How can I make my partner understand my feelings are valid?

Basically anytime I tell my partner how I feel when I’m stressed, depressed or just drained he says I’m stressing him out. Then he leaves to the other room for hours. For a whole year now I have always been the one to throw my feelings aside and say sorry for stressing him out just so we can be good again. It’s draining me and no I can’t physically leave him due to living together, looking for work, and 2 kids. So how exactly can I make him understand that how I feel matters and it’s for a good reason. I feel like I do so much with our toddler and baby plus cooking, cleaning and making sure he’s fed as well. I get stressed or overwhelmed sometimes and definitely he sees it and tells me I’m stressing him because I’m stressing I just want to feel understood because my intentions aren’t to make him feel stressed. I don’t even feel like talking to him about my feelings anymore.