How can I help my child sleep through the night?

My daughter is now almost seven months old. Ever since she was three months, she started waking every 1-3 hours through the night; now we’re at about every hour that she wakes ( once upon a time, she slept all night, waking maybe once). Each time she wakes, she drinks 2-3oz. She eats food throughout the day, along with her bottle. Does anyone have any tips on how I can help my poor babe get some more sleep (not gonna lie, mama wouldn’t mind a few solid hours either ) I have mentioned it to her dr and he said it’s probably teething or a growth spurt, but there’s gotta be something more I can do to help her.


I know my sister went threw the same thing and she finally put my nephew on whole milk and he sleeps all night now. Just a option.

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My son was like this till after he turned 1. I was exhausted. I just tried lavender baths and lotion. Maybe try a sound machine or something like that. Play more right before bed to wear them down. That’s really it. Some babies just don’t sleep well , it sucks.


Sleep regression.
Some babies go through it, some don’t.
There isn’t a reason to feed her through the night, you might be giving her too much causing her tummy to be uncmfortable.

Try putting a show on and rubbing her back.
Or not everyone’s favorite option the crying out system. (No longer then 20 mins I feel)

Good luck

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Add baby cereal to bottle to thicken it a bit and it keeps them fuller longer which means longer sleep times…


She might be overtired make sure she’s napping during the day still!

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Keep baby close to you and remember that parenting does not stop at night–babies need their primary caregivers. Human babies are born too soon because of our large heads(for our brains!)–that is why we are so dependent for longer than other mammals. Trying to change millions of years of evolution just frustrates babies and moms.

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Went thru this with my first 2 and currently going thru it with number 3. Between 6ish and 14ish months they all wake several times a night. They just start to hit so many new milestones…their curiosity runs wild. I just think its hard for some babies to sleep during that time. My 7mo currently sleeps the best between 7pm and midnight and then he’s up hourly until about 6 when he gets up for the day. Im lucky to get 1 hour long nap out of him. And since I have older kids that stay up later I don’t usually get to bed until after 10. I’ve been waking up hourly with him for over a month now and have no hope of it ending anytime soon. Its exhausting. I just tell myself it will be over hopefully by summertime.

Have you tried feeding her more at once maybe she’s hungry my daughter is a month old and she can eat 3 oz

Try with feeding them more at one sitting and if that doesn’t work try a weighted blanket, a weighted baby blanket of course not one for adults

Try giving her a bath before bedtime with calming soap and give her a nice massage with calming cream. Give her a little bit of warm Chamomile tea. ( that always helped my toddler) and make sure she naps during the day!

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When my son did this and I talked to his doctor, she smirked and said, “he’s got your number”.
We started that night, ignoring him, he didn’t cry for more than 2 minutes and was back asleep. The next night he cried for maybe 30-45 seconds and was back asleep. The 3rd night, I woke up, but he didn’t.
This lasted until this month (he’s turning 3 years old) and he can get out of bed and open his door :roll_eyes: to find his brothers or me

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My daughter wasn’t sleeping either unless I was holding her. I wound up buying her a vibrating crib mattress… worked like a charm.

I used those videos on YouTube that help with sleep. And now she knows when its the one with colorful spirals, she lays down to fall asleep. The sound of rain also helps. Does she sleep in a bassinet or crib? Put it right next to you. It can be that. And make a nice thick bottle and she should sleep the night. Someone once told me about a baby cereal called nestum. It has chamomile in it. It helped her child sleep. I couldn’t find it at my local store at the time.

Do you feed right before bed? My sons pediatrician said it’s okay to feed right before bed, even if they are recently just to top them off, so they have a full belly when laying down for bed.

Aww I’m going thru this too. My baby is also 7 months, eats food throughout the day and wakes every 4 hrs at night. I feed him formula. Dr said baby’s just wake up, doesn’t mean anything is wrong.
My advice, try swaddle him.

Try feeding baby a little extra fat at dinner time/ before bed. I found giving my daughter some avocado or a few bites of oatmeal helped keep her fuller and therefore sleeping longer. Also try banana because the potassium and B6 promote sleeping and increase the body’s natural melatonin levels. Good luck!

Hold her at the end of the bed and flip her we did that with my kids and they slept thru the night

My grandparents told us they did this with there kids

Try a weighted sleep sack! It’s been a lifesaver for us!

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Put baby cereal or oat meal in a feeding bottle before bed plus lavender baby wash and lotion

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I really wish I would’ve started giving my baby on table food because as soon as I did she started sleeping through the night you have to dice it up very very small noodles, green beans, scrambled eggs and then also feed the baby food along with it. Always offer a bottle first and then the solid food. I didn’t even think of trying but her daycare was like can we feed her table food and on day one they were feeding her diced up beans and fruit and yogurt and all these things that she’s never had before and ever since that day she slept all night long. Mind you she has been teething so when that was happening I would have to give her Tylenol at bedtime and that would help as well. Also you should look into nested bean the zen sack I have three kids I never tried a sleeping sack and I’m so mad I didn’t lol. Just trust me

Puffs right before bed. Always top the tank. And we did an extra ounce of milk

Sleep is purely developmental, she will sleep through the night when she is ready. Some kids it takes until after 12 months for that to happen and it can be normally normal to still have night feed even if they are getting the recommended ounces during the day. The best thing to do is make sure you have a good routine going for bedtime and just keep going


Try a sleep sack of some kind. My son doesn’t sleep well at night unless he is in a sleep sack/wearable blanket.

I dealt with the same thing. Because she was waking up every 2-3 hours and drinking it became a habit. So I had to just let her cry it out, I don’t think she was actually hungry. After about 3-4 nights the habit was broken and she slept through the night!!! It could take a week or 2. It’s awful! It will break your heart hearing your baby cry, but in order for them to get some good rest as well as yourself, you’ve got to break the habit! Good luck! :heart:

There is no right answer. Some kids just don’t like to sleep and some like sleep more. At that age, it could be teething,a sleep regression, something in their day that seems scary in their dreams,hunger, or gas. My son slept all night from 2-4months. After that, he was up 1-4x a night. Every now and then, every hour. It’s tough but keep a routine and eventually, it will get better.


Food before 1 is just for fun…make sure she’s getting enough formula to stay full…also try feeding her cereal before her bed time bottle

They really don’t recommend rice or oatmeal in bottles anymore because unfortunately baby can choke. With our daughter this was very difficult. She definitely didn’t sleep through the night until over one year old. She struggled with sleep from the beginning, but weighed sleep sacks (and later weighed pajamas) did help her sleep for longer. But unfortunately I don’t know there’s all that much you can do, some personalities just don’t want to sleep. It’s baby FOMO :joy:


Trying giving water instead of a bottle. It only took about 2 nights for mine to stop waking up so often for a bottle once he was only given water.

Try to give a heavyish meal like rice cereal before bed. Keep everything you need nearby when the child wakes to quickly give baby what they need and keep the lights either dim or off. I wouldn’t say baby should be sleeping 100% through the night at 7 months so don’t get discouraged. Some don’t sleep through the night until their toddlers. I’ve been blessed with sleepers that have woken enough to take the bottle in the dark and fall straight back to sleep. I have 6 living 1 angel. My youngest is 7 months and doesn’t sleep through the night either but I’m not stressing on it. You can use a sleep sack, swaddling isn’t advised at this age. You can try a melatonin bath or lotion or the lavender kind of bath and lotion.

This is great and really helped my baby girl sleep better. Its herbal and can be used from 6months of age.

My son is 3 and STILL wakes at least once at night looking for mommy. Its normal for kids especially babies to wake at night. Every child is different.

We had this. Is she in her own room? I don’t know if it was my snoring waking our son or not lol but when we moved him into his own room he started sleeping from 6.30 till 7.00. I give him potatoes or some other solid at 5pm then a bottle at 6.30 and a bottle in his hands while he sleeping at 10.00pm.

Add some cereal mix to her bottles at nite. She will stay fuller longer. You may have to change nipples with a bigger hole so that it flows easier when she sucks

Keep her up during the day

And she should be eating 8 oz bottles she’s not full enough…

Bigger Bottle for sure

Shes hungry should be eating a 6-8 ounce bottle…mines 10 months now and she eats 2 good meals plus snacks and drinks 5 7 ounce bottles. Two naps and sleeps from 10:30pm-8 am

Slowly stop giving her bottle in the middle of the night and feeding her more during the day… Give her an .5/1oz less each time until the night time bottles are gone. I also tried cereal and it worked a couple of times.

Bigger bottle before bed to fill her up. Maybe try some gripe water with the nighttime bottle and put a wedge under the mattress to keep head elevated a little. Possibly has some acid reflux, and constant bottles are making it worse. Try a binky instead of so many small bottles, and try a 6-8 ounce bottle if she wakes up. You may get more hours of sleep in between bottles. You can give gripe water every 4 hours.

Mix some cereal in her bottle (use a criss cut nipple)

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Make sure she has a warm bottle and warm bath.
Lotion her up with nighttime lotion and make sure she has a fresh diaper

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She’s only 6 months. She should still be eating during the night. They go through a sleep regression and growth spurt at 6 months. Also this age, many milestones are achieved. They are extremely stimulated. If this mommy keeps pushing for her baby to sleep through the night, she’s going to end up extremely frustrated. And adding cereal into their bottles isn’t recommended. Please read up more about the 6 month regression and growth spurt mommy so that u may be more understanding. My daughter woke up hourly from birth until 15 months. She will sleep through when she’s ready. Please give her time to grow.

Also milk is her biggest source of nutrition at the moment. She’s only experimenting with food at the moment. Please don’t feed her more food thinking she’s hungry, give her more formula / breast.


My 7 month old drinks like 7-8 oz I feed him a jar of food right at 8-9pm bath time then I feed him one bottle before bed and he’s out the entire night until almost 10 am next
Morning . Well actually he wakes at 6am but only for another bottle. And goes back to sleep Sounds like you need babe to eat more ounces consistently.

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Try sleep training maybe? When she wakes up give her 10-15 minutes before going into her room to see if she will calm herself back down. There is definitely sleep regression at that age. It’s so tough but stick to it and in a couple of weeks she should be able to calm herself back down and fall asleep. Not all babies are hungry when they wake in the middle of the night. She could just be having separation anxiety because she’s used to you being there a few times throughout the night. You could also try putting one of your old shirts in the crib with her (if she can roll over) and see if that helps as well! She could just flat out want mommy. If you offer a bottle to a baby they will most likely eat even if they’re not really hungry, which could be upsetting her stomach causing her to wake more


Please do not give her cereal in a bottle if you decide to give her cereal use a baby soon right before bed. Increase her bottles to about 8oz. But she will go through sleep regression right about now and some kids wake up a lot until about a year.


Feed a bottle before bed and put cereal in with it. That can help them sleep longer! We did that with my niece. We had to make the hole on the nipple a little bit bigger but it’s fine to put it In a bottle.


Chamomile night time gripe water and nighttime orajel. My twins are on a pretty normal schedule when not teething but I feel i get absolutely no sleep when they are. Idk whether its fortunate or unfortunate but both my twins get 2 teeth at a time about a week apart from each other. It takes about a month 4 them 2 come in and they wait maybe 3 weeks before the next set come in. I do the chamomile gripe water which helps with the teething pain, fever, and gives a natural sleep aid. It doesnt keep them down all night but I do get a few more hours of sleep.

Some babies don’t drink a lot at their feedings. And if she is not that type of baby, then maybe take a look at her naps during the day. Also, a sleep regression could be the cause and in that case all you can do is wait it out. My baby is 6 months old and she can only drink 3 to 4oz at a time. She wakes 2 times to eat. Once at 12 or 1 and then at 3 or 4. Usually she is wide awake at the 4 one. She stays awake for an hour and falls back asleep. It’s a pain, but I try to remember that I think her naps and a regression are the culprit.

When our daughter was that age we used to put a teaspoon of rice cereal in her last bottle of the night. It helped keep her fuller longer.


I would talk to my pediatrician about not feeding her at night. She may not be hungry since she is not eating much at night, but simply in the habit

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At this age she can have 6- 8oz of formula . I would say give her a bathe around 7 and then give her a warm bottle with 8oz then play with her Til she gets tired and fall asleep . My son started sleeping through the night at 3 months - the key thing is to make sure he is full hence he has no reason to wake during the night . Since then he’s been doing 12-13 hours
He’s now 10 months and nothing changed
The facts you’re giving 2-3 oz is the reason she keep waking up cause that’s not enough ! A new born baby gets 2 ounces every 2 hours
Your baby is basically 7 months he or she needs to be getting 8 ounces with cereal too - makes it heavier and she will be fuller


Whoever posted this… I am right there with you! :sob: we are almost a year and he wakes every hour from 730-130 then sleeps
Til 430 and gets up usually one or two times after that :sob: I don’t know but I need help too so following lol. Getting to think we may need to do some sort of cry it out

Where does ur baby sleep?

I’m thinking 2-3 Oz isn’t enough. Shes waking hourly because that’s what a newborn baby would eat …


I think there is a NASTY sleep regression right about than!!


My daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she was about a year. Which is totally normal. Once she’s over a year she should be able to make it through the night without a feeding

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Sleep regression… sorry momma just gotta wait it out

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I would put rice cereal or oatmeal cereal in their bottles and feed them 30 min prior to our bed time… usually around 10pm … they would sleep till about 5 or 6am… then I’d change their diaper… give them a 4oz bottle with the cereal and bam I could sleep till about 9am… now that they are 4yo…7yo…14yo… im lucky if I can sleep till 8am ugh


My son is going through the same thing he used to sleep through the night I felt so lucky to be able to rest now he just won’t sleep

My son is 2 and still doesn’t sleep through the night :disappointed:


2-3oz is newborn amounts… try more ounces and less feedings… at 6 months our routine was baby food/oatmeal for dinner around 6, bath around 7, play time, then 8oz at 8:30 and he was out till 7-8am


I was going through the same thing until I moved my babe to her own room in her own bed. She was waking literally like 5-8 times a night now she only wakes maybe once. MAYBE! It gets better momma. Stay strong.

Nested bean sleep sack!! They are great! Helped my now 2 year old so much!

I’m not a dr and only have one child so this is just my thought but I would say 2-3 oz is not nearly enough at that age, my daughter was on that approx every 3 hours as a newborn.


Could your baby possibly be teething? My son would do this while he was teething.

Our pediatrician advised rice cereal at night for this reason. To keep my son full through the night to promote him sleeping through the night. He did not have reflux, it was not prescribed but advise given.


it’s normal and won’t last forever. hang in there!

When my son was this age he had chronic ear infections and when he would lay flat on his back fluid would build in his ears and would cause him to have pressure, causing him pain. He would never sleep through the night either when this started up. It was suggested that he should be taken to an ENT I that’s when found he needed tubes in his ears to relieve the pressure. He slept much better after that.

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2-3 ounces isnt enough for a 7 month old


Regression, it too shall pass.

3 of my kids did this, just keep the lights off, make sure she’s dry, reassure her it’s ok to go to sleep & lie down with her if you have to but DO NOT GIVE UP, eventually she will catch on that it’s night time & we sleep.

To be honest a routine is very important. Bath time is very very important and try adding some lavender drops in the bath,after that soothing time for 5 minute with warm milk and comfy blanket and set your child in their own bed.Dark room with maybe white sounds? It’s really important to have the baby sleep in a private comfortable environment.

I would suggest checking out taking cara babies! She has a Facebook and Instagram account as well as website and blog that gives some really amazing sleep tips. We followed her methods from the beginning with our little and he is 6mo and sleeps 12 hours at night and puts himself to sleep in his crib. Also, hey sleepy baby is another great account to check out.
Sleepless nights are so tough… hang in there mama :heart:

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Probably just a phase or a growth spurt? :woman_shrugging: both of my kids went through that. You got this Mama :+1: hang in there

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Would love advice my 6 year old still wakes up during the night…

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Maybe shes teething. I’m ha ing the same problem with my 14 mo th old hes waking up every 2 to 3 hrs for the past couple weeks now. But he is teething.

My youngest did this at 4 months old. He went through sleep regression. He used to sleep all night, but once he turned 4 months old, he’d wake up every 2-3 hours, if not sooner. It was exhausting, but the only thing we could do was wait it out. He finally started sleeping through the night again around 13.5 months old.

Around the age of 4 months (sometimes sooner, sometimes later), babies start to go through a stage where their brains start to develop more. They begin to notice more things around them and therefore their brains don’t like to shut off for very long (sometimes like when adults can’t sleep at night). Your daughter will outgrow it. I know it’ll seem like forever, but just hang in there, momma. If the baby’s father is in the picture, see if he, or anyone else, can watch the baby for an hour or 2 so you can lay down. Learn from my mistakes… If someone offers to let you lay down, take it!

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Sleep regression. My daughter did it at 6months old when we put her down for bed. Now she is doing it again but this time wakes up 1am on the dot. So instead of us just giving her 8oz bottle before bedtime we feed her 2oz of cereal or oatmeal with a 6oz bottle and it went away she sleeps thru the night again. She sleeps late too so we get to sleep late if we wanted to.

My 18 month old has never slept through the night from birth. Regression, teething, comfort, doesn’t matter. She never has. I used to hold her and try to put her in her crib but she wouldn’t do it. Eventually, I just let her cry it out. She’s been doing that for a month and has caught on. She still wakes up 3-4 times a night but can get herself to sleep on her own for the first half. Hang in there mama, trust the process :heart:


Add rice cereal to her bottle ? Good luck. Your baby sounds hungry.:wink::green_heart:

My 11 month old still wakes every 2 hours to feed on an average 10-12 hours of sleep. He’s breastfed though and that’s completely normal for boobie babies. But if you’re bottle feeding or using formula maybe maybe try adding a bit more milk. Could just be sleep regression. My baby had some rough nights when he was teething. Maybe more snuggles :blue_heart::blue_heart:

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Neither of my kids slept through the night until they were fully weaned so I just had to wait it out and deal with it until then.

Teething, growth spurt, sleep regression, learning new skills like crawling, getting ready to execute a new skill, can all create sleep struggles for parents in the first few years. These are not struggles for your child. It’s normal for them to wake through the night for nutrition, comfort, pain relief(being snuggled by Mom releases hormones that work as natural pain killers).
I have no advice. I promise you will sleep again. I’ve never regretted attending to all my children’s needs in the first few years. The benefits to their physical, mental and emotional well being, was worth the lost sleep. Sending strength sister!! :heart::heart:

They will sleep through the night when they are developmentally ready to do so. Frequent waking and subsequently frequent contact with you acts as their autonomous system, regulating their heart rate, respiration, body temperature, and gastric function. Literally nature’s own “SIDS” prevention mechanism. Nurture their needs. They are only seven months old. Most ADULTS don’t even sleep through the night.


I can’t help I’m afraid, I’ve got a 4 and a half year old who still doesn’t sleep through the night😅 I know how you feel though!

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Rice cereal bottle before bed and swaddle her

Tons of new activities throughout the day to stimulate the brain. If she is still hungry getting up early morning then maybe she needs a filler before bed. Otherwise I do a school schedule on my son.

Put a scoop of baby rice in her bottle she’s probably not full enough. My youngest just started sleeping through the night she’s 2 in a half she still has some nights where she gets up and asks for hugs or juice, where my oldest slept through at 3 month’s. Every child is different.

Routine, as well as just going with it. My 1yr old started sleeping through the night at 2mo old but during growth spurts and teeth his sleeping habits changed. After that phase was over hed go back to sleeping through the night. Just hang in there momma.

It :clap: is :clap: normal :clap: for :clap: babies :clap: to :clap: wake :clap: up :clap: during :clap: the :clap: night! For so so so many more reasons than just hunger. Humans are the only species to expect their young to lie alone in the dark without their mother/parent for love and protection. Baby doesn’t not know they are safe in a house with no predators/danger around? , survival instincts tell them they need to be protected and safe or they might get eaten. So they wake and cry for comfort! Understanding the history of sleep and looking to other cultures could really help change your mindset on what babies actually do. We can’t just parent 7am-7pm and then get ‘time off’ and expect them to sleep alone all night. They need us 24/7. It is tiring but the years are short.

My kid is 15 months and rarely sleeps through the night… shes sleep resistant. Doesnt like naps either

Checkout Taking Cara Babies !!!
She has sleep courses available but I’ve learned so much just from her posts.
She has a Facebook and Instagram
Best of luck!:two_hearts::two_hearts:

Respectful Sleep Training/Learning

Feed her rice cereal before bed, and every 4 hours after that.

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Babies for you some just dont sleep all night and unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about it x

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My baby was adjusted to waking up to eat. Once I took the bottle away at night she slept through it. Never had a problem since. It was a rough maybe week trying to train her not to eat at night, but once it was done she started sleeping all night.

My daughter woke like this. Come to find out, she needed her adenoids removed, as well as her tonsils, and tubes in her ear. She couldn’t breath at night. Once she had the surgery, at 15 months, she was sleeping like a champ.

No, sorry, hope for the best and buy some strong coffee :scream: