How can I get my child to stop climbing out of their crib?

Advice on how to get almost two years old to stop climbing out of the crib?


It might be time to switch to a toddler bed.

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Switch to a toddler bed

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Take crib down, put your child in a bed.


time to put your child in a toddler bed

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Time for a toddler bed

You don’t Time for a big kid bed. Mine climbed out at 16 , 18 and 20 months

Once they start climbing it’s time to transition to a toddler bed


Uh yeah it’s called upgrade to a toddler bed before he cracks his head open lol


Make it a toddler bed. There’s no stopping it

Time for a toddler bed

You can’t my advice is to take off the rail that is on the outside if you can unscrew that and use it as a toddler bed

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Move to a big kid bed

Time to switch to a toddler bed before child gets hurt

Definitely toddler bed time, that’s what any pediatrician will tell you too. I know it’s sucks to lose the ease that comes with bedtime and a crib, but I promise they’ll learn to stay in their toddler bed too- just safely.

Twin bed put against a wall and get a safety rail that opens it goes under the mattress on the box spring .All 4 of our kids were 2 when they got their twin beds.

I have one of those 3 in 1 cribs so when my toddler was getting older my husband just took the front railing off so it could transition into a toddler bed.

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My baby has been sleeping in a toddler bed since she was 1 year old. She’s always been a crazy climber and she loves her bed!

Time for a toddler bed

My youngest has been in a toddler bed since 8 months as she always climbed out

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Avoid injury, get a toddler bed.

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If toddler is climbing out its time for toddler bed.


If they’re old enough to climb out, convert to a bed. It’s no longer safe for the child. You can get a side rail for the bed. Or you can just do a mattress on the floor. Baby gate their door and baby proof their room. This is the age of finding them asleep under beds and in closets. :joy:


Make it into a toddler bed if it converts. My little one has been in one since she was 1. Once they start climbing out you can’t stop them.

Super dangerous. Time for a toddler bed period.


Time for a bed , before they get hurt

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Move to a toddler bed and put a gate in front of their door so they dont get out.


Time to get them outta the crib.

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I just took the matress out and let mine sleep on that

time for a big girl/boy bed.

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I think the main concern is children getting up and wandering around the house before parents get up. What about that?

This is a no brainer

Put him in a bed mine went in beds at 18 cv months and did fine

Two.? No cribs for two yr olds. Past time to transition to a toddler bed. Or put the matress on the floor. My kids slept on he floor for a few months until they got used to staying in or on the bed


Time for a Toddler bed… or If its a cot bed make it into a bed now X

Put them in a toddler bed, and put a baby gate in front of the door.

My two year old started climbing out at one. She now sleeps in her toddler bed an absolutely loves her own bed.

Time for a toddler bed


Put them in a toddler bed.

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Get rid of thr crib, time for a bed.

Put them in a toddler bed?

My 2 boys were in toddler beds at 18 months. We showed them how to turn on the tv and set out toys for them… mom and dad slept in from there. :joy: I’m kidding because they still came in and wanted us to sit in the living room with them. We had high hopes. :roll_eyes:

Time for a toddler bed. Kid too big for a crib

Get em a toddler bed! :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: why even ask this question?


My little one is 18 months and already in a toddler bed due to climbing. I got a baby gate for her room and of course have a baby monitor. Time for little one to go in a toodler bed

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Time for toddler bed

A 2 yr old is too big for a crib. Thus why they keep trying to climb out.

Get a damn toddler bed lol

Time to switch to a toddler bed once they figure it out there’s no stopping them… my son has been in a twin bed since he was 19 months old he is 4.5 and still loves it

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My 18month old kept doing it so we dropped her mattress to the ground which prevented her from being able to climb out. Right around two she moved into her big girl bed.

Once that happens…it’s kind of over bc of safety concerns. Happened to my daughter around 18 months! We started co-sleeping and we finally got her a bed last month now she is in her big girl bed (most nights) lol

Or toddler bed for sure.

You don’t , you need to change the crib into a toddler bed or if you can’t, get a toddler bed and baby proof the room!

As soon as they can hook their toe on the top of the crib, switch to a bed, dont risk them getting injured

Had to switch to a toddler bed with all four of mine at like 15 months

If a pack n play doesn’t work then toddler bed. Yea she will get out, but she can’t fall far and fracture anything. Baby proof the room where they can’t roam the house either

Time to move on to a big boy bed. Once they figure out how to get out, they don’t stop.


Or if the crib has the option take off the front side

Put them in a toddler bed , you should do so as soon as they climb out once so they dont get hurt

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Theres nothing you can do that will be safer than transitioning out of the crib. Anything else will have more risks to your child.


The toddler should be in a toddler bed…


Skip the toddler bed and go for a twin. They can grow into that one and use it for longer. I personally find toddler beds as a waste of money cause they dont use them for long.


A 2 year old needs to be in a toddler bed.


Sorry it’s once they get out there really is no stopping them time to move him to a big boy bed and make the room safe for him to hang out in
My son climbed out of his crib by 10 months You should feel lucky you got yours to stay in till 2


Do NOT get a crib tent :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Time to move him, her to a bed. Once they start climbing, they will continue. They are growing up…

My daughter actually made us go back to the crib setup because she didn’t want to be in the bed. She loves her crib and she is almost 3. I have to try changing the front out again to the child bed

Get them a toddler bed.

Transition? I had to transition mine at 16 months because if they can climb out, they’re too big for the crib. It’s entirely unsafe for them to stay in a bed too small.

Toddler bed! Time to graduate.

Buy a toddler bed…

Turn the crib into a toddler bed?

Time to get a big girl bed.

Time for a bed :woman_shrugging:t4:

Once they climb they’re ready for a toddler bed

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I took the front off of my boys cribs. Since didnt have the money to go get them a toddler bed. N had my husband fix a side piece so they cant roll off.

If she is climbing out, it’s time to transition to a toddler bed! You can’t stop it, no matter how hard you try! Baby isn’t a baby anymore!

Once they start climbing out, it’s time to graduate to a bed (toddler or regular, whichever you prefer)

The first time my daughter climbed out of her crib at 17 months, I instantly knew we’d need to convert the bed into a toddler bed. Her room is already baby proofed, so we we’re good to go! Best of luck! :purple_heart:

Get him a toddler bed

Toddler bed is perfect. Not to talk off the floor but be enough for moving around.

I had to get a toddler bed

Oh gurl easy, get it a toddler bed a train him to sleep on his own… it’s time!

We recently converted our crib to a toddler bed for our 1.5 year old. There’s no stopping it. Still trying to adapt to bedtime without confinement but she’s much safer.

I never could. We switched to a toddler bed at that point.

You don’t. Time for a bed.

Toddler bed. By the time they’ve figured out how to escape their cribs it becomes a safety issue.
Sure, 99 times out of 100 they don’t fall, break anything, hurt themselves…

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You can’t and once that starts it’s dangerous to try and keep them there. At two, they are ready for a real bed.

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If one side is higher than the other put the lowest side against the wall

Haha! You can’t stop them!!! It may be time to switch to a toddler bed😀


Sounds like it’s time for a toddler bed.


Now is the time you place the child in a toddler bed


Time to switch to a toddler bed😉

Yepp I agree time to switch to a toddler bed.

When my son was 1 1/2, he used to unscrew the bottom so it would fall down and he could climb through. I think of they want out, they find a way. Get a toddler bed, and keep on him to stay in it

I agree with everybody. Time for a bed if you don’t want the. Child to get hurt.

Time to put the kiddo in a kid bed. When they can climb out of the crib time to move to a regular bed. Even if it is a mattress on the floor so the won’t hurt themselves if they fall out.


My youngest was a climber. He learned how to climb out at about 10 months. We bought a crib tent. It snap on the top rails and has a zipper on the outside for you to put baby in and out.

My son walked at 8 month’s, climbed out of bed shortly after that. He also would walk in his sleep until he was 6. I just put a twin mattress on the floor. Much safer.


No way around it Time for a toddler bed or get a regular size bed and just leave it in the floor so they don’t get hurt if they fall.