Hey mamas who suffer from depression, I could use some advice

I have been feeling really down, unmotivated, uninterested in most everything, easily irritated, have breakdowns for basically no reason and honestly just want to be left alone. This makes me feel like I’m totally losing it. This is totally not like me at all. So I went to see my doctor today and I was prescribed Wellbutrin and counseling. Also I had a recommendation to see a psychiatrist. I’m just wondering if any of things have helped you? Also I’m wondering if you have any other suggestions on things that may help me feel better? I do understand that depression doesn’t appear or disappear overnight just need some ideas on somethings that may help ease the pain I’m feeling inside. Thank you for the positive support.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Hey mamas who suffer from depression, I could use some advice

I know this is going to sound weird but I went through a really bad rough patch a few years ago. I got closer to God. That has helped so much. I write in my prayer journal all the time and it really helps reflect on what causes my anxiety. I listen to “You Say” by Lauren Daigle when I’m feeling really out of sorts. The other thing is I don’t always push myself but there are some times where I do. I push myself to go do something outside my comfort zone or I’ll push myself to clean the house. It’s easy to sort of lay around so I try and always make sure I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth and do something small that day.


Deep breaths- no I’m not kidding
Stretches periodically- Kick radio up & Dance with your kids
Sleep if you need to-- if wellbutrin doesn’t work don’t give up. Try more or something else. Meds can take several weeks to reach desired effect
Counseling is good/important because depression carries guilt. Sometimes we don’t realize how badly we need a unbiased stranger/outsider to help us gain new or regain perspective
It’s perfectly acceptable to cry. If kids ask why tell them your heart is a little sad- not sure why-happens to everyone sometime.
Tell them hugs help (if they do) and that tears can make you feel better sometimes.
Do NOT berate begrudge or punish yourself for your feelings using “should” and “ought to” and “suppose to”
Be and Speak as kind to yourself as you would to your children if they were going thru changes- phases of emotions and growth
Do NOT force yourself to be perfect
If you snap- recover with love and honesty and apology. You are HUMAN teaching little people or young people how to handle their own humanity someday.


I’m diagnosed manic depressive bipolar with severe anxiety. I take meds and do therapy. They help tremendously. My advice is just don’t give up! Sometimes it takes a while to get meds right. Wellbutrin didn’t work for me. Effexor did for a couple of years, but my bipolar was exacerbated by hormones from having kids. Currently working on finding the right cocktail. Keep going Momma! You got this.


Research Coping Skills. There are millions of ways to fight depression without meds if you and your dr agree meds are not necessary. I struggle with depression as well as well as other mental illness. I am on meds but through trial and error, meds is what my body needed. Also, research what Self Care is. Self care is different for everyone but is so so so important :purple_heart: Hope this helps


Medicine can take up to a month to get in your system and show a difference. But make yourself do something anything at all. Make yourself shower get ready. If playing with your kids makes you smile do that. If its funny youtube videos then watch them.


Definitely counseling if you get a good one. Meds can help get you off the emotional rollercoaster long enough for you to figure out if meds are needed or some changes.
Don’t assume the doctor is always right, you know your body .
Good luck

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I suffer from depression something awful. For years the doctors tried different meds and they didn’t seem to help. I finally got into a behavior health specialist, that has helped tremendously. I have ADD and suffer from depression. You may have another problem issue that could spike the depression. That was my problem. It got worse as I got older. I take Adderall and zoloft. Life changer for me. My boyfriend also went out and got me a shihtzu puppy. It sounds silly but she gives me no time to let myself get down. Best of luck.

I am on different medication but that and talking defiantly helps. Noticing any patterns, triggers and certain emotions that lead to certain behaviours/feelings helps too. I find doing little things to push through helps. Even if I have 0 motivation going for a 10 minute walk, doing abit of cleaning, finishing or doing abit of a project. Also finding a happy place/hobby has done me well as when I’m starting to feel bad I can go to my happy space and do my hobby which can help clear my mind

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Yes yes yes. Medication has helped me immensely. A psychiatrist just works to find the right one for you. Ive had exercise recommended to me, and that helps some. Just try not to be so hard on yourself. :heart:

Watch some YouTube videos on joe dispenza. I’ve been in that kind of depression for a year now, my house is a wreck, I’ve gained so much weight, I’m very unmotivated. I had a breakthrough recently through meditation and listening to that neuro doctor who believes 100% in meditation and he tells you how to do it.

I’ve been holding on to a lot of bitterness and unforgivness because of something a family member did and it caused me to spiral. It has caused so much mental, emotional, and severe physical pain.

Along with medication and counseling. Forcing myself to get outside and do something with my kids really help me

Therapy, is something that could help. Talking it out with a professional could be what you need, and it doesn’t hurt to try.

Medication did not help me, therapy did some what, honestly I had to put myself first I had to do things that I liked doing I got me a job and that helped some because I wasn’t cooped up at home all the time I felt productive because I was able to make money for my family all while doing something I wanted to do. Also marijuana helped but I had to quit that for my job and because I became pregnant with baby #2

Zoloft and therapy helped so much for me. Just remember therapists are not one size fit all. Make sure to find one you click with.

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I felt like this. Turns out I had a sleep disorder. Now that I’m getting the sleep I need I feel much better!

Medication does help of course it takes many weeks to feel like it’s helping and it’s always good to talk to somebody outside of your normal conversations with others.

Give the medicine time to work and know that it’s not an exact science. It may take a few adjustments to find what works for you. Be gentle with yourself.

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Welbutrin was a life saver for me… literally. In addition to what you were prescribed you can: take fish oil, b complex, vitamin d3, and a multivitamin. Get at least 30 minutes each day of unfiltered sunlight (no sun screen or glass) morning light is the best because it’ll also help regulate your circadian rhythm. 30 minutes of intentional movement that gets your heart rate up. If you jog or walk briskly in the sunlight you kill two birds with one stone, it can be in increments throughout the day. Sip water all day. Don’t chug, just sip. Staying hydrated helps with so much. Have a consistent bed time and wake time. Create a bedtime routine that winds you down and brings you Serenity. Cut out sugar. Not all at once and not without replacing it with something else if you currently eat/ drink it a lot. Start taking a pro biotic. Look up what prebiotics are and include them in your diet. Meditate, start with 5 minutes a day and work up to whatever you want. I use insight timer app. It’s free and amazing. Get some cheap ear buds and listen to binaural beats at night if you struggle with falling asleep.

Most importantly, don’t try to do all of this at once!! That’s a long list that’s taken me a long time to do. Write them down and pick one you’re going to work on, then when you’ve got that one consistent add another one. I recommend supplements first because they really will help with everything else. Don’t take them on an empty stomach and don’t take the b vitamins before bed. If you brush your teeth after breakfast keep your pill bottles next to your toothbrush along with a cup for a drink of water to take them with. I have to link new routines to old routines to really get them to stick.

I have borderline personality disorder and deal with a lot of depression and anxiety and I have 5 kids. It can get really rough. I’m so happy to see you reaching out for help. That’s such a sign is strength! If you want to talk or have any questions on what I suggested, please feel free to message me. :yellow_heart:

Savannah Rose conments might help u as well

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There’s no shame in asking for help. I started taking a very low dose of Wellbutrin and seeing a therapist for post-partum. It was very helpful for me, helped me be a better working mom, wife, and just gave me the little extra bit of energy I needed to get through some hard times.

I have chronic MDD (major deep depression) SLEEP IS MY NO.1 KEY! I finally found that medical marijuana in addition to all my other meds at night, I take it for pain from an auto accident, that it also improved my sleep!! From my brain not shutting down to waking from night terrors. Ambien used to “kind of work” but this… this miracle green medicine works much much better! With no side effects! A shame it’s been kept from us for SOHHH long! All the pain and agony people have endured or ended up addicted or died from opiates is just not acceptable! Those who buried this drug and made it illegal for so long, may God have mercy on their souls… they are gonna need it! Hopefully you can find a good counselor who you click with… I’ve been through SOHHH many! Still haven’t found them. 35 years worth of em’ and still not much luck… find 2 or 3 Friends that are willing to be your support system… I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have them to remind me and love unconditionally my brokeness!! Good luck to you! God Speed!

i find that patients say wellbutrin does not help with depression alone however it does seem to help with people who are trying to quit smoking .i think you should look into another anti depression medication

Counseling really helps. You think it won’t, but it truly does… I’d stay away from the meds, and just take 30 mins a day for yourself to listen to music, sit in the shower, sit on the toilet, just for u. I was on sertraline from 8 yrs. Try to think what changed that caused this, it didn’t happen over night, your fuse just got shorter because someone else or something else is taking from it… dm me if u need. I’ve been there… I realized my ex was taking from me mentally, so I stopped.

No amount of therapy helped me. They tried to change me and make me take pills. Change don’t happen with pills, it happens with you. You got this, just keep looking up.

I’ve suffered with depression my whole life but it got really bad about 2 1/2 years ago after I lost my dad. December 2020 I started taking Lexapro 20 mg a day. It has completely changed my life, I have not had a depression episode in 10 months. The only problem with it is, it makes me completely uninterested in sex