How can I get my 2-year-old off the bottle?

I have a two-year-old that refused to drink from a sippy cup!!! Every time I give it to him, he just chews on it and looks around for his bottle I need help I’m having a baby in less than six months and need to get him off the bottle ASAP!!! Any advice???


Take it away! That simple


Throw them away he’ll get the point when he is thristy enough


I would honestly only give the option of a sippy. He/she knows you will give it to them eventually which is why they fight. If they want it bad enough they will take it! :woman_shrugging:t2:


Just do not give them the bottle. Super simple. Let them cry. A day or 2 is all it takes. Its just on the parent to not give in.


Don’t give in. Just give him sippy only no other choice


I said the fairies took it away to my children. Worked a treat


Put only water in the bottle. Put milk,juice,etc in the cup. Worked great on all 3 of mine.


Honestly just take them away and only have sippy cups. He will use them. He may cry and throw a fit but he will be just fine. Just harder on the parent to hear the crying and fits then on the child. Lol I went throw it. It sucks but I learned.

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I just took away the option, my 16 month old cried for about three hours and it was over

Take it cold turkey. Get a transitional cup…took my kids on their 1st Bday and they were fine

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My daughter we winged her cold turkey n my son winged his self at 10 months

Just make them disappear… eventually he will b thirsty enough to drink from the cup


Be consistent. I started with the soft tip sippy cups then moved her to the harder tips.

Try a regular cup? My 2 year old drinks from a regular cup…or try different sippies…maybe he will like a different type

One dont give him the bottle it’s hard but he’ll get use to it and two have tou thought of trying a cup witha straw instead both my daughters hated regular sippy cups when they first got off the bottle but would always use a straw. He’ll get it either way but it takes time. Good luck momma!

Get the harder plastic tip ones my daughter would chew through the soft rubber ones

I threw all my daughters bottles away when she turned a year old and gave her this. She took it good.

Try a transitioning cup, worked for me😊

Take it away completely. Try straw cups or soft top sippy cups…

I threw bottles out and went straight to sippy cups. My daughter fought it and would hardly drink but after a day or so she realized she didn’t have a choice lol

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I just got my 2yr old off of it. I told her to throw her bottle away and say bye. She was a little sad. I been giving her a sippy cup since then. When she asks for her bottle I remind her it’s in the trash. She hates it but she’s been doing good. We used to feel bad and give the bottle back but we haven’t and it’s only for her own good. Good luck

Um take it away. Deal with the fits for a few days. Done.

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Use the juice bottles with the characters on top that’s how I got my baby off the bottle

Throw all the bottles away.

I took my child on a sunny day and we planted his bottles in the yard…he was so excited to see what would grow from them…an hour later I snuck out and removed the bottles and placed the sippy cups on top of the holes…it was fun and did the trick :joy::joy::joy: I say have fun with your kids transitions…they grow up so fast!


I Threw Them and Told Him “No More Bottles”, and He Refused Sippy Cup, So I Told Him “There is Nothing Else Other Than Sippy Cup or Cup That Mommy and Daddy Use”. He Started Using His Sippy Cup. Can’t Show Tgem How Much It hurts When You are Teaching Them

So I started my son on the sippy before he was 1, and he hated it. It wasn’t because it wasn’t a bottle though, it was the type of cup. So I bought one of the 360 cups. He loves it. Never cared about the bottle again. He’s 18 months today and loves his 360 cups. So I recommend taking away the bottle and trying different cups.


Our daughter was one and we were having our son three months later so we just did it cold turkey I threw all the bottles away one day and only gave her a sippy cup. It was okay during the day but the nighttime was really bad because she would wake up three times a night screaming for a bottle (that’s the main reason we decided to stop the bottles) and it took about a week but it worked and I’m so glad we did it
Just don’t give in!!! Good luck

Take him shopping for a big boys cup tell him that’s what big brothers drink from this is what I did with my daughter I was in same position she fussed for a while but soon got the hang.

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Momma of 30 years, Just take away the option, there will be some fit throwing for a day or two , DONT give in! They get threw it faster when momma stays consistent. You can do it Mom!

I just took my kids bottle at 1 year and never gave it back

I had thisnwjth my daughter this time last year she’s been off a bottle for a hear now she’s 3 and a half I swapped it for a none spill cup bottle because she has it at night for milk and she’s still on that worked so good she jsut let her bottles go she out them in the bin herself x

My son was done with bottles around 13 months. I just started adding only gross stuff to the bottles. He loved his formula, so I would add only like a tiny amount of formula to the bottle to make the water murky and it literally took a day. The bottle was horrible formula and the sippy was good stuff. Watered down juices or flavored water. That was the end of that :slight_smile:


I know I may get backlash on here but my oldest is 7 and we have never fully broke him. Every few days before bed he will ask for one. It’s never bothered us. It’s the only thing he still asks for from time to time from when he was a baby. It’s a comfort thing. His teeth r still perfect, and I dont plan on just taking them away until he is ready. We tried everything as a toddler to get him off of them but he refused. He drinks out of regular cups all day but a few times a week at bedtime he will ask for a bottle of milk. Do what’s best for ur kid, bot what everybody else says.


Throw them away out of sight out of mind :slightly_smiling_face:

Try a sippy with a straw

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I went cold turkey with my daughter. She finally got thirsty enough to drink from the cup.

Just stop giving it to him. At all.

Water in the bottle, milk in the cup… desk with some resistance. It’s new.

Throw it out.:woman_shrugging:t4:
& your baby will eventually give in and drink from a sippy. You cant let your baby RUN you! Take charge!

Best to remove them out of the way, and trying cups from sipping types to straw types even normal cups. But it will be a few days of hard work, and then when new baby comes along just remind him it’s baby bottles only . As he may steal a couple when there back again

We made it a BIG deal to make the switch. Had a big boy party and ditched the bottle for the cup.

Give it back to him. Having a new baby is a big change and this is his comfort. He’s not going to be in high school with a bottle so why worry over something so small right now?


Make it a big boy ceremony and have him toss them out and lwvel ip or graduate to big boy cups and let him choose his new one. Make it a big deal.

Cold Turkey be strong and don’t give in. And 360 no spill cups help.

We made it a deal too. We had the bottle fairy come to take them away at night and left a note saying what a big boy you are and left a small stuffed animal or other treat

For me, I took all the bottles away, only offered sippy cups, or regular cups with straws, and then I worked on getting them off the bottles/sippies at bedtime, its literally as easy as just not offering it anymore, eventually the child gets thirsty and will drink from your preferred cup. This was my advice from my doctor.


Toss it and stick to your guns about it. Kids are stubborn so you have to be even more stubborn. Trash them and don’t buy more no matter what. They will give in eventuallu

Hide them tell him there isn’t anymore your the boss

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Remove the option of a bottle


Stop making the bottle an option. Put them away. They will drink when thirsty


Throw the bottles out

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Bottle fairy for babies that actually need them, big kids get special cups

Let him have it. My older daughter went through a hard time when I had my youngest and it was a comfort to her. Just keep the teeth clean and it’s no biggie.


Throw them out and get a straw sippy. My son loved them from 6 months on.

You are the parent. After so long the kid will cave-in. I promise you lol

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Straws helped us the most. I had to put a bottle nipple over the sippy cup spout area or straw, to get him to know to suck not chew

I use these, they’re nuby brand. The spout is soft like a bottle so when they chew on it, they get some liquid. Hide the bottles completely until the new baby is here, and only offer soft spout sippy cups until he gets the hang of the sippy, then move to hard spout.

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My oldest was almost 2 when he got off the bottle … I was having his brother two months after his second birthday … I decided enough was enough. I threw all the bottles away and didn’t say anything about them … After a while of not having the sippy cup sit on the table with no one answering him about his bottle ( we would just say here is your milk! And would show him the sippy cup we never said the word bottle or baba)
After 3 days and us not mentioning the bottle he stop asking for it. He is now 3 and we have a one year old.

With our second I was not doing the whole attachment to the bottle again . So he was 100% breastfed and has never had a drop of formula in his life. He also has never drank out of a bottle in his life. Infact we skipped sippy cups with him and bought him straw cups instead. He is 13 months old drinks out of cups with straws and is still breastfed.
Our oldest now doesn’t use a sippy cup at all the sippy cups didn’t last long because he wanted juice pouches and cups with straws.

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Having the same problem no matter how many sippys i buy he spits it out if i give hime a sippy

Have u tried different types of sippy cups? Bottles are easy to suck from. Maybe he doesn’t like a certain cup.

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Girl, I had the same problem with my son. He has latching problem (special made bottles and such). Transitioning to a sippy was hell. He does better with these, and it actually helped him so much to get him off the bottle. Could work for you as well? Hope this helps doll!

Throw the bottles away. If he doesn’t want a sippy try a straw cup or just a regular cup.
Bottles and binkys are those things you just have to stick thru it, & deal with the crying.

It’s hard not to give in but ya gotta stick to it.
Throw away all bottles or put up out of sight if you are saving them for new baby and his only option is the sippy cup. That’s it.

Who is the boss? YOU is the boss!
Don’t delay the process, just throw them out and stick to your guns.

You keep one emergency bottle hid toss the rest or put them away for new baby ! He’s not going to go on not using it forever if it’s the only option! Also try a reward system ! Drink so much from a cup mommy will give you a prize

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They will eventually figure out how to use a sippy it takes time, and whatever sippy cup you might be using might not be the right one, but I agree with nearly everyone else throw the bottles out completely

I took my child’s favorite bottle and set it up where he could see it but not reach it and told him Fred Flinston said he was a big boy now and needed to use big boy cups but he still wanted to watch him grow up. That was that as long as he knew Fred was still there he was fine.

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I didn’t give my daughter an option on her 1st birthday all bottles went in the garbage, you are the parent they will cave in once the bottle is not on option. It may be a few days of a grumpy kiddo but they will give in. Get the sippy’s with the soft spout not the hard ones


Never understood this question, time for a sippy cup, or a cute spongebob square pants with a tight lid and straw!! My boy loved them…

Just get rid of them,my 2 boys were done with bottles&diapers before 18 months-started at a year,it takes alot of work time but it can be done -just keep at it

Get couple different type of sippy cups and have a box up party.
I tell them the bottle fairy needs bottles bc she is running low and have them put them in a box. When he or she goes to bed I put it up for the next kid… last kid they got chucked… then they didn’t have a choice and it isn’t like they are gonna starve to death

On the first birthday all bottles go in the trash! :woman_shrugging:

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My kids were 11 1/2 months when one day I just.took the bottle away. Replaced it with a sippy cup and neither of them ever looked back. There was no weaning involved I just completely got rid of the bottles. I dont let them have a bottle past a year. So I did just got rid of it and that was that. Neither of them had any issues switching to sippy cups

Use a regular cup. Some kids dont like sippy cups

Throw the bottles away.

When I weaned my kids from breastfeeding I cut feedings.
Do the same with the bottle.

You could also slice a hole in the bottle nipple

He can’t use it anymore. Set that boundary. Your stronger than you know you can do it. Take it away now!! He will be okay, alittle thirsty but okay. If it helps take daytime away and give the bedtime bottle for a few days while he gets use to it. He’s gonna be mad and throw a fit. Just like when I get mad I turn into a B. Lol

Just don’t give him another that’s it

Throw them away. Get a few cups and a regular cup. Set out and let them pick. Just be done with it. Don’t give a option for a bottle since you wont have any.


Should have switched a year ago. At this point you just need to take them away. Get rid of every single one so there aren’t any in the house and hope and pray he doesn’t try to steal the baby’s once you have it. You have let it go on for way too long.

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I’d just give him a normal plastic cup. He will spill it once or twice. Mine loves drinking from normal cup or mamas water bottle.

When my kids turned 1 we threw the bottles away. My first was hard to get to drink from a sippy cup but I finally put a drink in it that he would like and from then on he liked soppy cups. Just try a few different kinds. Also at 2 he can use a straw.

I gradually made the hole bigger and bigger until he couldn’t really suck it. So he gave it up.

tell him he needs to give these bottles to the new baby…or any baby

I threw away the bottles and gave mine the hard sippy cup not the one that looks like a nipple on a bottle

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Don’t give in. He will get thirsty and drink from the cup.

We transitioned my second with the juice cups with character tops. It was similar but not the same. He’ll drink from anything now

My little one went onto something like this, you can take out the straw part and use it as a normal bottle

Cold turkey. Stop giving it to him. Sucks for a few days and then they’re over it

Bag em up and throw em trash!! Easy peasy!

When my son was 7 months at meals I only offered regular cups or supply cups. Then at 1 year I threw out all his bottles so that when he cried for it I wouldn’t give in just to sleep. So then he took his soppy if he wanted a drink

There are sippy cups that are similar to bottles. I had this issue also but she also likes the cups that look like regular cups and have a lid. But just take it away and if they’re thirty they will drink what you give them lol

Honestly the best thing to do is throw all bottles away so you don’t cave. He’ll cry but will eventually get over it. I know it’s easier to give in but it’s definitely time. Good luck :blush:

Throw the bottles away

My son was on his until Jan 1st of this year. He’s two as well. There’s no shame. I just found a cup he would at least drink juice from and took the bottle and never gave it back. Seemed to work.

Just throw them out. My daughter was same way with cups and she eventually got over it and forgot about a bottle

The greatest dr told me after a year old if you haven’t taken the bottle/breast away by then expect 2 weeks of tantrums. I weaned all my kids to cups by 1.

Cold turkey. Hide/ throw all the bottles and only give sippy cups.

Throw them out. He will use a sippy cup when that’s all he has.