How can I get my baby to fall asleep earlier?

How can I make my baby fall asleep early in the evening? He is breastfed, goes to daycare 8:30-4, and stays and naps throughout lunch there for like an hour. he falls asleep around 11 pm and wakes up 7-8 am! I need my rest too, so I need some advice please


Am I missing something? Sleeps from 11pm to 7 or 8am?


That’s amazing sleep honestly. Any more and you’d not be doing your job as a mother. Unfortunately you don’t get to sleep in all the time. His sleeping is actually perfect for him. Be lucky because my kids don’t fall asleep until almost 2am most days right now, and they wake up at like 6-7 every morning. Yes it’s sucks but you’re a mother now.


Heck mine woke up every 2 hours


Huh? That’s like 7-8 straight hours. Lol. That sounds fantastic with a baby


All I can say sweetie you are blessed


If he’s only napping at lunch and doesn’t sleep again until around 11 pm that is a long time without rest. How old is he? I would slowly start trying to push bed time by like 15 minute increments. Don’t wait for him to fall asleep, try rocking him or walking him around.


That’s a really good schedule… If you’re looking to get them to go to sleep earlier be ready to wake up earlier. My kids went from 11-8ish sometimes later depending on if they got up during the night, to 9-6/7. You will always sacrifice as a mother. Just have to adjust to it.


It’s because of nap at day care . My kids went through this . Once naps are cut out they will fall asleep by 8 with no issues . But my youngest does have ADHD so if I don’t give her melatonin at night she will stay up til 2 in the morning

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Whats the issue? That’s awesome lol

If you put him to bed earlier, its highly likely he will also wake up earlier or in the middle of the night. If he sleeps 8 to 9 hours, how much more sleep do you need?


Who has a baby and even thinks they will ever be rested as much as they should be lol. Mines in bed by 7 and up at 6, sometimes 5:30.

Sooo you’re getting like 7 hours a sleep? What’s the issue here?

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Try giving formula. Breast milk is lighter. So add some formula in which is heavier on the stomach

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Mine wakes every 3 hours lol so idk why you are complaining.

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Mine crash between 7&8 up at 11 2 4 6 and they’re a year old and not breast fed

Warm lavender bath pjs and breast along with binky and sitting in my arms and out between 6_7 PM back back up at 10-2am breast feeding in my bed and sleeping till after 7am

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He probably gets enough sleep!! They can’t sleep all the time!!

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Your baby isn’t getting enough sleep! One hour during the day and 8-9 hours at night isn’t ideal at all… although if I knew your babies age I could help more specifically.

My 2 year old is in bed from 7pm-6am and naps from 12:30-3:30. Not all kids sleep as much as he does… but I could help you out if you wanna PM me! My oldest was a terrible sleeper and my youngest a great sleeper. It IS possible to help them sleep better, I promise!


Depends on the babies age. If in the first 18 months or so i would say try to have daycare set a strict nap schedule. Likely his nap is later or longer than you think. Wake up the same time every morning. You pick when and in incriments work on putting him down sooner every night. To set the stage do a good routine, even something simple to let em know its time for sleep. I cut off house lights, turn down tv, jammies, nite nite gummies (vitamins) and eventually he caught on (2yr now) that all of that meant time go to the bed. Kids work well with routines.

My four kids ages ( 6 4 3 1) goes to bed between 9 in 10 PM gets up at 9 or 930 am.

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You’re all assuming that she can sleep til 8am …
agree with the formula bottle night cap, makes them sleepy.

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The issue isn’t that she wants more sleep she wants bed time to be earlier so that the baby has a healthier sleep schedule . Stop being dicks Karen!

If I want my b in bed earlier we cuddle in the evening . When she falls asleep I pu her down for the night xoxo


He needs less sleep than some? Nine hours sounds fine to me, sorry.

So it sounds like your baby sleeps fine, and you’d just like him to get to bed earlier. It’s your job to establish his bed time. He may not want to go to bed at, say 9 p.m and could play, talk and resist, but he will eventually fall asleep. You just need to stick to a routine. But if you do put him to bed earlier, he may start waking earlier as well since he’s used to that


I have 4 kids 6 and 4 2 year and 1year old I’m lucky if I get 5 hours sleep maybe you need vitamins to help restore your energy my 1 year old sleeps by 9pm wake in the middle of the night then up about 5-6am mine have a nap they don’t go to daycare so with me 24/7. Maybe you need extra help and aren’t coping very well.

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Wait what? Ur kid sleeps from 11-7/8ish? All night? That’s awesome!!! I do not see an issue with this


Why don’t you just drug it! Seems you just want the baby to sleep and you won’t have to take care of it! I breastfed mine and they were up every 2 hours sometimes longer! Don’t have anymore kids!


If you have a bedtime routine you need to just move it up. It will probably take some adjusting for baby but completely doable. My kids are 3 & 5 and go to bed at 7:30-8 every night. Most nights it’s smooth some nights one will want some extra mommy time. I have found it’s all about routine. But chances are baby will wake up earlier too. It also depends a lot on babies age how much sleep they need. Research sleep training it helped me so much with my second who wasn’t as easy.


My son sleeps from 11 to 10. He naps occasionally.

Yeah that seems about normal lol how old is baby? My daughter is almost 3 months and does long stretches from 8:30/9-9 am. She was sleeping from 11-10, but 11-7 or 8 seems really good, especially if baby is taking naps at daycare.

I swear mom groups leave the most unhelpful/rude comments ever :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Every child is different

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Good luck. Seems like baby is getting a decent amount of sleep. You can try giving baby a warm bath and nurse earlier in the evening then rock baby to sleep. Baby will probably be up much earlier in the morning though, so you won’t be getting much more sleep than you already are. Be thankful baby is sleeping through the night. A lot of kids get up every couple hours all through the night.


Geezzzz with all the sass. Sounds like you just want a couple hours in the evening before you have to go to bed kid free, and that is ok. I agree with the helpful comments move up bedtime and prepare for earlier mornings.


I’ve been on this group for YEARS!!! All these posts are fake. :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: The original poster of each question never answers back.


Gosh I wish I knew. Mine pretty much made her own schedule and we just stick to it

My daughter who is 7m old almost 8m sleeps less then what is required. She has 2 15 to 30m naps then sleeps from 8pm to 4am drinks a bottle sleeps from 4am to 7 am

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all she asked for was advice on getting the kid to bed at a earlier time. my daughter sleeps from 830pm to 6am and doesn’t get up in the middle of the night and then takes a 2 hour nap most days. just start putting the kid to bed earlier and stick to the same routine and time every night

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Thats 7-8 hours of sleep! I KNOW you’re exhausted. I have 5 kids ages 5-11. Trust me I know. If you oit him to bed any earlier then you won’t enjoy getting to sleep in until 7 lol. I’m lucky if I get to 6am. Hang in there mama. They’re only little once


shes not asking for the baby to sleep longer shes asking how to get baby to go to sleep earlier… anyone ever think maybe she has to get up earlier then the baby gets up for other reasons and is ok with the baby getting up earlier???


If you put him to bed earlier he will likely just wake up earlier. It’s a viscious cycle lol. In about 10 years he won’t wake up so early lol.

11-7/8? What’s the issue :rofl: that’s a damn good nights sleep if you ask me

Sorry, I’m in the middle of the 8 month sleep regression where little man does NOT nap and at night wakes up every two hours. I keep reminding myself it eventually ends…

Shouldn’t babies get around 11/13 hrs sleep in a 24hr period? Try pushing bed time 20-30 minutes for a few days then another 20-30 mins for a few days and so on. My 14 month old sleeps from 8pm -7am, naps 10am-11.15am amd a 30 min nap at 3.30pm


Depending on age a nap during the day could be eliminated.

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Sleep is developmental. So nothing really.


He is napping more than they are telling. Wake him up earlier

Take him a warm bath and then give him some warm milk and the baby will knock out

Start by going to bed at the time you want him to. You may not like it but it helps for him to witness you sleeping near him in the dark. Though depending on how much sleep he needs, he might also get up early.

Look up the Ferber method. Both my 2 yr old and 1 yr old have slept the from 8pm to 7am for a long time and nap during the day.

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Honestly so lucky. You have it so easy.


Wow you are getting a lot of sleep, lucky you.


Sounds like he’s taking a nap too late in the day. Or taking too long of naps during the day.

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We take long warm baths with lavender scented bubbles. Nice rub down with sleepy lotion and cuddles before bed. Sometimes my 20 month old falls asleep at 9. Sometimes later. But he sleeps until about 7-8 every morning. Plenty of relaxing things before bed time.

Wow 11-7 isnt enough sleep??


If you haven’t done so, consult the infant pediatrician but having a strong routine system helped us!!Good luck

This has GOT tooooo be a JOKE!!! Kasie :woman_facepalming:t3:


Gosh some of you are assholes :woman_facepalming:t2:

Damn. Some people here are rude. Or don’t understand what its like to be a working mom. Honestly, it’s all about routine. It will take a while, but start putting him down half an hour earlier each week. Once he knows its time to sleep, ut will get easier. Also, try giving him a heavier food or possibly add formula to his evening bottle. Formula has more consistency and higher calories, so baby will stay full longer. Having a fuller belly may encourage him to sleep earlier.

Grow up your kid is on an amazing schedule my daughter is up every hour on the dot to eat I have no time for anything when she’s sleeping in pumping your a damn mom quit complaining

Try to cut out the nap or make it shorter. My one year old will sleep around 12-13 hours a night. We don’t know old your baby is but he was sleeping 10 hours at night and 4 hours for naps during the day around 3 months. So got rid of both naps and now sleeps great.

My son is 17 months old and I just upped his bedtime to 8 from 8:30 and before that it was 9. I did a half hour adjustment every week and it worked for him, I also do bath time about an hour before bed and then more playtime, calm down time & then I brush his teeth, last drink of water & tuck in. He talked and kicked around in his crib for about 20 mins or so the first 2 nights and then after that the babbles got less and less each night :yum: he wakes up around 8 in the morning too. It worked for my son anyway but every baby is different lol

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An earlier bed time comes with consequences too :sob: mine goes to sleep around 7:30 but she’s up at 5am with the sun every morning on top of waking once or twice cause she wants to nurse. She is 2. Try giving a bath around 5; a snack around 6 for a full belly and then have some down time around 6:30. It takes my kid an hour to fall asleep no matter what time I put her to bed, so we have quiet time for 30 minutes in bed at 6:30 and then turn it off at 7. She’s sleeping by 7:30-8

When you say he/she falls asleep around 11, what time do you start putting them to put? Like start your routine? Curious what the before is like :slightly_smiling_face:

How old is your child? My son is 9 months old and he goes 3 hours between naps, sometimes maybe 2 but usually 3. So if he wakes up from last nap at 5/6, he’ll be in bed for the night around 8/9.

I will not wake up my baby when he’s napping, I don’t want a cranky baby so if takes a late nap, well then he’ll be up late, no big deal. Try to time out your kids naps and don’t let them take a late nap so they’ll go to bed earlier.

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Unfortunately that sounds like it’s as good as it’s going to get. My son was up every 2.5 hours for the first year, so trying to do assignments and study for exams was brutal.

What I did was put him in his crib at a certain time and he would fall asleep on his own. So I suppose maybe put him in the crib earlier so he learns how to fall asleep on his own and without your help.


My breastfed baby woke up2-3 times a night. I’d suggest just trying to change the schedule. But that’ll come with the baby waking up earlier to I’m sure. That’s actually a good amount of sleep for a baby honestly.


I would think on skipping the nap. My daughter did that on her own. Just stopped taking naps. She did sleep better because she was more tired.

If u got familu ask for help!

I would be embracing the 8- 8.5 hours I got to to spend with him! 7-8 hours of sleep should be more than enough for you… most parent’s do not get remotely close to that! Time flies and one day you will miss it. Embrace it while you can! <3


My 2 year old gets put into her crib at 8pm for the night and sleeps til about 6:30-7:00 am.

I think maybe putting the baby to bed with little to no stimulation would help.

How old is the baby?

Sleep Calculator with Bedtime and Wake Up Time by Age (2020 Update) I use this website sometimes to calculate toddlers sleep and I wake my toddler according to the calculation. It does work for me but I don’t know about anyone else. :grimacing:

Just because a child gets to sleep at 11pm does not mean the parent does


Thats 8 hrs omg I wish how long do u want him to sleep before he has to eat im so confused there r lots of moms jealous right now for sure my breastfed baby slept no more then 3-4 hrs at a time

Unfortunately that’s how it goes mama!

Less daytime naps or if he needs to nap during the day, shorten it. Put him on a schedule. A baby’s sleep cycle could change from time to time, every baby is different.

Damn… some of you ladies need to relax. Seems to me you’re focusing on how long the baby is sleeping, and considering she asked how to get the baby to bed EARLIER, not longer, y’all need to chillll. Seems to me like the baby goes to bed late, and sleeps in late, meanwhile she is probably getting up early for the day. Yeah, the baby is sleeping, sounds like mama is not though. Whew, and people wonder why postpartum depression is so common… if we can’t reach out to other mothers for help… who’s left, really? What a damn shame you should be supporting each other not attacking :woman_facepalming:t3: jumping down this poor moms throat when she’s just asking for help… smh.

Lol! This is a funny joke!:joy: I’m LUCKY to get 4 hrs sleep a night, my daughter gets energy from nowhere in the middle of the night and stays up for HOURS at a time

11 to 7 or 8??? Sou ds like heaven to me! My baby just turned 1 and is awake every 2 hours.


That was one of my child’s schedule and I loved it. I felt I got to spend time with her and still a good night sleep.

Honestly that’s almost the best you could ask for…


I usually play with my 16 months old between 7-8 after his warm bath. Between 8-9 there is no more screen time. I diffuse with Young living essential oils (Lavender and Thieves) to help my baby fall asleep. It’s my every night routine and so far he sleeps and just breastfeed after 4-5 hours. He normally wakes up aroud 8 - 9 :grin:

That’s pretty good actually.


Maybe a bed time routine Mommy? We do supper , bath , bottle, a few cuddles and then its lights out at 7pm. We have been doing this type of routine since they were babies and now they are toddlers and it still works for us .I have 3 under 2 years so routine was important for my survival.

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How old is baby? If your talking under 10m it’s not really likely to do but you can try some fresh air during the time you want to be up. Take out for walk in stroller for quick 15m. Or sit outside around trees- stuff to keep their minds busy.
If +10m then get everything all day under routine. From meals, bookreading, playtime, to timing of naps.
If you want baby to go to bed when you do aim your wet nursing in the right pattern of possible.

Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. They tend to go through brain changes, so when you think a schedule is on it can change some.
Research sleep training. Basically lots of cuddles skin on skin touch but don’t let baby actually asleep in your arms. Once your breathing and babies breathing is in that calming sync, enjoy for a moment love on baby and lay lo dwn in their crib. They may fuss a little until use to it but little at a time baby will get use to it.
It is hard but mama it’s worth it! I’m guessing this is your first baby. It’s hard being a new parent, find a good support circle of ppl you trust. Ask as many questions as u can and take a nap on your days off when baby does.

Are you working? I take a good nap while my son is in day care. If not, cut back on some day time naps and set a routine to make bed time earlier. Don’t jump to quickly, maybe go back a half an hour at a time

Be thankful you’re getting uninterrupted sleep, my 2 year old still wakes up threw the night for more bottles of milk and my 8 month old lately has had me up every 1.5/2 hours threw the night. I’d love 8 hours!!! Maybe tho just ask daycarw to stop his naps, that’s the only way I can think of him sleeping earlier bug 8 hours is good mama!!


whoa! how you do that?! i only got 2hrs of sleep with interruptions in between :sob::sneezing_face:


I mean one of two things can happen there. Leave it as it is. 11-7/8. That’s 8 to 9 hours. Or move it up. Put baby to bed at 8 and baby will be up at 4 to 5am. Your pick. :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:


Depending on his age he might need to skip nap times. But I don’t know his age. Hope you get it figured out mamma.

My son had issues with sleeping. Our pediatrician suggested sleep training using 1mg zarbees melatonin. We used it 2 times a week for a couple months and it worked. My son sleeps from 6pm-6am on the weekdays and 8pm-11am on the weekends. He has been on that schedule since he was 6 months old…hes 15 months now.

Calm bath like clock work every night with lavender like 7pm
Feeding and then lights out … 8pm until it becomes a habit


Not sure how old he is , but give him breast milk or formula with oatmeal, very runny

My 9 month son goes to bed at 8:30pm and wakes up at 8:00am. I give him a bath then I lay him down with a bottle with the tv on for light and sound. The first two days he cried for 15 minutes before he realized it was bedtime. You just have to stay consistent with it. He also takes 3-4 naps during the day. Now my 3 year old takes no naps and goes to bed at 9pm-8am. Really the main point with both is staying consistent and now giving in.

some children apparently don’t need much sleep. My two year old wakes up at around 6am, is in daycare from 7.30 to 2pm, where he has about 1 hour nap. He cones home, is full of energy, we usualy go out where he plays, runs around whith his neighbour friends, stops only for a drink, we take a bath between 6 and 8 pm and he won’t go to sleep before 10 pm. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

My baby is going to be 2 months old… She seems to be on sleeping schedule… she is out by 11pm and wakes up between 7-8am… my pediatrician told me babies are night owls. So be thankful he/she sleeps through the whole night. Seems like our babies are most active in the late evening before bed. Sorry wish I could actually offer help :woman_shrugging:t2:

My 2 almost 3 year old still dont sleep through the night I would love for her to sleep for a full 8 hrs

I’ve got 3 adult children and a 9 year old. The 12 hour sleep thing never happened. As a parent I’m afraid that’s the reality

My baby girl is 8 months and every night I give her a bath at 7 then I breast feed her n she sleeps till 6am then eats n goes back to sleep till 8am