How can I help my teething baby feel better?

Hello mama’s my 9month old is teething, two more front teeth on the top, and lately he’s been very fussy especially at night, I’ve tried Tylenol but still doesn’t work any remedies or recommendations? Please!


I would definitely give Motrin before I did Tylenol. Teething Rings teething gel anything for them to chew on. Give that baby a cold waffle or a cool wet washcloth.


Vanilla extract numbs do not give the classic baby oral jel it actually numbs but makes their gums solids so longer n harder for teeth to come thro

Motrin always worked way better for my little. Frozen teething rings and the pedialyte popsicles always helped a lot too. Oh and those vibrating teethers too.

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1i know this is unvonciable but when my baby was teething I did use warm whiskey not a lot just tip of my finger and I swear she would stopm


Use a cold wash rag and with one finger, massage their gums with it.

Cold wash cloth. Popsicles. Do not give vanilla extract, it has alcohol in it. :roll_eyes: which can be dangerous.

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If your baby eats yogurt freeze some before you give it to them worked wonders for my youngest

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My son wore a Baltic amber necklace when awake and an anklet while sleeping. He also had a mesh feeder I put breast milk ice cubes in and frozen pieces of fruit

I use the gel baby teether a in the fridge and frozen purées or breast milk/formula in one of the mesh things. I also bought a MoonJax and Teething Straws. He absolutely loves them and they have helped a lot. Even when he isn’t teething.

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Take a clean white baby sock put ice in it ,bib on the baby and let chew on it.

Wet baby washcloths, twist corners put in zip lock bag and freeze, part freeze. Let’s them get into the back. I often used diluted apple juice, kept mine gumming🤣

Some of these answers scare me. Please don’t use any numbing gel as it has caused babies to choke in the past, same with frozen yogurt. We’ve used popsicles before baby got teeth (and removed it when it melted to the point of being brittle), frozen teethers and cold wash cloths. If I had to do it again I would definitely buy one of those vibrating teethers!

I alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen, and I use Orajel and cold teethers.

Frozen fruit in a tether… or target has all natural numbing pods made with clove oil that are amazing… will work for baby or an adult if needed… I know I’ve used them and used them with my kids. And it won’t numb anything other then the area it has been placed on

Hylands teething tablets have saved me from so many sleepless nights. Also motrin works better than tylenol. And since baby is over 6 months id suggest buying that over tylenol.

Camilla teething is a god send.

Have you tried Humpries for babies? Not sure if still available but really works. Ask your pharmacist

Scrape a carrot, then freeze it, give it to your little one, it’s cold and sweet, it will be rubbery so not easy to break up. Do watch of course so there is no issue. Good luck

Freeze a damp washcloth. That worked for my oldest. My mom said frozen mini bagels worked for me when I was an infant and teething

I used frozen eggo waffles. When they are frozen do WONDERS for the teething and as they thaw they get super mushy and they dont choke. Thats the ONLY thing that helped my baby at 9 montha old when we were on vacation and she got 6 teeth in at once! 4 ontop and 2 on bottom.

I used a frozen wash cloth (100% organic cotton), homemade fruit popsicle (puréed fruit and water frozen in small molds, cool baths, and let them sleep in a diaper.

Do not use anything that numbs bc your baby can forget to swallow or just become unable to and chock! I use nubby teeth gel it dosnt numbe it is clove oil and chamomile to soothe the pain and help sleep! Also the frozen washcloth or frozen gel tethers ir you can take little dots of baby food and freeze and put in a mesh fruitbag to chew on. The teething tabs are not good for your baby eather my childs doctor told me they make the risk of SIDS go up! Good luck!

Definitely do motrin as well as tylenol. If you don’t have a dosing chart, you can find them online. Also, you can rub just a dab of childrens liquid benadryl on baby’s gum (I dabbed the tip of my pinky in the medicine and did it that way). We also found an all natural teething oil that worked wonders, on top of letting our daughter chew on a baby toothbrush

At 6+ months, you can give infant Motrin/ibuprofen. It’s more effective and lasts longer. Otherwise, cold items to chew on. Stay away from anything that has alcohol, and definitely stay away from the amber necklaces. They’re a choking hazard and nothing more than snake oil.


You can try something safe, healthy, and natural like Gripe Water. He might have an upset tummy from swallowing all the excess saliva that irritates him more when laying down.

Baby orajel was not recommended by our pediatrician, benzocaine has been shown to cause blood clotting disorders in infants. And those amber necklaces are a choking hazard and honestly just rocks… all the frozen things and Motrin/Tylenol. Good luck.

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Teething tablets helped my son. They worked wonders and was recommended by his grandmother so we tried it. Good luck and hope something other mommas have recommended helps! Didn’t really have any teething issues with my daughter, so never really tried much of anything other than the teething tablets

Frozen waffles. Frozen washcloth. Other frozen teething toys. There’s also vibrating teething toys.

Tylenol and ibuprofen. Make sure you’re giving the correct amount by weight, not age. Alternate them and also give them around the clock. Don’t wait for the pain to be too much.


If tylenol isnt helping much, he could have an ear infection as well. My little guy was that way. Might have him checked for it.


I used an amber teething necklace, they sell amber bracelets for their ankles if the necklace makes you uncomfortable. We used Tylenol when it was really bad but that only a couple times

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You can try the kolic, the teething necklaces (amber) worked wonders for both my boys, try orajel at night before bed should help a bit and then reapply as needed throughout the night.

Teething tablets worked for my son. My daughter preferred frozen washcloths. I would dip the corners in water and then freeze. Definitely helped her gummies.

My 4 month old is having two teeth on the bottom cutting thru soon and its terrible i use teething rings, frozen fruit, orajel, i rub her gums i know what ur going thru

Vanilla extract always worked for my kids. I have 4. If you are a breastfeeding mom, freeze some of it. So the baby can chew on it.

Whiskey on the gums? I perosnally used the teething necklace on my boys, lots of frozen rags/treats, pacifiers wet and then frozen, breast milk.

I’d highly recommend skipping any kind of numbing gel.

My youngest would pull her velcro closure bibs off then gnaw on the velcro. Pretty sure it helped scrape the gums

Pickles. Vinegar helps naturally soothe the gums. Plus it’s cold and kind of chewy, not too hard.

I have a 5 month old teething really bad and I have 3 sookies on the go, I keep 2 in the deep freezer st all times, and keep switching them out. If you LO will take a sookie

Motrin, bottom second pair is worse lol my daughter is 7 months old and been doing bottom second pair for two weeks. Good luck hang in there

Just take a rub a little whiskey on their gums that’ll help I did it to my kids all the time when they were teething

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They have numbing gel you can buy for teething babies! Worked wonders with mine as well as Tylenol

Pure vanilla flavoring on the gums is an old time remedy. It worked for all of mine.

Frozen baby wash cloths I roll them into a tube like they dont last super long so make a bunch

Amber teething necklace was the only thing that ever helped other than Tylenol when it was just to much.

We used orajel and Nuby teething tablets. They now make some with chamomile that we use at night for her molars

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I dipped the corners of washcloths in a littleTylenol and froze it that way the baby got a little bit of Tylenol on the gums as she chewed on the cloth.

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Dab finger in whiskey or rum. Rub on gums. Or tylenol for child, drink and cotton balls in the ears for parents.

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freeze pops un opened. frozen teething ring. there are little tablets that disolve and help with pain.

At night I always put orajel with some ibuprofen during day everything and anything they can chew on to help them grow in

I used Orajel, teething tablets and Tylenol.

I use bourbon. Just a drop on your finger.
My Dada tought me this . He raised 8

We stuck the pacifiers in the freezer! He loved it

Teething tablets did wonders for all 3 of mine

Rub their gums with blackberry brandy

Vanilla extract… it’s helps soothe their gums


Teething tablets helped both my children.

Catnip tincture for pain and lemon balm for fussiness

Teething tablets worked for my baby :ok_hand:t4:

Amber Teething Necklace

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Rub vanilla extract on ur babys gums it numbs them worked for my baby

Motrin, teething gel and teething tablets

Rub whiskey on his gums

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Teething tables worked wonders for my son when he was little


Baby orjel works too and teething rings

Cold cloth teething rings baths etc

Mild beef jerkey they love it

I second the ibuprofen. Tylenol didn’t do much for my son he was still miserable as heck. Also a toothbrush helped him a lot. The dentist and my MIL recommended that. It also cleans their gums and such while they chew. I found a pack of 5 at my Walmart of kids toothbrushes so I would let him have at those and toss it and get a new when needed. It saved us with the molars because the toothbrush can get back there well.

Rub a little whiskey on the gums

Rub some Ol grandad on their gums.

Give him a wet cold soft rag to chew on.

Get a washcloth damp and freeze it for a chewy

Rum on his gums don’t worry wont get him drunk

Clean napkin dipped in Canadian mist

Orajel and a cold wash cloth.

Rub rum on the gums.

I use the Hyland teething tablet

Get these and put frozen carrots, strawberries, or whatever vegetables or fruits you can freeze and fit in there that you know your baby doesn’t have an allergy to. If he eats the baby food version of it without a reaction, it should be fine. Carrots work well imo. Celery would probably be good too.

Teething drops worked amazing and quick with all four of my kids when they were teething I also gave infant advil or tylonal with it

Frozen washcloths…It helped my kiddos…just a thought :frowning:


Teething tabs, frozen teethed, frozen wash cloth, frozen fruit in those mesh feeder things, frozen breast milk, Tylenol, ibuprofen, teething gel, texture toys he can chew on, frozen paci

Get these and put frozen fruit in them.

Distract them with your phone lol

Advil, that topical gum stuff does nothing

My son always did better with advil. It helps reduce swelling in a way that Tylenol doesn’t.


You can use Tylenol but if you’re not for meds here’s some other options
Wet a wash cloth and freeze for a bit and let them chew it
If you have a thing that you can put fruit in and let baby hold and the fruit squishes out replace fruit with ice cube and let them chew on that too

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“Benjamin’s Infant Gripe Mixture”

Can be found on Amazon. I used it with my twins. I stack this little yellow mixture in my cupboards.

Love it and they like the taste also.

Sometimes a frozen wash cloth for them to chew on helps. If you don’t mind it being sticky you can dip the corner into apple juice.

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Same here , 9 months … doesn’t really like any teething toys… sometimes Motrin helps

Cold sweet baby pickles (whole). I like natural remedies first❤️

Nuby Baby Tooth Gel is what I used on all of my children. My 2 yr old who’s still has teeth coming in

Pop ice frozen and let her gnaw on it

I put a hole in a dime ,then put it on a chain, and I didn’t know when my kids cut there teeth

Out the teething ring in the freezer!! Then wrap it with a cloth before giving to a baby!!!

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We always stuck by my grandma’s trick and rubbed a little booze on their gums. Numbs the pain right away. Or wet a washcloth and put it in the freezer the baby can chew on it and the ice will ease the swelling


Hylands teething tablets are little miracles that dissolve instantly in their mouth.


Rub some Tylenol on his gums that should help to

Also try advil… thats my go 2 for teething baby

Wash your hand and rub the gums. Frozen pacifier or wash cloth. Ice cubes.

Camilia find it on Amazon. Works wonders!!!