Hey mamas who suffer from depression, I could use some advice

I have been feeling really down, unmotivated, uninterested in most everything, easily irritated, have breakdowns for basically no reason and honestly just want to be left alone. This makes me feel like I'm totally losing it. This is totally not like me at all. So I went to see my doctor today and I was prescribed Wellbutrin and counseling. Also I had a recommendation to see a psychiatrist. I'm just wondering if any of things have helped you? Also I'm wondering if you have any other suggestions on things that may help me feel better? I do understand that depression doesn't appear or disappear overnight just need some ideas on somethings that may help ease the pain I'm feeling inside. Thank you for the positive support.

So I suffer from a host of mental health issues, I have 2 kiddos and I can say that counseling, medication and finding hobbies just for me that I can for myself and that I enjoy have helped. I picked up cross-stitching and I love crafting, specifically card making. Taking that little time for me even just 30 min a day has really helped me. When I take my medication it makes a world of difference as well. Hope this helps