Home remedies for constipation?

My 6 year old has a lot of trouble going number 2 . And I mean a lot. His doctor said to give him a tablespoon of mineral oil every other day. He still goes a week or more to go to the bathroom . He doesn’t complain about it but even when he does go it’s hard as a rock . I’m a worried momma. Does anyone have any input or suggestions on what to do ?! :sob: Thank you in advanced, mommas :heart:


100% apple or grape juice. Helps speed things along. Dont even water it down.

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They have children’s probiotic. That can also help keep them regular

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Tiny drop of molasses into his drink.

Prune juice with his milk.

Prune juice.old school nursing trick

Prune tea. Works wonder with my kids.

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Maybe talk to your dr about a prescription for lactulose… my son has had to take it since he was 6 weeks old and it’s not hard on their tummies either

Try this. My dr put me on this and it works.

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I give my son fiber gummies

Can he do colace to help his system while you introduce probiotics to him?

Probiotics are great from my experience. My cousin was a little guy when he had some issues like this and they used miralax and that really helped too

Flaxseed oil. One or twice a week.

He’s severely dehydrated


I second the Miralax. Works wonders.


Mine eats activa every other day. Every day he was going to much. Every other works perfect. He has them issues also

Hey try going to the chiropractor! I know it sounds crazy but my son couldnt go at all it was those suppository laxative things every couple of days and eventually he was on miralax everyday. Not even kidding after ONE adjustment he could go by himself and all the jumping around had impacted his lower back and was making it hard for him to go

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Try lactose only need a teaspoon full very good once gone don’t need no more for a few days .

My son took senakote laxative

My oldest has hypotonia and is on 3 caps of miralax a day and it works wonders

Fiber and more water. He’s dehydrated

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He went once a week for a couple months and has been fine ever since and now just goes once a month

Yogurt or add an probiotic to his drinks (floristor is what I use for my little guy) and lots of water intake

Prune juice is a great help. Also these cookies are a great treat and help soften the stool with the flaxseed . 2 a day should do the trick!

Push fluids, some miralax and exercise

My son has the same issue all I do is give him is Welch’s white grape juice clears him out the next day

We use a pro+prebiotic combination that has helped so much! Infants to adults can take it!

Metamucil every night long term. Fleet glycerin suppositories until the regular fiber therapy kicks it. The fleet will help with the pain and passage of the rock hard material.

For my 2 year old that had that problem, we had to go to 1% milk and cut down on how many bananas he ate. We give him green grapes also.

Digestive Advantage gummies!!

Get him checkrd for IBS-C

Prunes, not just prune juice.

Black licorice if you can get him to eat it… if it has real licorice root it is a natural laxative

Fried foods grease lil man up

Try Jicama. I gice my alomst 2 ur old that when he has a hard time. Not sure u cn find it in your area though…

let him eat a lot of apples and give him apple juice

My son does. He holds it in until he literally explodes

Prune juice and probiotics… if it’s that bad that it’s taking days you may want to consider OTC suppositories too. Tell the doc the mineral oil is not working.

Prune juice and butter warmed. Works like a charm

You need to tell the doctor because obviously that dosage/treatment isn’t working. You have to clear out the impacted stool first. Usually the doctor will tell you to give high dosages of Miralax over a couple of days possibly along with a liquid glycerin suppository because loosening it from one end can make diarrhea seep around a blockage closer toward the rectum and not fully clear him out. Once he’s cleared out, taking Pedia-lax chewable laxatives (the only active ingredient is magnesium) daily works well. For my son, they’re more predictable than Miralax.

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Prune juice works wonders! I mix a little sugar in it for my little girl so its not as bitter

My son’s pediatrician prescribed miralax it is amazing and works wonders.


Try water, lots of it, and fruit.

My daughter took Miramax daily. Capful in a drink

Miralax every day and maybe some laxatives every day or 2 to help get them to move.

Agree :100: on the chiropractor my nephew is 5 and was having problems and literally as soon as they got home he went!! My daughter had to go to a specialist bc when she would finally poop it was hard and white and she would bleed at 8 mos they checked her and said that some kids just do not like the feeling so to put miralax in her bottle so it will be gentle for her and we did all the way until she was potty trained!! Good luck!

Do NOT let him go a week without going! His intestines will stretch out larger and larger, making it harder to go. Been there with mine. Miralax, water & exercise- walking

Blueberries work like a charm for my little guy - good luck!

Veggies? Fresh fruit? Healthy eating habits can do wonders.

Prune juice…works 100%,just buy a good one!!:clap::wink:

Miralax, gluten free, and tons of water make him do exercises with his legs like bicycles and push knees to chest. Get allergy testing ASAP

Dried prunes (2-3) a day or fiber gummies and a high fiber diet(green veggies)

Water make sure right amount is given. Plus ad a apple more fiber :slight_smile:

Get a second opinion.

Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Miralax isn’t going to help. At all. I went through the same thing with my son. Once he goes poop THEN start him on miralax and pineapple juice or pear juice.

Take him to a urologist. Best recommendations is drink a lot of water and myralax

More water and fiber in his diet

Probiotics are what worked for my son. He would go poop once a week and when he would go it would be HUGE!!! I started giving him probiotics everyday and he started going every day.

My daughter has to drink soy milk. Cows milk stops her up. But with soy milk she goes regularly

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Probiotics, pears and honey, prunes, fiber

Ask doctor for prescription for lactulose it works wonders, my daughter has same problem and miralax does not work even. The only thing that works is lactulose

I have not read all the comments so not sure if it has been mentioned: graham crackers. And bananas cause your stool to thicken.

I’ve had digestive issues my entire life, and my gastroenterologist just had my mom feed me raisins. Up his fiber intake. Raisins, prunes, pears, apples… and make sure he’s hydrated by drinking water.

My son had the same issue, I changed him from regular milk to almond milk and he’s doing much better🤷‍♀️
I’d check with the dr. First though… never know it could be a more serious underlying condition!

Watch which fruits he eat things like bananas constipate, but blue berries help ease digestion

To soften the stools and make them easier to pass, increase the amount of non-dairy fluid and fiber your child gets each day. High-fiber foods include fruits and fruit juices that contain sorbitol (prune, mango, pear), vegetables (broccoli, peas), beans, and whole-grain breads and cereals.

Also ask about giving colace stool softener as it simply uses the body’s water to soften the stool but make sure to increase water intake if you do that.

BeneFiber is great. No tell tale sign or taste.

Try cutting our dairy and adding more fiber.
My daughter has serious constipation problems too. We lowered her dairy intake and she eats oatmeal with added fiber in the morning, and other fiber rich foods.

When she’s really struggling we use mommy’s bliss constipation ease. It’s a life saver. (It has prune juice ginger and a few other ingredients).

I also give her applesauce when I see she’s struggling :slight_smile:

Naked juice drinks
V8 drinks
Metamucil in water morning and before bed
Get that fiber

Probiotics. My daughter has taken this one for a while now. PRO-Kids Children’s Probiotics - 60 Tiny, Sugar Free, Once Daily, Time Release Pearls - 15x More Survivability Than Capsules - Recommended with Vitamins - for Kids Ages 3 and Up - Easy to Swallow https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MVX0MKW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_8cOdDbSRMRW99

Drink water walk more and fruit

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My daughter was about same age had a terrible time with bowel movements would actually lay on floor with knees up sweating something terrible like she was in labor. Going to my family doctor every week for months… Try mineral oil, got prescription for some kind of stool softener. They had no answers. When she did go it was a ball and hard like a baseball. I thought she was gonna tear trying to get it out. Then,. One day she went running outside on road and fell and chipped a tooth. We made a dentist appointment right away. Took her in and they said she had rotted teeth on backside. I didn’t see it from the front. She was scheduled for surgery within a day or two and her bathroom problem was gone,!!! I cried so many days not knowing what to do, was a terrible time,. But as soon as her teeth fixed WOW!!!

Have you tried probiotics? They helped me$

More fiber. Fiber helps ya poop and helps soften the poop also before he has to go have him do a few squats if hes not old enough to do the on his own have him lay on his back and gently push his knees to his chest a few times. Will help his belly start the poop processes. (Not sure exactly how it helps but worked like a charm with my younger sister who would literally poop out soda cans.

Fiber, grapes and apple juice works wonders!

How much water does he drink??
Just a question not a criticism
Lots of water base fruit

There is Lactulose liquid , put 1-2 tbsp in juice daily.


Try some fresh green and put some sugar on it just a litter bit

He may need to see a GI doctor, my son did at a young age, his autism caused constant diarrhea but now he’s the opposite like your son but he does go every day, it is just big and sometimes stops up the toilet, when he was young they did find some polyps during a colonoscopy and they gave him some meds so maybe that is what your son needs

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Apple juice e ery day

Only thing that works for our son is miralax

research diet. coconut water for a start… lot’s of natural juices and plenty of organic veges and fruit.

My kiddos too up the fiber intake and we take plexus bio cleanse which has been a life changer


Pedialax and a tsp full of kayro syrup has helped my daughter so much she’s severely dairy intolerant. Her poops are sometimes bloody and hard. She also sees a GI doctor.

feed him a lot of green vegetables, cabbage, collard greens, spinach and fix him a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar & Tablespoon of raw honey stir and drink every night before bed-- drink some with him – will create PH balance in your gut and aid digestion… do this and all will be well

Miralax, Apple juice, prunes, suppositories etc…

Fiber gummies

Do not do miralax!!! My son was severely constipated for years. Lower his milk/cheese intake, give real juice, increase water and give fruit/veggies. I would have to give him suppositories and he was cry. His bottom would be so sore and bloody and it was so awful. :cry:

Knees up, lean back but not against toilet with arms held straight up, chin down holding breath of course a change in diet of course a most complete examination by a loving and caring doctor,. must also do more walking. Helps me.

Warm apple cider or prune juice

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More water will help move his bowels


Mix the oil with water.being hydrated helps constipation

Nothing but water to drink, and plenty of it. (Not sure of the requirements at that age) Lots of fruit. A dietary schedule will help regulate bowel function. Daily exercise. Using a stool, bucket, box to raise the knees into a modified squat will help some too. Google squatty potty for information on potty posture.

Lots of water and grape apple or prune juice daily. Fresh fruit daily and veggies. I wouldn’t give suppository. May weaken the anal spincture over time.

Probiotics are a life saver for my daughter. A little warm prune juice goes a long way too.

I find that eating a couple three dates is helpful.Do this daily,they taste like chewy brown sugar

No matter what you give him, he MUST have enough WATER in his system. Fiber, stool softeners, laxatives all must have WATER to work. Water and add exercise to his daily routine

Maalox and prune juice he will hate you in no time

Wheat based breakfast in the morning