How can I get my milk to come back in?

I have a question how do I get my milk back it has slowed down a lot I can only get 1 oz maybe my baby is only 3 weeks old ? I would love to keep trying to Breast-feed


If you are pumping exclusively, you need to be pumping at least 10-12 times in a 24hr period. Skin to skin. Putting baby to breast as often as possible.

Hydrate, lots of water, supply & demand, let baby nurse.


Eat and drink properly is the main thing Google up different food a d drink that will help with your supply

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Drink lots of water and pump after every feeding and throughout the day/night

Latch latch latch your baby. Drink lots of fluids. Soups were good for me and don’t stress

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Hydrate. Power pump a few times a day. Lactation cookies or brownies. You can make your own. Usual ingredients are brewers yeast, oats, and flax seed. You can make shakes and all kinds of things.

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Steel cut oats were amazing for me!

Pump round the clock every few hours. It worked for me.

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Fenugreek capsules and “mother’s milk tea.” Both from Walmart.


Hydration electrolytes oats armor drinks MILKYMAMMA sells brownies and smoothies and more to help produce more. Keep pumping nursing increasing calories to help promote more

Nurse a lot. & pump in between feedings. Drink lots of water.

Make sure the flange size you’re using is the correct size. Pumps won’t get out what baby gets out so you may still be making more than enough for your babe. But drink lots and lots of water!

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It’s a natural supplement that will help with your milk production. You can get it at the health good stores. It’s awesome!!

Water, eat oatmeal, chocolate it helped me with mine

I used aloe and coconut water. Stuff like body armor and lactation cookies. Stay hydrated. Like how ever much you drank while pregnant… keep it going. And nurse as often as possible. Dont skip pumping or nursing at night.

It could just be a pumping issue. My supply is great but when I pump I’ll only get two ounces after an hour.
If you feel engorged after a few hours that means your supply is just fine and just be patient and consistent.
There’s recipes for cookies you can make to help with supply.
I found that oatmeal with flaxseed works great. And stay hydrated.
You can also talk to your obgyn, pediatrician or a lactation consultant about supplements you can take.


Pump then latch on immediatelu after it causes an over supply use it to buold a stock pile then regulate it out by only latching

Put the pump away and nurse nurse nurse!! Only start to pump again when your supply has been established and baby is full. Drink lots of water

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Coconut oil supplements

Drink a beer. Best advice I ever recieved for breastfeeding… it was from my very religious grandma. It worked!


You are probably using the wrong size pump!
Also pumping is not recommended until at least 6 weeks unless absolutely necessary

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My DD is 8mo and exclusively breast fed, I couldn’t express very much and felt like my supply was too low for expressing, We bond so much spending countless hours chest to chest, Try feeding bubba instead, it’s a life changing experience, she loves boobie more than she loves me at this point and she loves me a LOT :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ask your doctor about fenugreek,it worked like a charm for me

Mothers milk tea (adding sugar makes it taste better) and body armour drinks worked wonders for me!

Lots of water nurse on demand and pump in between

Body armor drinks, Ice cream, Tuna, coconut water are really good to help keep up your supply just keep eating and drinking through out the day to keep up with baby

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I heard body armor water is good. Very hydrating and lots of electrolytes.

Lots of water, latch the baby on cause the more she drinks, the more you will make. Dont judge your supply by what you can pump, because not everyone is able to pump. With my first baby I couldn’t pump an oz between both, but she was chunky and healthy. My second I can pump 2 oz from each and she is on the tall thin side.

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Drinks lots of water.nurse every 2 hours will also help.A beer a day help because of the yeast in it

This helped me when I was breastfeeding my twins

Join this group! Lots of good advice. Drink a lot of water and keep up with your calorie intake and nurse as often as possible, pump every 2-3 hours if you’re away from you’re baby. Good luck!

HYDRATE and Latch all day. Babies can get more milk by direct latching than pumping.

I pumped after every feeding for fifteen minutes until my supply was established along with lots of water, eventually only pumped when away from baby

Fenugreek from the health food store

Or maximilk from

Abuelita chocolate boil with milk and drink everyday

Oatmeal! Your baby is really young you seem like your doing fine don’t pump as much put baby on your breasts

Latch latch latch. Hydrate. Pump after feeding.

Lots of water and pump a bit more once the baby is done nursing. Also try warm compresses.

Eat warm food, drink more liquid things, including hot beverages…no coffee though…

Body armor, or coconut water!

I breast-fed 4 children but couldn’t pump, it took over an hour to get
1oz, I took a Fenugreek supplement with my last child as didn’t seem to produce as much milk as I did with the others, it helped, the midwife suggested it too me.

Domt always take what you pump as the same as baby gets. I used to get 1oz of milk by pumping every hour for an hour but my baby would get lots of milk when he fed from my breast.
As long as you continue to give the brest to the baby your milk will continue to flow xx

Im currently breastfeeding. I use a tea called mother’s milk and it helps. Also pump alot.

Feed more or I pumped every two hours 15 mins on fifteen mins off and repeat very tiring but it works also pump after baby feeds don’t get bottles unless baby isn’t getting anything but that keeps you from breast or bottle feeding if you do pump while bottle feeding you should try milky mama emergency brownies and I’m telling you you will fill right up they worked for me they have drinks and smoothies ,they say oatmeal helps some moms say beer helps weirdly


Breastfeeding is supply and demand so if you want to produce more milk best thing to do is pump more frequently as well as allow your baby to feed on demand. Also I found with my children that lactation supplements help a lot.

Oatmeal helps alot, and lots of water

Drink soup broth and lotsa water.

Feed more often I could never pump, I never got much but I tryed and tryed and I started producing more

Body armor water from what I’ve been told helps.

Supply and Demand. The more you feed the more you will produce.

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Pump after every feeding

Keep feeding baby and latched on longer. Id say Don’t use breast pump. Eating fish make more milk and nutritious :sparkling_heart:

More sucking from baby and eat n drink healthy every couple hours.

The best lactation book out there is called So That’s What They’re For. That book alone is the reason I successfully nursed by babies. I was around the 98% of women can’t nurse crowd and definitely would have quit if I didn’t have that as a reference.

My supply slowed down around 3 weeks too. I set an alarm for every hour and a half even during sleeping hours because I wanted to breastfeed so bad. Within 3days it was flowing and I really noticed the letdown. Was pumping at least 6ounces every time and baby was gulping it when he was at the breast. Then I eased back on the pumping and let baby control the demand. During those 3 days of dedicated pumping I drank a lot lactation teas, ate the lactation cookies from Target and oatmeal. I breastfed until just after his second bday. Good luck mama and try not to stress about it so much.


Nurse on demand. Drink lots of fluids. You need to be well hydrated to make milk. Rest, leave the housework to someone else. And Remember, babies grow in different ways, not just weight but also length.

There are lactation supplements that help with supply. I have made lactation cookies for several moms that had issues and have had great success. They contain brewers yeast and flaxseed along with coconut oil. There are many recipes. You can also buy lactation cookies at walmart. Call your hospital and talk to the lactation specialist and they usually have great resources.

I only pumped and I produced a lot by pumping every 2-3 hours and power pumping once a day. I also took prenatal vitamins eat milk snacks and drank bodyarmor drinks. It also helps if you keep baby close while pumping and to pump with there feeding schedule since your body knows when baby is hungry.

Don’t pump. Exclusively breastfeed.

I’ve heard fenugreek, but pumping can kill your supply. You breasts change the type of milk you need to supply based on your baby’s saliva, as well as how much.
Now, onc you get going again you can pump, but make sure you breastfeed at least 1-3 times a day, especially at night.

Also, at Target there was this lactation drink supplement mix that had fenugreek kind of like those crystal lite packets. It was Berry flavored and I continued to drink those throughout my breastfeeding journey

Is your baby nursing at breast? Is the baby satisfied at feeding. Many women don’t let down to express milk but the baby nursing produces enough. Look for the suck-swallow during the beginning of a feed. And contact a lactation specialist.

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I’ve read a lot of good tips here and would like to add one. Relax and enjoy the time you are holding your baby and he/she is nursing. Allow your body to relax (your baby will too). Sometimes the stress from worrying if you are doing it right or producing enough actually makes it more difficult. You tense up, so does the baby … he/she starts to fuss then stops nursing and is still hungry so you get exhaustedand frustrated. I had to learn this with my first child. As long as the baby is growing and healthy, you are producing enough.

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I never had a good milk supply…I tried and tried but at 2 weeks my son weighed 2lbs less than he did at birth… I pumped and nursed every hour and supplemented with formula and finally gave up my son was so much better for it…immediately gained weight

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If you are having a true decrease in milk at 3 weeks postpartum your baby needs to be evaluated for a tongue and lip tie by a provider who is knowledgeable in ties.

Lots of water, B-complex vitamins, rests, and let baby nurse as much as he/ she wants. Relax. The Germans use beer.:slightly_smiling_face:

Pumped every 3 hours including overnight for 30 minutes lots of oatmeal and lots of water!! I also ate lactation cookies. I pumped 70-75 is a day Fenugreek slowed my supply so be very careful takimg it.

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Pump alot! I felt like the first 2 months I was either feeding or pumping but it worked and I was able to breastfeed for 13 months.

Eat good and don’t do any kind of house work while you are nursing, activities dries up your milk supply. Make sure you eat good!!!

Pump pump pump lots and lots and
Lots of water you can also get lactation cookies, they really do work


Milky mama has some amazing stuff they aré pricey but it works

I never had much luck getting back lost supply, so, my biggest advice is don’t kill yourself trying to get it back. Pumping every 3 hours is brutal when everyone else is asleep or you’re stuck pumping again. It can make a mama resentful. Don’t die on that hill and enjoy your time with your little. :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Around the third week after having my son maybe the forth, my milk slowed dramatically, I started my first menstrual cycle, I had them monthly, breastfeeding did not stop them for me as it does for some, and every time I had one it slowed down, but would increase again when it ended, I tried to freeze as mush extra as I could, to have it for the lean times.

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Pump it.the more you do it,the more you will produce

Lots of kangaroo care, TONS of water, body armour drink, Gatorade, lactation cookies (I hear target sells them), steel cut oatmeal cookies, pump for 1tmin after each nursing session. If baby doesn’t nurse every 2hrs than pump between feedings.

Pump any time you think about it. After you nurse pump for 10 minutes. It’s a supply and demand thing. I got to the point where i could pump 14 oz a session. Drink water all the time.

If baby is nursing as well as pumping, you won’t get as much at first…some women just don’t produce just pumping…I was able to strictly breastfeed while on 6 week maternity leave…but once I went back to work, i wasn’t able to pump as much as i would have breastfed, so my supply dwindled…I ended up using formula only by the 8th month…the US sucks for maternity leave…should be a whole year…but try oatmeal! That is supposed to help!

As a mom of 12 who all nursed. It’s up to you what you’re willing to do. The baby gets way more milk by nursing than you pumping. Rest stay hydrated and eat good meals. Relax also. I did Fenugreek that helped with lactation cookies. Do not drink beer . Pumping after you nurse will help.

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Everyone is different, do what works for YOU. But, eat good, that’s important, if you don’t eat good, you can’t produce formula. AND NO STRESS !!

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i have heard that drinking one beer a day makes milk production increase

Ask a lactation consultant? Maybe pump?

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Mother’s milk tea or drops, also wheat beer

In Germany they give new mothers beer.

Beer. That’ll bring your milk in.


I lost it to try all kinda of things nothing worked.

Drink mother’s milk tea

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Drink drink drink. Need lot of fluid.

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Drink alot of water, juice, milk and pump!

Dr should be able to give you something

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Fenugreek. My sister took that.

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Pump more to get the supply and drink alot of water

Drink plenty of fluids even if you aren’t thirsty drink anyway

Drink Body Armor drinks

Pump, lactation cookies, mothers milk, oatmeal

Breast stimulation from baby

Exercise and after your weeks are up lots of husband and wife time together

Mother’s milk tea. Available at Target/ Walmart…

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