How Can I Help Ease Her Mind?

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"My step daughter who is 17 just told us she is pregnant. Her father has sole custody and she doesn’t see her mom much. She asked to see her mom to show her the ultra sound and we said yes. When she came back she was in tears. Her mom told her that teen moms aren’t meant to have kids and that she will probly need a c-section. Now she is scared and worried if she will have complications or lose the baby because of some of the things her mom said. Any advice I can give her to help ease her mind?"

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"I had my daughter when I was 18. Yeah, a C-section was needed but other than that, ZERO complications. My next child was a vaginal delivery! Tell her no need to be worried. She’ll be a great mom and she has you guys for support. Good luck!"

"Do your best to explain to her and teach her about the birthing process and how to prepare her body and herself. The more educated she is, the less fear she will have."

"I will never understand why tf a mom would say this. Next drs appointment get her to talk to the dr about her fears. My daughter was 17 when she had her first and didn’t need a c section and everything was ok. Please just reassure her and tell her that you two will talk to the dr together to put her mind at ease."

"My daughter was a teen mom and everything came out great"

"Wow, that’s unacceptable. I was a teen mom. Very scared, upset, excited but disappointed in myself. The last thing she needs is anyone else doubting her. Be there to listen, help, go shopping, get her prepared & excited. Oh, by the way my son is now 17 himself and has always been the biggest blessing in my life"

"So many Girls her age or 2 years younger have had kids and don't have a c section so start there and ofc educate her on giving birth and the changes her body will go through she will be fine she's not the first or the last teen mom"

"She’s going to be fine. Her mom is a moron for saying messed-up stuff. I had two c sections and both my kids are completely healthy smart-mouthed little turds. Try and make her smile and my stepdaughter had her baby at 17 and that baby girl is happy healthy and omg she's gorgeous."

"Tell her that her mom doesn’t know what she is talking about and that each pregnancy is different. I had my oldest when I was 17, she is now 17. I didn’t need a c-section. Yes I struggled financially and it was hard but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the love and support of my family"

"Going to the right doctors and taking the right precautions can minimize the risks of teen pregnancy. Yes, it’s tougher on a girl’s body if she’s not done developing yet, but medical care and education can help ease her mind. Bio mom was just being reactive and petty"

"One of my cousins got pregnant at like 15-16. She delivered naturally with no complications. Tell your step daughter everything will be okay and just address any concerns to her doctor."

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