How can I get my breastfed baby to take a bottle?

My exclusively breastfed baby will not use the bottle at all. I have to return to work soon, so he will need to use a bottle a few days a week while I’m at work, and he will not do it. I have tried every bottle I can think of. Please help! My son is one month old.


Have you tried the Nuk bottle?

I tried nuk simply natural bottles and they worked wonders

The munchkin latch bottles were a hit with my little guy

Have you tried massaging the nipple of the bottle while it’s in his mouth?

Haha sorry good luck, I tried to ween my son off to try and get him to use a bottle, didn’t work. I nursed him till he was 15 months old. You should have started him off on a bottle right away if you knew you had to go back to work.


Let someone else give it him, while you are out. My son wouldn’t take a bottle if I was home

My daughter was the same way. She wouldn’t take a bottle at all. I would wake her up every 2 hours to eat and let her 8 hour “over night stretch” be while I was at work. Definitely not ideal but the only way we survived. Once she was 6 months old she would drink water and breast milk from a cup.

My daughter was the same way and the nipple that finally got her eat from a bottle was the ones that come with the sample bottles of formula! I believe you can get them off of

We used the nuk bottles and now that he’s older the nuk sippys as well. But I did breast/bottle from the time he was a few days old. I’d pump and give it to him that way sometimes to get him used to it.

Dont loose hope mommy… babies do need to practice a habit first before they can be used to it…

Buy every kind of nipple you can find, it’s a matter of finding the right one.

Leave your baby with someone else… they will eat when they are hungry. He wont take a bottle from you, because he can smell you.

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You don’t haha.
Both my kids refused a bottle, tried every kind and they preferred milk straight from the tap :woman_shrugging:t2:

Can you have someone else do it for you? Like leave during mealtime and have someone else give the bottle? My daughter would not drink a bottle from me at first. She would push the bottle away and pull my shirt. But I noticed if I left her with my sister and went tot ue storenor something she would drink a bottle just fine if offered by my sister when I’m not there.

Maybe get a rubber lifelike boob like in the movie, meet the fockers. And attach a bottle to it, baby wont know the difference.


Try bottles that resemble breast. Tummy bottle have them if I’m not mistaken

I tried every bottle around with my youngest but she would not take one EVER! It got so when I worked a long day I would feed her before I left, hubby brought her to me at lunch, fed her as soon as I got home and at night.

Introduce the bottle, while your boobs there, that’s how I got mine to take it, I had him latched on for like five seconds and super quickly switch to the bottle, he never knew

The problem is you have what he wants. You need baby daddy, new baby sitter some one else to feed him with the bottle . I had to ween for medical reasons and my son would not take the bottle from me. After taking the bottle from daddy a few times he took it from me.


My daughter wouldnt take a bottle from me. She knew I was her “bottle” so my husband would have to feed her from the bottle. (I was the only one she wouldnt take a bottle from)
Try that! :blush:
Good luck!!

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Don’t be there at feed time. Let dad try without your presence, you’re mum and having you do close, being able to smell you and the milk and just you’re general mummy odour that he loves, will not make him want a bottle.
Dad has to he strong. Baby will cry but he will NOT starve himself. He will latch eventually to the bottle xx

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I had the same problem with my son who will be 6 weeks next Wednesday and I had my SO give him his first bottle when I was out running errands. And now at least once a day I get him to take a bottle by holding it up to my breasts and when he goes to latch onto my nipple i make sure he latches onto the bottle nipple instead. It’s a trick my friend told me about, maybe it’ll work for you. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


My daughter used the mam bottles

Don’t go to work stay with your baby

Tommie tippie bottles work wonders for stubborn breast feeders…also have someone else try to feed…and keep trying…mines 3 months and finally after trying a few times every day for a few days she will take it

Mine won’t take anything but an avent naturals with a newborn nipple.

We use tommee tippee and daddy gives her the bottle before bed every night and that’s there time to bond and my time to myself.

Maybe try Evenflo wide nipple bottles?? They were the only ones my son could latch. Wasn’t able to breastfeed. Maybe it would help? There’s bottles formed like breasts as well to help them get the hang of a bottle.

You can still breastfeed when you fo return to work just pump milk just finding that right bottle he take to csn be very hard probably should have introduced the bottle right from the start so he got use to it

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If you are breastfeeding now, just pump on a regular schedule, put the breast milk in a clean, well washed bottle and let someone else feed it to him. If he is familiar with the taste, he will accept the bottle. You can always nurse him when you are at home.

My son was the same way so I bought the Breast flow bottles from Amazon and it really helped

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Same problem here and no bottle I use works

Mam is great. And dr brown. Hungry enough they will cave. Try putting it up against you like you are about to do nipple in mouth and boom. Slide the bottle in lol. Your scent and normal routine should trick enough sometimes

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My son is 6 months I was never able to get him to take a bottle :woman_facepalming:t2:

Wow reading all these i guess I got lucky I could only breastfeed my daughter for 2 weeks I quit producing and she took the bottle no problem then my son breastfed him for 5 months and he took a bottle no problem

I used Minbie bottles with my EBF baby. She would refuse every bottle when I was around regardless, no matter how hard I tried. Once she figured out she was really hungry and I wasn’t around (I was at work) she took the bottle of breast milk for my mom and sister.

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Lay Jim flat on his back on a table. Lift up the back of his head with one hand and feed him the bottle.

This is what the Dr did for my 4 month old son who was 100% breastfed. My appendix burst and I was in the hospital 10 days. The poison contaminated my milk, so I was unable to continue breastfeeding.

Keep persisting, bubs is used to the breast it’s normal for baby to be doing this, remember when bub does start drinking from a bottle they need to be pace fed and you need to pump while still at work to upkeep your supply :slight_smile:

Get one of those bottle that is shape like your nipper

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We tried everything with my baby she is now 5 months and all the sudden liking bottles and binky

I have the opposite problem. I pump for my babe and he will only take a bottle. I try to get him to latch and he screams bloody murder. I’m lucky if he will nurse once or twice a week :sob::sob:…we use tommee tippee bottles

Get a wide bottle shaped like your nipple and some people have said that its easier if you give it to your baby at first then someone else cuz that’s what they are used to doing try every scheduled feeding it can be tiring I know but don’t give up

You can try the bottles that are similar to the actual feel of a real breast, they are a little more expensive but worth it

My daughter was the exact same so I gave formula a go in the bottle and she took it no problem, the dr said it could have been bacterial or that she just didn’t associate breast milk with a bottle. Tried heaps of bottles but tommee tippee are her favourite.

Have someone else try to give him the bottle. Both my kids were just breastfeed… the only way they would take the bottle was me not being around… at least for my son my daughter was more stubborn would not take the bottle

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Who will be watching the baby while you’re at work have them try while you’re not in the babies sight. Could be they only want boobies when it comes to you

Have someone else give him the bottle after youve pumped

Only bottle my girl would take after BF is Dr Browns.

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Try the bottles/and or nipples in the shape of a breast. Also when someone else feeds him, have them try holding a piece of your clothing. That will help the transition with another person. I had to start her on a bottle in the hospital because I was producing so much I had to start pumping at day 2. Then once we got her weight up, we backed off of the bottles and I breastfed her mainly and she started regressing from the bottle. My scent on the clothing helped get her back on a bottle when I needed someone else to take over.

My baby was the same way! And she ended up liking the cheap bottles, that are nothing like a real nipple, the baby essential ones from walmart… and we tried a lot of different ones

Get pregnant :joy: it’s the only way 2 out of 3 took the bottle, the youngest is 2 and has only just accepted a dummy, sorry I know it’s a bad joke but if you don’t laugh you cry, I wish you better luck then me Hun.

I found the old fashioned style teat and it had to be the soft rubber and not the silicone ones worked for babies.

I had the sane problem with my baby at 1 Month the only bottle shed take was the comotomo that I found on Amazon and i had to warm the milk up also

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Definitely keep looking at different nipples for bottles and pacifiers. My daughter was about 90% breast and 10% formula and we’ve slowly switched formula since my wife returned to work. We had initial problems getting her to latch but she had no problem with the bottle. Once she did learn how to breastfeed, she hated the bottle and had to be re-taught how to take the bottle (which ended up being my job).

Honestly, I think it’s more patience than anything. I started with refrigerated breastmilk that was warmed up to body temperature. She would cry for quite a while but I just cuddled her in my arm with the nipple in her mouth, squeezing little bits into her mouth. Eventually she got hungry enough to suck on the nipple and that’s when she realized it was a slightly different food source. It took about 2 weeks but she did become comfortable taking both the breast and the bottle. Pumping helps us dads and babysitters TREMENDOUSLY. Breastmilk will put my daughter to sleep instantly. Formula won’t.

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You have to have someone else do it. Bc your LO knows you got the real thing and won’t usually take it from the mama


My daughter is 4 months old and will refuse the bottle until she’s really hungry!
She’s had a sleepover once at my Mums house. She went about 12 hours without a feed (missed her bedtime feed, missed 2am feed. Didn’t feed till 8.30am!)
Express milk and put it in the fridge, then go out for a few hours and leave baby with your partner. Baby will use the bottle if hungry, it’ll just take a while to get used to it x

Breastmilk in bottle

Always give warm milk in bottle
Have someone else give bottle… he sees u he will want the boob

Still nurse him…but maybe u can pump at wk

My son did this. I ended up using the bottle that came with my breast pump. Lansinoh brand bottle and nipple. I tried every bottle under the sun and he wouldnt take any of them except that one. Just turned a year and he is still using the same brand, wont drink out of any others. Now I’m battling sippy cups. Wont use a single one of them. All he wants is his bottle. Good luck

Breastflow is what I used. And make sure the milk is body temperature when warmed back up.

He may adjust his sleeping schedule to correspond to when you are home.

Dip the nipple in the breast milk then put by his mouth. I’ve never tried it but my neighbor did and it worked for her daughter

My BF baby loves Smilo bottles.

Have someone else feed him and it will be heartbreaking for you to listen to it. Lol he will scream and not eat but eventually he will

Sometimes it may take somebody else giving the bottle since the smell of mommy is connected with the boob

If hes hungry, dont breastfeed him. If he wants to be fed he will have to take the bottle.

He may take a bottle from another person. When he’s in your arms he wants you. Let someone else try the bottle with him.

You can also try putting a little of your milk on the nipple.

Have someone else try with the bottle. Nursing is super bonding between mom and baby.

give the bottle to someone other than you when he’s hungry and leave the room - or better yet, leave the house for a couple of hours so you don’t hear baby crying and rush in because he’s “starving”. most babies will be fine for a 90 minute delay in being fed and it may just encourage him to really try.

it may take a few times of this happening for him to actually be willing to try taking the nipple in his mouth and suck on it.

make sure it’s your breastmilk in the bottle and have whomever is feeding him drop a couple of drops on his lips (3 at most) every once and a while to let him know food is available - you want just enough for him to get the scent/taste of the breast milk, not enough to actually cause problems if he’s crying.

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Have u tried the drop bag bottles? The nipples on those bottles are a lot softer then most other bottles. That’s what I used with my baby.

I had this same problem. Are you trying to give him a bottle with formula or breast milk? That will make a big difference in him taking it. Formula isn’t nearly as sweet and most babies don’t like the taste after having breast milk. If it’s breast milk, have someone else feed the baby. If he can smell the milk on you, then he will want that over the bottle. Sometimes it’s the bottles that make a difference. I went thru so many before I found one my son would take.

Everyone has the same idea, I agree, have someone do it, and maybe have them use a shirt with your sent on it.

Mine won’t take it unless someone else is holding him and I’m out of sight otherwise he just stares me down like mom wth is this and what are you doing :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2: good luck!! I have no other advice :tired_face:


Try different bottles!!

I’m also struggling with this! :weary: got to get her on a bottle before school starts!

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Try telling him NOT to take it! Worked on my three-month-old granddaughter. But I had to do it.

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I couldn’t get mine to take a bottle either !
They went from boob to sippy cup after turning 1
Good luck !

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All 3 of mine refused a bottle. My granddaughter won’t take a bottle either. Mother’s Breast is soft and warm. A bottle is too hard and rubbery lol they have all gagged to no end. We have tried every nipple known, but the only thing we have gotten a little response from (and I literally mean maybe half an oz ) was the nuk. Same with my babies. Good luck, Momma!!

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If you don’t introduce the bottle in the first three weeks , they often times won’t take a bottle . Mine didn’t and we i introduced the bottle early ! He just wanted to nurse . However , my third child took right to the bottle after nursing only . They all have their own demands . Enjoy nursing . It ends before you know it !

Stop cold Turkey just don’t give him the breast then he will have no choice but to take the bottle or he doesn’t get to eat until his next feeding schedule and if he doesn’t take one before he goes down for the then he don’t eat until you wake up in the morning he needs to know who is in control and who makes all the decisions hes not a new born hes three month old that’s old enough to teach him your the boss if he cries just him cry it out he will fall asleep eventually and he will learn if I want to eat then i need to take the bottle also make your husband is on the same page don’t let any one be around the baby if they can’t be consistent and follow your example if they can’t do things the exact way you do them then they can’t see the baby until the baby is past being bottle fed

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Dont try when baby is screaming with hunger. I changed to a bottle before his usual feed time. Also did that when weaning him.

I’ve honestly seen a lot of viral photos where dads are at a loss because the baby is inconsolable and won’t take the bottle from him…

So they cut a hole in their shirt and feed them through the bottle through the hole in the shirt. It’s worth a shot. But some kids are just so picky with the silicone. Some babies never take one.

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I had the same problem with mine, I tried the special bottles and tshirt etc but basically it only happened when he started nursery, the staff just persevered and after a day he started to accept it. He was 6 months so had started on solids. I would suggest to just keep trying but ask other people to feed the bottle as if you’re there they know the boob is nearby. Goodluck xx

Sadly, I was never able to breastfeed. I have had friends who have had good luck with the bottles that use the plastic liners. When the baby has the nipple, gently push up on the bottom of the liner to make the milk come out. They catch on quick!

Just nurse him :woman_shrugging:t3:. I mean unless you have to go back to work I would say to just exclusively nurse him. My son is the same. He’s almost 7 months and still doesn’t like to take a bottle. I thankfully only had to work for a month before Covid happened so I don’t have to worry about him needing to take a bottle for the moment. He doesn’t even really like baby food either​:woman_facepalming:t3:. I’m basically his only source of food right now lol

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Depending on how old he is, try a sippy cup with a ruber nipples. My son did the same thing. Tried that at 4 months old and it worked cuz tho he was chewing on it he was still getting milk

Try when baby is asleep/or nearly they suck naturally.

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Let some one else do it if you can only for a few feeds, baby won’t smell you then x


What age is baby? Some never get the bottle thing. Try a sippy cup with breast milk. Good luck.


Have you tried having someone else feed babe while you leave for a couple hours? Sometimes that helps, just keep trying and try different brands.

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Have you tried placing your hand on the baby’s cheek while feeding? It simulates skin to skin. If you notice they aren’t sucking occasionally you can massage their cheek a little.

Following cause I have the same problem

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Sugar water on nipple

Syringe or cup feeding is another option.

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My daughter would never take one. Even if it had breast milk in it. We tried every trick in the book and every old wives tale we heard of. It was no use. She went from boob to a cup :unamused:

My friends baby wouldn’t even take a bottle if she was in the house ( when she lived here) I used to have to send her to the store . She could be two stories up and she would still smell her in the house or something and refuse , the second she left she was fine and ate it

I have the same damn question :rofl:

My daughter refused one until I purchased the mimjumi. It’s a thirty dollar bottle for the small 4 oz, but they will refund your money if your baby doesn’t take it. I honestly was not at all expecting it to work, but out of desperation tried it and it was successful.