tea or chamomile tea . eat saltine crackers a few at a time if you can. warmed chicken broth 2 to 3 ounces every few hours. juice popsicles 100% juice I like the brand Outshine. take your prenatal vitamin after you are able to keep down a small amount of food and drink

When I couldn’t keep anything down the only thing that worked was ensure. Both pregnancies thats all that would stay down for me

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Omg I feel you I was sick 24/7 and the whole nine months I was in the hospital so much for not being able to keep anything down it was awful force yourself to keep it down

With my 3rd I was sick every second I was awake. It was awful. Nothing helped, not even the meds. I’ve got nothing…except I feel your pain and this too shall pass. Hugs.

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Felt the same way. Had to resort to prescription meds.

Fresh ginger & lemon muddled down in club soda always helped my nausea. Try eating something light like fruit or toast early in the morning. I would make myself sick by not eating when I was pregnant.

I feel for ya mama! My third was the worst of my 3 for morning sickness lol…i wish ya the best😘

Ginger, peppermint, animal crackers, and saltines! Also, Walmart sells Sea Band Bracelets that help WONDERS!!

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Try premium saltines … keep next to your bed or close by … as soon as you wake up eat a few … helped me tremendously

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Small snacks throughout the day, no big meals. I actually had HG, where nothing, not even water stayed down. Eat whatever you can, it’s different for everyone. I see a lot of people saying Zofran, but I threw that up too, so you can try it but like everything else… it may not work for you.


Sounds like you have HG. I did as well and had to get fluids every week due to dehydration from non stop puking all day long for 5 months

I would recommend that you seek some advice from your gynecologist. Only they would know what you are lacking in vitamins. Please See your doctor

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I was like that my 1st pregnancy found out I was dietetic I had to watch what I ate. But you have to eat

Strawberries worked for me and any juicy fruits. Even tho most of it came back up it didn’t hurt and it didn’t taste bad. It sucks. For real. I lost so much weight and still 5 years after I had my son, I cant seem to keep any weight on me.

Ask the midwife they had to give me something so I could eat cause I was so sick…Good luck

Saltines before your feet hit the floor in the morning.
A few through the day.
And try seltzer.

sour patch kids and dr pepper are the only that has helped me this pregnancy. But my others, frozen gatorade eat like a slushie or popsicles were the only thing that helped me.

Vitamin B and Unisom. Dunno what it does but my dr recommend it and it helped a lot

I would drink those ensure nutrient drinks in my first trimester. They were somewhat filling and i could keep them down and was getting some nutrition. Sometimes when our stomachs are so empty we end up not being able to eat either so it helped open my stomach up to be able to get others things down as well

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I was on diclegis when pregnant. Literally the only thing that helped. I was able to do plain lays potato chips to help a little but not crackers or toast

I am on my 3rd pregnancy. I have had about a week of bad sickness with the previous 2 but this one, OMG…horrible!! I couldn’t eat anything at all and lost an insane amount of weight in a couple weeks time. I really pushed myself to drink sugar free Gatorade and propels to try to keep from getting dehydrated. Finally though, I had to go to my OB for some help with it. We tried Bonjesta and after a few days on that, I was on the mend. It’s similar to the OTC of Vitamin B6 & Unisom but it’s a better, more precise mix of it. Also, try taking your prenatals at night-the iron sometimes brings some nausea with it when taken in the morning.

You have HG You need to be at the doctor’s office now. You are going to get dehydrated and cause problems. They will give you IV to get you hydrated. Please take this seriously

I had it bad this pregnancy in the beginning. I lost 10 lbs. I eventually had to force myself to eat first thing in the morning. I left graham crackers on the night stand and ate a couple before getting out of bed. Eating every 2 hours helps, just small snacks. Your empty belly will make you feel worse. Bagels were also easy on my tummy for lunch.

Smoking some weed helps with nausea

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My doctor told me to just take a bite or two every hour and to drink body armor. I snack on fruits and crackers through the day, no large meals.

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If you have a diffuser or can get some essential oil and use in a wax melting device try peppermint oil. The smell of peppermint always settles nausea for me no matter what is causing it. Vicks Vapor Rub might do the trick if you have any of that handy just try smelling it from the jar and see how you tolerate the smell before you apply it on your body. And cold foods like ice cream or frozen yogurt or popsicles sometimes cold stuff stays down better

You should see your Dr

Mom did soda crackers and canned peaches for a long time.
It’s not real food but popsicles. Water and calming syrup.

My second pregnancy was like that. I ate 2 saltine crackers with a little 7 up before even standing up. About 2 p.m. I could eat a little ice cream and a couple potato chips.Dinner was a maybe. Buttered pasta or toast.I feel your pain.That was my last baby.

With my last pregnancy I was the same way. I ended up having to take Bonjesta it’s on the A list for pregnancy medication. It was amazing. I took it until 14 weeks and then I felt fine off it. I could not get it with my insurance so my OB gave me samples the whole time.

Try tiny bites of bland stuff. Like break a cracker into bits the size of a fingernail and eat one every couple minutes. Sometimes you get so hungry that you can’t eat because your nausea is triggered by the hunger and it’s a vicious cycle. Flavor water, peppermint tea, juice. Anything to stay hydrated.

Try sipping as much Pedialyte as you can tolerate, or Pedialyte pops. The morning sickness is bad enough but over time you get dehydrated and it only makes the nausea worse. Keep some crackers next to your bed and eat a couple before you even get our of bed

Immediately call your Healthcare professional

I completely understand you is a horrible feeling.I had really bad nausea with all of my 3 kids when I mean bad it was really bad.Even the smallest snacks make you feel worst.What really helped me was watermelon and melon ice cubes.You have to be very careful, you can get dehydrated and they will need to give you iv.Talk to your doctor and let them know if there is anything you can take that will help you eat and feel a little better❤️

Have you tried just saltine crackers and sips of gingerale?

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Yes! I’ve got 3 boys and my last was the absolute worst with morning sickness! Except it wasn’t just in the morning…it was all day and night! I stayed in and out of the hospital bc of being dehydrated…it was terrible. They diagnosed me with severe hyper emesis (severe morning sickness) Sour candies were a go-to for me, Ginger Ale, Saltine crackers, and broth. I didn’t get relief until about 8 1/2 months and even then it was touch and go. I really hope and pray that this is NOT the case with you and that you get some relief really soon! Prayers going up for you and baby! :pray:t3: :blue_heart::pray:t3:

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Zofran was my god sent it helped a lot. I was still throwing up but it wasn’t as frequent


You need to be seen your most likely already dehydrated

Try unisom and b6 it’s over the counter and talk to your doctor, they can prescribe medicine to you (there’s a bunch of different options)

Currently 11 weeks and dieing. I tried every and anything. Came down to doctor prescribing me promethazine tablets. They help but knock me out. I feel like I got hit by a bus and sleepy. Sucks I have 2 kids and need to manage to stay alive. So I can’t take them as much try ginger bread crackers or peachs. Suck on a lemon. I also drink lemonade juice and it helps. I can’t even drink water it comes up like crazy. Sometimes what you don’t think will help does. Also spices and chillies help me but I stil lthrow up atleast 5 times a day.

Try some ginger tea…suppose to help with nausea…or Popsicles with ginger in them…

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Crawl over you spouse. When you wake up get up before him and crawl over him. It worked for me he would get sick and not me

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Try to get a little ginger in your belly (real ginger ale, tea or ginger snap cookies were my go-to)It can really help settle things down. Good luck momma❤️

I had terrible morning sickness for 9 mnths…ate lots of unsalted crackers & ginger root

Peppermint candy really helped me.
I agree with some others, please be careful to not get dehydrated.

Small meals at a time and crackers , sprit e and ginger ale

Zofran really helped me, plus crackers & little sips of water. I had bad all day sickness with all 3 of my pregnancies…

I had HG with my first. I couldn’t stomach ANYTHING but milk. I’d drink a gallon a day when I got to my third trimester.
To try to get my vitamins and such in I’d get Total cereal, measure a serving and try to get that eaten before bed… chewing just one piece at a time. Sip electrolyte water.
At some point it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it will stay down. So even if you have to drink 3 cokes a day, then it is what it is. Maybe try to eat a bite of food with the coke, it helped me to eat a bit or two of something after my stomach settled when I’d drink milk.

With my first I had this for 4 months straight. I practically lived on the bathroom floor. Lost so much weight as well. Nothing would help so my whacko doctor, who wasn’t even there and didn’t deliver my child, put me on a half a glass of red wine every three days. ( Not Recommended) but it did help with the nausea with nibbles of soda crackers and Sprite. Maybe she was a witch doctor.

Start with peanut butter and jelly Crackers once an hour, then bananas, and toast

I was sick nine month straight these helpped

Restavit and Pyridox from the pharmacy. Take at night time. Was the only thing that helped me. Restavit will make you sleepy so start with a quarter of a tablet. Hope this helps :crossed_fingers:

I refused to take Zofran after I was on it with my oldest and he wound up being born with two heart defects. Talk to your doctor about your options. Vitamins be and b12 can help. Peppermint tea sweetened with just a little sugar or honey can help. Slow sips of Coke or Sprite helped too. I’m on week 32 and still have awful morning sickness. Eating ice chips seems to help me keep water down.

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Diclegis (look it up) and mashed potatoes did it for me!!

Goldfish crackers and regular coke. Was my saving grace

I know exactly how you feel. I had to be hospitalised 6x in the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy because of it. Try sucking on ice chips, and snacking small amounts of food, have you asked the doctor for anti nausea pills?

With me watermelon jolly ranchers helped. Not from concentrate orange juice a tablespoon at a time, molasses stirred into milk. Kidney beans.

I had to get Zofran with my 4th pregnancy, i was feeling the same way. And I took it up until the day I delivered (7/20/21) it was a godsend. Good luck

Ginger beer(it’s non alcoholic) is the only thing that helped my good friend with her Morning (day and night) sickness

ZOFRAN!! Your doctor can prescribe it to you. They’re are dissolvable tablets for under your tongue so it’s easier to take, and kicks in after about 10 mins. They were a life saver for me, I had morning sickness the whole 9 months with both of my boys.

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See a doctor. I would ask for anti nausea medicine since you are struggling with just water.

I loved on vita wheats and cruskits

When I went through similar with my second I found the only foods I could keep down were plain steamed rice and unsalted crackers. Even salt had me throwing up. I’d only take the smallest sips of water in between bites, just to moisten my mouth, because water got me sick too.

D O C T O R, not Facebook. Your baby isn’t getting ANY nourishment. :bangbang::bangbang:

Watermelon is a natural aid! But preggo pops worked well for me as well.

I liked ginger candies. They really helped.

I had to get Zofran to be able to keep anything down unfortunately. I was in the hospital twice in less than two weeks. They said if I was back in again I was getting a PICC line.

I always needed something on the bedside table to eat before getting out of bed, and I also noticed that small frequent snacks with protein helped. I know you said juice is hard but if you add some protein in a smoothie and slowly sip it, maybe you’ll be able to hold it down better and get some liquid nutrients as well. I don’t know how you feel about cannabis but there are a ton of moms that swear by it for hyperemesis gravidarum. There’s straight CBD or low THC strains as well.

Preggo pops? They sell them almost everywhere. It’s an anti-nausea candy for pregnant women.

I had to freeze dr pepper and drank it as a slush. Only think i could keep down. Had to eat a couple crackers before i raised my head in the mornings.

Definitely a little girl on the way .

I had to put peppermint candies in my mouth before i could even get out of bed. But like everyone else said zofran!

Sublingual vitamin B12!!! My daughter suffered the worst I’ve ever heard of once she started the B12 it only took 2 full days and she got great relief

I ate cream of wheat. My last pregnancy was similar. Everything was gross. And I’d throw up too. Not like you, that sounds like you need to see your midwife or doctor! But cream of wheat was always settling and filled me up when nothing else sounded good

Pedialyte and eating frequent small portions throughout the day is what helped me with morning sickness.

Zofran is the best HAVE Dr call it in …

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I had debilitating sickness all through the first 3 months. Smoothies with any kind of berries helped me, I hated mango for some reason and club soda with lime and salt saved me. Drink that instead of coke because sugar can make you nauseous too and mix it with a tiny bit of sprite for taste. Drinking that before a meal helped me and then breaking down smaller meals during the day and carrying granola bars and nuts for snacks hope this helps!

Try the motion sickness bands that they have at the drugstore.

I was like that with all 3… anything cold helped. Lots of popsicles, smoothies, maybe cut cold fruit

I had to take zofran multiple times a day and restavit at night.

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Definitely call and let them know. They should be able to give you meds without having to be seen. I went through 3 different scripts of nausea meds with my last because it got to the point where I couldn’t even keep the meds down. Unisom and b6 at night, and zofran when needed usually works for most.